File Title
1 Sunspots not an indicator of solar cycle
2 Snails show impact of more acidic ocean
3 Study find world's major rivers under pressure
4 Doha climate talks represent 'golden opportunity'
5 Sesame synchrotron is a flash of unity in Middle East
6 Gas tanker Ob River attempts first winter Arctic crossing
7 Smoking 'rots' brain, says King's College study
8 Edinburgh fruit fly study links 'huddle' gene to infertility
9 Antarctic marine wildlife is under threat, study finds
10 Inside the world's most 'impossible' science project
11 Hemp: Could the US rekindle its love affair?
12 London's winter wonderland
13 'Build a citizen supermachine'
14 Egypt crisis: Mohammed Mursi to meet top judges
15 Syria cluster bomb attack 'kills 10 children'
16 Thanksgiving retail sales 'up sharply'
17 UBS fined 29.7m pounds by FSA over Kweku Adoboli case
18 The race to save Italy's Renaissance treasures
19 Mexican start-ups seek positive social change
20 Brazil's World Cup work overshadowed by police murders
21 Meet the 'tutor kings and queens'
22 Psoriasis drug 'slows dementia' mice study suggests
23 Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak quits politics
24 Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez banned from driving
25 YouView is sued over YourView naming dispute
26 Formula for success--Kers and DRS
27 Minecraft to aid UN regeneration projects
28 Samsung audit finds 'inadequate practices' at China suppliers
29 Google and Apple among hundreds hit in high-profile Pakistan hack
30 Minecraft fans gather for Minecon in Paris
31 Warning to cut TV for young children
32 Carney named as new Bank of England governor
33 Fire kills 14 at German workshop for disabled
34 Acne drug Roaccutane 'overused' says UK dermatologist
35 Polio vaccine checks key to eradication effort
36 Do men and women experience flu differently?
37 Web access battles brew before U.N. conference
38 NASA tracks massive dust storm on Mars
39 Astronaut Scott Kelly to spend year in space
40 Samsung finds labor violations at China suppliers
41 Will artificial intelligence be the end of us?
42 Cyber Monday 2012: Best deals from Macy's, Sears, Walmart, Kohl's and others
43 Family swept out to sea in Calif. trying to save dog in high surf
44 Fiscal cliff looms as Congress, and lobbyists, return to work
45 Married life in a tent. How do they do it?
46 Viral "Facebook privacy notice" is a hoax
47 The genius of Balanchine: A visual breakdown
48 McCain, Graham soften on Susan Rice attacks
49 Gaza cleric: Violating truce would be a sin
50 7-year-old Oregon girl treated with medical marijuana
51 Earth's 'Hum' Helps Probe Planet's Interior
52 How 'Smashing' & 'Spearing' Shrimp Speedily Attack Prey
53 Rhino 'Cooked to Death' 9 Million Years Ago, Fossil Reveals
54 What Can Climate Talks in Doha Accomplish?
55 NASA Tracks Big Dust Storm on Mars
56 Lunar Eclipse Darkens Moon Slightly Next Week
57 Super-Earths Get Magnetic 'Shield' from Liquid Metal
58 Huge Mars Colony Eyed by SpaceX Founder Elon Musk
59 Thanksgiving on Mars: Working Holiday for Curiosity Rover
60 Evangelicals Becoming More Devout, Catholics Less So
61 Bizarre Perpetual Sleepiness Explained
62 Distant Dwarf Planet Secrets Revealed
63 Mount Doom's Neighbor Erupts in New Zealand
64 Urban Grasshoppers Sing Louder
65 Giant Planet Being Blown Away Behind a Cloudy Veil
66 Could Our Sun Become a "Zombie" Star?
67 Hurricane Sandy, Other Disasters Focus Attention on Climate Change. How to Use the Opportunity?
68 Energy Independence: Would it Live Up to the Hype?
69 Will Driverless Cars Dominate Our Future?
70 Cuba's Oil Quest to Continue, Despite Deepwater Disappointment
71 Apes Have Midlife Crises, Too--And It May Help Them
72 Crawling Bio-Robot Runs on Rat Heart Cells
73 Hatching Ideas, and Companies, by the Dozens at M.I.T.
74 With Ban on Drilling Practice, Town Lands in Thick of Dispute
75 Hopes of Home Fade Among Japan's Displaced
76 The Bespoke Ski, Shaped by Science
77 Scientists See Promise in Deep-Learning Programs
78 After Storm, Dry Floors Prove Value of Exceeding City Code
79 Effort to Curb Coolant Falters, Sometimes at Home
80 The Worldwide Vulnerability of Forests
81 Holding Back Floodwaters With a Balloon
82 A Tsunami in Switzerland? Lake Evidence Says Yes
83 Seeking a Better Way to Find Web Images
84 Amid Cosmic Fatigue, Scarcely a Star Is Born
85 When the Ants Went Marching, the Cameras Started Rolling
86 Q & A: Knocking About in Space
87 When Stone Met Stick to Ease Hunters' Work
88 Ancient Bear May Be Ancestor of Giant Panda
89 Love Songs Adapted for the Rush Hour
90 Honoring a Spongy Subject of Classroom Experiments
91 Failure Of India's Big Rocket Project Is Symbolic Of Deep Structural Problems
92 Intrigue from Mars, or Grotzinger's silence
93 Russian Briz-M puts US satellite into orbit
94 Fly me to the universe
95 Europe, U.S. talk space program link
96 TerraSAR-X image of the month--the Santorini volcano expands
97 What Goes Down Must Come Back Up
98 What lies beneath? New survey technique offers detailed picture of our changing landscape
99 Secret mini-shuttle launch delayed
100 The Surprising Appeal of a Cloudy Eclipse
101 Proba-2 soaks up three solar eclipses
102 Spacecraft Monitoring Martian Dust Storm
103 EDRS space network ready to go ahead
104 China conducts first landing on aircraft carrier
105 Honduras builds up navy to deal with contraband
106 China should build aircraft carriers: shipbuilder
107 Israel, Hamas both see gains from Gaza fight
108 Celebrations, recriminations as Gaza truce holds
109 Turkey to ask for NATO support on border with Syria
110 India tests missile interceptor
111 India counters China map claims in a tit-for-tat move
112 Millions flood Iraq shrine city for Ashura peak
113 5.3 mn Iraqi children deprived of basic rights: UN
114 US sanctions Hezbollah chief for US deaths in Iraq
115 Commentary: Mideast: Pyrrhic victory?
116 US says conference on WMD-free Middle East cancelled
117 Possible kingmaker calls for nuclear-armed Japan
118 Iran says to attend conference on nuke-free Mideast
119 Russia hails progress in arms reduction with US
120 New DOD Space Policy Addresses Safety, Security, Access
121 Iran proposes ECO states to jointly build telecom satellites
122 Europe to invest 12 bln euros in a new space Odyssey
123 Dog noses inspire explosives detector
124 Failed explosions explain most peculiar supernovae
125 Born-again star foreshadows fate of Solar System
126 Instrument Will Observe Spiral Galaxy Near Big Dipper's Handle
127 Can life emerge on planets around cooling stars?
128 Snap the stars to see your photo on ESA portal
129 East Riding Of Yorkshire Council Selects Ctrack For Specialist Vehicle Tracking Solution
130 Roscosmos Requests Glonass Project Contractor Head's Dismissal
131 Final North American Alma Antenna Delivered
132 Ukraine Presses Russia on Joint Space Launch Program
133 Russian Civil Satellite Links Lost After Cable Cut
134 University of Glasgow and Clyde Space set to put brakes on space junk problem
135 Planck discovers filament of hot gas linking two galaxy clusters
136 Satellite photo shows odd cloud phenomenon
137 Airborne particles smuggle pollutants to far reaches of globe