File Title
1 Rumor: Apple moving up next-gen iPad mini production, release date still unknown
2 Mysterious 'Project Azalea' believed to be codename for Apple's US-based chip production partner
3 Kodak sells $525M patent portfolio to consortiums led by Apple & Google
4 Apple's iPhone takes 68.2% of new small & medium business smartphone activations
5 Construction begins on Apple's new 1M-square-foot Texas campus
6 Updated FTC laws require parental OK for apps to collect children's personal info
7 Apple 'pinch-to-zoom' patent invalidated by USPTO
8 Tim Cook named runner-up for Time's Person of the Year
9 Australian University to distribute 11,000 iPads to students and faculty
10 Siri's reliance on Google cut in half with iOS 6
11 Increase in Apple patent invalidations stems from 2011 law
12 European Union to officially charge Samsung in antitrust case
13 Patent filings detail Retina MacBook Pro's quiet asymmetric fans
14 Apple files for patent Passbook's digital coupon feature, hints at NFC
15 American Airlines, Sephora excited by initial uptake of Apple's Passbook
16 We're giving away iPad minis: share our app for a chance to win
17 Apple, Google & Microsoft in talks to acquire home automation company
18 Apple seeds new OS X 10.8.3 build two days after previous version's release
19 Apple appeals ruling that shot down Samsung injunction
20 Apple's reported 'Lightning only' MFi terms restrict combo adapters
21 Some users report iPhone 5 battery life issues with iOS 6.0.2
22 AT&T rolls out 4G LTE network in 15 new US markets
23 Jobs family yacht seized in Amsterdam over 3M euro dispute with designer
24 iOS 6 bug reenables JavaScript in Safari without user consent
25 Italian authorities fine Apple another $264K over product warranties
26 Photos show Apple's new $304M Austin campus now under construction
27 The Wall Street Journal comes to Apple's Newsstand for iPad, iPhone
28 iPhone 5 launch propels Apple to 53% of US smartphone sales
29 Apple resellers post last minute shipping deals for Mac and iPad deliveries by Christmas
30 Apple updates MFi guidelines after Kickstarter project flap
31 Motorola patent being enforced against Apple's iCloud invalidated by UK judge
32 Google to debut Motorola-built 'X phone' next year, takes aim at Apple and Samsung
33 European Commission slaps Samsung with formal antitrust complaint
34 Samsung sues Apple in Korea over iOS Notification Center
35 With billions at stake, Oregon dukes it out with New York over Apple's massive 'Project Azalea' chip fab
36 Jim Cramer rips Citi analysts over Apple
37 Black Friday/Cyber Monday online shoppers spent over three times as much on Apple iPhones this year versus last
38 Merrill Lynch: Sell off on iPhone 'noise' overdone; supply chain moves are inventory adjustments, not demand issue
39 Apple v. Samsung judge Koh weighs damages and--more importantly--running royalties
40 Apple breaks ground on 39-acre, 1-million-square-foot Austin, Texas campus
41 Apple now tracking working hours of over one million supply chain employees
42 Analyst: Apple's next-gen iPad mini 'getting pulled-in'
43 Apple wins another one as U.S. ITC judge rules Google Motorola Mobility phone patent invalid
44 Mossberg: Google Maps better on Apple iPhone than on Android phones
45 With Surface tanking, clueless Microsoft digs faster
46 TIME Magazine Person of the Year 2012 Runner-Up: Apple CEO Tim Cook
47 Apple awaits judge's decision on request for additional damages against Samsung for patent infringement
48 Kodak agrees to sell patent portfolio for $525 million
49 5 things we learned from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's tweet from Apple Store Fifth Avenue last night
50 U.S. FTC updates Children's Online Privacy Protection Act to require parental consent for apps that collect kid's personal info
51 CNET's Top 5 Tech Flops of 2012: #1 Apple Maps
52 Mobile ad exchange claims Google Maps release triggers 29% surge in iOS 6 adoption
53 Amazon's Kindle Fire: Still the 'fruitcake of tablets'
54 USPTO tentatively--and likely temporarily--declares Apple's 'pinch-to-zoom' patent invalid
55 2011 Leahy-Smith America Invents Act made it easier to tentatively review Apple's patents
56 Apple's Passbook an amazing success for developers
57 Apple 'iTV' tests underway at Hon Hai; products could be displayed at CES next month, says source
58 Smash hit: Apple ups iPad mini orders by 2 million units for Christmas quarter
59 Apple's improved Siri uses Google half as much in iOS 6 as it did previously
60 Apple stock in 2013: Hang on for another wild ride
61 Instagram debacle isn't about privacy but inexperience
62 Bernstein trims Apple target price to $750 from $800
63 European Commission to charge Samsung in antitrust case
64 Nielsen's Top 10 iPhone Apps of 2012
65 Apple appeals Judge Lucy Koh's refusal to bar Samsung's patent infringing smartphones from U.S. market
66 Beleaguered RIM posts loss of $114 million; sales tumble 47%; 1 million subscribers lost last quarter
67 T-Mobile USA adds 14 new iPhone-compatible metro areas
68 iOS 6 adoption uptick due to China iPhone 5 launch, not the release of Google Maps app
69 Impact of Apple's iPhone 5 on U.S. economy estimated at $75 billion in 2012
70 It's Triple Witching Friday
71 Procedural review of Apple patents limits leverage of rivals for years; Apple patents remain valid and enforceable during review
72 Steve Jobs' mega yacht impounded over unpaid Starck designer bill
73 Stocks drop as U.S. Speaker Boehner drops 'Plan B,' fiscal cliff approaches
74 Apple grabs record 53.3% share of U.S. smartphone market
75 Apple's iPad mini is screaming success
76 FedEx delivers iPad mini, UPS guy steals it off front porch (with video)
77 Italy fines Apple another $264,000 over product warranties
78 Beleaguered RIM shares plummet 20% on news of new fee structure for services
79 Wall Street Journal capitulates, deploys Apple's In-App Subscriptions in new app version
80 Samsung sues Apple in South Korea over iOS Notifications feature
81 Google's Motorola Mobility designing 'X phone' and 'X tablet' in hopes of competing with Apple iPhone
82 Samsung hit with EU antitrust complaint over Apple injunctions
83 Apple debuts new Christmas-themed TV ad for iPad, iPad mini, and FaceTime (with video)
84 Apple changes Lightning spec after almost killing Kickstarter 'POP' portable charging station
85 Archaeology: 'Temple of Poseidon' found in Bulgaria's Sozopol
86 Ancient armor-clad skeleton discovered in Gunma Pref.
87 Archaeologists uncover remains of farm from Hasmonean era
88 Four Species of Homo You've Never Heard Of, Part II
89 It's a real coo as 'unbreakable' war code is cracked with help from Portland pigeon expert
90 Archaeologists Dig Ancient City of Dor
91 Japanese archaeologists find 1,400 year old Kofun-period warrior still in armor
92 Archaeologists find prehistoric humans cared for sick and disabled
93 King Richard III's medieval inn recreated by archaeologists
94 Research finds crisis in Syria has Mesopotamian precedent
95 Ramesses III: unwrapping an ancient murder
96 Flickering embers of camp fires from 7,000 years ago
97 Cranial deformation discovered in 1000 year old Mexican cemetery
98 Saxon graves uncovered at St. Margaret's
99 Scientists 'Surprised' to Discover Very Early Ancestors Survived On Tropical Plants, New Study Suggests
100 World's Oldest Wood Architecture Revealed
101 First souvenirs: Enamelled vessels from Hadrians Wall
102 The Real Deal: How the Mayan Calendar Works
103 Ancient city of Troy rebranded itself after war
104 Study of pipestone artifacts overturns a century-old assumption
105 Brazil Expands Mines to Drive Future, but Cost Is a Treasured Link to Its Past
106 Ruins of ancient hospital discovered in Sri Lanka's historic city of Anuradhapura
107 Michigan boys unearth 13,000-year-old mastodon bone in backyard dig
108 Magnetism flips heat flow
109 Spanish scientists take to the streets
110 Connecting two culprits in Alzheimer's disease
111 Immunologist accused of misconduct in 21 papers
112 Chicago's Field Museum cuts back on science
113 Breast cancer behaviour: more than mutations
114 How life emerged from deep-sea rocks
115 US meteorite was fastest on record
116 Method offers DNA blueprint of a single human cell
117 Air Canada to stop transporting research primates
118 Panel rejects experimental chronic fatigue syndrome drug
119 What were the top papers of 2012 on social media?
120 Polio campaign at turning point, after Pakistan killings
121 Pannoniasaurus inexpectatus: World's first freshwater mosasaur
122 Photon devices could outperform ordinary computers
123 Transgenic fish wins US regulatory backing
124 Sands keep shifting at Texas cancer agency: grants stalled, new execs
125 The limits of free speech
126 Science publishing: Open access must enable open use
127 Brain cells made from urine
128 Fast DNA origami opens way for nanoscale machines
129 Hopes surface for exotic insulator