File Title
1 Pristine space rocks older than the Sun
2 Proving the need for quantum computers
3 Lake Ellsworth Antarctic lake drilling set to restart
4 Trojan-horse therapy 'completely eliminates' cancer in mice
5 University Marine Biological Station Millport may close
6 A cutting-edge issue solved
7 Newtown shooting: Gun lobby defiant as US remembers
8 John Kerry 'to be nominated for US secretary of state'
9 US fiscal cliff: Boehner still hopes for deal
10 'Mayan day of apocalypse' arrives
11 Syria military 'continuing to fire Scud-type missiles'
12 Mayan prophecies: Life after the (non) end of the world
13 Christmas at the White House: What do you say to Obama?
14 The ex-offenders left with huge court debts
15 Kenya: Tana River clashes leave dozens dead
16 Steve Jobs' high-tech yacht impounded over bill dispute
17 Brussels sprouts 'overdose' hospitalised man at Christmas, report reveals
18 Gangnam Style hits one billion views on YouTube
19 Boeing uses potatoes instead of people to test wi-fi
20 The fresh approach to keeping deliveries like clockwork
21 Hallelujah! The rise and rise of Leonard Cohen's once-forgotten classic
22 YouTube: The cult of web video
23 Online games shut out US sex offenders
24 Facebook tests charging $1 to send messages to strangers
25 Google Video executives' Italian conviction overturned
26 Who wants hi-tech socks for Christmas?
27 Nokia drops Blackberry ban threat after patent deal
28 Law relaxed on digital copying
29 Egypt crisis: Fresh Alexandria clashes ahead of voting
30 South Sudan army 'shoots down UN helicopter'
31 Steve Jobs' yacht tied up in payment dispute
32 Facebook tests $1 fee for messages to non-friends
33 Patent trolls: How some say they're hurting U.S. economy
34 Astronauts dock with space station, bringing crew to six
35 Apple appeals decision in case against Samsung
36 Instagram reverts to prior policy on ads
37 The science of finding the perfect Christmas gift
38 Ann Curry proposes #26Acts of kindness, goes viral
39 Virtual dressing room? Me-Ality promises a good fit
40 Dinosaurs were born to be big
41 MakerBot pulls 3D printable gun parts from Thingiverse
42 Adorable panda cub plays ball
43 Google launches iTunes Match rival
44 Mayan calendar reaches its end, world doesn't follow suit
45 NRA: Guns in schools would protect students
46 Plan B is dead; what's next for "fiscal cliff"?
47 Report: Jets want to trade Mark Sanchez; Michael Vick to NY?
48 Obama asks Americans to help with gun law changes
49 Led Zeppelin: Rock legends get real about "the best band"
50 iPhone/Guitar rapper mixes gimmick with heart
51 North Korea: American citizen detained for crime
52 It's already Dec. 21 in Europe, so where's doomsday?
53 Hundreds arrested in China over doomsday rumors
54 Pope: Gay rights an "attack" on traditional family
55 NATO: Syrian regime using Scud-type missiles against rebels again
56 Toyota vehicles deemed "poor" in crash test
57 Late Show's Letterman talks late-in-life regrets, revelations
58 Chicago prison break: Did escapees have help?
59 Mayan calendar reaches end, world still here
60 12-21-12: End-of-the-world predictions big business for some
61 FDA says hepatitis C medication Incivek may cause fatal rash
62 European group reviews Tredaptive due to failed U.S. study
63 Study: Heart drug Tredaptive is ineffective
64 FDA: Praxada may cause problems for people with mechanical heart valves
65 Yahoo! top searches 2012: "Appetizing yet stomach-turning" foods
66 Sibling fights may lead to depression, self-esteem issues
67 U.N. seeks a global ban on female circumcision
68 New promising treatment for childhood leukemia
69 Trader: NYSE sold, but not going anywhere
70 US Air Force Used Bears to Test Bombers
71 Extinct Whale Fossil Found on Sea Floor
72 Fit for Flight? Space Tourism Lacks Medical Standards
73 Three Spaceflyers Arrive at International Space Station in Time for Christmas
74 Threatening Online Comments Spur UK Crackdown
75 Oops! US Doctors Screw Up Surprisingly Often: Study
76 Winter Solstice: Crazy Ways We Mark Shortest Day
77 Are Americans Mentally Unstable?
78 End of an Era: Mayan 'Apocalypse' Today
79 Mayan What? Apocalypse 2012 Quiet So Far
80 Oops! 5 Retracted Science Studies of 2012
81 Dec. 21: The Winter Solstice Explained
82 New NASA Spacesuit Looks like Buzz Lightyear's
83 'Alien-Like' Skulls Excavated in Mexico
84 Gridlock Traced to Just a Few Key Commuters
85 Extinct Mega-Piranha Could Outbite History's Largest Shark
86 Reference: Abydos: Egyptian Tombs & Cult of Osiris
87 Why Russia's Cold Snap Is So Deadly
88 Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Passes Key Flight Test
89 Unwrapping The Dangers Of Heavy Metals In Toys
90 3D-Printable Guns Targeted after Sandy Hook
91 Mysterious Attacks Leave Livestock Earless in Kentucky
92 Passing On the Good Advice He Received
93 Magic Mushrooms May Explain Santa & His 'Flying' Reindeer
94 Mystery Sheen Recurs Near Deepwater Horizon Oil Well
95 Shake and Pour: Hawaii Lava Spills into Ocean
96 Where Earth's Life Lives: Famous Map Gets an Update
97 North Korean Video Game Has Western Ties
98 The Science of Hitting the High Notes
99 Forget the Mayan Apocalypse: 6 Real Threats Facing the US
100 Russian Far East, Once Closed-Off, Poses Seismic Hazard
101 Magic for Stroke Patients: The One-Sided Workout
102 The 10 Most Blushworthy Science Stories of 2012
103 For Manned Deep-Space Missions, Radiation Is Biggest Hurdle
104 Mass Hysteria? Strange Mayan Apocalypse Freakouts
105 Happiest Nations on Earth Revealed
106 World Not Prepared for Extreme Events Like Sandy, Expert Says
107 Military's Robot Mule Carries on Despite Fall
108 Dinosaurs Were Born to Be Big
109 Will Your Next Burger Be Ground-Up Mealworms?
110 Mass Shootings Have Long History
111 Nature's Antifreeze May Hold Key to Tissue Preservation
112 Family Meals Help Kids Eat More Fruit & Veggies
113 Why Some Rock Stars Die Young
114 Huge 'Sea Monster' Ruled Ancient Rivers
115 Creators of 'Golden Eagle Snatches Kid' Video Admit Hoax
116 Bodies of 'In Cold Blood' Killers Exhumed
117 Sales of Bulletproof Backpacks Skyrocket
118 Mars Rover Landing Guru Makes 'Best of 2012' List
119 Walking Catfish, Demon Bat Among 126 New Mekong Species
120 Drones Would Respect Privacy Under New Bill
121 10 Scientists Who Mattered in 2012
122 Kids Who Cheat Become Adults Who Cheat
123 Why Certain Foods Cause Headaches
124 What Is Frankincense?