File Title
1 Doha climate talks: Will 'hot air' derail the process?
2 Nigeria blasts: Eleven dead at Kaduna barracks church
3 Dhaka Bangladesh clothes factory fire kills more than 100
4 More than 800 homes flooded as storms hit UK
5 Egypt Mursi crisis prompts shares dive
6 Macy's parade: 'Shredded police papers in confetti'
7 Occupy Sandy: From protest group to storm recovery
8 Gaza baby 'only knew how to smile'
9 China lands J-15 jet on Liaoning aircraft carrier
10 Gangnam Style becomes YouTube's most-viewed video
11 Sex attack on schoolgirl, 11, in Enfield park
12 Second Pakistan bomb targets Dera Ismail Khan
13 Actress Dinah Sheridan dies at 92
14 Can schools survive in the age of the web?
15 Nile Rodgers' battle with prostate cancer
16 What's next for marijuana laws?
17 China lands first jet on its aircraft carrier
18 Obama does a little Christmas shopping on "Small Business Saturday"
19 Reinventing the department store
20 Daniel Day-Lewis on playing Lincoln
21 Fla. woman dies after 42 years in a coma
22 Mass. natural gas explosion damaged 42 buildings
23 Fire breaks out at State Dept., 3 seriously hurt
24 Generation Foodie: Our changing epicurean nation
25 Rescuing wasted food to fight hunger
26 The dope on cannabis cuisine
27 Richard Gere: An actor and a gentleman
28 Edelstein on the ravishingly strange "Life of Pi"
29 Street artist KAWS reaches new heights
30 John Goodman: Let the demons chase me now
31 Almanac: Woody Woodpecker
32 Nearly 200 countries to meet for UN talks on global warming
33 Doha climate talks: what to expect
34 NASA has unprecedented view of Mars dust storm
35 Mars Dust Storm May Affect NASA Rovers Opportunity, Curiosity
36 Lost Galapagos Island Giant Tortoise Species To Be Revived Through Cross Breeding, Scientists Announce
37 Angling in on a Massive Solar Eruption
38 Hot One Day, Cold the Next--Is Global Warming to Blame?
39 Fossil Rhino Skull Discovered In Volcanic Ash, 9.2-Million-Year-Old Rhino Cooked To Death
40 Sandy 'Mary Celeste' Island undiscovered--again
41 The Pacific island that never was
42 Why a global climate treaty remains worth fighting for
43 No more just a dire warning: Climate change
44 Ohio researchers trying to turn algae into fuel
45 Is a New SARS-like Virus Spreading in the Middle East?
46 4 more cases of new SARS-like virus confirmed
47 Should birth control pills be available without a prescription?
48 Wanna Stay Sharp? Do A Puzzle Today (And Tomorrow) For Your Brain Health
49 Youngest kids in class more likely to get ADHD drugs, study finds
50 Abortions Fell Most in a Decade as Teen Rate Declined
51 7-year-old gets medical marijuana to combat chemo
52 Medical marijuana for a child with leukemia
53 John Collazos, Fake Dentistry Suspect, Now Accused Of Kissing Patient's Buttocks
54 Now, once-a-week diabetes drug in the works
55 Train N.J.'s police to spot diabetes: Opinion
56 Anti-Abortion Groups Push New Round of Abortion Rules in Texas
57 Neb. lawmakers schedule health care law hearings
58 Pennsylvania continues to contain deer disease
59 San Francisco man, 21, awakes from coma in time to celebrate Thanksgiving after being shot in the head
60 Virginia Politician Wants to Force County Workers to Try to Quit Smoking (Fairfax)
61 Octomom: Post-Rehab Feast With Children of the Cornbread
62 Researchers strive to make flu vaccine more effective
63 The dilemma that our medical practitioners face today
64 Care at the End of Life
65 Thinly spread primary-care doctors face surge of patients from health law
66 Pear genome provides new insight into breeding improvement and evolutionary trace analysis
67 Greenland's viking settlers gorged on seals
68 Beargrass, a plant of many roles, is focus of new report
69 Dry leaves make for juicy science
70 Researchers decode birch tree genome sequence for the first time
71 High-speed video and artificial flowers shed light on mysteries of hummingbird-pollinated flowers
72 Europe must not lose momentum in marine biodiversity research
73 Maple syrup, moose, and the local impacts of climate change
74 N/A
75 Algae can draw energy from other plants
76 Seals gamble with their pups' futures
77 Natural fungus may provide effective bed bug control
78 Eating right key to survival of whales and dolphins: UBC research
79 Emperor penguins use sea ice to rest between long foraging periods
80 Herbivore defense in ferns
81 Researchers identify a simple way to precipitate phosphorus from the wastewater of a pulp mill
82 Flower power to purge poison and produce platinum
83 Gateway enzyme for chemicals from catnip to cancer drug
84 Saving Water without Hurting Peach Production
85 University of Tennessee study: Unexpected microbes fighting harmful greenhouse gas
86 Muscle powers spearing mantis shrimp attacks
87 Le Rouge et le Noir: Where the black dahlia gets its color
88 'Trust' provides answer to handaxe enigma
89 Neural interaction in periods of silence
90 New strain of bird virus sweeps across Britain
91 Pathway Identified in Human Lymphoma Points Way to New Blood Cancer Treatments
92 Blind patient reads words stimulated directly onto the retina
93 Study reveals the proteins expressed by human cytomegalovirus
94 Team solves birth and migration mysteries of cortex's powerful inhibitors, 'chandelier' cells
95 Scripps Research Institute scientists describe elusive replication machinery of flu viruses
96 Alzheimer's disease in mice alleviated promising therapeutic approach for humans
97 Temple-Penn researchers identify calcium 'accelerator' to keep cell power supply going
98 Proposals to record the age of youngsters when buying mobile phones
99 Executive pay limits narrowed scope of TARP banking rescue
100 Strengthening Canada's research capacity: The gender dimension
101 Star Trek Classroom: The next generation of school desks
102 Uncovering complexity
103 MicroRNA makes triple-negative breast cancer homesick
104 MicroRNAs can convert normal cells into cancer promoters
105 Drug resistance biomarker could improve cancer treatment
106 An antidote for hypersomnia
107 Dwarf planet makemake lacks atmosphere
108 New structures self-assemble in synchronized dance
109 Architecture of rod sensory cilium disrupted by mutation
110 New hope for understanding autism spectrum disorders
111 Cartilage made easy with novel hybrid printer
112 Better protection for forging dies
113 Magnesium oxide: From Earth to super-Earth
114 Short DNA strands in the genome may be key to understanding human cognition and diseases
115 Reading, writing and playing games may help aging brains stay healthy
116 Fetal alcohol exposure affects brain structure in children
117 Patient's own immune cells may blunt viral therapy for brain cancer
118 Male bias persists in female-rich science conferences
119 Deconstructing the redemptive power of 'bearing witness'
120 IUDs don't cause pelvic inflammatory disease in women
121 More help needed to improve smoking cessation services for pregnant women with mental disorders
122 Biomarking time
123 Call that a ball? Dogs learn to associate words with objects differently than humans do
124 Parrots imitate individuals when addressing them
125 Researchers define key events early in the process of cellular aging
126 Brain waves encode rules for behavior
127 The most popular TV series among youngsters in Spain recreates violence
128 Daily steps add up for midlife women's health
129 Brainy Babies--Research Explores Infants' Skills and Abilities