File Title
1 Ocean salinity reveals human climate impact
2 China researchers link obesity to bacteria
3 UK's Skynet military satellite launched
4 Fighting may have shaped evolution of human hand
5 Curators discover first recordings of Christmas Day
6 Fishermen welcome EU conservation talks outcome
7 Scottish independence: North Sea oil revenue 'becoming more erratic'
8 Human wellbeing can strengthen case for conservation
9 Q&A: The science of what bugs us
10 Magnitsky row: Putin backs Russian ban on US adoptions
11 South Korea's Park stresses 'grave' North Korea challenge
12 Bin Laden film attacked for 'perpetuating torture myth'
13 Iraq's Jalal Talabani arrives in Germany for treatment
14 Mayan apocalypse: End of the world, or a new beginning?
15 Kabaddi and its unlikely stars, England
16 Greece's treatment of migrants shameful, says Amnesty
17 Almost 1,000 doomsday cult members arrested in China
18 Apple faces 'pinch-to-zoom' patent review in US
19 Fake Mexico journalists guilty in Nicaragua drugs case
20 Google sells Motorola Home for $2.35bn
21 A novel twist on space launches
22 Ofcom names 4G auction bidders
23 Player complaints drive zombie game offline
24 Wireless phone charging in cars planned by Toyota
25 MakerBot pulls 3D gun-parts blueprints after Sandy Hook
26 Bankrupt Kodak sells off patents to investors for $525m
27 Can Instagram bounce back after terms of service storm?
28 Delhi bus gang rape: Victim 'still not out of danger'
29 'Plebgate': Second man arrested in Metropolitan Police inquiry
30 Torrential rain leaves south-west England flooded
31 Benghazi attack: US security chief Eric Boswell quits
32 Family meals 'boost child fruit and vegetable intake'
33 EU plans tougher tobacco health warnings
34 'Nazi salute' nurse Stephen Johnson struck off
35 Pocket-sized guides to flyer's rights
36 Government issues new online child privacy rules
37 Ten weirdest animal discoveries of 2012
38 Kodak to receive $525M from patent sale
39 10 tech tips for holiday travel
40 Nintendo's TVii a replacement for the remote
41 Instagram steps away from advertiser plan in wake of user backlash
42 Miss Universe: Olivia Culpo, Miss USA, brings Miss Universe crown home for U.S.
43 More funerals for victims of Newtown shooting
44 Motive remains unclear behind Newtown shooting
45 Newtown schools chief helps district recover
46 Fiscal cliff talks stalled, House to vote on "Plan B"
47 Does Boehner's "Plan B" have the votes to pass?
48 A gun enthusiast explains his hobby
49 Obama sets up gun violence task force
50 Time's "Person of the Year": Obama, again
51 Study: Latin Americans are world's happiest people
52 Study: Most teens think occasional weed use OK
53 Kids resilient when coping with trauma, experts say
54 113 research chimps to be sent to La. sanctuary
55 Smoking may take years off lives of HIV patients, study shows
56 Keep holiday decorations from becoming fire hazards
57 Scientists explain why Rudolph's nose is red
58 Medical examiner seeks genetic clues to Adam Lanza's motives
59 The steamy climax: Searching for sex before the world ends
60 Some believe Friday is doomsday on the Mayan calendar; the Mayans don't
61 'Mayan apocalypse' preparations are under way
62 'Habitable' planet discovered circling Tau Ceti star
63 Potentially habitable planet just 12 light-years away
64 Canadian scientist unearths giant water lizard fossil in Hungary
65 Ancient Sea Monster Found--First Freshwater Species Known
66 Scientists Propose Mealworms As Protein Source of the Future, Soylent Green Suddenly Not Sounding So Bad
67 Mealworms: The Other-Other-Other White Meat?
68 Moon probes' crash site named after Sally Ride
69 The Trash We've Left on the Moon
70 USA Stops Moving Southern Sea Otters
71 U.S. will let otters roam along Southern California coastline
72 The Year in Space: Hello to Mars...farewell to Neil Armstrong
73 UPDATE 1--Mind-controlled robotic arm has skill and speed of human limb
74 Maybe Climate Change Just Really Isn't A Problem After All?
75 Ecuador volcano blasts more hot rock from crater
76 Explosions at Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano
77 Little spider makes big-spider-puppet CLONE of itself out of dirt
78 Tiny Amazon spider observed building bigger spiders as decoys
79 Gophers play an important role in plant, animal world
80 Lucky owl lives through crash with pickup
81 Gigantic Black Holes Just Got Even Bigger
82 Those gigantic black holes in universe just got even bigger
83 Eating Meals Together With Family Boosts Nutrient Intake in Children
84 Family Dinners Promote Healthier Eating
85 Polio workers speak out on Pakistan attacks
86 US grows faster in third quarter
87 Jenni Rivera memorial service attended by thousands
88 Bad news for the poor
89 U.N. Halts Vaccine Work in Pakistan After 2 More Killings
90 F.D.A. and States Discuss Regulation of Drug Compounders
91 FDA chief renews push for specialty pharmacy rules
92 Vertex updates label of hepatitis C drug after reports of a 'small number of fatal skin reactions'
93 Vivus's obesity pill to be covered by Express Scripts
94 EU Proposes Tougher Tobacco Rules
95 EU Tobacco Regulations: Law Would Make Cigarette Branding Less 'Attractive'
96 US shooting revives debate over mental health care
97 Colorado school-based health centers receive $1 million in grants
98 Newtown Shooting Put Spotlight on U.S. Mental Health Care--Again
99 Mental health: Still seeking parity
100 HIV Falls in Black Women as Total Cases Remain at 50,000
101 Early death 'more likely in solo artists'
102 Long Live Rock 'n' Roll? Study Shows Risk to Stars
103 Pot Smoking Levels Off Among High Schoolers, Study Finds
104 Teens See Little Harm in Pot Smoking
105 Kansas ranks lowest for disaster preparedness
106 Perry, other Texas leaders call for state cancer agency to stop awarding new grants
107 Macular Degeneration Risk May Be Increased by Aspirin Use
108 How much cow's milk should your child drink?
109 2 Cups of Milk a Day Optimal for Most Preschoolers
110 27% Medicare Pay Cut For Doctors Real Danger In Fiscal Cliff
111 Giving breasts a squeeze could hinder cancer growth
112 NYC Health Dept. Study Finds no Link to Cancer And Those Exposed to 9/11 Debris
113 No Clear Link Between Cancer and 9/11 Debris, Study Finds
114 9/11 responders may have higher risk of some cancers
115 Aerobics beats lifting weights for shedding pounds, study says