File Title
1 Toads tweak muscle length to soften impact
2 Chemistry may save some coral from acidity
3 Astronomers detect nearest Earth-like neighbour
4 Extinct elephant 'survived late' in North China
5 Tau Ceti's planets nearest around single, Sun-like star
6 Fisheries reforms: MEPs back plan to protect stocks
7 Why are the world's older trees disappearing?
8 Newtown shootings: Obama tasks Biden with US response
9 Benghazi attack: Security was 'grossly inadequate'
10 BBC criticised for Newsnight axed Jimmy Savile report
11 UBS fined $1.5bn for Libor rigging
12 Dutch skydiver Mark van den Boogaard lay dead for days
13 Train hopping: Why do hobos risk their lives to ride the rails?
14 Japan faces up to China's long shadow
15 Antibiotics 'ineffective for coughs'
16 France psychiatrist guilty over murder by patient
17 Delhi bus gang rape: Water cannon used on protesters
18 Lostprophets rock star Ian Watkins on child sex offence charges
19 Men's cancer risk 'to climb to one in two'
20 Polio killings a major setback
21 Pakistan killings near Peshawar disrupt polio campaign
22 X-47B stealth drone targets new frontiers
23 South Korea election: Park ahead of Moon in tight race
24 Pirate Bay proxy gets shut down after music industry legal threat
25 Why we want to feast on food
26 Breakfast at Tiffany's added to film archive
27 Japan whalers given Sea Shepherd injunction by US court
28 Bolivia's 'fatal lottery' story shown in long lost film
29 Instagram denies having right to sell users' photos
30 McDonald's rapped by Australian regulators over spam
31 Prosecutors clarify offensive online posts law
32 Singapore's technology start-ups seek success
33 Bishops criticise Irish government abortion move
34 Soyuz blasts off with three-man crew bound for space station
35 U.K. sets out social media prosecution guidelines
36 Gangnam Style, Grumpy Cat top best meme of 2012
37 Expert: Gunman's smashed computers could yield data
38 Stunning photo of Saturn backlit by the sun
39 YouTube's 2012 year in review
40 Bad habits literally take time away from our lives
41 Coast Guard: "Unidentified substance" leaking from BP's Deepwater Horizon
42 NRA promises "meaningful contributions" to avert another Newtown
43 Adriana Lima: Dropping post-baby weight prior to Victoria's Secret show "biggest challenge of my life"
44 Poll: Support for stricter gun control at 10-year high
45 Texas school district encourages armed teachers for protection
46 Will the 2% Social Security payroll tax cut expire?
47 Despite massive study, 9/11 cancer debate to endure
48 N/A
49 Regular aspirin use may cause loss of vision
50 Do palm trees hold the key to immortality?
51 Study reveals that Pharaoh's throat was cut during royal coup
52 NTU study finds ways to prevent muscle loss, obesity and diabetes
53 Small, portable sensors allow users to monitor exposure to pollution on their smart phones
54 The Green Revolution is wilting
55 Are we closing in on dark matter?
56 USC study: Internet outages in the US doubled during Hurricane Sandy
57 Prehistoric ghosts revealing new details
58 Researchers use liquid metal to create wires that stretch 8 times their original length
59 Study of pipestone artifacts overturns a century-old assumption
60 Research finds crisis in Syria has Mesopotamian precedent
61 Southampton researchers find a glitch' in pulsar 'glitch' theory
62 Ants aquaplaning on a pitcher plant
63 Birdsong bluster may dupe strange females, but it won't fool partners
64 Women earn more if they work in different occupations than men
65 Analysis of Marcellus flowback finds high levels of ancient brines
66 Ozone levels have sizeable impact on worker productivity
67 Penn metamaterials experts show a way to reduce electrons' effective mass to nearly 0
68 Experts discover why Rudolph's nose is red
69 Popular TV chef recipes 'less healthy' than supermarket ready meals
70 pH measurements: How to see the real face of electrochemistry and corrosion?
71 Environmental threat map highlights Great Lakes restoration challenges
72 Army Tech to Ease Soldiers' Burdens
73 The Psychology of Mass Shootings
74 Why Are Mass Shooters Almost Always Men?
75 Amoxicillin Doesn't Help Some Respiratory Infections
76 Alan Alda: Scientists Should Learn to Talk to Kids
77 Mummy Murder Mystery: King Ramesses III Throat Slashed
78 The Real Deal: How the Mayan Calendar Works
79 Satellite Data Helps Predict Meningitis Outbreaks
80 Eco-Friendly Battery Created from Plant Dye
81 Human Intelligence Secrets Revealed by Chimp Brains
82 Found: Whale Thought Extinct for 2 Million Years
83 NASA Spoofs "Gangnam Style" Video
84 Chinese Spacecraft Flies by Asteroid Toutatis
85 Astronaut Research Holds Promise for Aging Treatments on the Ground
86 Troubled Japanese Venus Probe Set for 2015 Comeback
87 Diabetes 'Cure': Diet & Exercise Work for Some
88 Moon Probes' Crash Site Named After Sally Ride
89 Revealed: Rudolph Really Did Have a Red Nose
90 Doomsday 2012: Watch the 'End of the World' Live Online
91 Space Station to Get New Insomnia-Fighting Light Bulbs
92 Thinking of Buying a Telescope? Here's Our Advice
93 Microbes Hitch Rides Across Ocean on Dust Plumes
94 Missing Social Media Photos Spook Employers
95 How 'Indiana Jones' Diary Journeyed Across the Globe
96 Grand Canyon Carved by Flood? Geologist Says No
97 3D Printing Resurrects 'King Richard III' Inn
98 Disasters on the Delaware Come Alive at Exhibit
99 Suicide Attempts Linked to Inflammatory Chemical
100 Service Dogs Comfort Newtown Survivors
101 Shock Handcuffs Revealed in Patent Filing
102 When It's OK to Regift
103 Sexy Guys Get More Love from Fertile Gals
104 How Kids & Adults Face Grief After School Shootings
105 'Sex Headaches' More Common Than Previously Believed
106 Shorter Hospital Stays Don't Mean Readmissions
107 Music's Effects on the Mind Remain Mysterious
108 Mayan Apocalypse Is Unlike Other Doomsdays
109 Say Cheese! Roquefort May Keep Hearts Healthy
110 Very Rare Turtles Hatch in NYC
111 How Arctic Hurricanes Help Warm Europe
112 Hair Concerns Keep Some Women from Gym
113 US Leads World in Patent Quality Race
114 Termites: So Rich Their Nests Are Made Of Gold
115 Mass Shooting: How Entire Community Experiences Trauma
116 Were People Trying to Ride This Sick Sperm Whale?
117 America's Most Extreme Rocks Found
118 Nationwide Voice and Face Recognition Launches in Ecuador
119 5 Mayan Apocalypse Myths Debunked
120 Why Music Moves Us
121 People May Be Stingier Than Thought
122 Earthquake That Killed A King Ruptured Ground
123 IBM Prediction: In 5 Years, Your Touch Screen Will Simulate Textures
124 Genetically Modified Cells Could Replace Pacemakers
125 Saber-Toothed Cat Remains Found Near Las Vegas
126 Conn. Post Office Creates Special Address for Newtown Condolence Mail
127 Bloomberg Rolls Out Anti-Gun Violence Campaign
128 4 Days 'Til Doomsday? Not Really
129 Quadriplegic Woman Moves Robot Arm With Her Mind
130 World's Largest Atom Smasher Gets Faster
131 Ray Kurzweil Joins Google as AI Guru
132 Should Parents Lie About Santa?
133 New Material Offers Safer Breast Implants, Integrates Cancer Treatment
134 Few Friends or Many: Which Is Best?
135 Quitting Junk Food Is Like Drug Withdrawal, Study Suggests
136 Naughty or Nice? A Brain Chemical May Tell
137 How Sperm Length Affects Fertility
138 10 Gadgets and Apps to Keep Your Kids Safe
139 Mystery of Mass Squid 'Suicides' Possibly Solved
140 New Museum of Math Opens in New York
141 Can Mental Screening Predict Mass Murder?
142 Elephants Near Timbuktu Make Astonishing Migration Treks
143 Proposed Sandy Aid Package Would Help NASA, Smithsonian
144 Guess What Dolphins and Crickets Have in Common
145 Deep Earth Tremors May Foretell Earthquakes
146 Dog Sniffs Out Dangerous Superbug
147 Phew! Universe's Constant Has Stayed Constant
148 Reference: Are Dragons Real? Facts About Dragons
149 Black Holes Spew Out Surprise
150 North Korean Satellite Out of Control in Orbit: Reports
151 Searching for Weird Sea Life: Q&A With a Marine Biologist
152 Automatic Bartender Could Shake Up Air Travel
153 Why Online Porn May Make You Forget
154 Endangered Tadpoles' Mission: Help Restore Toad Species