File Title
1 Astronomers take a fresh look at Vega
2 Gene turns heart cells into pacemaker
3 Probes to smash into lunar mountain
4 Lake Ellsworth: Drilling effort runs into trouble
5 Paralysed woman's thoughts control robotic arm
6 Has World War II carrier pigeon message been cracked?
7 NASA to test space-sleep color-changing lights
8 Are you never more than 6ft. away from a rat?
9 Business trip: Vienna
10 Sustainability in the new urban age
11 Newtown shooting: First Connecticut funerals to be held
12 Pakistan blast: Market bomb 'kills 17' in Khyber
13 Hugo Chavez allies win 20 of 23 Venezuela governorships
14 Afghan landmine blast kills girls in Nangarhar
15 Equatorial Guinea: Obiang's future capital, Oyala
16 Greek football sponsors: The brothel and the undertaker
17 Piltdown Man: A hoaxer still pursued
18 In dogs we trust
19 Virus rebuilds heart's own pacemaker in animal tests
20 TV episodes dropped after US shootings
21 Ukraine murders: Puzzle over Kharkiv beheadings
22 The Hobbit scores record opening at US box office
23 Obama delivers powerful pledge
24 India 'gang-rape': Student, friend attacked on Delhi bus
25 What are the health risks of space travel?
26 Japan's Abe says party 'must achieve results' after poll win
27 Gerard Depardieu: French film star stirs tax row
28 Wonga offers instant loan option on retailer websites
29 The Pi Store opens
30 Ministry of Defense to sell part of its radio spectrum
31 Viewpoint: How hackers exploit 'the seven deadly sins'
32 Answers about Android
33 Grail gravity twins set for Moon impact
34 Newtown shootings: US guns in numbers
35 Malaria progress threatened by funding, says WHO
36 Tips for an autism-friendly Christmas
37 Healthcare should learn from football, say researchers
38 Pharmacists illegally sell Valium and morphine
39 Nexus 4 shortage because of supplier, says Google exec
40 Chinese spacecraft flies by asteroid Toutatis
41 Twitter rolling out option to download tweets
42 Does the brain contain a "moral molecule"?
43 The mystery of jumbo squid mass suicides
44 50 years ago today, first flyby of another planet
45 Apple sells 2 million iPhone 5s in China in first 3 days
46 Ex-babysitter says Newtown, Conn. school shooter Adam Lanza's mother warned: Don't turn your back
47 Investigators probe life of mass-murderer Adam Lanza
48 In divorce, mom had authority over Conn. shooter
49 Survivor: Philippines winner is Denise Staley
50 Shots fired, patrons panic at San Antonio theater
51 Reliving the epic rock of Led Zeppelin
52 Ex-babysitter says Newtown, Conn. school shooter Adam Lanza's mother warned: Don't turn your back
53 After Conn. school massacre, where will the gun debate go?
54 Losing our religion
55 Obama: "These tragedies must end"
56 The harp strikes a chord in young students
57 Plumbing the mysteries of Plum Island
58 The Elliotts: 3 generations of comic royalty
59 Carolyn McCarthy: We owe it to gun victims
60 Ben Stein: Stricter gun laws won't cut shootings
61 The unanswerable questions wrought by gun violence
62 How to talk to kids about the Connecticut school shooting
63 Tooth lodged in boy's ear, docs blame tooth fairy
64 Whooping cough warning in Vermont
65 2 cups of milk per day best for toddlers, study finds
66 Vegetable compound could become ingredient to treating leukemia
67 Lethal stings from the Australian box jellyfish could be treated with zinc
68 Prickly holly reveals ability to adapt genetics to environmental change
69 Violence in Mali threatening survival of endangered elephants
70 Can Algae-Derived Oils Support Large-Scale, Low-Cost Biofuels Production?
71 New twist on using biomass for perfume, cosmetic, personal care products
72 Building better barley
73 Ceramic indoor cookstove use did not significantly lower child pneumonia risk in rural Kenya
74 Cloud forest trees drink water through their leaves
75 More bang for bugs
76 New study brings long-sought vaccines for deadly parasite closer to reality
77 Climate warming unlikely to cause near-term extinction of Amazon trees, but threats remain
78 Warming climate unlikely to cause extinction of ancient Amazon trees, study finds
79 Scientists develop novel method to study parasite numbers in wild seabirds
80 Your Christmas tree and its genome have remained very much the same over the last 100 million years
81 Rice uses light to remotely trigger biochemical reactions
82 Fertile soil doesn't fall from the sky. The contribution of bacterial remnants to soil fertility has been underestimated until now
83 NC State Study Offers Insight Into Converting Wood to Bio-Oil
84 'Missing' polar weather systems could impact climate predictions
85 New research predicts rising trend in India's violent land conflicts; 130 districts struggle
86 Injured coral? Expect less sex
87 Filling Up Kids on Fewer Calories
88 Soil determines fate of phosphorous
89 Plant sniffs out danger to prepare defenses against pesky insect
90 Dead guts spill history of extinct microbes
91 Tracing humanity's African ancestry may mean rewriting 'out of Africa' dates
92 New system for aircraft forecasts potential storm hazards over oceans
93 More ice loss through snowfall on Antarctica
94 Climate modelers see possible warmer, wetter Northeast winters by 2070
95 ASU researchers propose new way to look at the dawn of life
96 Berkeley Lab research finds the insurance industry paying increasing attention to climate change
97 Disaster map predicts bleak future for mammals
98 Top Officials Meet at ONR as Arctic Changes Quicken
99 Climate model is first to study climate effects of Arctic hurricanes
100 Nature Climate Change: Action by 2020 key for limiting climate change
101 Environmental threat map highlights Great Lakes restoration challenges
102 Boreal bird species of conservation concern affected by climate change
103 Investigating ocean currents using uranium-236 from the 1960s
104 University of Tennessee study predicts extreme climate in Eastern US
105 Changes in progenitor cell population in breast may be overlooked factor in breast cancer
106 Rare, lethal childhood disease tracked to failure to degrade nerve cells' filaments
107 Fitting 'smart' mobile phone with magnifying optics creates 'real' cell phone
108 New type of cell division discovered
109 Harnessing the ID in glioma
110 Snack attack: Eating unhealthy snack foods may affect cancer risk in patients with Lynch syndrome
111 Mapping effort charts restoration tack for Great Lakes
112 Duke Medicine News new immune therapy successfully treats brain tumors in mice
113 Study uncovers mechanism used by BRCA1 to suppress tumors
114 Cats are able to navigate complex combinations of wet and dry foods to achieve a consistent intake of protein, fat and carbohydrate
115 Preventive detention for oxidizing agents
116 Reproduction and life span are intertwined
117 Achilles' heel of pathogenic bacteria discovered
118 A genetic defect in sex cells may predispose to childhood leukemia
119 Improving the development of new cancer models using an advanced biomedical imaging method
120 CNIO researchers develop new databases for understanding the human genome
121 Rice University opens new window on Parkinson's disease
122 Study offers insights into role of muscle weakness in Down syndrome
123 Confirmation that studying and child labor are incompatible
124 Study helps bridge gap in understanding of suicide risk for African-American women
125 New policy brief examines impact of occupational injuries and illnesses among low-wage workers
126 Time Restrictions on TV Advertisements Ineffective in Reducing Youth Exposure to Alcohol Ads
127 Despite hype, costly prostate cancer treatment offers little relief from side effects
128 Three New Species of Venomous Primate Identified by MU Researcher
129 Early drunkenness may be riskier than an early age at first drink for problem behaviors
130 Alcohol marketers use drinker identity and brand allegiance to entice underage youth
131 Fungus responsible for 5 deaths in the wake of massive tornado
132 Schizophrenia linked to social inequality
133 More casinos do not mean more gamblers
134 Doing the right thing when things go wrong
135 Stretchable electronics
136 In decision-making, it might be worth trusting your gut
137 A drug used to treat HIV might defuse deadly staph infections
138 KAIST announced a major breakthrough in indoor positioning research
139 Father's Death Affects Early Adolescents' Futures in Developing World, Says MU Anthropologist
140 Is the US health care system a target for cyberterrorism?
141 Speaking Skills Crucial for Hearing Impaired Children in the Classroom
142 Who Likes Bling? The Answer Relates To Social Status
143 Chronic alcohol and marijuana use during youth can compromise white-matter integrity
144 Pitt Cancer Institute finds new targets for drugs to defeat aggressive brain tumor
145 UCLA engineers develop new energy-efficient computer memory using magnetic materials
146 UCSB physicists make strides in understanding quantum entanglement
147 If you cut down a tree in the forest, can wildlife hear it?
148 Extending Einstein
149 Re-engineered optogenetic switches allow direct measurement of complex cellular systems
150 Physicians should not prescribe ADD drugs to healthy people
151 New technology allows scientists to capture and preserve cancer cells circulating in the bloodstream
152 Flexing fingers for micro-robotics: Berkeley Lab scientists create a powerful, microscale actuator
153 How to get fossil fuels from ice cream and soap
154 Adhesion disturbed by noise
155 New technology may enable earlier cancer diagnosis
156 Nanofibers clean sulfur from fuel
157 UI-led team confirms 'gusty winds' in space turbulence
158 Viruses cooperate or conquer to cause maximum destruction
159 What mechanism generates our fingers and toes?
160 Chinese scientists discover evidence of giant panda's population history and local adaptation
161 What's in a genome?
162 Protected 'power naps' prove helpful for doctors in training to fight fatigue
163 Study: Parents Key to Preventing Alcohol, Marijuana Use by Kids
164 Georgia State physicist, international researchers discover fastest light-driven process
165 X-ray laser helps slay parasite that causes sleeping sickness
166 Prospectus addresses most pressing marine science questions
167 Stem cell research provides hope for infertile cancer survivors
168 Characteristics of U.S. Science and Engineering Doctorates Detailed in New Report
169 Why do so many women leave biology?
170 UT Study: Students Who Are More Physically Fit Perform Better Academically
171 Daycare double duty
172 Reports assess global student achievement in math, science and reading literacy
173 Rice, Texas Children's team creates biocompatible patch to heal infants with birth defects
174 Tool could help uncover bias against female faculty in STEM fields
175 Study questions reasons for routine pelvic exams
176 Study confirms prognostic value of new IASLC/ATS/ERS adenocarcinoma sub-classification
177 Study shows COPD is not independent risk factor for lung cancer
178 Study shows immunohistochemistry is reliable screening tool for ALK rearrangement
179 Resident Fatigue, Stress Trigger Motor Vehicle Incidents, Mayo Clinic Poll Finds
180 Automated design for drug discovery
181 Predicting Risk of Arrhythmias and Sudden Cardiac Death: There's a Computer Model for That
182 'Curiosity' can be positioned with eclipses
183 Uncovering a Flaw in Drug Testing for Chronic Anxiety Disorder
184 Report from the front lines of personalized reproductive medicine revolution
185 Math formula gives new glimpse into the magical mind of Ramanujan
186 Breast cancer cells growing in 3D-matrix revert to normal
187 To revert breast cancer cells, give them the squeeze
188 Surviving sepsis with LECT2
189 Radio waves to kidneys lower persistent high blood pressure
190 New guidelines can improve treatment for severe heart attack patients
191 Why are kids in asthma hotspots in NYC more likely to visit the ER? Exercise may be a factor
192 A layer of cool, healthy air
193 Perceived Stress May Predict Future Risk of Coronary Heart Disease
194 Mayo Clinic study unmasks regulator of healthy life span
195 Hybrid tunnel may help guide severed nerves back to health
196 Should physicians prescribe cognitive enhancers to healthy individuals?
197 Berkeley Lab Scientists Developing Quick Way to ID People Exposed to Ionizing Radiation
198 Chances seen rising for chikungunya outbreaks in NYC, Atlanta, Miami
199 2 cups of milk a day ideal for children's health, new research shows
200 People with HIV hospitalized less often since combination antiretroviral drug therapy introduced
201 Improved prevention and search techniques may help recovery, avoid incidents of missing drivers with dementia
202 Food insecurity predicts mental health problems in adolescents
203 Notre Dame's Reilly Center highlights emerging ethical dilemmas in science and technology
204 Flaw in Alzheimer's drug trial test
205 Penn Study shows resistance to cocaine addiction may be passed down from father to son
206 Hair practices may be barrier to physical activity for some African-American women
207 Hair care issues contribute to exercise barriers for African-American women
208 Student-athletes could lose eligibility, scholarships with tweet missteps, Baylor research shows
209 Brain imaging identifies bipolar disorder risk in adolescents
210 Mental health lags behind global health and lifespan improvements
211 Can Instilling Racial Pride in Black Teens Lead to Better Educational Outcomes?
212 Study Reveals a Remarkable Symmetry in Black Hole Jets
213 Physical constant passes the alcohol test
214 CU-Boulder team develops swarm of pingpong ball-sized robots
215 Exploding star missing from formation of solar system
216 Dreidel-like dislocations lead to remarkable properties
217 Toward a new model of the cell
218 Autoimmune disease--retraining white blood cells
219 Telestroke networks can be cost-effective for hospitals, good for patients
220 Following Phragmites Home: Scientists Use Satellite Data to Map Invasive Species in Great Lakes Wetlands