File Title
1 Wind farm impact on Jurassic Coast to be examined, firm pledges
2 IPCC critical of climate change report leak
3 Newtown shootings: Democrats Malloy and Feinstein seek gun laws
4 Japan election: LDP's Shinzo Abe vows tough China line
5 Syria crisis: Damascus al-Yarmouk camp 'attacked'
6 Jacintha Saldanha: Body arrives in India
7 New York, a graveyard for languages
8 A Point of View: Nostalgia--it's not like it used to be
9 Syria war fuels Christian flight from Middle East
10 Typhoon Bopha: Philippines storm toll passes 1,000
11 Newtown school massacre victims identified
12 Boris: Don't sneer at Starbucks over tax payment
13 Newtown shooting: 'British boy' among dead
14 Adam Lanza: Profile of suspected US school shooting gunman
15 Barclays: US $470m energy fine 'unjustified'
16 NHS group to consider weekend services
17 Zuma defends his record at ANC congress in South Africa
18 Internet porn: Automatic block rejected
19 Hacker Gary McKinnon will not face UK charges
20 Group says it found child workers at Samsung supplier factory
21 Panda cub hits "terrible toddler" stage
22 Google+ launches major update for Android, iOS
23 Extreme weather tough on transportation system
24 Brain-removal tool left in mummy's skull
25 Internet restrictions across the world
26 As Conn. residents mourn, feds visit gun shops
27 Conn. gunman broke in, shot kids multiple times
28 Always smiling: Portraits of Conn. victims
29 Assault rifle used during Sandy Hook massacre
30 Conn. school shooting: What we know
31 Will Connecticut school shooting spur gun control action?
32 Obama repeats call for "meaningful action" on guns
33 Conn. school shooter had 4 weapons
34 All Conn. shooting victims hit multiple times
35 WH: Renewing assault weapons ban "a commitment" of Obama's
36 Obama to visit families of Conn. shooting victims
37 Whooping cough warning in Vermont
38 Sitting and standing test may predict mortality
39 Hackers warn Westboro Church: Stop now or else
40 Boehner proposes raising taxes on millionaires
41 Clinton suffers concussion, won't testify on Libya
42 New ad: Avoiding "fiscal cliff" just a start
43 Where are the GOP's "fiscal cliff" spending cuts?
44 The "fiscal cliff" isn't a cliff at all
45 For GOP and tea party, a growing divide
46 Scientists 'Surprised' to Discover Very Early Ancestors Survived On Tropical Plants, New Study Suggests
47 Engineers Develop New Energy-Efficient Computer Memory Using Magnetic Materials
48 'Liquid That Thinks:' Swarm of Ping-Pong-Ball-Sized Robots Created
49 What Mechanism Generates Our Fingers and Toes? Genetic Studies Confirm a Mathematical Model
50 Three New Species of Venomous Primate Identified; May Help Protect Rare Primate from Illegal Trades
51 Climate Warming Unlikely to Cause Near-Term Extinction of Ancient Amazon Trees, but Multiple Threats to the Forest Remain
52 Light Used to Remotely Trigger Biochemical Reactions
53 Study Reveals a Remarkable Symmetry in Black Hole Jets
54 Predatory Fungi Are Listening for Worms, Then Devouring Prey
55 Insurance Industry Paying Increasing Attention to Climate Change
56 Too Many Antibiotics? Bacterial Ecology That Lives On Humans Has Changed in Last 100 Years
57 Dolphin Hearing System Component Found in Insects
58 Aerobic Exercise Trumps Resistance Training for Weight and Fat Loss
59 Drug Used to Treat HIV Might Defuse Deadly Staph Infections
60 The HER2 Paradox: HER2-Positive Stem Cells Found in HER2-Negative Breast Cancer
61 In Decision-Making, It Might Be Worth Trusting Your Gut
62 Significant Link Found Between Daytime Sleepiness and Vitamin D
63 Asteroid Toutatis Slowly Tumbles by Earth
64 Dreidel-Like Dislocations Lead to Remarkable Properties
65 Extending Einstein's Ideas: New Kind of Quantum Entanglement Demonstrated
66 Physicists Make Strides in Understanding Quantum Entanglement
67 Developing Power Sources for Flexible, Stretchable Electronics
68 Bird Beaks Show Why 'Sister' Species Don't Live Together
69 Flesh-Eating Fungus Responsible for Five Deaths in Wake of Massive Tornado
70 'House Hunters Walrus': Novel Camera System to Map Arctic Sea Ice Surface Topography
71 Biosynthetic Process That Makes All Metabolism Possible Elucidated
72 If You Cut Down a Tree in the Forest, Can Wildlife Hear It?
73 Chronic Alcohol and Marijuana Use During Youth Can Compromise White-Matter Integrity
74 Alcohol Marketers Use Drinker Identity and Brand Allegiance to Entice Underage Youth
75 Negative Emotionality May Make Some People More Prone to Alcohol or Other Drug Problems
76 Ibrutinib Has 'Unprecedented' Impact On Mantle Cell Lymphoma
77 We're All Living Longer, but Longevity Increases Not Benefiting Everybody
78 COPD Is Not Independent Risk Factor for Lung Cancer, Study Concludes
79 Low Adiponcetin Associated With Increased Pancreatic Cancer Risk
80 Vitamin D Deficiency May Contribute to Alcohol-Related Muscular Weakness
81 Study Questions Reasons for Routine Pelvic Exams
82 Hard-To-Treat Myc-Driven Cancers May Be Susceptible to Drug Already Used in Clinic
83 Impaired Executive Function May Exacerbate Impulsiveness and Risk of Developing Alcohol Dependence
84 Video-Based Test to Study Language Development in Toddlers and Children With Autism
85 Improved Techniques May Help Recovery and Prevent Incidents of Missing Drivers With Dementia
86 More Casinos Do Not Necessarily Mean More Gamblers: Study Suggests Fewer Gamblers in Iowa Despite Casino Growth in State
87 Confirmation That Studying and Child Labor Are Incompatible, Study Finds
88 We Are Basically Honest--Except When We Are at Work, Study Suggests
89 Early Drunkenness May Be Riskier Than an Early Age at First Drink for Problem Behaviors
90 Antioxidant Cookies Made Possible by Grape Seeds
91 Gazpacho Consumption Associated With Lower Blood Pressure, Study Finds
92 Less Partner Abuse, Substance Abuse and Post-Partum Depression Among Married Women, Study Finds
93 Dogs Can Help Wake Sleepy Patients On Public Transport
94 Infectious Diseases Diagnosable Before Symptoms Appear: A Biosensor for the Early Diagnosis of Sleeping Sickness
95 Have European Forests Grown Older, or Are They Actually Getting Younger?
96 Age Not Factor in Immunity to Viruses, Researchers Find
97 Better Tools for Saving Water and Keeping Peaches Healthy
98 New Peatland Bacteria Feed On Greenhouse Gas and Excess Fertilizer
99 Variable Congestion Charges May Yield More Stable Air Quality and Improved Health
100 The Limits of the Productive Capacity of Ecosystems
101 Measuring Dispersal: How Well Are Soft-Sediment Invertebrate Communities Connected On the Seafloor?
102 Scientists Develop Novel Method to Study Parasite Numbers in Wild Seabirds
103 Dark Ages Scourge Enlightens Modern Struggle Between Humans and Microbes
104 Tracing Humanity's African Ancestry May Mean Rewriting 'out of Africa' Dates
105 Your Christmas Tree and Its Genome Have Remained Very Much the Same Over the Last 100 Million Years
106 Dead Guts Spill History of Extinct Microbes: Fecal Samples from Archeological Sites Reveal Evolution of Human Gut Microbes
107 New Way to Look at Dawn of Life: Focus Shifts from 'Hardware' to 'Software'
108 Rocket Burn Sets Stage for Dynamic Moon Duos' Lunar Impact
109 Experts Advise Doctors On How to Clear Patients for Space Travel
110 Saying 'Godspeed' to a Spidernaut: Eight-Legged Nefertiti Spent 100 Days On International Space Station
111 NASA Probes Prepare for Mission-Ending Moon Impact
112 Venus Transit and Lunar Mirror Could Help Astronomers Find Worlds Around Other Stars
113 Breakthrough in Biosensing: New Virus Detection Method Under Development
114 Tissue Engineering--Growing New Organs, and More: Research Could Lead to Better Ways to Heal Injuries and Develop New Drugs
115 Beating Heart of J-2x Engine Finishes Year of Successful NASA Tests
116 NASA Progressing Toward First Launch of Orion Spacecraft
117 Team Solves Mystery Associated With DNA Repair
118 Novel Process Is Low-Cost Route to Ultrathin Platinum Films
119 Video-Game Users: Who Are Sports Gamers?
120 Head-Mounted Cameras Could Help Robots Understand Social Interactions
121 Social Ties Help Drive User Content Generation That Leads to Online Ad Revenue Growth
122 X-Ray Laser Takes Aim at Cosmic Mystery