File Title
1 Study Reveals Origins and Food Habits of First Sicilians
2 Engraved Stone Dating Back 30,000 Years Found in China
3 Native Americans and Northern Europeans More Closely Related Than Previously Thought
4 Building Stonehenge: A New Timeline Revealed
5 Archaeologists discover shipwrecks, ancient harbor on coast of Israel
6 Reference: Karnak: Temple Complex of Ancient Egypt
7 Statues of 5th dynasty top officials discovered in Abusir
8 China unearths ruined palace near terracotta army
9 Underwater Archaeological Discovery Yields Korean Artifacts
10 Archaeologists Explore Colombia's Lost City
11 Fracture treatment in Iron Age and Roman Britain
12 'First tartan' on Roman statue
13 Lion-shaped statues unearthed in Fayoum
14 Africa's Homo sapiens were the first techies
15 The First Modern Humans Arose in South Africa, Say Researchers
16 Gladiator's Tomb to Be Reburied
17 An ancient statue, re-created
18 Drought May Have Killed Sumerian Language
19 Cavemen were better at drawing animals than modern artists
20 Classics professor unearths archaeological clues about ancient Roman vineyards
21 Archeological dig underway at road expansion site
22 Fit for a King: Largest Egyptian Sarcophagus Identified
23 Archaeologists Rediscover an Ancient Polynesian Chiefdom
24 Researchers find evidence of early man in caves near Naples
25 European Romani Exodus Began 1,500 Years Ago, DNA Evidence Shows
26 Secret room reveals treasure
27 Resurrecting the past--Ancient Laodicea
28 The first harbour of ancient Rome eventually found (Update)
29 Lines in the sand may have been made for walking
30 Archaeologists find Maya ceramics and mural paintings in three underwater caves in Mexico
31 The Flores Hobbit's face revealed
32 Meet Migaloo, World's First "Archaeology Dog"
33 Gallic elite prospered from Roman occupation
34 Reflections on the Past: Archaeology in Oregon
35 When Homo sapiens hit upon the power of art
36 3D imaging helps understand the role of birds in ancient Egypt
37 Researchers find clues to the Baltic Crusades in animal bones, horses and the extinct aurochs
38 Send for the bard! Carnyx discovery leaves archaeologists little the wiser
39 Iron Age Feast Found in England
40 Ancient Tsunami Caused Long-Term Ecosystem Change in the Caribbean
41 Restoration of Roman tunnels gives a slave's eye view of Caracalla baths
42 Archaeologists Uncover Europe's First Civilization
43 Roman Settlement and Possible Prehistoric Site Uncovered in Northern Italy
44 Scientists seek to solve mystery of Piltdown Man
45 Hominins already inhabited the Three Gorges region of South China in Pleistocene
46 Chemical analysis reveals first cheese making in Northern Europe in the 6th millennium BC
47 Mosaic Floor Unearthed in Didymoteicho
48 Top 10 Discoveries of 2012
49 The Water Temple of Inca-Caranqui
50 Early 17th Century Jamestown Cellar Yields Well Preserved Ovens
51 Untouched 18th Century Woodworking Shop Found
52 Historic Camp Site Discovered on Antarctica
53 Researchers Find First Evidence of Ice Age Wolves in Nevada
54 Tracing humanity's African ancestry may mean rewriting 'out of Africa' dates
55 IDC finds Apple leads in device value, Samsung in device volume
56 Apple patents method for intelligent caller ID image selection
57 47% of consumers interested in Apple television, willing to pay 20% premium
58 Apple and Microsoft at odds over SkyDrive app subscription fees [ux2]
59 Google CEO Larry Page says rivalries with Apple & Amazon hurt users
60 Time Magazine names Apple's iPhone 5 its 'Gadget of the Year'
61 Working Apple I nets record-smashing $640,000 at German auction
62 Apple, Samsung and others suggest Congress tap federal spectrum to ease 'fiscal cliff'
63 WSJ: Apple testing 'several' HDTV designs with Asian manufacturers
64 iTunes now selling and renting movies in 42 newly-opened stores
65 Apple suppliers say iPhone 5 demand still strong, iPad mini cannibalizing 9.7" iPad
66 Microsoft hopes to boost Surface sales by expanding retail availability
67 Google's Eric Schmidt says Android 'clearly' winning against Apple in phones
68 'Top secret' plans for upstate New York chip factory may involve Apple
69 Australian police also warn of safety concerns with Google Maps
70 Samsung ad pokes fun at Apple Maps' Australian mix-up
71 FCC proposes Apple and other wireless services provide text-to-911
72 Rumor: Google Maps for iOS to be released tonight
73 Official Google Maps iOS app released for iPhone and iPad
74 New Google Maps for iOS brings vectors, transit and navigation features
75 Apple invention uses 'faceprints' to identify people, objects
76 Apple's smart call waiting system automatically puts incoming calls on hold, supports voice to text
77 EU ends antitrust probe after Apple, publishers agree to let retailers set e-book prices
78 Samsung's chief strategy officer admits to using Apple's iPhone, iPad & Mac at home
79 Leaked document reveals Intel 'Haswell' chips potentially bound for 2013 iMacs
80 Jury rules Apple's iPhone infringes on three MobileMedia patents
81 More than half of US smartphone shoppers plan to buy Apple's iPhone 5
82 Apple highlights 'Best of 2012' on iTunes, App Store & iBookstore
83 Apple's refreshed system status page tracks services, stores and iCloud
84 Apple and LG cleared of infringing on Alcatel-Lucent patents
85 Apple reactivates app gift giving with new 'send by' date feature
86 iTunes updated with duplicate song display tool and bug fixes
87 Apple declares 'Day One' Mac App of the Year, 'Deus Ex' Game of the Year
88 Upcoming Gmail client 'Mailbox' turns emails into a to-do list
89 Rumor: Next-gen iPad mini to boast high-resolution display
90 Apple opens iPhone 5 sales in China, 32 more countries
91 Launch of Google Maps for iPhone viewed as a 'mixed blessing' for Apple
92 Apple's iPad mini already on pace to outsell Retina iPad
93 Apple's China reservation system again cuts down on lines, scalpers for iPhone 5
94 ITC judge clears Apple, Intel, HP of patent infringement allegations
95 iCensorship? Apple trims inconvenient question from 'Promised Land' podcast
96 Apple products dominate Google's top searches in 2012
97 Apple's market dominating iPad is killing e-readers
98 Time Warner Cable releases major update to iOS app; adds access to thousands on-demand TV shows and movies
99 EU ends e-book pricing antitrust probe into e-book pricing; accepts offer by Apple, four publishers
100 Apple outshines rivals as global consumers shop tablets and smartphones
101 Apple iTV: Why this one feature will crush the competition
102 Apple's incursions into the enterprise begin to add up
103 Goldman Sachs study: Google, Microsoft to face increasingly dominant Apple in coming years
104 Google Maps hits Apple App Store, Google admits iOS Maps app is better than Google Maps for Android
105 Samsung's president, chief strategy officer: I use Apple Mac, iPhone, and iPad
106 U.S. stocks fall after Speaker Boehner says spending is the issue preventing fiscal cliff deal
107 Apple job listing hints at AMD graphics cards returning to iMac
108 Apple infringes three patents with the iPhone, Delaware jury says
109 Apple wins again: Much improved Google Maps iPhone app vindicates Cupertino's strategy
110 Apple is suddenly spending billions of dollars on secret projects
111 Porter Bibb: Apple iTV is a head fake
112 Apple's new iMac's Fusion Drive a turning point for hybrid drives
113 Apple silently updates OS X to protect against SMS trojan
114 Tim Cook's attention to culture will grow Apple even more
115 Cops taser woman for resisting arrest after trying to buy too many iPhones
116 Jury: Apple, LG not guilty of infringing Alcatel-Lucent patents
117 Apple reveals 2012 Apps of the Year for iPhone and iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini
118 Apple focusing on Retina display for next-gen iPad mini, sources say
119 Analyst: Google Maps for iPhone a mixed blessing for Apple
120 Survey: 53% of smartphone buyers plan to buy an iPhone 5, only 35% plan to settle for Android
121 Apple reveals 2012 Apps of the Year for Mac
122 Apple begins iPhone 5 sales in China, 32 other countries
123 Why Google just crowned Apple's iPhone king
124 NPD: 7.9-inch iPad mini set to eclipse 9.7-inch iPad; Apple doubles production for Christmas quarter
125 An economist explains how Apple forced Google to up their Maps game
126 Apple rumors bloom near Malta, NY: New speculation centers on GlobalFoundries as Cupertino's chip maker
127 Interest in Microsoft's Surface tablet plummeted 53% after product details, price revealed
128 Roger McNamee: The notion that Android is an equivalent to iPhone is silly; Android is equivalent of having a motor scooter at the Indy 500
129 Apple launches comprehensive System Status page covering Services, Stores and iCloud
130 Below the Surface lies Microsoft's impending doom
131 Nasdaq slumps as Apple stock price hits 10-month low
132 Wall Street prices Apple for no growth
133 Apple stock falls as some misinterpret demand for iPhone 5 in China
134 Walmart offering Apple iPhone 5 for $127, iPhone 4S for $47, iPad (4th gen.) for $399
135 Apple stock to be added to several WisdomTree ETFs
136 Why there were no long lines for iPhone 5's China launch
137 Tim Bajarin's tech industry predictions for 2013 include hybrid Mac+iPad
138 Marc Andreessen: Let's go over the fiscal cliff; gridlock is preferable to more government interference
139 AT&T offers $100 off tablets, including Apple iPad, iPad mini models
140 Child labor again found at Samsung phone assembly plant in China
141 Marc Andreessen: Apple TV is real, it's coming, and everyone will scramble to copy it
142 Apple execs reportedly 'seething' over Google Maps for iPhone
143 Wall St. holiday 'on standby' as clock ticks on fiscal cliff; 'quadruple witching' looms
144 iOS 6 adoption after Google Maps release stays flat, any negative impact of Apple Maps highly exaggerated