File Title
1 Microquasar found feeding in Andromeda
2 Expanding foam could stop internal bleeding
3 Reservoirs can make local flooding worse, says study
4 Alan Turing: Scientists call for pardon for codebreaker
5 Ash fungus genetic data released
6 Primate species: new slow loris found in Borneo
7 Blind cat fish species discovered
8 A return to Middle-earth
9 How to get back to the Moon in seven steps
10 Egypt crisis: Rival rallies as referendum looms
11 North Koreans mark rocket success with mass rally
12 Nigeria's Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala's mother freed by kidnappers
13 Russia's stance on Syria 'will not change'
14 Vodka 'saved' elephants in Siberian freeze
15 Prison rape: Is the US doing enough to protect inmates?
16 Learn English online: How the internet is changing language
17 Fate of Assad's Syria still hangs in the balance
18 War photographer Don McCullin in final front-line trip
19 Geminid meteor shower reaches peak early Friday morning
20 US and UK refuse to sign UN's communications treaty
21 Cyclone Evan rips through Samoa as Apia homes flattened
22 NASA 'Everest' photo was Indian mountain Saser Muztagh
23 Eva Rausing died of drug abuse, coroner rules
24 Olympian lifespan 'possible for all'
25 Bollywood's Vidya Balan marries Siddharth Roy Kapur
26 China school knife attack in Henan injures 22 children
27 How 'point of sale' became much more than a fancy calculator
28 Rising robots, online spies and dying koalas [links to articles worth reading]
29 'Stalking apps' could be banned in US
30 Demo plan to aid god game funding drive
31 Trio arrested in Staffordshire over 'ransomware' scam
32 E-books: European Commission ends probe
33 Barcode co-inventor Norman Joseph Woodland dies aged 91
34 UK universities in online launch to challenge US
35 US law says TV adverts to play at same volume as show
36 Are the older generation getting tech-savvy?
37 Bill Gates to deliver Dimbleby lecture
38 Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigns
39 Cheap vitamin D 'would boost health'
40 Getting it right for dementia patients
41 U.S. leads Western snub of U.N. telecoms treaty
42 Christmas tree's genes date to dinosaur age
43 The top video games of 2012: "Dishonored" leads the pack
44 Kim Jong Un not Time's Person of the Year (yet?)
45 Google makes it more difficult to stumble onto porn
46 John McAfee says U.S. has not questioned him
47 Smartphones can soon be used to "e-hail" NYC taxis
48 Watch: NASA debunks myths of Mayan apocalypse
49 Dropbox piles into crowded online music biz
50 More snow could mean less ice for Antarctic
51 Google Maps already No. 1 among free iPhone apps
52 Calif. judge says victims' bodies can prevent rape
53 Virgin Mary statue unearthed outside Boston
54 Tipping televisions kill record number of U.S. kids, gov't warns
55 Doctors find feather in 7-month-old Kansas girl's neck
56 Hillary Clinton: "I really don't believe" I'll run for president in 2016
57 Rice withdraws from secretary of state consideration
58 Samsung chip plant caused woman's breast cancer, S. Korean gov't agency rules
59 More than 50 lawsuits filed in meningitis outbreak
60 3 new species of venomous primate identified by MU researcher
61 Massive shifts reshape the health landscape worldwide
62 McMaster researchers find age not factor in immunity to viruses
63 Warming climate unlikely to cause extinction of ancient Amazon trees, study finds
64 Who are sports gamers?
65 Wearable technology can monitor rehabilitation
66 Team solves mystery associated with DNA repair
67 Disaster map predicts bleak future for mammals
68 Cancer scientists identify a new layer of complexity within human colon cancer
69 Tracing humanity's African ancestry may mean rewriting 'out of Africa' dates
70 Data on financial crime is not credible
71 OU study suggests the bacterial ecology that lives on humans has changed in the last 100 years
72 Rice uses light to remotely trigger biochemical reactions
73 Cloud forest trees drink water through their leaves
74 Berkeley Lab research finds the insurance industry paying increasing attention to climate change
75 Better tools for saving water and keeping peaches healthy
76 Pheromone helps mice remember where to find a mate
77 Building better structural materials
78 Ancient Australian fossils were on land, not at sea, geologist proposes
79 Reality check for DNA nanotechnology
80 Viruses cooperate or conquer to cause maximum destruction
81 Novel NIST process is a low-cost route to ultrathin platinum films
82 No more lying about your age: Scientists can now gauge skin's true age with new laser technique
83 Monkey business: What howler monkeys can tell us about the role of interbreeding in human evolution
84 Conservatives can be persuaded to care more about the environment
85 From fish to man: Research reveals how fins became legs
86 Antibiotic-eating bug unearthed in soil
87 Greenland ice sheet carries evidence of increased atmospheric acidity
88 New species literally spend decades on the shelf
89 Herschel and Keck take census of the invisible Universe
90 Fabrication on patterned silicon carbide produces bandgap to advance graphene electronics
91 Call that a ball? Dogs learn to associate words with objects differently than humans do
92 Onion soaks up heavy metal
93 Ancient red dye powers new 'green' battery
94 Gulf of Mexico clean-up makes 2010 spill 52-times more toxic
95 4 is the 'magic' number
96 Goodbye, fluorescent light bulbs! See your office in a new light
97 Tiny structure gives big boost to solar power
98 'Mayan Apocalypse' One Week Away
99 How Kim Jong-un Won Time's 'Person of the Year' Poll
100 Pygmy Elephants Get Protection Boost from Genetics
101 6.3-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off California
102 Oops! Brain-Removal Tool Left in Mummy's Skull
103 White House to Respond to Death Star Petition
104 Is It Ever Okay to Mock a Baby's Name?
105 Ancient Earthquake Foreshadowed 2011 Japan Disaster
106 Historic Camp Site Discovered on Antarctica
107 Concussions May Affect Kids for Months
108 Rare Bear Has Twins at National Zoo
109 How Smoking Harms Women's Hearts
110 Video Reveals Rare Tiger Cubs in Sumatran Forest
111 Vision Problems Rise with Diabetes Rates
112 Ditching Gadgets May Boost Creativity
113 How to Explain Mayan Doomsday to Your Kids
114 Weird Underwater Volcano Discovered Near Baja
115 Married Same-Sex Couples Are Happier
116 How Thirsty Trees Drink Cloud Water
117 Evolution of a Superspy: Bond Movies More Violent Today
118 Taxi-Hailing Apps Get Green Light in NYC
119 In Rainforests, 300 Arthropods for Every 1 Mammal
120 Christmas Tree's Genes Date to Dinosaur Age
121 Iain Johnstone: Following Curiosity Where it Leads
122 Test of Sitting and Standing Predicts Mortality
123 Drones' Body Count Reveals 'Double Tap' Kills
124 Reference: Terracotta Warriors: An Army for the Afterlife
125 New Primate with Face Mask & Toxic Bite Discovered
126 Worker Happiness On the Rise
127 Engineers Create a More Lifelike Robot
128 How Disney Built a Flying Robot Dragon
129 The Best 50 Places to Work in America
130 What Happens to the Body During Fasts
131 Possible Cure for Deadliest Jellyfish Sting Discovered
132 Liberals & Conservatives More Alike Than You Think
133 Poor Habits Slow Progress in Fight Against Heart Disease
134 Fast-Acting Depression Drug Eases Symptoms in Hours
135 Vatican Skeptical of Mayan Apocalypse Rumors
136 People Prefer Female Leaders With Deeper Voices
137 What Color Are Our Cells? Kids' Biology Questions Answered
138 Ancient Copy of 10 Commandments Goes Digital
139 Titanic Exhibit Gives Life to Ship's Passengers
140 Superman 'T-Ray' Vision Becomes Possible for Smartphones
141 Inflatable Lamp Lights Up Places Off the Grid
142 Holy Cow! First Cheesemakers Date Back 7,500 Years
143 Alan Alda Asks: 'What Is Time?'
144 Freak 'Meteotsunamis' Can Strike On a Sunny Day