File Title
1 Box jelly venom under the microscope
2 Ediacaran study shakes the tree of life
3 Hubble spies galaxies from baby universe
4 Hubble achieves deepest view yet
5 Cook Islands' shark sanctuary creates world's largest
6 Lake Ellsworth drilling: First images emerge
7 Gas fracking: Ministers approve shale gas extraction
8 New nuclear plant, Hinkley Point C, design unveiled
9 Geminid meteor shower set to peak Thursday evening
10 Millions of camera-trap images reveal Serengeti life
11 Evidence of world's 'oldest' cheese-making found
12 Fracking: Untangling fact from fiction
13 Syria government 'losing control'--Russian official
14 UK pays 2.2m pounds to settle Libyan rendition claim
15 Golden Globes: Steven Spielberg's Lincoln leads nominations
16 Eurozone agrees ECB banking supervision rules
17 Google Maps back on iPhone after Apple software fiasco
18 Psychological scars of war take toll in Misrata
19 Panamanian held in Spain with cocaine breast implants
20 Battle wound foam secures Pentagon funding
21 Jacintha Saldanha inquest: Kate hoax nurse found hanged
22 Litvinenko death: Russian spy 'was working for MI6'
23 Christmas dinner: What would you eat?
24 Sake 'never fights with food'
25 Rock stars turn out for superstorm Sandy benefit concert
26 New York puts taxi apps to vote
27 UK is a nation of data-hungry net shoppers, says survey
28 UK village gets government-funded super-fast broadband
29 Paperless gig ticket technology still not 'practical'
30 ONS website is improving, Andrew Dilnot tells critical MPs
31 Leveson: Legal warning for tweeters and bloggers
32 John McAfee arrives in Miami after deportation
33 Nokia decline sparks Finnish start-up boom
34 Google, Flickr--and the app wars
35 Broadband blackspots: The quest to improve the UK's coverage
36 Whitney Houston, One Direction and Gangnam Style top year on Google
37 Third of road crossers distracted by mobiles
38 Surgeons warn many cleft palate cases missed at birth
39 NHS facing 'tough savings challenge'
40 Hugo Chavez faces tough cancer recovery, says Maduro
41 First girl in a century for Carmarthenshire family
42 How fake images change our memory and behaviour
43 Scud: 'Entry level' ballistic missile
44 Google Maps already No. 1 among free iPhone apps
45 Woman tasered for attempting to buy too many iPhones
46 Ancient copy of 10 commandments goes digital
47 Ancient galaxy may be most distant ever seen
48 Google Maps returns to the iPhone, iPod Touch
49 Facebook privacy settings change, again
50 Flickr launches Instagram, Twitter rival
51 The year according to Facebook: 2012
52 Pope sends flurry of tweets after Twitter launch
53 First cheesemakers date back 7,500 years
54 Report: Apple TV is in "early stage of testing"
55 Anne Hathaway calls wardrobe malfunction 'devastating'
56 Coroner: Nurse in Kate hoax, Jacintha Saldanha, was found hanging
57 Asteroid passes inside moon's orbit, buzzes Earth
58 Etan Patz suspect: He was alive when I left him
59 Ravi Shankar's daughter, Norah Jones, on dad's "genius"
60 Boehner to House GOP: Don't make Christmas plans
61 Anderson Cooper on North Korean born in prison camp
62 Roger Waters: Why I left Pink Floyd
63 1 in 3 use phones, text while crossing the road
64 Heavy coffee drinkers shown to have lower oral cancer risk
65 Concussions in kids may cause brain changes that last for months
66 Flu's "first kiss": Remembered forever
67 Lily's experimental Alzheimer's drug gets second chance
68 More Americans losing vision to diabetes, study suggests
69 Ancient Galaxy May Be Most Distant Ever Seen
70 Oldest Galaxy: Distant Star System Dates Back 13.3 Billion Years, Hubble Photos Show
71 Cheesemaking dates back nearly 7,000 years
72 Oldest evidence of cheese-making found in shards of vessels
73 Geminid meteor shower set to reach peak
74 Higgs data reveals fundamental structure of matter
75 Why a Zombie Movie Made by Physicists is the Best Kind of Science PR
76 NASA releases post-apocolypse video ten days early
77 Another Boom Year
78 NASA releases Mayan calendar 'told ya so' video 10 days early
79 If an asteroid were going to hit the Earth, whose job is it? No one's, yet.
80 Newly discovered small asteroid just misses Earth; next up is much bigger 12/12/12 asteroid
81 Nile-Like River Spotted on Saturn Moon Titan
82 Alaska Reclaims Its Missing Moon Rocks
83 Bird counts in Bay area recruit volunteers
84 Biggest tides of the year set to hit California
85 Top-secret US spaceplane sets off on another classified mission
86 Secret Space Plane Just Launched on a Mystery Mission
87 Squid deaths are a many-tentacled mystery
88 Hundreds of Humboldt squid wash up on Aptos area beaches
89 Japanese robot mimics the muscles, skeleton of a real human
90 Scientists detect a microquasar in nearby Andromeda galaxy
91 Astronomers locate a miniature quasar in Andromeda
92 Exclusive: Mars Rover Curiosity Featured in MAD Magazine
93 Curiosity Rover Drill "Danger," "Flaw" and "Malfunction": Not So
94 Mystery as series of UFO sightings are reported in San Francisco and New York within days of one another
95 Last moon landing was 40 years ago today
96 See the Apollo 8 mission and learn more from the astronaut who lived it
97 Google Maps Adds NASA Nighttime Satellite Imagery
98 Experiments to see if the universe exists within a computer simulation from the future
99 Gov. Jerry Brown undergoes treatment for prostate cancer
100 Calif Gov. Brown being treated for prostate cancer
101 Postponing pregnancy slashes risk of most deadly form of breast cancer
102 Why the 54,000 BreastscreenSA mammogram images are being reviewed
103 Memory Might Be Restored By Diabetes Drug
104 Dangerous distraction: Study finds many texting pedestrians
105 Texting pedestrians asking for trouble, study finds
106 America's Health Rankings show worrisome rates of chronic disease, inactivity
107 Ohio Ranks 35th in the U.S. for Health
108 Possible cure for deadliest jellyfish sting discovered
109 A shift in how healthcare is paid for
110 That's a REAL drugs bust! Woman seized at Spanish airport with two bags of cocaine implanted INSIDE her breasts
111 Coffee May Lower Risk of Dying From Oral Cancers
112 Hiking in nature increases creativity
113 Simple sitting test may determine your mortality
114 New Insight into the (Epi)Genetic Roots of Homosexuality
115 Report: Pfizer to pay $43 million to Michigan, 32 other states
116 In Girl's Last Hope, Altered Immune Cells Beat Leukemia