File Title
1 New material for stretchy electronics
2 Bisexual fish boost mating chances: study
3 US, North Korea launch space missions
4 Wildlife crime profound threat to nations, says report
5 Ash dieback: Chalara fungus 'originated in Asia'
6 Drilling begins at lake hidden beneath Antarctic
7 Fish attracted to same-sex flirts
8 Pauline Avibella 425m-year-old fossil 'a new species'
9 X-37B US military space plane launches for third flight
10 North Korea defies warnings in rocket launch success
11 North Korea rocket launch condemned internationally
12 Tiree wind farm project 'on hold' for 12 months
13 Robot 'race' to fix damaged Fukushima nuclear plant
14 The hum that helps to fight crime
15 Robots ride the ocean blue
16 Living in: Savannah
17 Why animals also seek teenage kicks
18 Pat Finucane murder: 'Shocking state collusion,' says PM
19 Syria interior ministry hit by explosion--state media
20 Egypt opposition backs referendum 'No' vote
21 Oregon gunman had 'no connection' to victims
22 The art of the filibuster: How do you talk for 24 hours straight?
23 US evangelicals question Republican ties
24 Ravi Shankar, Indian sitar maestro, dies
25 Light smoking 'doubles sudden heart death risk in women'
26 Arrests over $850m Facebook botnet crime spree
27 Depardieu tax exile move 'shabby'--French PM Ayrault
28 Argentina Marita Veron sex slave trial clears accused
29 Smartphone with second e-ink screen unveiled by Yota
30 Netherlands 'halal homes' ignite religious row
31 Life lessons in space
32 Building the Great Green Wall of China
33 London buses to offer NFC contactless card payments
34 Facebook changes privacy settings
35 MPs and peers warn over planned internet trolling laws
36 Pope starts tweeting as @pontifex, blesses followers
37 Sugar 'comforts babies during immunisations'
38 Magnetic tongue stud warning
39 Tobacco display ban in Scotland to begin in April 2013
40 Obesity rates fall in Philadelphia
41 Is miscarriage care insensitive?
42 Flower power border divides US and Canada
43 CNET's top pick of 2012: Samsung Galaxy S. III
44 December 12, 2012 called the "Anti-Doomsday"
45 Origin of life needs a rethink, scientists argue
46 Top 2012 searches include Whitney, PSY, Sandy
47 Pope finally sends his first tweet
48 Secret spaceplane blasts off for mystery mission
49 Asteroid passes inside moon's orbit, buzzes Earth
50 Hawking, CERN scientists win $3 million physics prize
51 Amazon to collect sales tax from Mass. residents
52 Yahoo Mail redesign aims for speed, simplicity
53 Twin NASA probes to crash into moon next week
54 Twitter's top tweets of 2012
55 Holiday gifts for pets following high-tech trend
56 Indiana Jones crystal skull lawsuit raises questions of hoax
57 Tiny humanoid robot to join astronauts on space station
58 U.S. condemns N. Korea's long-range rocket launch
59 Official: Jenni Rivera's plane took 28,000-foot plunge
60 Motive unclear in shooting at busy Oregon mall that left three dead, one badly hurt
61 Inching closer to a "fiscal cliff" deal?
62 Caroline Wozniacki imitates Serena Williams by stuffing her bra and skirt: Funny or offensive?
63 New University of California logo spurs mockery
64 Right-to-work signed into law in Michigan
65 Scalia draws parallels between bans on sodomy, murder
66 Primatene Mist to make a comeback?
67 Director of $3 billion cancer research effort resigns
68 Evidence of Early Life Draws Ire from Scientists
69 History's Biggest Scientific Fraud Goes Under the Microscope
70 Amsterdam Bans Pot Smoking in Schools
71 Can Facebook Make You Fat and Poor?
72 Foam Injection Could Stop Soldiers' Bleeding
73 Tiger Saved from Barbed Wire in India
74 Hair-Straightening Products Dangerous, US Reps Say
75 Snow Headed to Four Corners
76 Telescope's New Robot Spies Distant Galaxies' Early Lives
77 North Korea Successfully Launches Satellite: Reports
78 Canadian Astronaut Will Strum Christmas Carols in Space
79 Verizon Idea to Track TV Viewers Gets Patent Rejection
80 12/12/12: Why Today Is Tied to Doom
81 Fertile Gals Look & Sound More Attractive: Study
82 Squidlike Creatures Turn Left to Avoid Predators
83 Bizarre Flowers Launch Seeds in Raindrops
84 Origin of Life Needs a Rethink, Scientists Argue
85 Newfound Asteroid Buzzes Earth Inside Moon's Orbit
86 Is Russia's Robotic Space Program Headed for a Renaissance?
87 Classified Air Force Space Plane Launches on Secret Mission
88 Reference: Pareidolia: Seeing Faces in Unusual Places
89 New Fabric Paves Way for Chip-Embedded Clothes
90 Loneliness Linked with Dementia Risk
91 7 Ways to Stay Healthy After 40
92 Deadly Caribbean Tsunami Risk Overlooked
93 Private Spaceship Builders Split $30 Million in NASA Funds
94 Kazakhstan Wants Rocket Launch Site Back from Russia
95 New Forecasts Could Help Transoceanic Flights Avoid Storms
96 Babies Spot Faces with Adult-Like Brain Power
97 Checking Facebook at Work Could Become Illegal
98 Once-Extinct Toads Reintroduced to Wild
99 Did UFOs Fly Over San Francisco & Brooklyn?
100 Gene Regulation May Explain How Homosexuality Flourishes
101 NASA to Unveil Early Universe Findings Wednesday
102 Twin NASA Probes to Crash into Moon Next Week
103 Mystical 'Doomsday' Mountain Braces for Mayan Apocalypse
104 Will Kindle E-Books Leave Blind Students Behind?
105 Doll-Like Robot Will Keep Astronauts Company on Space Station
106 NYC Rife with Fish Fraud: Report
107 Hawking, CERN Scientists Get $3M Physics Prizes
108 Syrian Rebels Aim Armored Car's Gun With PS3 Controller
109 Deadliest Sea Snake Is 2 Separate Species
110 What US Apple Factory Means for Workers
111 Good Partners Make Good Parents, Study Finds
112 Editorial: If Barrett Brown's Guilty, Then So Am I
113 Top 10 Tech Fails of 2012
114 3D-Printable Guns Face Federal Ban
115 Space Bursts Provide Insight to Theory of Everything
116 Dino-Killing Meteorite Wiped Out Lizards, Too
117 Oxytocin Boosts Father-Baby Bonding
118 The 50 Happiest U.S. Workplaces
119 Fertility Drop-Off Surprises Women Over 40
120 What's Your Technology Personality Type?
121 Sir Patrick Moore, British Astronomy Missionary, Dies at 89
122 Babies' Iron Supplements May Stem Behavioral Problems
123 Plants Grow Differently in Zero Gravity
124 How Your Personal Values Shape Taste for Organics
125 Mayan Apocalypse Dooms Medical Research
126 Most Americans Back States' Right to Legalize Pot
127 Elephant Relocation Scheme Fails to Prevent Deaths
128 20-Year-Old Report Successfully Predicted Warming: Scientists
129 Baltic Crusades Caused Extinctions, End to Pagan Practices
130 Dinosaur with Giant Nose Discovered
131 Pet Parrot Learns to Control Robot
132 Why Human-Neanderthal Sex Is Tricky to Prove
133 Famed Poet, Scientist Muse on Science & Poetry
134 Google Search Algorithm Models Cancer Spread
135 Study Reveals Combined Effort of Methods Reduce More Pollution
136 Climate Skeptics Swayed by Consensus, Not Evidence
137 'Virtual Water' Pours Real Sensation into Cup
138 Q&A with Boone Smith, Big Cat Wrangler
139 Cancer Impacts Health of American Economy
140 Icebergs Scoured Florida During Ice Age
141 Disgust Makes Dirt More Visible
142 Help Wanted: Professional Fart-Smeller
143 Bizarre Creature Found in 200-Million-Year-Old Cocoon
144 Stressed Out Entrepreneurs Are Still Happier than Other Workers
145 Global Warming Gives Ski Industry Chills
146 Apollo 17, 40 Years Later: An Astronaut Reflects
147 Baby Leopard Brothers Come to San Diego Zoo
148 5 Reasons We May Live in a Multiverse
149 Weather Played Role in Pearl Harbor Attack
150 Resilience Key to Feeling Good in Old Age
151 Hovering Drone Grabs Spotlight with 6-Foot Arm
152 Have Humans Caused a New Geological Era?
153 What is Darwin's Theory of Evolution?