File Title
1 Lizards 'nearly wiped out' with dinosaurs
2 Porcupine quills inspire medical devices
3 Women most likely to reach 100th birthday
4 Honey bees' genetic code unlocked
5 Porcupine's prickly defense mystery solved
6 Rhino poaching: South Africa and Vietnam sign deal
7 Asians top of school tables--England in maths top 10
8 Obama-named lizard was wiped out with the dinosaurs
9 Ultrasound mosquito repellents: Zapping the myth
10 Cuba sugar cane marabu weeds 'could be turned to fuel'
11 David Mackay: The pilot who will fly to space
12 HSBC to pay $1.9bn in US money laundering penalties
13 Egypt crisis: Cairo braced for rival protests
14 Nelson Mandela has lung infection
15 Russia backtracks on internet governance proposals
16 Asia 'to eclipse' US and Europe by 2030--US report
17 The end of prank calls?
18 US student loans: The trillion dollar debt trap
19 Vermont Mountain School cuts Facebook ties for teens
20 Hobbit director Peter Jackson defends fast frame rate
21 Couple marry after wrong number phone call
22 Gay marriage: Religious 'opt-in' offered, but not to CofE
23 Richard Branson 'offered knee in the groin' by Willie Walsh
24 Kate hoax: Radio station to donate to nurse family
25 From Apple to polka dots, technology can help supply chains react
26 Mali PM Cheick Modibo Diarra resigns after army arrest
27 Draft Communications Data Bill to be redrafted--No 10
28 Google reveals 2012's top net searches in the UK
29 Twitter adds Instagram-like photo-editing features
30 Hacktivists Ghost Shell dump 1.6m log-in details on web
31 Few vote on Facebook data changes
32 The real people behind the spam photos
33 Speech dating--using a computer voice to find your partner
34 Details emerge on Valve video game console
35 Are bald men more virile?
36 Whooping cough jab uptake hailed by health officials
37 Bowel-cancer screening pilot to begin in England
38 Baby born 1,000ft. up in air in Shetland Coastguard helicopter
39 Cayman Islands premier McKeeva Bush arrested
40 Delta to buy Virgin Atlantic stake from Singapore Airlines
41 Thousands march as Michigan weighs 'right-to-work' bill
42 Twitter takes on Instagram with new photo filters
43 America's Health Rankings show worrisome rates of chronic disease, inactivity
44 Downside to improved food poisoning tests
45 FTC investigating makers of cellphone apps over child privacy
46 Secretive Air Force space plane ready for Tuesday liftoff
47 Twitter goes bananas for #IkeaMonkey
48 Oldest pharaoh carvings discovered in Egypt
49 Gmail, Google Drive, Chrome experience outages
50 Australian police warn against using Apple Maps due to stranded motorists
51 Firm hopes to sell $1.5 billion trips to the moon
52 Instagram photos disappear from Twitter
53 N/A
54 SEAL Team 6 member killed in Afghan rescue identified; Obama lauds special ops forces
55 Health care law surprise: $63 per-person fee for three years
56 Jenni Rivera's father: Appears she was on plane that crashed
57 Crowe vs. Jackman: The great rivalry of Les Mis
58 Same-sex couples in Wash. state take wedding vows
59 Obama takes on union fight in Michigan
60 The big union fight in Michigan explained
61 Hillary Clinton for president in 2016?
62 Hospital says L.A. surgeon gave patients staph
63 Life six months after a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis
64 FDA backs prostate cancer drug Zytiga for earlier use
65 Why do people falsely confess to crimes?
66 Madagascar's strange and wonderful sights
67 Anderson Cooper on North Korean born in prison camp
68 Are you a "super-recognizer"? Take a test
69 Is your child fair when no one is watching?
70 Tibet self-immolations: Why people set themselves on fire to protest China
71 Mandela "responding" to treatment for recurrence of lung infection, S. African gov't says
72 Report: Asian economies to be world's largest by 2030
73 Panetta: Syria chemical weapons intelligence has "leveled off"
74 Termites Strike Gold: Ant and Termite Colonies Unearth Gold in Australia
75 Epigenetics May Be a Critical Factor Contributing to Homosexuality, Study Suggests
76 Potent Antibodies Neutralize HIV and Could Offer New Therapy, Study Finds
77 Biologists Engineer Algae to Make Complex Anti-Cancer 'Designer' Drug
78 Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Also Wiped out the 'Obamadon'
79 Wind and Solar Power Paired With Storage Could Power Grid 99.9 Percent of the Time
80 Mining Ancient Ores for Clues to Early Life
81 Do We Live in a Computer Simulation Run by Our Descendants? Researchers Say Idea Can Be Tested
82 From Fish to Man: Research Reveals How Fins Became Legs
83 Can Your Smartphone See Through Walls? Engineers Make Tiny, Low-Cost, Terahertz Imager Chip
84 Tiny Compound Semiconductor Transistor Could Challenge Silicon's Dominance
85 To Make Old Skin Cells Act Young Again, Boost Their Surroundings
86 Does the Brain Become Unglued in Autism?
87 Device Helps Children With Disabilities Access Tablets
88 Bedroom TV Viewing Increases Risk of Obesity in Children: More Than 2 Hours of TV a Day Adds Significantly to Children's Waist Size
89 Postpartum Women Less Stressed by Threats Unrelated to the Baby
90 Brain Displays an Intrinsic Mechanism for Fighting Infection
91 Alternative to Fullerenes in Organic Solar Cells Is Just as Exciting
92 Electricity from Water Mains: Inline Hydropower System Generates Power from Water Pipelines
93 Electronics: Graphene Sheets' Growing Attractions
94 Photonics: Graphene's Flexible Future
95 Composites for Large-Scale Manufacturing
96 International Trade in Live Corals Could Help Preserve Wild Corals and Coral Reefs Ecosystems, Study Suggests
97 Sexual and Social Behavior Modified by Serotonin System Drugs
98 New Coronavirus Has Many Potential Hosts, Could Pass from Animals to Humans Repeatedly
99 Conservatives Can Be Persuaded to Care More About Environmental Issues When Couched in Terms of Fending Off Threats to 'Purity'
100 As Amazon Urbanizes, Rural Fires Burn Unchecked
101 Intensified Chemotherapy Shows Promise for Children With Very High Risk Form of Leukemia
102 To Fight Incurable Metastatic Breast Cancer, Resistance Must Be Broken
103 Maintaining Weight Loss as Important as Losing It for Older Women
104 Data Storage: Electrically Enhanced Recall
105 Experimental Graft-Versus-Host Disease Treatment Equivalent to Standard Care in Phase 3 Trial
106 Overweight Pregnant Women Not Getting Proper Weight-Gain Advice, Study Suggests
107 Mother's Vitamin D Level Linked to Birth Weight
108 Into Adulthood, Sickle Cell Patients Rely On ER
109 Earphones, Music Players On Kids' Holiday Gift Lists? Add a Hearing Screening
110 Morning Vs Nighttime Replacement Affects Adverse Events With Extended-Wear Contact Lenses
111 Alcohol Pricing Policies Save Lives and Increase Profits, Experts Say
112 Internet Use Can Reduce Fatalistic View of Cancer
113 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Offers Insights Into Mental Fatigue
114 ADHD Linked to Oxygen Deprivation Before Birth
115 Oxytocin Produces More Engaged Fathers and More Responsive Infants
116 Before 'Skyfall': 46 Years of Violence in James Bond Movies
117 Violent Video Games: More Playing Time Equals More Aggression
118 Just 28% of Young People Read Either Online or Conventional Newspapers Each Day
119 Brain Study Shows Why Some People Are More in Tune With What They Want
120 Cycling Safer Than Driving for Young People, New Study Suggests
121 Antibody Orientation Matters
122 Commercial Ultrasonic Frequency Devices Do Not Repel Bed Bugs, Study Suggests
123 Bugs Without Borders: Researchers Track the Emergence and Global Spread of Healthcare Associated Clostridium Difficile
124 Secrets of Gentle Touch Revealed
125 Long-Distance Solute Transport in Trees Improved by Intercellular Pathways in Living Woody Tissues
126 Onion Soaks Up Heavy Metal: Bioremediation With Waste Food
127 Elk Bones Tell Stories of Life, Death, and Habitat Use at Yellowstone National Park
128 Higher Carbon Dioxide Levels Mean Poorer Wheat Quality
129 What It Is to Be a Queen Bee?
130 Frankincense Collection Can Damage Trees, and Threaten the Livelihoods of Villages Who Depend On Them
131 Tracking Gene Flow in Marine Plant Evolution
132 Ancient Drawings in Peruvian Desert: New Light On the Nazca Lines
133 First Harbor of Ancient Rome Rediscovered
134 Monkey Business: What Howler Monkeys Can Tell Us About the Role of Interbreeding in Human Evolution
135 Ethiopians and Tibetans Thrive in Thin Air Using Similar Physiology, but Different Genes
136 Hypergiant Star Amazes for 30 Years
137 New Chemical Reaction Could Explain How Stars Form, Evolve, and Eventually Die
138 X-Ray Vision Can Reveal Moment of Birth of Violent Supernovae
139 NASA's Van Allen Probes Reveal New Dynamics of Earth's Radiation Belts
140 What Is Creating Gullies On Giant Asteroid Vesta?
141 CubeSats in Orbit After Historic Space Station Deployment
142 Carbon Nanotubes Lower Nerve-Damaging Chloride in Cells
143 Ultrasound Can Now Monitor the Health of Your Car Engine
144 Substrate Patterning Creates P-N. Junctions in Graphene
145 New Approach Could Help Resolve Mountaintop Mining Issues
146 Trapping Malware With Honeypots
147 Study of Social Network 'Check-Ins' Shows We Still Make Friends Face-To-Face
148 New '4-D' Transistor Is Preview of Future Computers
149 Speeding Up Electronics to Light Frequencies
150 Switching With a Few Photons for Quantum Computing