File Title
1 Dark energy a headache long before discovery
2 British astronomer Patrick Moore dies aged 89
3 Study finds pre-op MRI ups mastectomy rate
4 Sir Patrick Moore death: Tributes to the astronomer
5 Antarctic 'lost world' to be explored
6 Rare cat filmed up close in Borneo
7 Harrabin's notes: Kyoto rumbles on
8 Interview: The Nobel prizes in the 21st century
9 Egypt crisis: Morsi gives army arrest powers before vote
10 Jenni Rivera, Latin music star, dies in plane crash
11 Kate hoax: Australian presenters 'gutted and heartbroken'
12 Barack Obama takes 'fiscal cliff' plan to Michigan
13 Chinese police chief 'sacked over mistress twins'
14 Secession petitions: Why Americans don't really want to break up
15 Arab uprisings: 10 key moments
16 Viewpoint: Europe must lead global peace drive--Barroso
17 Monkey in sheepskin jacket on the loose at Ikea in Toronto
18 EU collects Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo
19 North Korea: On the net in world's most secretive nation
20 Apple Maps 'is life-threatening' to motorists lost in Australia heat
21 Richard Branson bets 1m pounds on Virgin Atlantic survival
22 Can private schools teach the world?
23 Laser weapons shine on
24 Iran launches web video channel, Mehr
25 Patient records held to ransom in Australia
26 UAE authorities 'detain 18-year-old blogger'
27 IBM chip aims to use light to speed up internet services
28 Divisions over internet governance intensify in Dubai
29 C. diff spread 'fast and easy'
30 DNA mapping for cancer patients
31 Multiple sclerosis: World's highest rate in Orkney Islands
32 The surgeons who are not doctors
33 Why taste is all in the senses
34 Researchers develop real-time CT-scan test rig for ceramic composites at ultrahigh temperatures
35 Scientists probe Canadian sulfide ore to confirm microbial activity in seawater 2.7 billion years ago
36 Researchers reveal structure of carbon's 'Hoyle state'
37 Wind, solar power paired with storage could be cost-effective way to power grid
38 From fish to man: Research reveals how fins became legs
39 Research identifies targeted molecular therapy for untreatable NF1 tumors
40 Magnetic bubbles behave differently than other magnetic defects (w/ video)
41 In vitro study finds digested formula, but not breast milk, is toxic to cells
42 Carbon nanotubes lower nerve-damaging chloride in cells
43 Self-assembled monolayers create p-n junctions in graphene films
44 Ultrasound can now monitor the health of your car engine
45 X-rays pinpoint drug target for Helicobacter pylori
46 Silicon nanophotonics: Using light signals to transmit data
47 Hedge funds manipulate stock prices, new research shows
48 Engineers make tiny, low-cost, terahertz imager chip
49 Researchers develop the smallest indium gallium arsenide transistor ever built
50 Highly inflated Jupiters
51 Research pair finds global warming matched predictions from 1990
52 The Flores Hobbit's face revealed
53 One gene predicts rapid ALS progression 80% of the time
54 Goodbye, fluorescent light bulbs: New lighting technology won't flicker, shatter or burn out
55 Researchers devise a method for reprogramming cells in urine into neural progenitor cells
56 JAABA: New software speeds analysis of animal behavior
57 Deep divides in Dubai at UN talks on Internet (Update 2)
58 New biomaterial gets 'sticky' with stem cells
59 Termites and ants stockpile gold in their mounds, researchers find
60 A better early blood test for autism: Genetic signatures point to disrupted neuro-immune pathways
61 Japan pedal power aims for human flight record
62 Higgs Boson makes it a champagne year for physics
63 Missing data on Earth's magnetic field is in the oven
64 What it is to be a queen bee?
65 Time-resolved measurements show colloidal nanoplatelets act like quantum wells
66 Nanostructures triple organic solar cells efficiency
67 Research team discovers new way to make near perfect light absorber
68 New atomic-layer electrodeposition method yields surprising results
69 Seeing in color at the nanoscale
70 Hydrogel remembers its shape
71 New '4-D' transistor is preview of future computers
72 NASA investigates use of 'trailblazing' material for new sensors
73 Drag-and-Drop DNA: Novel technique aiding development of new cancer drugs
74 Theoretical calculations show graphene's potential for controlling nanoscale light propagation on a chip
75 Next scientific fashion could be designer nanocrystals
76 Theoretical, numerical study of graphene sheets reveals property that may lead to novel opto-electric devices
77 First synthesis of gold nanoparticles inside human hair for dyeing and much more
78 Do we live in a computer simulation? Researchers say idea can be tested
79 Oxygen nucleus with twice as many neutrons as normal is shown to be surprisingly stable
80 Caltech engineers invent light-focusing device
81 Strict limit on CPT violation from gamma-ray bursts
82 Looking through the opaque screen for sharper images
83 Scientists use a custom-designed machine and a reprogrammed Xbox controller to create atomically precise lenses
84 X-ray resonance scattering can reveal the magnetic properties of transition metal oxides made out of heavy elements
85 Physicists extend entanglement in Einstein experiment
86 Disappearing light: Precision measurement of an atomic transition
87 Silver nanocubes make super light absorbers
88 Citizen science more than a century later: Ordinary people go online to track Gulf oil spill
89 'Public ecology' could help resolve mountaintop mining issues
90 Hypergiant star studied
91 Curiosity gets a sister: What should she do? Scientists speak
92 Prospectus addresses most pressing marine science questions
93 Onion soaks up heavy metal, researchers find
94 Making stars in early galaxies
95 To reach final frontier, NASA can't go it alone, analysts say
96 Researchers model behavior of stream flow
97 DXL: NASA launching X-ray emission mission
98 Hurricane forecast team reviews influencing factors for 2013 Atlantic season
99 Kazakhstan mulls ending Russia's cosmodrome lease (Update)
100 New Indiegogo project KUBI turns tablets into telepresence devices
101 Video ATMs let customers interact remotely
102 Robot Rebuilt gets a grip on wine-serving robot (w/ video)
103 Amazon launches Kindle content service for kids
104 Squirrels and birds inspire researchers to create deceptive robots (w/ video)
105 New iPhone heads to South Korea, 50 more countries
106 The robotic equivalent of a Swiss army knife (w/ video)
107 Illinois robotics lab's HyTAQ moves in air, rolls on land (w/ video)
108 Intel's Broadwell may put an end to CPU swap-outs
109 Sony introduces ultra-high-definition video player
110 Microsoft prices Pro version of Surface at $899 (Update)
111 Samsung to issue updates in response to printer alert
112 Tips for holiday tablet shoppers
113 E-readers in demand as tech gifts
114 Japan mobile phone will monitor skin condition
115 LuminAR bulb lights path to augmented reality (w/ video)
116 Ford says software update will fix fire problem
117 Photo feud escalates between Instagram, Twitter
118 New pay-TV boxes to save money with lower energy costs
119 What Facebook users need to know about the big vote
120 Government investigating makers of cellphone apps
121 Texting turns 20, LOL
122 Report: Kodak gets patent bid from Apple, Google
123 Google teaming with Israeli high-tech startups
124 Prevention through design: A new approach to reduce construction risks
125 US intelligence sees fight ahead over water, food
126 Can gray water keep Texas landscapes green?
127 Synthesis of a spirocyclic seco structure of the principal vetiver odorant khusimone
128 Flexible silicon solar-cell fabrics may soon become possible
129 Researchers turn harmful greenhouse gas into a tool for making pharmaceuticals
130 Researchers create world's smallest reaction chamber
131 Researchers design potential blood thinner that also unmasks cancer cells
132 Biochemists trap a chaperone machine in action
133 Keeping ship hulls free of marine organisms
134 Researchers craft tool to minimize threat of endocrine disruptors in new chemicals
135 Researchers develop hybrid scaffold, potential for future skin tissue engineering
136 Doctoral student unravels 'tin whisker' mystery
137 Advice for bag-in-box wine drinkers: Keep it cool
138 Tracking gene flow in marine plant evolution
139 Frankincense is for life, not just for Christmas
140 Elk bones tell stories of life, death, and habitat use at Yellowstone National Park
141 Bed bugs are not repelled by commercial ultrasonic frequency devices
142 Fears over Indonesia's thirst for palm oil
143 What howler monkeys can tell us about the role of interbreeding in human evolution
144 Long-distance solute transport in trees improved by intercellular pathways in living woody tissues
145 A 'regular hexagonal pattern' was found in a plant-parasitic nematode worm
146 What happens to plant growth when you remove gravity?
147 Biologist treks across southwestern China to answer the "killer mushroom" question
148 Echidna insight into evolution of embryo growth
149 Bringing fossils to life
150 Characteristics of US science and engineering doctorates detailed in new report
151 Just 28% of young people in Spain read either online or conventional newspapers each day
152 Report: Asian economies will surpass US, Europe
153 French invasion plan published in new study
154 UK reports aim to clear confusion surrounding tax avoidance
155 3Qs: Examining the changing nature of marriage
156 FIFO workers: Companies don't care
157 New light on the Nazca Lines
158 The seven myths of performance management
159 The first harbour of ancient Rome eventually found (Update)
160 Tablet technology takes teaching into 21st century
161 Research examines the intersection of faith and crises
162 Pre-diabetic patients respond to self-directed lifestyle interventions, researchers say
163 Can going hungry as a child slow down cognitive decline in later years?
164 Mobile app boosts weight loss by 15 pounds
165 Novel drug therapy targets aggressive form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
166 Drug helps women who stop smoking keep weight off
167 Researchers uncover toxic interaction in neurons that leads to dementia and ALS
168 How our nerves regulate insulin secretion
169 Brown adipose tissue beneficial for metabolism and glucose tolerance
170 Could kids' salt intake affect their weight?
171 To fight incurable metastatic breast cancer, resistance must be broken
172 ADHD can cause lifelong problems, study finds
173 To make old skin cells act young again, boost their surroundings, scientists show
174 Violent video games: More playing time equals more aggression
175 Oxytocin produces more engaged fathers and more responsive infants
176 Infants with severe RSV disease may be immunosuppressed
177 Caffeinated coffee may reduce the risk of oral cancers
178 Study identifies potential new pathway for drug development
179 Severe morning sickness patients get relief from anti-seizure drug, professor has found
180 Passive smoking doubles risk of invasisve meningococcal disease in children, study finds
181 New blood thinner may help prevent leg clots, study finds
182 Tech opens communication doors for grandparents of grandkids with ASD
183 Reduced intensity regimen prior to marrow transplant better for older leukemia patients
184 Secrets of gentle touch revealed
185 Do brain cells need to be connected to have meaning?
186 Researchers discover surprising complexities in the way the brain makes mental maps