File Title
1 Doha climate talks: US faces dilemma over final text
2 NASA's 'Oppy' rover could be rolling on Martian clays
3 Tophill Low nature reserve otters flooded out of home
4 Science week on PM
5 Searching for an anti-HIV cream
6 In search of pirates in Panama
7 Egypt: Army warns it will not allow 'dark tunnel'
8 Thousands gather in Gaza for Hamas rally and Meshaal speech
9 US Supreme Court to rule on gay marriage cases
10 Duchess of Cambridge hoax call nurse death a 'tragedy'
11 Duchess of Cambridge hoax call nurse found dead
12 Australian DJs face backlash over hoax death
13 South Tyrol's identity crisis: Italian, German, Austrian...?
14 Tweets of the week: Pregnant Kate and driving dogs
15 Huw Lloyd Langton, Hawkwind guitarist, dies aged 61
16 Sri Lanka chief judge Bandaranayake found guilty by MPs
17 Gangnam singer Psy apologises for anti-US protests
18 Norwich Castle Museum set to acquire 'curious' treasure
19 Pioneering surgery repairs girl's spine with leg bone
20 Moral machines raise killer questions
21 Ghana election: Voting enters second day
22 Best of the web: Steve Jobs, zombies and Pong
23 UK government condemned on net address shift
24 Afghanistan's growing demand for plastic surgery
25 Egypt crisis: Opposition maintains Cairo protests
26 Silvio Berlusconi confirms new Italy PM bid
27 Exoplanet catalog reveals 7 possibly habitable worlds
28 Sleepy panda cub gets stronger
29 Apple's softer side emerges under CEO Cook
30 Nurse in Duchess Kate hoax dead in apparent suicide
31 Royal prank, meant for laughs, ends in tragedy
32 Details scarce as 2nd winner in Arizona claims record Powerball prize
33 Pit bull left to "babysit" 10-month-old child, Fla. man arrested
34 Supreme Court to take up Prop. 8, DOMA
35 November jobs report: Sandy impact muted
36 Anthony Novellino Arrested in Death of Ex-Wife, a NJ Catholic School Teacher
37 Naked jogger stays step ahead...
38 Katt Williams, comedian, wanted for arrest in California police chase, legal troubles no laughing matter
39 Kayla Bonkowski, Central Michigan college student, accused of poisoning roommate's iced tea with bleach
40 Elizabeth Collins, Lyric Cook-Morrissey Update: Police seek killer of two Iowa cousins
41 Jack Culolias Update: Police resume lake search for missing Arizona State University student
42 Alabama man accused of fatally stabbing man and ripping out his insides, report says
43 John Burbine, convicted sex offender, allegedly assaulted children from his wife's daycare business
44 Connecticut father, daughter arrested after DNA proved they had child together, police say
45 Notorious B.I.G. autopsy unsealed 15 years after rapper's unsolved fatal shooting
46 Israel Keyes Update: Family pastor says murder suspect ranted at sister's wedding
47 Susan Powell Missing: Thousands of images of Utah mom seized from father-in-law's home, report says
48 John McAfee Update: Anti-virus guru hospitalized in Guatemala after being denied asylum
49 Father fatally punched baby for fussing during video games, N.C. police say
50 Cognitive behavioral therapy may help when antidepressants don't
51 Hospital mix-up leads mom to breast-feed wrong baby
52 Optimism is key to successful aging
53 Mass. halts operations at three compounding pharmacies
54 Invasive grass fuels increased fire activity in the West
55 Tracking invasive cheatgrass role in larger, more frequent Western fires
56 First evidence of fish sensing geomagnetic fields from a Czech Christmas market
57 New poll shows US public supports continued investment in Federal Nutrition Assistance Program
58 Discovery of 100 million-year-old regions of DNA shows short cut to crop science advances
59 Small patches of native plants help boost pollination services in large farms
60 Advice for bag-in-box wine drinkers: Keep it cool
61 Exercise affects reproductive ability in horses
62 Synthetic fuels could eliminate entire U.S. need for crude oil, create 'new economy'
63 Plant Stress Paints Early Picture of Drought
64 Site-specific, Long-term Research Expanding Understanding of Climate Change
65 Biologists unlocking the secrets of plant defenses, one piece at a time
66 Drought in the Horn of Africa delays migrating birds
67 A direct line through the brain to avoid rotten food--a full STOP signal for Drosophila
68 What happens to plant growth when you remove gravity?
69 Research yields understanding of Darwin's 'abominable mystery'
70 New evidence for epigenetic effects of diet in healthy aging
71 Insect-eating bat outperforms nectar specialist as pollinator of cactus flowers
72 137 New Species Described by California Academy of Sciences in 2012
73 The world's big trees are dying
74 Antibiotic-eating bug unearthed in soil
75 How the common 'cat parasite' gets into the brain
76 A pattern given by nature
77 Long-distance solute transport in trees improved by intercellular pathways in living woody tissues
78 The widening gap between present emissions and the two-degree target
79 Africa's Homo sapiens were the first techies
80 Monkey business: What howler monkeys can tell us about the role of interbreeding in human evolution
81 Mercury in coastal fog linked to upwelling of deep ocean water
82 Stanford geoscientist cites critical need for basic research to unleash promising energy sources
83 Wind speeds in southern New England declining inland, remaining steady on coast
84 Fire and Ice: Wildfires Darkening Greenland Snowpack, Increasing Melting
85 Experts available to discuss new paper detailing global sea level rise scenario
86 At high altitude, carbs are the fuel of choice
87 Warm sea water is melting Antarctic glaciers
88 How cold will a winter be in two years? New study shows: climate models still struggle with medium- term climate forecasts
89 Fermi Improves its Vision for Thunderstorm Gamma-Ray Flashes
90 Greenland ice sheet carries evidence of increased atmospheric acidity
91 Massive crevasses and bendable ice affect stability of Antarctic ice shelf, CU research team finds
92 European Romani exodus began 1,500 years ago, DNA evidence shows
93 His and hers: Male hormones control differences in mammary gland nerve growth
94 USC scientists turn a harmful greenhouse gas into a tool for making pharmaceuticals
95 New research investigates how the common 'cat parasite' gets into the brain
96 Vaginal microbicide gel may offer a promising strategy for prevention and protection against HIV transmission
97 A relationship between cancer genes and the reprogramming gene SOX2 discovered
98 Insight into DNA reprogramming during egg and sperm cell development
99 Researchers investigate impacts of climate change on rare tropical plants
100 Researchers find new genetic pathway behind neurodevelopmental disorders
101 Discovery of pathway leading to depression reveals new drug targets
102 The effect of treating institution on outcomes in head and neck cancer
103 Putting electronic cigarettes to the test
104 Abuse during childhood linked to adult-onset asthma in African-American women
105 Can compressed fluids increase enzyme activity in industrial bioprocesses?
106 Another muscular dystrophy mystery solved; MU scientists inch closer to a therapy for patients
107 Put the kettle on? When tea drinkers were viewed as irresponsible as whiskey drinkers
108 Protected 'power naps' prove helpful for doctors in training to fight fatigue
109 Delivered meals keep seniors in their homes
110 Study: Parents Key to Preventing Alcohol, Marijuana Use by Kids
111 Overprescribing of Opioids Impacts Patient Safety and Public Health
112 Telecommuting Increases Work Hours and Blurs Boundary Between Work and Home, New Study Shows
113 1 in 5 children live in poverty--A new report examines effect of poverty on children
114 French political ads get personal, but American campaigns are nastier
115 New analysis examines stakes for Medicaid in upcoming fiscal cliff negotiations on Capitol Hill
116 Consumers benefitted nearly $1.5 billion from the ACA's medical loss ratio rule in 2011
117 Bye bye Mediterranean diet, the poorest can't afford it anymore
118 Sustainable business innovation adds firms' market value
119 Mexican paradox: While opinion surveys overestimate abortions 10-fold, abortion mortality clearly decreases
120 New genetic disorder of balance and cognition discovered
121 Overestimation of Abortion Deaths in Mexico Hinders Maternal Mortality Reduction Efforts
122 Closer look at consumers' gazes
123 Prenatal Tests More Informative Using Microarray Technology Than Microscope Analysis, Find Two Researchers at George Washington University
124 Autistic adults report significant shortcomings in their health care
125 TGen-US Oncology data guides treatment of metastatic triple-negative breast cancer patients
126 2013 will be a good year, NJIT biz professor forecasts at Chicago Fed Board
127 Disgust circuit: Flies sniff out and avoid spoiled food
128 World's smallest reaction chamber
129 Hubble sees a galaxy hit a bullseye
130 Biochemists trap a chaperone machine in action
131 Lenalidomide offers an effective alternative treatment for cutaneus lupus erythematosus
132 Neuroscientists prove ultrasound can be tweaked to stimulate different sensations
133 Researchers Craft Tool to Minimize Threat of Endocrine Disruptors in New Chemicals
134 Unlocking the genetic mysteries behind stillbirth
135 Seeing in color at the nanoscale
136 Silver nanocubes make super light absorbers
137 Tiny structure gives big boost to solar power
138 New Antidepressant Acts Very Rapidly and is Long Lasting
139 Point of Light
140 X-ray vision can reveal the moment of birth of violent supernovae
141 Winning the battle against leukaemia: Positive early results in clinical trial for DNA vaccine
142 International Team of Green Scientists, Including Carnegie Mellon's Terry Collins, Proposes Safety Testing System for Development of New Chemicals
143 Flexible silicon solar-cell fabrics may soon become possible
144 Moths wired two ways to take advantage of floral potluck
145 Different genes behind same adaptation to thin air
146 Ethiopians and Tibetans thrive in thin air using similar physiology, but different genes
147 Goodbye, fluorescent light bulbs! See your office in a new light
148 New York's Medical Schools urge Congress to preserve NIH funding for scientific research
149 Georgia State physicist, international researchers discover fastest light-driven process
150 X-ray laser helps slay parasite that causes sleeping sickness
151 Work on automatic control of driverless vehicles through intersections receives recognition
152 Infants learn to look and look to learn
153 Numerical study suggests subsea injection of chemicals didn't prevent oil from rising to sea surface
154 University of East Anglia research proves low fat diet is key to a slimmer figure
155 Study: Fasting May Benefit Patients with Epilepsy
156 Paradox of aging: The older we get, the better we feel?
157 Mayo Clinic IDs genes that predict whether trastuzumab will work for breast cancer patients
158 New IDSA guidelines aim to reduce death, disability, and cost of prosthetic joint infections
159 Obesity and overeating during menopause together promote breast tumor growth and progression
160 Existing drugs may help more breast cancer patients
161 New small molecule inhibitor could be a safe and first-line treatment for metastatic breast cancer
162 Protein tied to cancer-drug resistance in mice
163 Study compares standard against newer treatment in women whose breast cancer has spread
164 Rilpivirine for HIV: added benefit for single agent proven
165 High hormone levels put young black males at risk for cardiovascular disease
166 Vanderbilt study finds diverse genetic alterations in triple-negative breast cancers
167 Penn-Led Research Suggests a New Strategy to Prevent or Halt Periodontal Disease
168 Investigational agent targets gene signaling pathways to improve response for patients with CLL
169 Researchers develop novel 3-D culture system for inflammatory breast cancer
170 Studies assess genetics, modified treatment to improve outcomes, reduce toxicity
171 Updated Clinical Results Show Experimental Agent Ibrutinib as Highly Active in CLL Patients
172 Bismuth provides perfect dance partners for quantum computing qubits
173 Record high for global carbon emissions
174 Brain and nervous system damaged by low-level exposure to organophosphate pesticides
175 Grief is not a disease, but cancer is--what about erectile dysfunction?
176 Managing care and competition
177 Prohibitive reimbursement may restrict hospice enrollment in patients requiring high-cost care
178 Cycling safer than driving for young people
179 National disagreement over NASA's goals and objectives detrimental to agency planning
180 New report finds increase in media coverage of synthetic biology
181 ACNP: Novel NMDA receptor modulator significantly reduces depression scores within hours
182 Cognitive behavioral therapy can reduce depression in those haven't responded to antidepressants
183 Gladstone scientists discover novel mechanism by which calorie restriction influences longevity
184 'Releasing' people from Catholic guilt increases generosity towards church, research shows
185 Feeling Disgust May Enhance Our Ability to Detect Impurities
186 Rapid eye movements significantly delayed in people with glaucoma
187 Aging hepatitis C population escalates demand for liver transplantation
188 Deception can be perfected
189 UC Davis study shows that treadmill testing can predict heart disease in women
190 The skills that make us a good partner make us a good parent
191 Group interaction among elderly is the key to significant health outcomes
192 Have Venusian volcanoes been caught in the act?
193 Titan, Saturn's largest moon, icier than thought, say Stanford scientists
194 Herschel and Keck take census of the invisible Universe
195 Climate Models Project Increase in U.S. Wildfire Risk
196 Seeing stars, finding nukes: Radio telescopes can spot clandestine nuclear tests
197 Galaxy-wide echoes from the past
198 Astronomers discover and 'weigh' infant solar system
199 When the first stars blinked on
200 NASA Investigates Use of 'Trailblazing' Material for New Sensors
201 Image of the Carina Nebula marks inauguration of VLT Survey Telescope
202 Apollo's Lunar Dust Data Being Restored
203 The birth of new cardiac cells
204 New '4-D' transistor is preview of future computers