File Title
1 Platelet protein key to fighting malaria
2 Passion for a sport can protect from burnout
3 Cutting down on fat shed kilos
4 Doha UN climate talks to conclude with few conclusions
5 Governments 'too inefficient' for future Moon landings
6 Maori stones hold magnetic clues
7 Dawn probe spies possible water-cut gullies on Vesta
8 Smelly socks raise silver stink
9 What Ebola virus means for primate populations
10 Can disguises fool surveillance technology?
11 Palestinian Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal visits Gaza
12 US jobs market shrugs off Storm Sandy
13 London Blitz: Bomb Sight interactive map created
14 Russia to retaliate over US Magnitsky rights act
15 Is America becoming Europe? Five US birth rate myths
16 Mathias Rust: German teenager who flew to Red Square
17 Japan earthquake sparks tsunami scare
18 Cognitive behavioural therapy 'can reduce depression'
19 The French house untouched for 100 years
20 Morphine: The cheap, effective pain-relief drug denied to millions
21 US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemns recent NI violence
22 Germany's growth forecast cut by Bundesbank
23 Viewpoint: The transparent supply chain
24 US video game sales 'dip' despite mega-launches
25 Tracking adverts set to jump across gadgets
26 Social media benefits to police investigated
27 BBC finishes Radio Times archive digitisation effort
28 Apple v. Samsung: Judge revisits patent verdict
29 Spotify: Metallica ends Napster feud with new deal
30 My Little Pony mobile phone game in-app payment row
31 Richard O'Dwyer 'happy' US copyright case is over
32 Rory in China: Tencent has become a social media powerhouse
33 Social media brings change in Gulf despite efforts at control
34 Viewpoint: The UK should aim for technology leadership
35 Golden Spike space firm plans $1.4bn Moon trips
36 Russian iTunes Store shows porn images by mistake
37 Egypt opposition rejects President Morsi's call for talks
38 'Never mind the patient, tick the box'
39 Apollo 17, last lunar landing, launched 40 years ago
40 2012 almost certain to be warmest year on record
41 Netflix gets SEC notice over CEO's Facebook post
42 Snow-savvy Midwest wonders: Where is it?
43 John McAfee briefly hospitalized as Guatemala asylum denied
44 T-Mobile to get Apple devices soon, iPhone likely
45 Foxconn plans to expand manufacturing to U.S.
46 Private company plans manned moon missions by 2020
47 N/A
48 Largest ever Egyptian sarcophagus identified
49 Bloomberg: Post-Sandy NYC will lead climate change battle
50 James Cameron expedition finds weird deep-sea life
51 Apple CEO Tim Cook says Macs will be made in the U.S.
52 Japan earthquake brings small tsunami to northeastern disaster zone
53 For GOP and tea party, a growing divide
54 Gretchen Molannen's suicide spotlights debilitating effects of persistent genital arousal disorder
55 Penn State sorority Chi Omega put on probation for offensive picture
56 Michigan GOP approves right to work amid protests
57 Pelosi doubles down: "If there's no agreement, we go over the cliff"
58 On "fiscal cliff" deal, House GOP appears poised to back Boehner
59 When will lawmakers get serious on the "fiscal cliff"?
60 Pot possession, same-sex marriage officially legal in Washington state
61 Egypt's president offers nothing to defuse crisis
62 Egypt protests resume after Morsi refuses to back down on power grab, constitutional referendum
63 Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal in Gaza, signaling Islamic militant group's rising clout
64 Safety, need compete in typhoon-hit Philippines
65 No concrete Syria plan after U.S., Russia meet
66 New class of drugs could offer depression breakthrough
67 Group: Media not showing enough positive female characters, relationships
68 U.S. "very concerned" about Syria's WMD prep
69 Winning football team gives hope to struggling Pa. town
70 Visit to military hospital shows extent of Syrian conflict
71 New company aims to send humans back to the moon
72 NASA's GRAIL Creates Most Accurate Moon Gravity Map
73 Chinese astronauts may grow veg on Moon
74 WSU researchers use 3-D printer to make parts from moon rock
75 China's Chang'e-3 to land on moon next year
76 Scientists say NASA's budget inadequate for its goals
77 SciTechTalk: Media fixes for space junkies
78 Who's Killing the Space Program?
79 NASA Selects Information Technology Flight Operations Support Contract
80 New NASA Online Science Resource Available for Educators and Students
81 NASA must reinvest in nanotechnology research, according to new Rice University paper
82 Six degrees of inclination
83 Why astronauts experience low blood pressure after returning to Earth from space
84 Preventing infection on long flights
85 ISS and space flight gravity influence immune system development
86 SMARTCAP--Funding opportunity for companies with promising medical products for use on Earth, in space
87 Space bugs for blood testing and more
88 Putin Urges CIS Countries to Join Glonass
89 Third Galileo satellite begins transmitting navigation signal
90 Retired GIOVE-A satellite helps SSTL demonstrate first High Altitude GPS navigation fix
91 GTX Gets Approval For Custom Two-Way GPS Tracking Devices On Planes
92 East Riding Of Yorkshire Council Selects Ctrack For Specialist Vehicle Tracking Solution
93 US Navy, Raytheon receive Pentagon engineering award for GPS-guided precision landing program
94 Roscosmos Requests Glonass Project Contractor Head's Dismissal
95 Mobile GPS Tracking capability on JCB ruggedized mobile phones
96 Nokia buys 3D mapping firm in location services push
97 Saudi Arabia to Launch Two Satellites
98 Research cruise testing EGNOS satnav for ships
99 Two SOPS accepts command and control of newest GPS satellite
100 China launches another satellite for independent navigation system
101 Astronomers Go Infrared to Map Brightest Galaxies in Universe
102 Testing the Fold: The James Webb Space Telescope's Sunshield
103 Video Hails Arrival of Two Different Webb Telescope Mirrors
104 NASA Seeks Concepts For Innovative Uses Of Large Space Telescopes
105 New NASA Video Serves COCOA to Test Webb Telescope Component
106 Final North American Alma Antenna Delivered
107 Hubble helps find candidate for most distant object in the Universe yet observed
108 Optical Telescopes Benefit From Precision Hyperboloids
109 A Next-Generation X-Ray Telescope Ready to Fly
110 NASA's Uncanny Amazing Webb Mirrors
111 Las Cumbres Observatory gains first light for entire 1-meter node at CTIO
112 World's Most Advanced Mirror for Giant Telescope Completed
113 NASA-NOAA Satellite Reveals New Views of Earth at Night
114 Raytheon technology instrumental in creating "Black Marble" image
115 Tracking Pollution from Outer Space
116 TerraSAR-X image of the month--the Santorini volcano expands
117 What lies beneath? New survey technique offers detailed picture of our changing landscape
118 Crowdsourcing the cosmos: Astronomers welcome all to identify star clusters in Andromeda galaxy
119 New galaxy census highlights importance of starbursts
120 When the first stars blinked on
121 Record-Setting X-ray Jet Discovered
122 The Diner at the Center of the Galaxy
123 Failed explosions explain most peculiar supernovae
124 Born-again star foreshadows fate of Solar System
125 Instrument Will Observe Spiral Galaxy Near Big Dipper's Handle
126 Herschel and Keck take census of the invisible Universe
127 Third Boeing GPS IIF Begins Operation After Early Handover to USAF
128 SPACEX Awarded Two EELV Class Missions From The USAF
129 Who will challenge Dragon? Dragon spaceship postponed until March
130 Heliophysics Nugget: Sungrazing Comets as Solar Probes
131 Comet collisions every 6 seconds explain 17-year-old stellar mystery
132 Scientists Monitor Comet Breakup
133 Russia, Belarus astronomers discover brightest comet
134 NASA's Swift Monitors Departing Comet Garradd
135 Herschel Spots Comet Massacre Around Nearby Star
136 SOFIA Upgrades: Integrating Telescope Onboard Command and Control Systems
137 Astronomers discover and 'weigh' infant solar system
138 Search for Life Suggests Solar Systems More Habitable than Ours
139 Brown Dwarfs May Grow Rocky Planets
140 Do missing Jupiters mean massive comet belts?
141 Dust Grains Highlight the Path to Planet Formation
142 Low-mass planets make good neighbours for debris discs
143 Titan, Saturn's Largest Moon, Icier than Scientists Thought
144 NASA's Cassini Sees Abrupt Turn in Titan's Atmosphere
145 Safe Driving on Mars
146 Curiosity Shakes, Bakes, and Tastes Mars with SAM
147 One Year After Launch, Curiosity Rover Busy on Mars