File Title
1 The brain blurs fast-moving images
2 Fossil find could be oldest dino of all
3 Birds use butts in nests to deter pests
4 New contender for oldest dinosaur
5 Autumn Statement: Science gets 600m pounds injection
6 Climate compensation row at Doha
7 Smartphones to be pocket seismometers
8 Gas power stations given go-ahead
9 NASA to send new rover to Mars in 2020
10 Severely premature babies: More survive being born early
11 Birds use cigarette butts to line nests, St. Andrews University study finds
12 Swimming robot reaches Australia after record-breaking trip
13 Iron Age bronze helmet found on Canterbury farmland
14 Great Smog 60 years on: 'New laws needed to clean London's air'
15 Iceland on horseback
16 Egypt crisis: Clashes in Cairo amid constitution row
17 Citigroup cuts 11,000 staff worldwide
18 New York Post photographer defiant over subway-death image
19 Royal pregnancy: Hoax call fools Duchess of Cambridge hospital
20 TV makers in record 1.47bn-euro fine for price-fixing
21 Sleep: Your stories of weird sleep behaviour
22 DR Congo's rebel kaleidoscope
23 French sperm count 'falls by a third'
24 Why al-Qaeda finds no recruits in India
25 Star Wars fans build full-size Millennium Falcon
26 Autumn Statement: Fuel duty rise axed as economy worsens
27 Greece 'most corrupt' EU country, new survey reveals
28 Serbia NATO envoy 'jumps to death in Brussels car park'
29 Gamification: Is it game over?
30 UK chancellor announces more fast broadband cities
31 Microsoft expands social network Socl
32 Google Nexus and Amazon Kindle in new content deals
33 Netflix gets Disney film rights in US
34 Huawei hits back over US 'security threat' claim
35 Nokia Maps digitises streets to battle Google's threat
36 Laser-projected bike light invented to improve safety
37 Pioneering Atlas machine celebrated in Manchester
38 Yaseen Ali Ege murder: Mother killed son over Koran studies
39 Philippines: Typhoon Bopha death toll rises
40 'Promising results' for bowel cancer breath-test
41 Nurses in drive for 'compassionate care'
42 Testing for cervical cancer with vinegar
43 Cancer: Not only a rich-world disease
44 Mars rover Curiosity gets mission extension
45 Instagram disables support for Twitter cards
46 U.S. government insists 2012 apocalypse is a myth
47 New "green bean" galaxies glow in the dark
48 Google updates YouTube app for iPad, iPhone 5
49 NASA unveils new Mars rover mission
50 Patriot Act can "obtain" data in Europe, researchers say
51 Apple iTunes Store launches in 56 countries
52 NASA: Astronauts could survive Mars radiation
53 Your nose shows when you lie
54 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012: Angels walk the runway
55 Cops: Suspect implicates self in subway push death
56 Ryan, Rubio lay out vision for future of GOP
57 Boeing Dreamliner makes emergency landing as inspections ordered
58 Egypt protesters swell to over 100,000
59 Poll: GOP to blame if "fiscal cliff" talks fail
60 On "fiscal cliff," Obama appeals to former foes
61 Oldest known person in the world dies at age 116
62 Sandy victims hit with citation over downed tree
63 Frankie Muniz's mini-stroke: Common for young adults?
64 World's tallest woman, 39, dies in China
65 Company claims its decongestant can't be used to make meth
66 Future of genetically-modified salmon in doubt
67 Dick Cheney to author book on heart disease
68 Anti-energy drink Marley's Mellow Mood sold to students in N.J., blamed for "zombiefest" reaction
69 Synthetic marijuana sent more than 11,400 people to ER in 2010
70 Gene variation may make a person more likely to binge drink
71 French scientists warn sperm counts falling for men
72 FDA unveils medical device pact to speed up industry
73 Most heartburn patients can skip upper endoscopy, guidelines say
74 Homeless man not homeless--lives in rent-free apartment
75 Judge ousted in Fort Hood shooting case amid beard debacle
76 Clinton calls on world leaders to end African elephant slaughter
77 Women on birth control date bedroom "duds," study suggests
78 New Free Phone App Tracks Air Quality
79 Webcams Offer a Low-Cost Way to Tune Lasers for Serious Science
80 Researchers Apply Tool Used in Animal Breeding Programs to Prediction of Skin Cancer Risk
81 The Next 100 Years Bring New Challenges to Rangeland Science
82 Boosting Heat Transfer With Nanoglue
83 Building Better Firefighter Gear by Using 3-D Imaging
84 Sunshine, Biofuel & the Tides, Oh My!
85 Study Finds Prioritizing Rather Than Canvassing Entire Plant Genome May Lead to Improved Crops
86 Researchers Help Find Way to Protect Historic Limestone Buildings
87 Combating MRSA: Researchers Study Toxin
88 DELPHI Project Foretells Future of Personalized Population Health
89 NSF Renews Funding for National OpenTopography Project
90 Doctoral Student Unravels 'Tin Whisker' Mystery
91 Seeing Stars, Finding Nukes: Radio Telescopes Can Spot Clandestine Nuclear Tests
92 Andromeda Wants You!
93 Mild Vitamin B12 Deficiency Associated with Accelerated Cognitive Decline
94 Field Tests Seek New Control Methods for Resistant Ragweed in Cotton Crops
95 Scientific Fashion Could Be Designer Nanocrystals
96 Pokemon Provides Rare Opening for Study of Face-Recognition Processes
97 Mobile Browsers Fail Georgia Tech Safety Test
98 DNA Hydrogel Flows Like Liquid but Remembers Its Original Shape
99 New Test Adds to Scientists' Understanding of Earth's History, Resources
100 Microchoreography: Researchers Use Synthetic Molecule to Guide Cellular "Dance"
101 Fire and Ice: Wildfires Darkening Greenland Snowpack, Increasing Melting
102 Cornell University Students Finding Solace on Indoor Library Lawns
103 Why 3D Printing Matters for 'Made in USA'
104 Outgoing Gorillas Live Longer Than Shy Ones
105 Did Bacteria Fuel World's Worst Extinction?
106 Mysterious Gravity Waves May Explain Clear-Skies Turbulence
107 Killed-Off Corals Hold Clues to Earthquake Prediction
108 Smartphone App Alerts Drowsy Drivers
109 Earth's Earliest Dinosaur Possibly Discovered
110 French Sperm Sinking, Not Swimming, Study Finds
111 Money, Not Politics, Threatens Internet Freedom at UN Conference
112 Writing Messages With Water
113 3D-Printable Gun Part Fails on Sixth Shot
114 Mars Rover Opportunity Exploring Possibly Habitable Ancient Environment
115 Colorado Hotel Transforms into Dino-Utopia
116 Mars Rover Discovery Hype a Big Misunderstanding
117 Kids' Tantrums As Disorder Concern Doctors
118 Early Embryo's Odd Behavior Reveals Chances of Miscarriage
119 Early Snowmelt Confuses Birds and Bees
120 Earth's Radiation Belts Surprisingly Dynamic, New Probes Find