File Title
1 Temps set to soar as emissions grow: report
2 Absent Jupiters make dusty solar systems
3 Chili study reveals why some like it hot
4 Plastic bulb development promises better quality light
5 Gas-fired power stations to be encouraged by government
6 High heat helps 'heal' flash memory chips
7 Carbon emissions are 'too high' to curb climate change
8 Fracking firm ready to press on with extraction
9 Dental X-ray machine radiation danger alert
10 Baby of brood is 'best explorer' in zebra finches
11 Which way forward for Britain's car and rail travel?
12 Business trip: Vancouver
13 Downward mobility haunts US education
14 UK and France summon Israeli envoys in settlements row
15 Japan orders tunnel inspections after Sasago collapse
16 UN internet regulation treaty talks begin in Dubai
17 Colombia forces 'bomb Farc rebels, 20 killed'
18 US coastguard dies after suspected smuggler rams boat
19 South Korean men get the make-up habit
20 Modern family: Dog adopts abandoned tiger cubs
21 Russia drivers trapped in giant traffic jam
22 Halabja chemical weapons: A chance to find the men who armed Saddam
23 Starbucks 'planning changes to tax policy'
24 Egypt judges refuse to oversee Morsi referendum
25 Vatican unveils Pope's Twitter account @pontifex
26 Yahoo to axe public-chat rooms feature
27 Theresa May says internet bill critics 'putting politics before lives'
28 Texting SMS pioneer Matti Makkonen 20 years on
29 Viewpoint: James Bond fails the tech test in Skyfall
30 Cars turn to augmented reality
31 Full hospitals creating potential danger, analysis says
32 Tobacco display ban starts in big stores in Wales
33 Wine or beer? The alcohol we 'choose' to drink
34 Mars rover Curiosity update kicks off space news week
35 Almanac: The 1st self-sustained nuclear reaction
36 A need to know the worst news you will ever hear
37 Is there life on Mars? NASA has public wondering
38 K.C. Chiefs' Jovan Belcher kills girlfriend, self
39 U.S. "planning to take action" if Syria crosses chemical weapons "red line"
40 Norquist: Tea party resurgence if no "fiscal cliff" deal
41 Sen. Hatch: WH "fiscal cliff" plan a "bait and switch"
42 Post-Romney, who's the GOP's leader?
43 West Point chapel hosts its 1st same-sex wedding
44 Redesigning the Lincoln
45 Alan Cumming, an actor for all ages
46 Jefferson's irony: Voice of liberty, slave owner
47 The cost of a nation of incarceration
48 Ben Stein: Stricter gun laws won't cut shootings
49 Altruism: Why are some people selfless?
50 Mars Curiosity & James Cameron: Largest Earth Science Meeting Set to Begin
51 Villagers Claim to Fear a Vampire
52 World's Smallest Wrench Puts New Twist On Microscopic Manipulation; Harnesses Laser Light's Ability to Gently Push and Pull
53 Have Venusian Volcanoes Been Caught in the Act?
54 Origin of Intelligence and Mental Illness Linked to Ancient Genetic Accident
55 Record High for Global Carbon Emissions
56 Childhood Trauma Leaves Mark On DNA of Some Victims: Gene-Environment Interaction Causes Lifelong Dysregulation of Stress Hormones
57 Dust Grains Highlight Path to Planet Formation
58 Robotic Equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife: Reconfigurable Robot a Step Toward Something That Can Become Almost Anything
59 Precisely Engineering 3-D Brain Tissues
60 More Intense North Atlantic Tropical Storms Likely in the Future
61 Native Americans and Northern Europeans More Closely Related Than Previously Thought
62 Gulf of Mexico Clean-Up Makes 2010 Spill 52-Times More Toxic; Mixing Oil With Dispersant Increased Toxicity to Ecosystems
63 Even Brown Dwarfs May Grow Rocky Planets: Sizing Up Grains of Cosmic Dust Around Failed Star
64 Less Wait for Travel Could Reduce Drinking and Driving in People With 'Urgency' Personality Trait
65 'Junk DNA' Drives Embryonic Development
66 Stopping the Flow of Cancer Cells Promotes the Spread of Tumours
67 Promising New Approach in Therapy of Pain
68 Malaria Parasite's 'Masquerade Ball' Could Come to an End
69 Physicist Happens Upon Rain Data Breakthrough
70 Hubble Spots a Peculiar Compact Blue Dwarf Galaxy
71 Swirling Storms On Saturn
72 A Better Way to Make Chemicals? Technique for Observing 'Mechanochemical' Synthesis Could Boost Green Chemistry
73 Bismuth Provides Perfect Dance Partners for Quantum Computing Qubits
74 Removing Sea Defenses May Reduce Impact of Coastal Flooding
75 Key Pathological Mechanism Found in Plague Bacterium
76 Go With the Flow in Flood Prediction
77 Corn: Many Active Genes--High Yield
78 Reaching 2009 International Climate Change Goals Will Require Aggressive Measures
79 Mechanism for the Transformation of Colon Polyps
80 Inflammation May Be a Cause of Plaque Buildup in Heart Vessels
81 Master Regulator of Skin Development Discovered
82 Role of Cellular Entry Point of Anthrax Identified
83 Scientists Discover How Two Proteins Help Keep Cells Healthy: Implications for Cancer Drug Development
84 New 'Pipeline' Device Offers New Option for Difficult-To-Treat Aneurysms, Study Suggests
85 Women Often Lose Their Health Insurance When Divorced
86 Steroid Injection Linked With Significant Bone Loss in Postmenopausal Women Treated for Back Pain
87 Young Surgeons Face Special Concerns With Operating Room Distractions
88 Which Group of Asian-American Children Is at Highest Risk for Obesity?
89 Good Architecture Brings Lower Levels of Violence in Psychiatric Care
90 Increase in Negative Messages About Muslims in the Media, Study Shows
91 Attitudes Towards Security Threats Uncovered
92 Novel Studies of Gene Regulation in Brain Development May Mean New Treatment of Mental Disorders
93 Food Retailers: The Solution to Childhood Obesity?
94 Heart-Warming Memories: Nostalgia Can Make You Feel Warmer
95 Increases in Personal Income Important for Happiness Worldwide, New Study Says
96 Employers Often More Interested in Hiring Potential Friends Than the Very Best Candidates
97 Consumers Develop Complex Relationships With Celebrities to Construct Identity: Identity Formed by Relationships Influences Purchasing Decisions
98 Dates in December: What's in a Number?
99 Molecular Root of 'Exhausted' T Cells in Chronic Viral Infection
100 How Signal Molecules for Formation of Various Cell Types Are Controlled
101 C. Diff Researchers Reveal Potential Target to Fight Infections
102 Hospital Cleaning Protocol Ineffective Against Multidrug-Resistant A. Baumannii
103 Pathway to Bypass DNA Lesions in Replication Process Is Experimentally Shown
104 Integrating Science and Policy to Address the Impacts of Air Pollution
105 Residents Believe Vacant Land Threatens Community, Physical and Mental Health
106 How Native Plants and Exotics Coexist
107 Carbon Dioxide Could Reduce Crop Yields
108 First Direct Evidence Linking TB Infection in Cattle to Local Badger Populations
109 Research in Southern India Provides a Sweet Look at Preservation of Ecological Knowledge
110 New Approach Allows Past Data to Be Used to Improve Future Climate Projections
111 Human Genetic Variation Recent, Varies Among Populations
112 Skeletons in Cave Reveal Mediterranean Secrets
113 Archaeologists Discover Shipwrecks, Ancient Harbor On Coast of Israel
114 Multi-Wavelength View of Radio Galaxy Hercules A
115 Scientists Discover Water Ice On Mercury: Ice and Organic Material May Have Been Carried to the Planet by Passing Comets
116 The Beginning of Everything: New Paradigm Shift for the Infant Universe
117 Can Life Emerge On Planets Around Cooling Stars?
118 Too Much Dark Matter in Galaxy Cluster? 'Dark Core' May Not Be So Dark After All
119 3-D Printing in Soil Science Laboratories
120 Electrically Spun Fabric Offers Dual Defense Against Pregnancy, HIV
121 Small and Efficient: Water Nanodroplets Cool Biomolecules Ultrafast
122 Garbage Bug May Help Lower the Cost of Biofuel
123 Adapting Fish Defenses to Block Human Infections: Antimicrobial Peptide of Fish Gills Inspire Clean Surfaces
124 Technology Use in the Classroom Helps Autistic Children Communicate
125 New View of the Sun: Radio Telescope Could Save World Billions Through Advanced Warnings
126 Whirligig Beetles Inspire Energy-Efficient Robots
127 Mimicking Public Health Strategies Could Improve Cyber Security
128 Mathematics Helps Mobiles and Tablets Match Eyes' Ability to Switch from Sunshine to Shadow