File Title
1 Russian cable failure cuts communications to satellites, ISS
2 Grunt work decodes pig genome
3 Ship kills rare Bryde's whale in New Zealand
4 China's pandas face bamboo shortage
5 US Food and Drug Administration probes energy drink link to deaths
6 Temperature targets unlikely to be met, UN World Meteorological Organisation says
7 Hunt begins for mystery dark matter
8 Plibersek promises chemo review
9 Rare glimpse at remote icy dwarf
10 US research reveals mammogram 'flaws' in breast cancer screening
11 Paradise lost: Google Earth island a mystery
12 Smart specs may replace guide dogs
13 Cambridge centre to delve into artificial intelligence
14 Patient restraint should be eliminated, says National Mental Health Commission
15 Soft drink raises prostate cancer risk
16 US astronaut Scott Kelly plans year-long space flight
17 General Motors to use Apple voice assistant Siri
18 Parents-to-be in Japan can buy 3D printed model of fetus
19 US judge orders tobacco companies to say they lied
20 Global sea levels rising faster than expected, scientists say
21 Scientists crack wheat genome riddle
22 Farmers fleeing fruit fly blame red tape, spray ban
23 Greenhouse target 'still achievable,' despite a sharp rise in emissions
24 Pacific nations raise fears of depleted stocks of bigeye, 'sushi,' tuna
25 NASA: Closest planet to sun, Mercury, harbors ice
26 Study contends Grand Canyon as old as dinosaur era
27 Carbon pollution up to 2 million pounds a second
28 Ice sheets melting at poles faster than before
29 N/A
30 Private partner a possibility for nursing center
31 Egypt's highest court joins judicial strike
32 Conn. neighbor: Wyoming killer was upset with dad
33 Police: Hero instructor fought son in arrow attack
34 5 states to increase class time in some schools
35 Palestinian president returns triumphantly from UN
36 Egypt's highest court joins judicial strike
37 Spain's king leaves hospital after hip operation
38 JLo tones down concert in Indonesia
39 Napoleon's coded Kremlin letter sold for $243,500
40 Mass. officials hope for reversal on tax revenue
41 In Mass., 2013 hunting licenses go on sale
42 Mitt Romney's loss creates GOP leadership vacuum
43 Old South Church votes to sell rare psalm book from the 1600s and silver
44 A project that will provide the EU with scientific advice to ensure the sustainability of shark populations in Ocean waters
45 More neurologists and neurosurgeons are associated with fewer deaths from strokes in the US
46 Children with higher intelligence less likely to report chronic widespread pain in adulthood
47 Brain inflammation likely key initiator to prion and Parkinson's disease
48 Clinical trial delivers good results in leukemia patients
49 A human-caused climate change signal emerges from the noise
50 Mild vibrations may provide some of the same benefits to obese people as exercise
51 Study reinforces safety of whooping cough vaccine for older adults
52 Working couples face greater odds of intimate partner violence
53 Next-generation treatments for Fragile X syndrome
54 Grey-mouse lemurs serve as model for the early primates from which humans evolved
55 Gladstone scientists identify key biological mechanism in multiple sclerosis
56 Activating ALC1: With a little help from friends
57 UCLA researchers find evidence for water ice deposits and organic material on Mercury
58 Can life emerge on planets around cooling stars?
59 Cancer drug shows promise in eradicating latent HIV infection
60 University of Tennessee engineering professor looks to whirligig beetle for bio-inspired robots
61 Bacteria Hijack Host Cell Process, Create Their Own Food Supply to Become Infectious
62 First-ever hyperspectral images of Earth's auroras
63 Electrically spun fabric offers dual defense against pregnancy, HIV
64 Birds may spread, not halt, fever-bearing ticks
65 New approach allows past data to be used to improve future climate projections
66 Maths helps mobiles & tablets match eyes' ability to switch from sunshine to shadow
67 Prenatal intervention reduces learning deficit in mice
68 Delayed Treatment for Advanced Breast Cancer Has 'Profound Effect'
69 Biology behind brain development disorder
70 St. Joseph's researchers identify gene involved in lung tumor growth
71 Can a genetic variation in the vitamin D receptor protect against osteoporosis?
72 Running too far, too fast, and too long speeds progress 'to finish line of life'
73 Oceanic crust breakthrough: Solving a magma mystery
74 An ocean away: 2 new encrusting anemones found in unexpected locations
75 International study provides more solid measure of melting in polar ice sheets
76 New patient-friendly way to make stem cells for fight against heart disease
77 Even brown dwarfs may grow rocky planets
78 Meditation with art therapy can change your brain and lower anxiety
79 Scientists describe the genetic signature of a vital set of neurons
80 Brief interventions can help college students return to a healthy lifestyle
81 Body language, not facial expressions, broadcasts what's happening to us
82 Controversial Treatment for Autism May Do More Harm Than Good, Baylor University Researchers Find
83 New genetic test detects early breast cancer and identifies future risk
84 Insects beware: The sea anemone is coming
85 More Evidence for an Ancient Grand Canyon
86 Promising drug slows down advance of Parkinson's disease and improves symptoms
87 Inviting customer complaints can kill business: UBC research
88 'Dark Core' May Not Be So Dark After All
89 Technology use in the classroom helps autistic children communicate
90 Proteins that work at the end of DNA could provide cancer insight
91 Canada's first liver cell transplant takes place in Calgary
92 Black hole upsets galaxy models
93 The Beginning of Everything: A New Paradigm Shift for the Infant Universe
94 The Future Looks Bright: ONR, Marines Eye Solar Energy
95 Garbage bug may help lower the cost of biofuel
96 Autism severity may stem from fear
97 Ariane 5 joins Soyuz in mission preparations at the Spaceport
98 First Catapult Launch of X-47B Unmanned Aircraft Launched
99 US drone appears to miss Pakistan target: officials
100 Driving drones can be a drag
101 Opportunity Gets to Work on Interesting Rock Targets
102 Japan confesses data breach on Epsilon rocket
103 The Biggest Breakthrough In Propulsion Since The Jet Engine
104 Researchers test novel power system for space travel
105 Schriever squadrons assure safe passage in space domain
106 J-2X--Back in the Saddle Again
107 NASA's Cassini Sees Abrupt Turn in Titan's Atmosphere
108 Cassini Finds a Video Gamers' Paradise at Saturn
109 Prototype Crew Access Arm Seal Tested for Orion
110 WSU researchers use 3-D printer to make parts from moon rock
111 Texas Astronomers Measure Most Massive, Most Unusual Black Hole
112 Galaxy-squatting black hole set for the record books
113 Black Holes and How to Use Them
114 Robot buddy to keep Japan astronaut company
115 Study of risks to humankind proposed
116 Astronomers report startling find on planet formation
117 A Sky Full of Planets
118 Dust Grains Highlight the Path to Planet Formation
119 Low-mass planets make good neighbours for debris discs
120 Magnesium oxide: From Earth to super-Earth
121 NASA's Kepler Wraps Prime Mission, Begins Extension
122 Record-Setting X-ray Jet Discovered
123 The Diner at the Center of the Galaxy
124 Spacecraft Finds New Evidence for Water Ice on Mercury
125 Large ice deposits found on planet nearest the sun
126 Ice Sheet Loss At Both Poles Increasing, Study Finds
127 Definitive study highlights polar ice melt
128 Beware of permafrost peril, climate talks told
129 Video Hails Arrival of Two Different Webb Telescope Mirrors
130 NASA Seeks Concepts For Innovative Uses Of Large Space Telescopes
131 New NASA Video Serves COCOA to Test Webb Telescope Component
132 Asteroid dust from space
133 Biggest Black Hole Blast Discovered