File Title
1 Aussie scientists un-discover Pacific island
2 Rocky exoplanets may be 'squishy' worlds
3 Sperm's contribution goes beyond its DNA
4 Energy Bill: Households to fund 7.6bn pounds green investment
5 Review highlights role of citizen science projects
6 Giant Eocene bird was 'gentle herbivore,' study finds
7 Evolution: What the world's youngest species can teach us
8 Ariane rocket ready to do battle
9 Luxury desert escapes in the UAE
10 Viewpoint: The end of high street banking as we know it
11 Egypt President Mursi defends new powers amid protests
12 Black Friday: US begins its key sales weekend
13 Pussy Riot woman moved to solitary cell over tensions
14 Gaza crisis: Palestinian 'shot dead near border'
15 Lei Zhengfu: China sacks 'sex tape' Chongqing official
16 Japan's ninjas heading for extinction
17 When travel writing is off the beaten track
18 The underground art rebels of Paris
19 Syrian refugees slipping into Turkey
20 WWII pigeon message stumps GCHQ decoders
21 US school tag tracker project prompts court row
22 India girl 'shot by urinating man' in Delhi
23 South Pacific Sandy Island 'proven not to exist'
24 North Korea leader lauded in giant hillside slogan
25 EU budget summit ends without deal
26 Second coronavirus death reported
27 Spinning flywheels boost subways
28 Two killed in 140-vehicle pile-up on foggy Texas road
29 Namib Desert beetle inspires self-filling water bottle
30 Time-lapse code wins Raspberry Pi contest
31 Microsoft files patent for augmented reality smart glasses
32 Uproar over Saudi women's 'SMS tracking'
33 Interactive school desk 'boosts maths' claims research
34 Trust lacking in price comparison websites
35 Pit stop perfection: Formula 1 teams reveal their technology
36 Warning to cut TV for young children
37 China diary: Beijing air and Weibo warriors
38 What is it like to be asexual?
39 Irish abortion inquiry: Health watchdog examines Savita death
40 Seeing someone scratch an itch 'makes you itchy too'
41 Earth's "hum" helps probe planet's interior
42 Fetus yawning reveals brain development
43 Super-Earths get magnetic "shield" from liquid metal
44 Walmart workers protest wages, benefits on Black Friday
45 Retailers' Black Friday strategies to lure you in
46 Massive pileup shuts I-10 in Texas; 2 dead
47 Are Republican immigration reform opponents losing clout?
48 Jerome Harrison opens up about brain tumor
49 Aurora, Colo. shooting victims receive long-awaited charity payouts
50 China bans hospitals from turning away AIDS patients
51 Renewed warnings of suffocation risk from infant sleep positioners
52 Generic Lipitor, atorvastatin calcium, recalled over tiny glass particles
53 World Health Organization: Six confirmed cases of SARS-like coronavirus in Middle East
54 More school help for pregnant teens may curb welfare dependence
55 Mammograms lead to breast cancer "overdiagnosis" in 1 million women, study finds
56 Lung brothers share the gift of life
57 Greenhouse Gas Goals Grow More Elusive
58 Science of Shopping: How to Survive Black Friday
59 Blind Patient Reads Words Stimulated Directly Onto Retina: Neuroprosthetic Device Uses Implant to Project Visual Braille
60 Engineers Pave the Way Towards 3-D Printing of Personal Electronics
61 Capturing Living Cells in Micro Pyramids
62 9.2-Million-Year-Old Rhino Skull Preserved by Instant 'Cooking to Death' in Volcanic Ash
63 Fetuses Yawn in the Womb, 4D Scans Suggest
64 Call That a Ball? Dogs Learn to Associate Words With Objects Differently Than Humans Do
65 Cartilage Made Easy With Novel Hybrid Printer
66 Autism-Like Behaviors Reversed in Mice: New Hope for Understanding Autism
67 Neural Interaction in Silence: Neurophysiologists Study Widespread Networks of Neurons Responsible for Memory
68 New Structures Self-Assemble in Synchronized Dance
69 Key Events Early in Process of Cellular Aging Defined
70 Rhythmic Brain Waves: Fluctuations in Electrical Activity May Allow Brain to Form Thoughts and Memories
71 Better Blood Transfusions for Preterm Babies
72 New Test May Improve Cervical Cancer Detection
73 Birth and Migration Mysteries of Cortex's Powerful Inhibitors, 'Chandelier' Cells Solved
74 Scientists Describe Elusive Replication Machinery of Flu Viruses
75 Protein Folding: Look Back On Scientific Advances Made as Result of 50-Year Old Puzzle
76 Improving 3-D Image Capture in Real Time
77 Low-Cost, Finger-Nail Sized Radar
78 Electricity from the Marshes
79 Hubble Eyes a Loose Spiral Galaxy
80 Magnesium Oxide: From Earth to Super-Earth
81 Nutrients from Farmed Salmon Waste Can Feed New Marine Industry
82 Drained Wetlands Give Off Same Amount of Greenhouse Gases as Industry
83 Pilot Whales Use Synchronized Swimming When They Sense Danger
84 Climate Change Evident Across Europe, Confirming Urgent Need for Adaptation
85 Norway's Oil Industry Working in Extreme Conditions
86 Novel Therapeutic Advancement in Search for Heart Muscle Progenitor Cells: New Hope for Heart Attack Patients
87 Muscle Powers Spearing Mantis Shrimp Attacks
88 Climate Change: Believing and Seeing Implies Adapting
89 Transforming 'Noise' Into Mechanical Energy at Nanometric Level
90 Why Older People Struggle to Read Fine Print: It's Not What You Think
91 New Technology for a More Efficient Treatment of Pompe Disease and Other Metabolic Disorders
92 Well-Known Protein Implicated in Fibrosis
93 Reasons for Severe Bleeding in Hemophilia Revealed
94 N/A
95 Ribosome Regulates Viral Protein Synthesis, Revealing Potential Therapeutic Target
96 New Technology for a More Efficient Treatment of Pompe Disease and Other Metabolic Disorders
97 Well-Known Protein Implicated in Fibrosis
98 Reasons for Severe Bleeding in Hemophilia Revealed
99 How Does Antibiotic Resistance Spread? Scientists Find Answers in the Nose
100 Ribosome Regulates Viral Protein Synthesis, Revealing Potential Therapeutic Target
101 Blood Cancer Gene BCL6 Identified as a Key Factor for Differentiation of Nerve Cells of Cerebral Cortex
102 Discovery Offers New Treatment for Epilepsy
103 New Method Helps Target Parkinson's Disease
104 Decline in Availability and Use of Electroconvulsive Therapy for Depression
105 Nanomedicine Breakthrough Could Improve Chemotherapy for Childhood Cancer
106 Star Trek Classroom: Next Generation of School Desks
107 Forget All-Night Studying, a Good Night's Sleep Is Key to Doing Well On Exams
108 Impulsivity in First Grade Predicts Problem Gambling in Late Teen Years for Urban Boys
109 Are Social Networking Internet Sites a Factor in Psychotic Symptoms?
110 Thousands of Natural Gas Leaks Discovered in Boston
111 High-Speed Video and Artificial Flowers Shed Light On Mysteries of Hummingbird-Pollinated Flowers
112 Herbivore Defense in Ferns
113 Natural Fungus May Provide Effective Bed Bug Control
114 Engineered Bacteria Can Make the Ultimate Sacrifice for the Good of the Population
115 Synthetic Membrane Channels Built out of DNA: Nanotech Structures Mimic Nature's Way of Tunneling Through Cell Walls
116 Mites to Save Valencian Orange Exports
117 The Secrets of the Albufera and the Mar Menor
118 Seals Gamble With Their Pups' Futures
119 Fragile Western Isles Ecosystem Under Threat: Misconceived Sea Defense Measures Will Destroy Machair, Says Expert
120 Algae Can Take Energy from Other Plants
121 Experience of Genocide as Transmitted Trauma May Not Be Universal
122 Chimpanzees and Bonobos May Reveal Clues to Evolution of Favor Exchange in Humans
123 Bias in Ecology and Climate Studies? How Leaves Shrink as They Dry out Is Often Overlooked
124 After 121 Years, Identification of 'Grave Robber' Fossil Solves a Paleontological Enigma
125 Greenland's Viking Settlers Gorged On Seals
126 Curiosity Rover Preparing for Thanksgiving Activities
127 Hot Gas Bridges Galaxy Cluster Pair
128 Planet 'Devoured in Secret' by Its Own Sun
129 'Dark Energy'--Life Beneath the Seafloor: Scientists Present Recent Findings On the Subsurface Biosphere
130 Hubble Traps Galactic Fireflies
131 Materials for Next Generation Transparent Conductors
132 Nanotechnology Simplifies Hydrogen Production for Clean Energy
133 New Electrically Conductive Polymer Nanoparticles Can Generate Heat to Kill Colorectal Cancer Cells
134 Tiny Probes Shine Brightly to Reveal the Location of Targeted Tissues
135 Gold Nanoparticles Quickly Detect Hazardous Chemicals
136 Teleconcussion Validated in Case Study
137 Bioinspired Robot Meets Fish: Robotic Fish Research Swims Into New Ethorobotics Waters
138 Finding Rainbows On the Nanoscale May Lead to Better Solar Cells and LED-Displays
139 Comments, Traffic Statistics Help Empower Bloggers
140 Scientists Pioneer Method to Predict Environmental Collapse