File Title
1 Study puts solar system theory in a spin
2 Meet Koshik the elephant who 'speaks' Korean
3 Antarctic ocean sanctuary talks end in failure
4 Ash dieback: 'Wash after visiting woods' plea
5 British Antarctic Survey merger plan ruled out
6 Flood risk warning issued by Environment Agency
7 Indoor laundry drying 'poses a health risk'
8 'Deep concern' as deal to protect Antarctic seas fails
9 Elephant mimics Korean with help of his trunk
10 Climate change makes late surge in US elections
11 Why Baumgartner's record dive almost didn't happen
12 'Beaver tourism': can it work?
13 Will we ever...reveal all the secrets of life from DNA?
14 US economy adds 171,000 new jobs
15 Storm Sandy: Anger as fuel shortages hamper recovery
16 Syria conflict: Rebels may have committed war crime--UN
17 US Secret Service agent 'kills himself' amid inquiry
18 Nigerian 'youths executed' in Boko Haram stronghold
19 US election: 10 other things on the ballot
20 Summly: Teenager launches top-selling news app
21 North Korea Ryugyong 'Hotel of Doom' may open next year
22 Disgust over 'mock abduction' of Kyrgyz TV reporter
23 Pornographic films on BitTorrent: Flava Works gets huge damages
24 Treat social media as a shop window for employers, but be careful
25 Facebook flaw bypasses password protections
26 Mars to Earth: How to send HD video between planets
27 Stem cell op may 'restore sperm'
28 Condoms: Why are we still embarrassed about using them?
29 Parents of autistic children: Care worker changes scare us
30 Robot racing car aims for pole position
31 Sandy power outages spotted from space
32 Volcanoes on Jupiter's moon Io seen from Earth
33 Verizon says Sandy effects could be "significant"
34 Space shuttle Atlantis rolls to retirement
35 Apple iPad mini, fourth generation iPad goes on sale
36 Judge: NASA worker not fired over intelligent design
37 Will Sandy change the climate change conversation?
38 Samsung's Galaxy Note II hits 3 million sales
39 Man-made particles self-assemble like atoms
40 Facebook testing single column Timeline layout
41 Space walk successful on space station
42 Airbnb waives fees in Sandy-hit areas
43 Light from universe's first stars seen by satellite
44 Elephant can speak Korean out loud
45 Sandy relief efforts via iTunes, Google, social media, texts
46 Sources: Key task force not convened during Benghazi consulate attack
47 Staten Island Sandy victims: We're being ignored
48 Three ways Election Day could get ugly
49 East Coast may face new nor'easter while recovering from Superstorm Sandy
50 Bloomberg endorses Obama, citing climate change
51 Unemployment rises to 7.9%; 171K jobs added
52 Study: U.S. marijuana legalization would hurt Mexican cartels
53 Romney ridicules Obama's "secretary of business" proposal
54 Food safety after Sandy: What you need to know
55 What caused generators to fail at NYC hospitals?
56 Nickolas Coke, boy born without brain, dies at 3
57 FDA: Bacteria found in other drugs made by New England Compounding Center
58 New Yorkers turn to comfort food after Sandy
59 Study of antidepressants in pregnant women finds more risks than benefits
60 Scientists: Genes, not sun, behind redheads' increased melanoma risk
61 N.J. in shock as superstorm Sandy impact assessed
62 Gasoline situation increasingly dire in days after Sandy
63 Two Afghan intelligence officials missing in the U.S.
64 Premature babies' story of survival in superstorm
65 Post-Sandy pain at the pump for NJ, NY drivers
66 DeVito reacts to Chris Rock Oscar animation quip
67 Dreading Math Can Cause Real Pain
68 Hurricane Sandy: A Glimpse at New York's Scary Future
69 NASA Worker Not Fired Over Intelligent Design, Judge Says
70 China Celebrates Birth of 8 Giant Panda Cubs
71 Navy Test-Fires Missiles from Robot Boats
72 New Theory on Formation of Solar System's First Stuff
73 NASA to Discuss Latest Mars Rover Findings Friday
74 Why Power Is So Tricky for Hospitals During Hurricanes
75 Huge Saturn Moon Titan Glows in the Dark
76 Spacewalking Astronauts Isolate Leak in Space Station Cooling System
77 Cheap 'Plasma Jet' for Space Propulsion Aim of Kickstarter Campaign
78 Rats Control Human Avatars
79 Full-Bellied Panda Cub Pushes Up on Four Legs
80 Sandy Power Outages Spotted from Space
81 Astronauts Begin Spacewalk to Fix Space Station Cooling System
82 What Your Vote Is Worth to Presidential Campaigns
83 Can Our Bodies Predict the Future?
84 Variation May Be Key to Teaching Kids to Read
85 Shoppers Say: Thanksgiving Before Christmas, Please!
86 Sandy's Havoc: How Scientists Recover After Losing Everything
87 Fetal Testing Could Intensify Abortion Wars
88 Ocean's Tiniest Dwellers Dive For Lunch
89 Despite Hurricane, U.S. Still in Drought
90 Secret to Mysterious Bottle-Exploding Trick Revealed
91 82,000 Pounds of Walnuts Stolen in Twin Heists
92 Why Were Meteorologists So Anxious About Sandy?
93 Will Sandy Change the Climate Change Conversation?
94 Engineered Particles Self-Assemble Like Atoms
95 Robot Wave Glider Survives Hurricane Sandy at Sea
96 Can UFOs Cause Air Accidents?
97 Why Do We Need a President Anyway?
98 Elephant Speaks Korean Out Loud
99 Reference: Hadrian's Wall: Northern Frontier of the Roman Empire
100 Tick Tock: New Clues about Biological Clocks and Health
101 The Real Question: Who Didn't Have Sex with Neanderthals?
102 Sandy Wiped Out NYU Lab Mice, Dealing Blow to Medical Research
103 Newly Opened Space Shuttle Endeavour Exhibit Thrills California Crowds
104 Pollution & Debris Stirred by Sandy Threaten Coastal Waters
105 Study Reveals Why NBA Players Miss Free Throws
106 US Navy Warships Offer Aid After Superstorm Sandy
107 Sandy Swamps Post Office and Other Shippers
108 Even 5-Year-Olds Know to Protect Their Reputation
109 Wireless Power Standard Years Off as Battle Heats Up
110 Bid to curb fried-food chemical goes cold
111 Oldest flying fish fossil found in China
112 Arctic snow cover shows sharp decline
113 One-third of our greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture
114 NIH faces chimp housing quandary
115 Sahara solar plan loses its shine
116 'Tree of life' constructed for all living bird species
117 Redhead pigment boosts skin-cancer risk
118 Disappointment as Antarctic protection bid fails
119 Curiosity set to weigh in on Mars methane puzzle
120 British Antarctic Survey keeps its independence
121 'Climate services' go global
122 Government 'confusion' is harming sockeye salmon
123 Astronomers set up telescope timeshare
124 Genomics: The single life
125 Science in the developing world: Eritrea's shattered science
126 'Climate services' go global