File Title
1 Ancient supernovae bigger than modern ones
2 Giant eucalypts sent back to the rainforest
3 Redhead pigment boosts skin cancer risk
4 Illegal waste sites identified
5 Europe's oldest prehistoric town unearthed in Bulgaria
6 IBM's Watson supercomputer goes to medical school
7 'Rare' desert wheatear 'accidentally' migrates to Essex
8 Petrol from air revisited: The energy storage debate
9 Leaving our mark: What will be left of our cities?
10 Climategate: Operation Cabin files released by police
11 Lawnmowing robots bid for a share of a growing market
12 Portland's micro-roasting maestros
13 Hurricane Sandy: Five ways to spot a fake photograph
14 Obama to resume US election campaign after storm Sandy
15 Greek journalist Costas Vaxevanis on trial over bank list
16 Spain Halloween stampede kills three in Madrid
17 Shooting rocks California university Halloween party
18 Kim Dotcom reveals Mega to replace Megaupload file-sharing site
19 US election: 10 oddities explained
20 Nigerians' fear of northern atrocities
21 Multiple sclerosis: New drug 'most effective'
22 Hedgehog trapped in crisp packet in Weston-super-Mare
23 Mexico 'smugglers' car' gets stuck atop US border fence
24 Apple ordered to re-write 'inaccurate' Samsung statement
25 Barack Obama's 'firewall' burning--Republicans
26 Russian President Putin's work 'not affected' by injury
27 Sushil Kumar: What the real Slumdog Millionaire did next
28 Medical robots: An eye for detail
29 Human edges out robot car on race track
30 Comet retailer to go into administration
31 Russia internet blacklist law takes effect
32 Uganda delays fake mobile switch-off date until 2013
33 Rats and humans meet via virtual reality and robotics
34 Faulty implants: Europe 'too slow'
35 Action plan to plug gaps in Scottish human rights provision
36 Have India's poor become human guinea pigs?
37 Bone marrow hope for African patients
38 Pollution & debris stirred by Sandy threaten coastal waters
39 Mystery of Angkor Wat's huge stones solved
40 Huge Saturn moon Titan glows in the dark
41 Apple ordered to remove "untrue" anti-Samsung claims
42 A look at RIM's much-delayed BlackBerry 10
43 FCC: Communications slowly improving after Sandy
44 Apple iPad mini reviews are in, here's what critics are saying
45 Internet usage rocketed on the East Coast during Sandy, report says
46 Anti-Obama texts linked to former state senate candidate
47 New York's Silicon Alley makes do after Sandy
48 Storm-crippled NYC subway creaks back into service but gridlock persists
49 Mitt Romney offers answer on his FEMA stance
50 N/A
51 GM, like Chrysler, refutes Romney's auto industry ad
52 The undecided voter revealed
53 Generators pose carbon monoxide risk post-Sandy
54 Ameridose, company linked to New England Compounding Center, issues recall
55 Sandy wiped out NYU lab mice, dealing blow to medical research
56 Homeowners may face mold problems after Sandy
57 Studies debate scrapping malaria treatment effort
58 Scientists develop bandage that won't hurt when removed
59 Traditional fisheries management approach jeopardizes marine ecosystems worldwide
60 Peer review option proposed for biodiversity data
61 Minimizing Mining Damage with Manure
62 Hermit crabs socialize to evict their neighbors
63 Greater effort needed to move local, fresh foods beyond 'privileged' consumers
64 Infrared vision in a cichlid fish
65 Curiosity on Mars sits on rocks similar to those found in marshes in Mexico
66 Import of proteins into chloroplasts is differentially regulated by age
67 Agriculture & food production contribute up to 29% of global greenhouse gas emissions
68 Honeybees harbor antibiotic-resistance genes
69 E. coli adapts to colonize plants
70 American Consumers Overvalue U.S. Produced Apparel, MU Study Finds
71 Ozone's impact on soybean yield: Reducing future losses
72 Switching to an energy crop: Break even or make a profit?
73 New study to examine ecological tipping points in hopes of preventing them
74 Action needed to prevent more devastating tree diseases entering the UK
75 Pond skating insects reveal water-walking secrets
76 Desert farming forms bacterial communities that promote drought resistance
77 Western aspen trees commonly carry extra set of chromosomes
78 Do Australia's giant fire-dependent trees belong in the rainforest?
79 Sustainable cities must look beyond city limits
80 A heady discovery for beer fans: The first gene for beer foam could improve froth
81 Scientists Find Aphid Resistance in Black Raspberry
82 Plants recognise pathogenic and beneficial microorganisms
83 USDA Patents Method to Reduce Ammonia Emissions
84 New Stanford analysis provides fuller picture of human expansion from Africa
85 Did the changing climate shrink Europe's ancient hippos?
86 Uncertainty of future South Pacific Island rainfall explained
87 US shale gas drives up coal exports
88 Sizing up biomass from space
89 Excess nitrogen fertilizer increasing warming in China
90 Stanford scientists build the first all-carbon solar cell
91 Seniors Particularly Vulnerable in Sandy's Aftermath
92 Dust's Warming Counters Half of its Cooling Effect
93 Great differences between EU Member States in how well transport systems cope with weather phenomena
94 UK butterfly populations threatened by extreme drought and landscape fragmentation
95 Bulletin: German nuclear exit delivers economic, environmental benefits
96 Air pollution, gone with the wind
97 Scientists launch international study of open-fire cooking and air quality
98 Fear of math can hurt
99 How and why herpes viruses reactivate to cause disease
100 Confirmation of nitisinone efficacy for life-threatening liver disease
101 Gene required for nerve regeneration identified
102 An elephant that speaks Korean
103 Male fertility can be restored after cancer treatment, says Pitt team
104 Feedback loop maintains basal cell population
105 More evidence needed to support use of autism interventions
106 Stem cells show promise for treating infertility in cancer patients
107 Meth Vaccine Shows Promising Results in Early Tests
108 Inflammation and cognition in schizophrenia
109 Solving a biological mystery
110 New Technique Enables High-Sensitivity View of Cellular Functions
111 A Protein's Role in Helping Cells Repair DNA Damage
112 Novel Technique To Produce Stem Cells from Peripheral Blood
113 New Target Discovered for Treatment of Peanut Allergy
114 Brain May 'See' More Than the Eyes, Study Indicates
115 Genetic test results for Lynch syndrome improved with new computer program
116 Canada's health costs for seniors rising slowly: Points way to Medicare solvency
117 New Study Finds A Common Bond Between School Bullies and Their Targets: Alcohol Abuse
118 Attention, Parents: UC Research Reveals A Secret About Your Medicine Cabinet
119 Community colleges more globally focused
120 Homelessness, high mobility threaten children's achievement
121 Soda consumption, screen time, team sports at school influence students' weight
122 Common food preservative may slow, even stop tumor growth
123 Regional analysis masks substantial local variation in health care spending
124 New MS drug proves effective where others have failed
125 When people worry about math, the brain feels the pain
126 Patients with diabetes left in the dark
127 Health inequalities could be reduced by more effective health care, says new study
128 New metric to track prosthetic arm progress
129 Barrier to hospice increases hospitalization
130 Social factors trump genetic forces in forging friendships, CU-led study finds
131 For New York Times readers, fairness matters when it comes to paying for content
132 Jamaican teen immigrants do better when they retain strong ties to original culture
133 MIT and Northwestern Economists Find Kinship Networks Play Key Role to Access
134 Anthropocene Continues to Spark Scientific Debate
135 Study suggests too much risk associated with SSRI usage and pregnancy
136 Stars ancient and modern?
137 Graphene Mini-Lab
138 First-ever 3-D stress map of developing embryonic heart sheds light on why defects form
139 New micropumps for hand-held medical labs produce pressures 500 times higher than car tire
140 Inspiration from Mother Nature leads to improved wood
141 Biofuel breakthrough: Quick cook method turns algae into oil
142 New hope for survivors of stroke and traumatic brain injury
143 Assembly not required
144 Single protein targeted as the root biological cause of several childhood psychiatric disorders
145 Taming Mavericks: Stanford Researchers Use Synthetic Magnetism to Control Light
146 Folding Funnels Key to Biomimicry
147 UC Santa Barbara scientists learn how to unlock the destiny of a cell: A gift for the tin man?
148 Rice team boosts silicon-based batteries
149 LSUHSC research identifies new therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease
150 Super-rare, super-luminous supernovae are likely explosion of universe's earliest stars
151 9 colorful and endangered tree-dwelling tarantulas discovered in Brazil
152 'Cause my hair is curly
153 Tabletop fault model reveals why some quakes result in faster shaking
154 Gut reaction: The evolution of IBD
155 First ever family tree for all living birds reveals evolution and diversification
156 Exhaustive family tree for birds shows recent, rapid diversification
157 Navy Oceanographers Delve Deeper in Wave Data to Improve Forecasts
158 Spot the difference
159 New Study Shows Effects of Prehistoric Nocturnal Life on Mammalian Vision
160 New discovery shows promise in future speed of synthesizing high-demand nanomaterials
161 Sitting still or going hunting: Which works better?
162 The Biggest Loser a big turnoff
163 Integrated diabetes management program provides rapid improvements in patient care
164 'NHS should replace traditional autopsies with non-invasive alternative'
165 Researchers to debate the call for sexual abstinence education in schools
166 Higher-math skills entwined with lower-order magnitude sense
167 Transforming America by redirecting wasted health care dollars
168 Distinct developmental patterns identified in children with autism during their first 3 years
169 Bullying has long-term health consequences
170 Rethinking reading
171 Voice prostheses can help patients regain their lost voice
172 Like a Noisy Political Campaign, "Grassroots" Neurons Wire and Fire Together for Dominance in the Brain
173 Footwear forensics
174 Researchers look beyond space and time to cope with quantum theory
175 Computational Medicine Begins to Enhance the Way Doctors Detect and Treat Disease
176 A glimpse into neurosurgical risk prevention and the surgical checklist
177 Gene switch important in cancer discovered
178 The cost of prescription drugs--a comparison of 2 countries
179 Study: Repeated surgeries appear to extend life of patients with deadliest of brain cancers
180 Gen. X overtaking baby boomers on obesity
181 Sleep problems cost billions
182 African American women with HIV/HCV less likely to die from liver disease
183 Scientists Create "Endless Supply" of Myelin-Forming Cells
184 Caffeine's effect on the brain's adenosine receptors visualized for the first time
185 Living donors fare well following liver transplantation
186 Laser-light testing of breast tumor fiber patterns helps show whose cancer is spreading
187 Researchers 'watch' antibiotics attack tuberculosis bacteria inside cells
188 Mason Research Center Attacks Breast Cancer in Three Ongoing Trials
189 Researchers use blood testing to predict level of enzymes that facilitate disease progression
190 Decline in incidence of heart attacks appears associated with smoke-free workplace laws
191 ORNL Debuts Titan Supercomputer
192 Privately owned genetic databases may hinder diagnosis and bar the way to the arrival of personalized medicine
193 Scientific team sequences 1,092 human genomes to determine standard range of human genetic variation
194 Alcohol increases activity of the resting brain in social drinkers
195 High blood pressure damages the brain in early middle age
196 Do clinicians and patients have same definition of remission from depression?
197 Causation Warps Our Perception of Time
198 Chronic Kidney Disease Increases Risk of Death at All Ages
199 How race and touchdown celebrations affect football player rewards
200 Large, multi-ethnic study finds that adding soy to the diet does not affect onset of menopausal hot flashes
201 Predicting what topics will trend on Twitter
202 The ins and outs of in-groups and out-groups
203 Shining a Light on Dark Galaxies
204 Physicists confirm first planet discovered in a quadruple star system
205 Protoplanet Vesta: Forever young?
206 New type of 'space weathering' observed on asteroid Vesta
207 Team uses antisense technology that exploits gene splicing mechanism to kill cancer cells
208 Cellular landscaping: Predicting how, and how fast, cells will change