File Title
1 Was Hurricane Sandy caused by climate change?
2 Experts confirm climate is narrowing leaves
3 Dark matter pioneer nets PM's science prize
4 Curiosity Mars rover finds soil similar to Hawaii's
5 Bananas could replace potatoes in warming world
6 New flying fish fossils discovered in China
7 Wind farms: 'No change' on policy, says David Cameron
8 Head-hunter flies decapitate ants
9 Hitachi's nuclear deal still faces hurdles
10 Will elephant contraception work in South Africa?
11 Living in: Doha
12 The fastest gun in the west
13 Storm Sandy: Eastern US gets back on its feet
14 Google loses Australia 'gangland' defamation lawsuit
15 Sandy: Haiti fears food shortages after hurricane
16 Japan tsunami reconstruction money 'misspent'
17 Syria jets bomb rebel strongholds in Damascus and north
18 Alistair Cooke--Letter from America: Bringing two nations together
19 Sistine Chapel ceiling at 500: The Vatican's dilemma
20 Disney buys Star Wars maker Lucasfilm from George Lucas
21 Wine shortage to follow poor 2012 grape harvest
22 Strict voting laws affect millions of Americans
23 Viewpoint: Manuel Castells on the rise of alternative economic cultures
24 Europe's oldest prehistoric town unearthed in Bulgaria
25 Electrical fire at Saudi wedding kills 25
26 Brazil sniffer dog 'under threat' from Rio drugs gangs
27 Viewpoint: What now for Turkey's ruling party?
28 The power of incumbency
29 Google loses Australia 'gangland' defamation lawsuit
30 Acer delays Windows RT tablets over Surface concerns
31 Pastebin puts Anonymous spat behind it
32 Storm Sandy: Data hubs damage concerns
33 Not so fast--testing 4G
34 'Apple U-turn' on Siri prostitute advice in China
35 Kickstarter crowdfunding website launches in the UK
36 Draft Communications Bill: May says web monitoring will save lives
37 Google adds voice assistant to Search app to take on Siri
38 Panasonic forecasts $9.6bn loss amid falling sales
39 Foxconn shares up as Apple products push up profits
40 Steve Jobs high-tech yacht unveiled
41 The proliferation of the little black box
42 Study backs 'controversial' malaria drugs subsidy
43 Twitter user @ComfortablySmug apologizes for Sandy hoax
44 Sandy may drive subway rats onto NYC streets
45 Jurassic turtle graveyard found in China
46 Sandy takes out 25% of cell towers
47 Russian supply ship blasts off on 6-hour flight to station
48 Steve Jobs-designed yacht launched in the Netherlands
49 NASA pumpkin carver cuts Curiosity space-o-lantern
50 Phone companies start checking storm damage
51 Fourth generation Apple iPad with Wi-Fi pre-orders sell out
52 How Sandy became a snowstorm
53 Report: Apple exec refused to apologize for Maps
54 Social media a news source and tool during Superstorm Sandy
55 Studies debate scrapping malaria treatment effort
56 Premature babies' story of survival in superstorm
57 Black women with breast cancer more likely to die within 3 years of diagnosis
58 NYC hospital successfully evacuates 300 patients after Superstorm Sandy
59 Obese teens more likely to develop end-stage kidney disease
60 NYC crane collapse: Safety experts mull options to get crane down
61 New York Stock Exchange reopens in wake of superstorm Sandy
62 NYC Marathon will go on, despite storm issues
63 For Romney, campaigning resumes; Obama tours storm wreckage
64 NYC expected to face power, transit issues for days
65 Gov. Christie: Obama deserves "great credit" for storm response
66 Tiny Window in Living Mice Shows Cancer Spread in Real-Time
67 Why Some Earthquakes Are More Destructive
68 Sandy Dredges Up Human Skeleton in Connecticut
69 Sandy Lives Up to Hype: Predictions Were on Track
70 Calcium Keeps Night Vision From Tricking Our Brains
71 Physicians Flee Private Practice
72 Sediment Deposits Unlock Haiti's Earthquake History
73 The Science of Halloween's Scariest Creatures
74 Microscopic 'Bullets' Put New Armor to the Test
75 Why Do I Have Cellphone Service, But No Power?
76 Leaks Found in Earth's Protective Shield
77 Could the Computer Age Have Begun in Victorian England?
78 Sandy May Drive Subway Rats onto NYC Streets
79 Firefly Effect Puts the Glow in New LED Bulb Tech
80 Mars Dirt Similar to Hawaiian Volcanic Soil
81 People Stare Monsters in the Eye, Wherever It Is
82 Flying Fish Evolved to Escape Prehistoric Predators
83 Reference: Werewolves: Lore, Legend & Lycanthropy
84 Sandy's Punishing Waves Detected by Earthquake Monitor
85 One in Four Don't Have Cellphone Service in Sandy-Affected Areas
86 Colorful Tree-Climbing Tarantulas Found in Brazil
87 Brain's Complex Clock Explains Our Eerie Sense of Time
88 Superstorm Sandy Suggests NYC Infrastructure Needs Revamping
89 U.S. to Lose Weather Prediction Data
90 Black Cats Beware: Kitty Lovers Think You're Aloof
91 NASA's Huge New SLS Rocket Could Power Missions Far Beyond Mars
92 How Sandy Compares to the Worst US Natural Disasters
93 Curiosity probe tastes Mars soil: Dude, this reminds me of Hawaii
94 Mars rover gets instructions daily from NASA via a network of antennae
95 Stunning Star Cluster Includes Deceptively Young Stars
96 Man in the moon is unmasked as giant asteroid crater
98 New tree-dwelling tarantulas described
99 Superstorm deflates Intrepid's shuttle pavilion
100 Will Antarctica's biodiversity be saved?
101 Fishing nations set to block Ross Sea marine reserve
102 A Chance to Save the Southern Ocean
103 Dead Finback Whale Will Be Buried On Rockport Beach Thursday
104 Tahoe project to eliminate Asian clams
105 Impressive rebound for the impressively big trumpeter swans
106 Hunter provides proof of cougar wandering Illinois
107 Ameridose recalls all drugs after FDA finds problems with its sterility testing
108 Top medical innovations treat headaches, diabetes
109 Quality of Life After Cancer May Depend on Tumor Type
110 Biogen sees positive results from drug study
111 Amputee to climb skyscraper with thought-controlled bionic leg
112 Block: UCLA to go tobacco-free in April
113 Need A New Workout? Just Add Water
114 Excellent Idea of the Day: Ouchless Medical Tape
115 Quick-release tape could prevent neonatal skin injuries
116 What do top hospitals have in common? Not as much as you think.
117 Officials debate whether to scrap malaria program
118 Perry: State ready to run health program without Planned Parenthood
119 Parents of 14-year-old Girl Sue Monster for Wrongful Death
120 No Rat Exodus Reported From NYC Tunnels. Millions Of Them Likely Drowned
121 NYC Rats: Stronger Than Sandy