File Title
1 Tone deaf shed light on origin of language
2 Fireflies inspire cheaper LED lamps
3 Chloroform-breathing bug could detox sites
4 Key test for re-healable concrete
5 Honey harvest 'devastated' by wet summer
6 Polar bear sanctuary on iceberg
7 Ash dieback: 100,000 trees destroyed to halt spread
8 Old English Sheepdog put on breed watch list
9 Carbon nanotubes fit by the thousands onto a chip
10 Hitachi buys UK nuclear project from E. On and RWE
11 Thailand arrests lorry driver transporting tiger cubs
12 Time to heal: The materials that repair themselves
13 Hurricane Sandy: The hidden costs
14 Chalara ash dieback outbreak: Q&A
15 Are humans the only species that enjoy dancing?
16 Sandy: Storm-hit New York declared major disaster area
17 South Africa's census: Racial divide continuing
18 Apple's Scott Forstall and John Browett to leave firm
19 Syrian air force general 'killed by rebels'
20 Week in China: Extending 'soft power'
21 Osezua Osolase used witchcraft on trafficked girls
22 Websites knocked offline by super-storm Sandy
23 India's 150 million-home digital switchover begins
24 Bell's palsy: Facing the TV cameras with half a smile
25 Afghanistan to host first professional boxing match
26 'Badass' bug kills off Borderlands 2 characters
27 AMD in chip tie-up with UK's ARM
28 Drones set to share sky with domestic air traffic
29 Pirate Bay appeal is rejected by Finnish supreme court
30 Baidu in 60% income rise as advertising revenues surge
31 Man or machine--can robots really write novels?
32 Kaliya Franklin: Campaigning online and flexible working (Technology and disabled people series)
33 Breast screening advice updated amid controversy over harms
34 Bone marrow hope for African patients
35 Moon's mysterious "Ocean of Storms" explained
36 DOE activates Titan, world's fastest supercomputer
37 Even scientists unwittingly see purpose in nature
38 iPad Mini "banned" ad zooms to YouTube popularity
39 Facebook, Twitter abuzz with hurricane chatter
40 New NASA spaceship scheduled for 2014 test launch
41 Huffington Post, Gawker brought down by Superstorm Sandy
42 Lifelong exercise ke[e]ps octogenarians super fit
43 PayPal to cut 325 full-time jobs
44 Superstorm Sandy slams Northeast, triggers massive blackouts and flooding
45 NYC faces transit nightmare, outages after Sandy
46 Superstorm Sandy slams East Coast, leaving floods, millions without power
47 Pain-free ER visits for kids may lead to less fear of doctors
48 Mass. shuts down another drug compounding pharmacy
49 Mammograms may save one life for every three women overdiagnosed
50 Meningitis spreads to 19th state, sickens 347
51 Inside NYC hospital's near disaster during Sandy
52 U.N. health "Atlas" may help predict outbreaks
53 Flu shot linked to heart disease protection
54 Medieval Female Skeleton May Be Church Founder
55 New E-Reader Display Aims at Video and Color
56 Stressed Employees Aim to Just Show Up at Work
57 Stress and Depression May Halt Contraception Use
58 Bone-Chilling Science: The Scariest Experiments Ever
59 Nearby Galaxy Convicted of Star Theft
60 Moon's Mysterious 'Ocean of Storms' Explained
61 NASA to Announce Early Universe Findings Thursday
62 Volcanic Eruptions on Jupiter's 'Pizza Moon' Io Spotted from Earth
63 Even Scientists Unwittingly See Purpose in Nature
64 What Fertile Gals Really Want
65 Reference: Vampires: The Real History
66 Newly Found Lizard May Be Lost Soon
67 Sneaky Cat Caught on Camera in Himalayas
68 Exoskeleton of Advanced Design Promises New Degree of Independence for People With Paraplegia
69 New Study Sheds Light On How and When Vision Evolved
70 Mass Extinction Study Provides Lessons for Modern World
71 Huge Deposit of Jurassic Turtle Remains Found in China
72 'Curiosity' On Mars Sits On Rocks Similar to Those Found in Marshes in Mexico
73 Super-Massive Black Hole Inflates Giant Bubble
74 Mechanism Found for Destruction of Key Allergy-Inducing Complexes, Researchers Say
75 Primates' Brains Make Visual Maps Using Triangular Grids
76 Looking Beyond Space and Time to Cope With Quantum Theory
77 Hermit Crabs Socialize to Evict Their Neighbors
78 Technology Helping to Crack Oldest Undeciphered Writing System
79 Laser Spotlight Reveals Machine 'Climbing' DNA
80 New Way to Prevent Recurrent Ear Infections?
81 Fighting Melanoma's Resistance to Chemotherapy
82 New Findings On Men's Genes Could Alter Interpretation of PSA Test
83 Oxidative Stress and Altered Gene Expression Occurs in a Metabolic Liver Disease Model
84 At Six Months, Development of Children With Autism Like Those Without
85 New Technique Connects Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
86 The Hunt for Electron Holes: A Molecular Glance On Solar Water Splitting
87 How to Improve High-Speed Rail Ties Against Freezing, Thawing Conditions
88 Titan Supercomputer Debuts: Computer Churns Through More Than 20,000 Trillion Calculations Each Second
89 Hopping Robots Could Conserve Energy
90 Grey Friars Female Skeleton Is Possibly of Founder
91 Honeybees Harbor Antibiotic-Resistance Genes
92 NASA Examines Hurricane Sandy as It Affects the Eastern U.S.
93 Mummy Unwrapping Brought Egyptology to the Public
94 Neurotransmitters Linked to Mating Behavior Are Shared by Mammals and Worms
95 Risk Factors Predict Childhood Obesity, Researchers Find
96 Decline in Incidence of Heart Attacks Appears Associated With Smoke-Free Workplace Laws
97 Smoke-Free Laws Led Quickly to Fewer Hospitalizations
98 Migraine in Children May Affect School Performance
99 More Than Good Vibes: Researchers Propose the Science Behind Mindfulness
100 Overweight, Obesity in Adolescents Linked With Increased Risk for End-Stage Renal Disease Over Time
101 Mandatory Flu Vaccine for Health Care Workers to Protect Patients
102 Antidepressant Eases Radiation-Related Mouth Pain in Head, Neck Cancer
103 New Approach to HIV Vaccine Development: Tricking the Immune System
104 Easing High Blood Pressure Without Medication?
105 Military Veterans With History of Heavy Alcohol Use More Likely to Seek Treatment and Afterwards Report Better Overall Health Than Civilians
106 New Clues to How the Brain and Body Communicate to Regulate Weight
107 Drug Shows Promise in Animal Model of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's With Dementia
108 Autism Early Intervention Found to Normalize Brain Activity in Children as Young as 18 Months
109 Magnetic Brain Stimulation Treats Depression Independent of Sleep Effect
110 Soda Consumption, Screen Time, Team Sports at School Influence Students' Weight
111 Archery Fad by Kids Could Shoot Up Shoulder, Arm, Hand Injuries
112 Boys Are More Likely Than Girls to Abuse Over-The-Counter Drugs
113 Grading and Supporting U.S. Education: Study Examines Consequences of International Comparisons
114 Peer Pressure Can Be Used for Good When It Comes to Physical Activity
115 Hunt for Superbugs in Australian Animals
116 Fruit Flies Bred Without Neurobeachin Protein to Facilitate Study of Nervous System Diseases in Humans
117 Where Does a 500-Pound Sea Lion Spit?
118 New Materials May Help Prevent Infections by Blocking Initial Bacterial Attachment
119 Immune System Fighters Speak in Patterns of Proteins, Prefer Squishy Partners
120 NASA's TRMM Satellite Analyzes Hurricane Sandy in 3-D
121 USGS Storm-Surge Sensors Deployed Ahead of Tropical Storm Sandy
122 High-Efficiency Quantum Dot Solar Cells Developed
123 The Monsters Among Us
124 Penis Worms Show the Evolution of the Digestive System
125 Most Ancient Pottery Prehistoric Figurine of the Iberian Peninsula Found in Begues
126 Genetic Tradeoff: Harmful Genes Are Widespread in Yeast but Hold Hidden Benefits
127 Clearer Picture of How Assassin Bugs Evolved: Entomologists Reconstruct the Evolutionary History
128 Additional Kepler Data Now Available to All Planet Hunters
129 Assessing Drop-Off to Mars Rover's Observation Tray
130 New Study Brings a Doubted Exoplanet 'Back from the Dead'
131 Black Widow's Tango Mortale in Gamma-Ray Light: Scientists Discover Record-Breaking Millisecond Pulsar With New Analysis Method
132 Galactic Snack Time: Stream of Stars Slowly Being Ingested by the Milky Way
133 Nanoparticles Provide Reinforcement for Invisible Braces in Orthodontics
134 Enigmatic Nematics: Law of Hydrodynamics Governing the Way Internally Driven Systems Behave Could Explain Their Complex Structure
135 Microgravity Research Coming of Age On the International Space Station
136 Scientists Use Molecular Layers to Study Nanoscale Heat Transfer
137 Next-Generation Antireflection Coatings Could Improve Solar Photovoltaic Cell Efficiency
138 We Live Our Lives Within Our Media, Rather Than Simply With It, Expert Says
139 Footwear Forensics: CSI Needs to Tread Carefully
140 Fully Automated Soccer Game Analysis
141 Designing for the Sense of Touch: A New Frontier for Design
142 Data Storage: Going With the Grain