File Title
1 Dark matter hides light from lonely stars
2 Tsunami hit Geneva in AD 563
3 New species of Australian lizard found
4 Carbon nanotubes fit by the thousands onto a chip
5 SpaceX capsule returns with safe landing in Pacific
6 Cheap color test picks up HIV
7 Hurricane Sandy: US states begin storm shutdown
8 Hawaii hit by tsunami triggered by Canada quake
9 Richard III dig: Leicester Cathedral burial confirmed
10 Bloodhound diary: Flaming result in Newquay
11 Home cooking: is science the missing ingredient?
12 Mini guide to Liverpool, England
13 Building Titan: The 'world's fastest' supercomputer
14 Ukraine election 'reversed democracy,' OSCE says
15 Car bombing rocks Damascus on last day of 'ceasefire'
16 South Korea activists send leaflets to North
17 How much stamina does it take to become US president?
18 Trapped in lifts--10 of your stories
19 HMS Bounty abandoned amid Hurricane Sandy
20 Hurricane Sandy tracked by Google
21 Penguin and Random House owners agree joint venture
22 How do you stop online students cheating?
23 France Euromillions site hit by religious hackers
24 Predicting crime--a step towards a safer world?
25 Bodybuilder, 93, with winning muscles
26 World Series: San Francisco Giants sweep Detroit Tigers
27 As election nears, cries of voter intimidation
28 Full moon could make Hurricane Sandy impact worse
29 Microsoft to launch Windows 8 phone
30 SpaceX cargo capsule returns to Earth from ISS
31 Superstitions: Why you believe
32 Paul Ceglia, who sued Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for half the company, arrested on charges he forged records
33 Where do I click, again? A guide to Windows 8
34 Watch: Jonathan Coulton is a nerd-folk rock star
35 From text to touch, a look at Microsoft systems
36 How shuttle Atlantis will roll (and rise) into NASA display
37 Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O'Brien poke fun of Apple iPad mini
38 Enchanted figurine is Spain's oldest
39 How to get, or avoid, Microsoft Windows 8
40 Huge Saturn storm still surprising scientists
41 NYC museum celebrates Theodore Roosevelt
42 Ryan seeks to put negative spin on auto bailout in Ohio
43 Romney, Ryan stress bipartisanship in Ohio
44 All four major Iowa newspapers back Romney
45 Obama skips Fla. stop, heads home to deal with Hurricane Sandy
46 How to keep your food safe if Hurricane Sandy cuts electricity
47 Women who quit smoking before 40 may avoid earlier death
48 FDA finds contaminated vials, bacteria and mold at New England Compounding Center
49 Studies show fecal transplant's effectiveness treating C. diff infections
50 FDA wants nose sprays, eye drops out of kids' hands
51 China passes mental health law to curb unnecessary hospitalizations
52 Study: CPR less likely in low-income, black neighborhoods
53 Physician-assisted suicide up for vote in Mass.
54 Report: Medtronic influenced studies on InFuse bone grafts
55 Mich. man hospitalized with meningitis that killed wife
56 323 infected in meningitis outbreak as experts study fungal culprit
57 Consumer Reports: Energy drinks may mislabel caffeine amounts
58 Most patients with incurable cancer still think they'll survive, study finds
59 5 Halloween Myths You Shouldn't Let Trick You
60 'Frankenstorm' Full Moon: Hurricane Sandy's Impact Amplified by Lunar Event
61 How Paintballs Could Save Earth from Giant Asteroid Impact
62 Private SpaceX Capsule Lands After Historic Mission to Space Station
63 Blood and Astronaut Pee: Creepy Cargo Returns to Earth on SpaceX Capsule
64 Canadian Rover May Fly on NASA's Deep Space Rocket
65 Lifelong Exercise Keeps Octogenarians Super Fit
66 Ancient Tsunami Swept Through Swiss Lake
67 6 Flu Vaccine Myths
68 Quitting Smoking Lengthens Women's Lives
69 Tsunami Threat to Hawaii After Canadian Earthquake Canceled
70 Huge 'Zombie' Alien Planet Rises from the Dead
71 Monster Galaxy's Core Is Biggest Ever Seen
72 7 Ways the Nexus 7 Beats the iPad mini
73 Closing the THz Gap with Graphene-based Devices
74 Cheaters, Cooperators, and Evolutionary Theory
75 Cocaine, Marijuana in Italian Cities' Air
76 Could the Human Clones of 'Cloud Atlas' Be in Our Future?
77 Past Presidents: What Made Them Great?
78 Mysterious Pumice Raft in Pacific Explained
79 Reference: Diplodocus: Facts About the Longest Dinosaur
80 Why People Who Drink Silver Turn Blue
81 Unsexy Guys Annoy Fertile Girlfriends
82 The Rise of the Super-Rich
83 Edison Voice Recording Is Old, but Not Oldest
84 'Enchanted' Figurine Is Spain's Oldest
85 Why We Care About Our Ancestry
86 Easter Island Statues May Have 'Walked'
87 Huge Saturn Storm Keeps Surprising Scientists
88 Are Flat-Earthers Being Serious?
89 Political Talk Heats Up the Workplace
90 NYC Museum Celebrates Teddy Roosevelt's Conservation Work
91 Resveratrol Supplements May Offer Little Benefit for Healthy People
92 Super-Dense Neutron Star Is Fastest Ever Seen
93 Europe Eyes Funding for Miniature Robotic Space Plane
94 Robots Assemble for Military's $2 Million Challenge
95 Spooky Science: Unexplained Sounds from the Deep
96 Caveman Diet Secret: Less Red Meat, More Plants
97 Early Human 'Lucy' Swung from the Trees
98 Dinosaurs Looking for Love Grew Alluring Feathers
99 Penis-Shaped Bone & Lover's Bust Among Trove of Roman Art
100 Answering 'Whys' Leads to Improved Safety Gear, Better Life
101 How T. Rex Ate Triceratops in 4 Easy Steps