File Title
1 Icy world reveals its secrets
2 Ancient tree-wombat behaved like a koala
3 Sex won't bring on labour: study
4 MEPs vote to close 'shark finning' loopholes
5 Dwarf planet Makemake examined for the first time
6 Avian pox: Great tit disease 'spread to UK by insects'
7 South Pacific Sandy Island 'proven not to exist'
8 Coal resurgence calls undermine clean energy commitments
9 Recreating the sweet smell of whale poo
10 Egypt's President Mursi assumes sweeping powers
11 Gaza and Israel begin to resume normal life after truce
12 US marks Thanksgiving with parade
13 Boxer Hector Camacho 'brain dead' after shooting
14 New director general Tony Hall: BBC can overcome crisis
15 Who, What, Why: Is public nudity a form of free speech?
16 Did the Lomo camera save film photography?
17 Iraqis locked in rival sectarian narratives
18 Syria rebels 'capture key army base' in the east
19 Simpsons to shoot Judd Apatow script at last
20 Facebook criticised over decision to stop public privacy votes
21 Man held over punch attack on 16-year-old in Plaistow
22 Will the internet become conscious?
23 European Parliament warns against UN internet control
24 Cartilage made using hybrid 3D printer
25 How the world's first webcam made a coffee pot famous
26 My web detox
27 Viewpoint: How Sony slipped back
28 Anonymous cyber hackers 'cost PayPal 3.5m pounds'
29 Biometrics cybersecurity research gets government cash
30 Peter Molyneux seeks Kickstarter cash for god game reboot
31 Kickstarter sued over 3D Systems' printer patent
32 Apple ordered to share HTC deal details with Samsung
33 Sony and Panasonic ratings cut by Fitch
34 ADHD treatment 'may reduce risk of criminal behaviour'
35 Organ donor series
36 Extreme weather tough on transportation system
37 Dogs hear "get the ball!' differently than you
38 Facebook proposes to end voting on privacy issues
39 Dwarf planet beyond Pluto is small and barren
40 Apple's "spaceship" HQ now on track for mid-2016 opening
41 Frustrated Maine news anchors resign on-air
42 TV chef Art Ginsburg, "Mr. Food," dies at 81
43 Military emails reveal details of bin Laden burial
44 Medicated ADHD patients less likely to be criminals
45 Secondhand smoke a problem at five major airports, CDC says
46 Study: Sex outranks other joys of life
47 CDC reports increase in non-meningitis infections tied to outbreak
48 Doctor dogs being trained to sniff out ovarian cancer
49 Greenhouse Gas Goals Grow More Elusive
50 'Designer Vagina' Websites Need Makeover, Study Suggests
51 Dwarf Planet Beyond Pluto Lacks Atmosphere
52 Nanowires Undergo Transformation, Offer New Applications
53 Does the Moon Have Levitating Lunar Dust?
54 Fetus Yawning Reveals Brain Development
55 Emperor Penguins Need Sea Ice for Foraging
56 Dogs Hear 'Get the Ball!' Differently Than You
57 New Delay for Mysterious Military Space Plane Launch
58 Alien Life Unlikely Around Dying Stars
59 New Zealand Volcano Erupts, At Risk for More
60 Tomb of Renaissance Warrior Reveals Mystery Amputation
61 Birdlike Dinos Had Tough Time Flying
62 Reference: Palenque: Mayan City of Temples
63 Most and Least Emotional Countries Revealed
64 Drunks More Likely to Survive Injuries, Study Suggests
65 'Call of Duty' Game Could Reshape Real Warfare
66 Algae Chows Down on Other Plants
67 Exploring 4 Mysteries of the Flu Virus
68 Prices (and Cars) Get Busted on Black Friday
69 Sandy a Sign of Winter to Come
70 Where Does All That Food Come From?
71 Bats Harbor New Deadly Respiratory Virus
72 Mars Cave-Exploration Mission Entices Scientists
73 Tofu May Improve Your Sex Life
74 Thousands of Natural Gas Leaks Found in Boston
75 The Paleo-Diet: Dinosaurs Lose Weight in New Study
76 Branding James Bond: Do Product-Placement Ads Work?
77 Water on Mars and Earth Had Similar Origins
78 Antarctic Glacier Primed to Form Iceberg
79 Famed Hacker Guilty of 'Stealing' iPad User Data
80 Did Exercise Make the Human Brain So Buff?
81 Hunters Kill Hundreds of Wolves in US
82 New Tech Makes the World Your Touch Screen
83 Army 'Food Bombs' Could Feed Disaster Survivors
84 Investigating the Venus Flytrap's Speedy Snap
85 Hacker Faces Prison for Not Hacking iPad
86 World's Oldest Digital Computer Gets a Reboot
87 Probiotic Bacteria May Burn Belly Fat
88 Why Are Animals Bigger in Colder Climates?
89 Does Anyone Really Believe in the Mayan Apocalypse?
90 Life on Mars? Maybe not. NASA rows back on findings
91 What Arctic Rocks Say About Mars: An Interview with Hans Amundsen
92 NASA Rover Finds Clues to Changes in Mars' Atmosphere
93 NMSU Graduate Student Looks For Indications Of Life On Mars In Possible Trace Methane Gas
94 Early Mars may not have been hospitable after all: study
95 Are we alone? NASA's Mars rover aims to find out
96 S. Korea rocket launch set for Nov 29
97 Supersonic Decelerator Project 'On Track' for Success
98 Student Teams to Build and Fly Rockets With Onboard Payloads for NASA Rocketry Challenge
99 XCOR Announces ATK as Lynx Mark I Wing Detailed Design And Build Contractor
100 Defying money crunch, Europe sets new goals in space
101 Mars on, Moon off at Europe space talks
102 Two days that decide Europe's space future: a citizen's briefing on ESA
103 Giant tracking station readies for operation
104 Student teams fly their theses in weightlessness
105 France, Germany compromise on Ariane launcher: minister
106 France, Germany seek Ariane compromise at ESA space meet
107 Ariane 5's sixth launch of 2012
108 UK Secures Billion Pound Package For Space Investment
109 Europe, U.S. talk space program link
110 Get some bed rest--all 21 days of it
111 Plans for manned space missions advance
112 Dwarf planet Makemake lacks atmosphere
113 At Pluto, Moons and Debris May Be Hazardous to New Horizons Spacecraft During Flyby
114 Curiosity Team May Reveal Major Discovery Soon
115 NASA Rover Providing New Weather and Radiation Data About Mars
116 Pleiades 1B is ready for integration in the payload "stack" for Arianespace's next Soyuz mission
117 Germany consolidates its position in European space
118 Mexsat Bicentenario is delivered to French Guiana for its December launch on Ariane 5
119 Survey At 'Matijevic Hill' Wrapping Up
120 Curiosity Rover Preparing for Thanksgiving Activities
121 Meteorite samples provide definitive evidence of water and rock types on Mars
122 Meteorites reveal warm water existed on Mars
123 Melt water on Mars could sustain life
124 Russian Mars Water Sniffer Goes Online
125 European Ministers decide to invest in space to boost Europe's competitiveness and growth
126 Precision, Wireless Ground Handling of X-47B Unmanned Aircraft
127 USAF and Raytheon evaluate avoidance capabilities for safe UAS flight
128 Lockheed Martin Acquires Chandler May
129 Israel destroys Gaza drone workshop: army
130 Iran minister confirms firing at US drone in Gulf
131 Sagetech, Arcturus Demonstrate Joint Manned, Unmanned Aircraft Operations using COTS NextGen ADS-B Tracking
132 Japan to develop missile-detecting drone: report
133 Guided mortar rounds fired from small UAV
134 US Homeland Security sued for drone details
135 Iran insists it obtained drone images of Israel
136 Iran has Israel drone data: defense official
137 CU-NOAA study shows summer climate change, mostly warming
138 Obama vows climate push for 'future generations'
139 Future warming likely to be on high side of climate projections
140 Climate Likely to Be on Hotter Side of Projections
141 Australia to sign up for Kyoto 2
142 Drifting word clouds may change perceptions of climate science
143 Obama hints at new drive on climate change
144 California is Home to Extreme Weather, Too
145 What lies beneath? New survey technique offers detailed picture of our changing landscape
146 Astrium's GRAIN service shows US corn yields are lower than expected
147 Surveying Earth's interior with atomic clocks
148 Storms, Ozone, Vegetation and More: NASA-NOAA Suomi NPP Satellite Returns First Year of Data
149 Patriot performs flawlessly in Japan test firings
150 Israel's Iron Dome blocks Gaza barrage
151 Iron Dome intercepts two rockets over Tel Aviv: police
152 Israel's Iron Dome plays growing role in Gaza conflict
153 Lockheed Martin Continues To Supporting US Air Defense, Missile Warning and Space Defense Missions
154 Lockheed Martin to Demonstrate Key Component of Tactical MilSat Communications System
155 Satellite brought closer to Earth to work
156 NASA Pursues Atom Optics to Detect the Imperceptible