File Title
1 Boeing CHAMP weapon passes test in sci-fi style (w/ Video)
2 New Ultra HD TVs arrive in stores with 5-figure prices
3 Scientists use molecular layers to study nanoscale heat transfer
4 NASA sees Hurricane Sandy as the "Bride of Frankenstorm" approaching the US East Coast
5 Paintballs may deflect an incoming asteroid (w/ Video)
6 London's tweets are mapped to see who speaks what, where
7 Chile's ALMA probes for origins of universe
8 Fully automated football analysis (w/ Video)
9 Scientists demonstrate high-efficiency quantum dot solar cells
10 Next-generation antireflection coatings could improve solar photovoltaic cell efficiency
11 Scientists build 'nanobowls' to protect catalysts needed for better biofuel production
12 Strengthening fragile forests of carbon nanotubes for new MEMS applications
13 Near-atomically flat silicon could help pave the way to new chemical sensors
14 Nanotechnology helps scientists keep silver shiny
15 Solving stem cell mysteries
16 Laser spotlight reveals machine 'climbing' DNA
17 The most ancient pottery prehistoric figurine of the Iberian Peninsula is found in Begues
18 Chinese cuisine could protect against sepsis
19 A Viagra follow-up? Drug used to treat glaucoma actually grows human hair
20 Watching the cogwheels of the biological clock in living cells
21 Hermit crabs socialize to evict their neighbors
22 Researchers decipher the mecanism of membrane fission
23 Smart cities: Bridging physical and digital
24 Too much dairy, carbs might harm men's sperm
25 Magnetic brain stimulation treats depression independent of sleep effect
26 New options for ease and accuracy in extraction of rare cells or separating blood
27 Scientists step up hunt for bacterial genes tied to Lyme disease
28 Stimulating brain cells with light
29 Researchers find genetic predictors of fatigue for some prostate cancer patients
30 Hunt for the platypus particle
31 Scientists develop revolutionary nanotechnology copper solder
32 Electron 'sniper' targets graphene
33 Well-ordered nanorods could improve LED displays
34 Researchers develop versatile optomechanical sensors for atomic force microscopy
35 Obstinate electrons 'ignore' assumptions and follow another path
36 A new take on the Midas touch: Changing the color of gold
37 The temperature-controlled alignment of tiny crystals could help harness their collective properties for nanotechnology
38 New insights into membrane-assisted self-assembly
39 Glucosamine rings turn star-shaped fluorescent dyes into powerful probes for imaging cancer cells in three dimensions
40 Glass: Characterizing with precision and efficiency
41 Researchers achieve greater precision in measuring the movement of microscopic magnets
42 A 'nanoscale landscape' controls flow of surface electrons on a topological insulator
43 Slow avalanches oscillate in new experiment
44 Synchrotrons play role in Nobel Prize research
45 High-pressure science gets super-sized
46 Measuring table-top accelerators' state-of-the-art beams: Part Two: slicing through the electron beam
47 Reducing information stored in magnetic thin films to the size of single grains could improve computer hard drives
48 Power grid upgrades may cause blackouts, warns Braess's paradox
49 Kids still swallowing magnets despite warning labels
50 New finding could pave way to faster, smaller electronics
51 Formula unlocks secrets of cauliflower's geometry
52 Neutron experiments give unprecedented look at quantum oscillations
53 Quantum computing with recycled particles
54 New NASA Online Science Resource Available for Educators and Students
55 The white widow model: A new scenario for the birth of Type Ia supernovae
56 Architect makes bricks using cattle blood
57 SKorea postpones rocket launch due to gas leak
58 Australia pumps $1.83 bln into food bowl river
59 NASA 3-D imaging radar to analyze, classify oil spills
60 When clouds hang out with pollution: Clean-sky clouds more susceptible to pollution's pressure, research finds
61 Minimizing mining damage with manure
62 Take your chance to scream in space
63 The International Council for Science pledges support for scientists in the L'Aquila case
64 NASA's LADEE spacecraft gets final science instrument installed
65 'First' Pakistan astronaut wants to make peace in space
66 Japanese company builds 9.6-inch 4K x 2K LCD panel
67 Microsoft enters hardware business with Surface
68 Robots in the home: Will older adults roll out the welcome mat?
69 Developing a robot that can go where humans fear to tread
70 Future storage on rewind: IBM, FUJIFILM envision cassette as #1
71 Review: Mighty iPad Mini looks like a holiday hit
72 Two Carnegie Mellon teams get nod to compete in DARPA Robotics Challenge
73 Research team teaching robots to respond in disaster emergencies
74 Amazon to launch Japanese-language Kindle
75 Apple reveals iPad Mini starting at $329
76 Training your robot the PaR-PaR way
77 Partnership unveils healthcare robot coach: Autom
78 Tech review: A gaggle of Android phones
79 Microsoft woos mobile users, aims at Apple
80 Citi fined $2mn over Facebook IPO leak
81 Politics brings out true depth of Facebook 'friending'
82 NY man accused of trying to cheat Facebook
83 Designing for the sense of touch: a new frontier for design
84 Concerns raised about airline boarding pass barcodes
85 Efforts to mitigate climate change must target energy efficiency
86 US futures mixed after US growth report
87 Researchers study what Facebook reveals about our relationships
88 Footwear forensics: CSI needs to tread carefully
89 Candidates may be better off buying web ads than investing too heavily in TV, researcher says
90 Self-assembling polymeric copper catalyst greatly accelerates 'click reaction'
91 N/A
92 Measuring molecules with the naked eye
93 Wood completely broken down into its component parts
94 Multi-talented enzyme--produced on large-scale
95 'One-pot' industrial process for manufacturing high yields of artificial sweetener under mild conditions successful
96 New biorenewables technology moves closer to marketplace
97 Bacterial photosynthetic reaction center harvests more light thanks to tailored organic antenna
98 Nature inspires research to convert solar into liquid fuel
99 Lubricants from vegetable oil
100 Additive restores antibiotic effectiveness against MRSA
101 Chasing a common cold virus
102 3D structure of an unmodified G protein-coupled receptor in its natural habitat
103 Optical tweezers and sub-nanoscale precision: Following the process--and the consequence--of RNA folding
104 New self-healing coating for aluminum developed to replace cancer-causing product
105 Bacterial genes energy-sensing switch discovery could have broad implications
106 Strange worm reveals the evolution of digestion
107 Isolation of Puerto Rico's manatees affects survival odds, research finds
108 Neurotransmitters linked to mating behavior are shared by mammals and worms
109 Far from random, evolution follows a predictable genetic pattern, researchers find
110 The modern view of nature has religious roots
111 Crows do not plan their clever tricks
112 Traditional fisheries management approach jeopardizes marine ecosystems worldwide
113 A clearer picture of how assassin bugs evolved
114 Antibiotics that only partly block protein machinery allow germs to poison themselves
115 Researchers develop efficient, protein-based method for creating iPS cells
116 Congo: 1 dead in attack on famed doctor's home
117 Workers discover remains of ancient temple in Bali
118 Maya demand an end to doomsday myth
119 Canadian researchers discover fossils of first feathered dinosaurs from North America (w/ Video)
120 Guatemala excavates early Mayan ruler's tomb
121 US returns 4,000 archaeological relics to Mexico
122 UK lawmakers line up to host Richard III's tomb
123 Researchers explore elections and voting behaviour with physics
124 The psychology of poverty: Economics fellow uses Kenyan lab to study, learn from the poor
125 Academia should fulfill social contract by supporting bioscience startups, case study says
126 Lucy and Selam's species climbed trees
127 Which candidate will be best for the stock market?
128 Food Day report examines how minimum wage hike would impact both consumers, workers
129 World's oldest turtle shells stand test of time
130 Right amount of exercise can boost mental health: study
131 New clues to how the brain and body communicate to regulate weight
132 Immune system fighters speak in patterns of proteins, prefer squishy partners
133 Metabolic patterns of propofol, sevoflurane differ in children
134 Early intervention improves social skills and brain activity in preschoolers with autism, study finds
135 Anesthesia type affects outcomes of bilateral knee replacement surgery
136 Can your body sense future events without any external clue?
137 When she says, 'It's not you, it's me,' it really might be you, study suggests
138 Men, not women, better multitaskers: Swedish study
139 Researchers suggest eating cooked food led to larger human brains
140 Brain waves reveal video game aptitude
141 US scientists make embryos with 2 women, 1 man
142 Medical studies with striking results often prove false
143 Lethal exhaust: Study leads to designation of diesel fumes as a known carcinogen
144 New HIV test for infants seen as possible breakthrough for sub-Saharan Africa
145 Genetic switch shuts down lung cancer tumors in mice
146 Tamiflu doesn't offer relief promised, study finds
147 Researchers develop new tools to better treat ADHD patients in early stages
148 Scientists unlock chemical processes behind argyria, silver-related skin condition
149 Study finds diabetes raises levels of proteins linked to Alzheimer's features
150 Immune activation in pregnant mice affects offspring, potential implications for neurodevelopmental disorders
151 Laser + bipolar resection helpful for large prostates