File Title
1 Windmills of the mind shed light on vision
2 Virtual tape measure for online shopping
3 Ancient dung heaps are genetic time capsules
4 European Space Agency defines Ariane and space station plans
5 DVD trick makes for cheap boost to imaging and sensing
6 UN says carbon cuts too slow to curb dangerous warming
7 Climate change evident across Europe, says report
8 Britain attracted to microgravity
9 On-shore wind policy 'must be sensible'--energy secretary
10 Russia and Europe joint Mars bid agreement approved
11 Early death link to muscle power
12 Hiking Australia's Fraser Island
13 'Resurrection' feat gives hope for future vaccines
14 Israel-Gaza crisis: Tel Aviv bomb blast on bus
15 DR Congo's M23 rebels threaten to march to Kinshasa
16 Mumbai attack gunman Ajmal Qasab executed
17 Greece: Lack of deal 'threatens euro'
18 Why feeling guilty may make you a better boss
19 Enrico Dandolo and the way history overlooks disability
20 Plastic Electronics: How they could change consumer technology
21 Nudity ban passed in San Francisco
22 The Pope publishes final instalment of life of Jesus
23 US 'launched Flame cyber attack on Sarkozy's office'
24 Google attacks UN net conference
25 Unveiled Syrian Facebook post stirs women's rights debate
26 NATO to consider Turkey's Patriot missile request
27 Hackers attack web accounts of Israeli Vice PM Shalom
28 Risk profiling software tackles the terrorist threat
29 China diary: Electronics Street
30 Viewpoint: How to invent in an age of information overload
31 How technology opens the door for personalised pricing
32 Basketball player scores record-breaking 138 points
33 El Salvador gang truce: Can MS-13 and 18th Street keep the peace?
34 Colorado River: Mexico and US sign water-sharing deal
35 'Fat' drug could treat epilepsy
36 Organ donor series
37 US marijuana legalisation fuels Mexico drugs war debate
38 Hamas and Israel agree Gaza ceasefire at Cairo talks
39 Antarctic glacier set to form city-sized iceberg
40 Climate scientists laud dire World Bank report
41 Astronauts to get Thanksgiving feast in space
42 China detains man for Twitter joke on party meet
43 Mars Mystery: Has Curiosity rover made big discovery?
44 Dark matter detector nearing activation in S.D. mine
45 Paralyzed dogs regain use of limbs with help of nose cells
46 Yahoo considers $20 million buy, report says
47 NASA outpost beyond moon could lead to Mars
48 Google reportedly working on open alternative to AirPlay
49 California sells out of first pollution permits
50 Photo-sharing site Color Labs announces shut down
51 Scientists puzzled by dolphins washing ashore with bullet wounds and mutilated fins
52 Ex-"Price is Right" model wins $775,000 in pregnancy lawsuit
53 Miami School Bus Shooting: Fla. teen charged in fatal shooting of 13-year-old girl
54 Honeywell CEO: U.S. must address Medicare, Medicaid
55 Sources: Office of the DNI cut "al Qaeda" reference from Benghazi talking points, and CIA, FBI signed off
56 House Republicans "deeply troubled" by Rice
57 Goldman Sachs CEO: Entitlements must be contained
58 Gilberto Valle, alleged NYPD "cannibal cop," discussed having "girl meat" for Thanksgiving, prosecutors say
59 Zoo monkey death: Father defends man accused of beating monkey to death at Idaho zoo, report says
60 Exclusive: Woman Imprisoned in Coffin for 7 Years Has Special Message for Jaycee Dugard
61 FBI raids Detroit Public Library offices
62 Gummy bears + vodka = trouble for Pa. high schoolers
63 Prostitution case has "Wife Swap" connection
64 Jessica Tata Sentenced: Woman gets 80 years for deadly Texas day care fire
65 Ohio Bomb Plot: Alleged ringleader sentenced to over 11 years for threat against Cleveland bridge
66 Kevin Clash, Elmo puppeteer, resigns from "Sesame Street" amid new sex allegations
67 Michael Watkins, Idaho man, arrested after monkey's beating death at Boise zoo
68 Walmart workers plan Black Friday protests
69 Doctors call for birth control to be sold over the counter
70 N.J. woman who lost home finds purpose by returning lost Sandy photos
71 Doctors dropped from Ireland probe of woman who died after being denied abortion
72 FDA approves first flu shot made from animal cells
73 Happiness during adolescence may increase wealth by adulthood
74 Trouble in Toyland report shows health hazards in kids' toys persist
75 Make HIV testing routine for all, not just those at high risk, panel urges
76 17-year-old Pa. woman battles "Sleeping Beauty Syndrome"
77 Burned Ugandan child will walk again thanks to foundation
78 Indirect effects of climate change could alter landscapes
79 Dartmouth Research: The Clocks Are Ticking and the Climate Is Changing
80 USDA Funded Research Leads to Key Discoveries in the Pig Genome
81 New Whale Shark Study Used Metabolomics To Help Understand Shark and Ray Health
82 Pear genome provides new insight into breeding improvement and evolutionary trace analysis
83 Greenland's viking settlers gorged on seals
84 Beargrass, a plant of many roles, is focus of new report
85 Dry leaves make for juicy science
86 Researchers decode birch tree genome sequence for the first time
87 High-speed video and artificial flowers shed light on mysteries of hummingbird-pollinated flowers
88 Europe must not lose momentum in marine biodiversity research
89 Maple syrup, moose, and the local impacts of climate change
90 Robotic Fish Research Swims into New Ethorobotics Waters
91 Algae can draw energy from other plants
92 Seals gamble with their pups' futures
93 Natural fungus may provide effective bed bug control
94 Herbivore defense in ferns
95 Researchers identify a simple way to precipitate phosphorus from the wastewater of a pulp mill
96 Flower power to purge poison and produce platinum
97 Gateway enzyme for chemicals from catnip to cancer drug
98 Saving Water without Hurting Peach Production
99 University of Tennessee study: Unexpected microbes fighting harmful greenhouse gas
100 We're in this together: A pathbreaking investigation into the evolution of cooperative behavior
101 New species literally spend decades on the shelf
102 'Trust' provides answer to handaxe enigma
103 Call to modernize antiquated climate negotiations
104 Hold the ice: NYU chemists reveal behavior of antifreeze molecules
105 Does your job increase your breast cancer risk?
106 4-degrees briefing for the World Bank: The risks of a future without climate policy
107 CCNY Landscape Architect Offers Storm Surge Defense Alternatives
108 Warming to shift heavy rainfall patterns in the UK
109 Ocean currents play a role in predicting extent of Arctic sea ice
110 Uncovering complexity
111 Surprise origin for coronary arteries could speed advances in regenerative medicine
112 Strengthening Canada's research capacity: The gender dimension
113 MicroRNAs can convert normal cells into cancer promoters
114 Early birds had an old-school version of wings
115 Drug resistance biomarker could improve cancer treatment
116 Neural interaction in periods of silence
117 N/A
118 Architecture of rod sensory cilium disrupted by mutation
119 New hope for understanding autism spectrum disorders
120 Researchers define key events early in the process of cellular aging
121 Researchers detail the migrations of the wood wasp Sirex noctilio
122 New evidence of dinosaurs' role in the evolution of bird flight
123 Kidney tumors have a mind of their own
124 It takes two to tangle: Wistar scientists further unravel telomere biology
125 Short DNA strands in the genome may be key to understanding human cognition and diseases
126 Pathway Identified in Human Lymphoma Points Way to New Blood Cancer Treatments
127 Better protection for forging dies
128 Detective work using terahertz radiation
129 A step forward in regenerating and repairing damaged nerve cells
130 Daycare has many benefits for children, but researchers find mysterious link with overweight
131 More female board directors add up to improved sustainability performance
132 Research finds evidence of a 'mid-life crisis' in great apes
133 Toward competitive generic drug prices in Canada
134 Electronic visits offer accurate diagnoses, may lead to overprescribing of antibiotics
135 Study suggests repeat testing common among Medicare beneficiaries
136 Uninsured patients undergoing craniotomy for brain tumor have higher in-hospital mortality
137 Happy youngsters more likely to grow into wealthy adults, study finds
138 The fragility of the welfare state cuadrito
139 HIIT and FIMM researchers excel in predicting cancer drug sensitivity in an international crowdsourcing challenge
140 TGen, Scottsdale Healthcare lead worldwide study of new drug for patients with pancreatic cancer
141 School Exclusion Policies Stigmatize Arrested Teens and Contribute to Educational Failure, New Study Shows
142 Kessler Foundation researchers predict hidden epidemic of neurological disability for India
143 Comments, traffic statistics help empower bloggers
144 Study finds link between access to online health information and use of clinical services
145 Gastric Bypass Surgery: Follow Up as Directed to Lose More
146 Huddersfield professor's ground-breaking research shows just how well the 2012 Games were run
147 Proposals to record the age of youngsters when buying mobile phones
148 Executive pay limits narrowed scope of TARP banking rescue
149 Citicoline does not improve functional, cognitive status in patients with traumatic brain injury
150 Reasons for severe bleeding in hemophilia revealed
151 King's College London finds rainbows on nanoscale
152 Research shows diabetes drug improves memory
153 Nanotech Device Mimics Dog's Nose to Detect Explosives
154 Nanomedicine breakthrough could improve chemotherapy for childhood cancer
155 Researchers build synthetic membrane channels out of DNA
156 Planck spots hot gas bridging galaxy cluster pair
157 Researchers improve technology to detect hazardous chemicals
158 Engineered bacteria can make the ultimate sacrifice
159 An antidote for hypersomnia
160 Dwarf planet makemake lacks atmosphere
161 New structures self-assemble in synchronized dance
162 Scientists pioneer method to predict environmental collapse
163 After 121 years, identification of 'grave robber' fossil solves a paleontological enigma
164 Rice unveils super-efficient solar-energy technology
165 New energy technologies promise brighter future
166 Lava dots: Rice makes hollow, soft-shelled quantum dots
167 Dark Energy: Life Beneath the Seafloor Discussed at Upcoming American Geophysical Union Conference
168 Wormholes from centuries-old art prints reveal the history of the 'worms'
169 Beneficial microbes are 'selected and nurtured' in the human gut
170 The evolution of human intellect: Human-specific regulation of neuronal genes
171 King's Water Research Group co-convenes global conference on food and water security
172 Dartmouth Research Pursues Problematic Polymers
173 Basketball teams offer insights into building strategic networks
174 A better thought-controlled computer cursor
175 BaBar Experiment Confirms Time Asymmetry
176 MRI shows brain disruption in patients with post-concussion syndrome
177 More help needed to improve smoking cessation services for pregnant women with mental disorders
178 Researchers offer simple, inexpensive way to improve healing after massive bone loss
179 Biomarking time
180 Computer-navigated total knee replacement
181 Brain waves encode rules for behavior
182 A*STAR Scientists Identify Potential Drug Target For Inflammatory Diseases Including Cancers
183 Daily steps add up for midlife women's health
184 CDC and NIH survey provides first report of state-level COPD prevalence
185 Announcing the World's First Standard for Geologic Storage of CO2
186 Level up: Study reveals keys to gamer loyalty
187 Support for gay marriage grows in Michigan
188 Discovery offers new treatment for epilepsy
189 Rate of suicide by hanging/suffocation doubles in middle-aged men and women
190 Deconstructing the redemptive power of 'bearing witness'
191 Human obedience: The myth of blind conformity
192 'Obese but happy gene' challenges the common perception of link between depression and obesity
193 Rituximab shows promise for clinical problems tied to antiphospholipid antibodies
194 Discovery of molecular pathway of Alzheimer's disease reveals new drug targets
195 Dance boosts young girls' mental health
196 Is Facebook a Factor in Psychotic Symptoms?
197 How healthy are young people's lifestyles?
198 Music to the ears for a good night's sleep?
199 Teens in arts report depressive symptoms, study says
200 Impulsivity in first grade predicts problem gambling in late teen years for urban boys
201 The most popular TV series among youngsters in Spain recreates violence
202 Brainy Babies--Research Explores Infants' Skills and Abilities
203 GOCE's second mission improving gravity map
204 Melt water on Mars could sustain life
205 $20 million CU-Boulder instrument package set for integration on Mars spacecraft
206 Astrophysicists identify a 'super-Jupiter' around a massive star
207 Martian history: Finding a common denominator with Earth's
208 Failed explosions explain most peculiar supernovae
209 Astronomers Pin Down Origins of "Mile Markers" for Expansion of Universe
210 N/A
211 Astronomers Directly Image Massive Star's 'Super-Jupiter'
212 Ah, that new car smell: NASA technology protects spacecraft from outgassed molecular contaminants
213 Need to filter water? Fight infection? Just open package, mix polymers
214 Study reveals clues to cause of hydrogen embrittlement in metals
215 VTT: A low-carbon Finland is a great challenge, but an achievable one
216 More than a machine
217 So BRIGHT, you need to wear shades
218 Scotch tape finds new use as grasping 'smart material'
219 VTT: Indicators and methods of sustainable development 1-sided