File Title
1 Ariane's future at heart of European space meet
2 Ariane 5's sixth launch of 2012
3 Arianespace's heavy-lift Ariane 5 flight is cleared for liftoff with EUTELSAT 21B and Star One C3
4 Globalstar Birds To Launch On Soyuz Next February
5 Ariane 5s are readied in parallel for Arianespace's next heavy-lift flights
6 S. Korea readies for delayed rocket launch
7 Lifting The Ceiling On Terran Lifeforms
8 Strange diet for methane consuming microorganisms
9 Asteroid Belts at Just the Right Place are Friendly to Life
10 Hubble helps find candidate for most distant object in the Universe yet observed
11 Optical Telescopes Benefit From Precision Hyperboloids
12 A Next-Generation X-Ray Telescope Ready to Fly
13 NASA's Uncanny Amazing Webb Mirrors
14 Las Cumbres Observatory gains first light for entire 1-meter node at CTIO
15 Born-again star foreshadows fate of Solar System
16 Instrument Will Observe Spiral Galaxy Near Big Dipper's Handle
17 The curious shape of a supernova remnant in a star-forming cloud
18 Astronomers develop new method to determine neutron star mass
19 Spatial Energy Becomes First Astrium Services OilGas Global Reseller
20 Astrium Services Extends Maritime VSAT Coverage
21 Thuraya Launches The Mobile Satellite Industry's Fastest Handheld Hotspot
22 Oceans of Choice as Maritime VSAT Services Continue Dramatic Growth
23 SATADSL To Market SES Broadband In Sub-Saharan Africa
24 NASA Innovator of Year Hunts for Extraterrestrial Amino Acids
25 MESSENGER Finds Unusual Groups of Ridges and Troughs on Mercury
26 High-Frequency Flux Transfer Events Detected Near Mercury
27 MESSENGER Data from Second Full Mercury Solar Day in Orbit Released by Planetary Data System
28 NASA's Kepler Wraps Prime Mission, Begins Extension
29 Astronomers Directly Image Massive Star's 'Super-Jupiter'
30 Lowell astronomer, collaborators point the way for exoplanet search
31 A Reborn Planetary Nebula
32 Lonely planet: Orphan world spotted in deep space
33 Lowell Astronomer, Collaborators Point The Way For Exoplanet Search
34 Nearby six-planet system could be life friendly
35 Cosmic sprinklers explained in active planetary nebula
36 Supersonic Decelerator Project 'On Track' for Success
37 Student Teams to Build and Fly Rockets With Onboard Payloads for NASA Rocketry Challenge
38 XCOR Announces ATK as Lynx Mark I Wing Detailed Design And Build Contractor
39 S. Korean space launch faces further delay
40 S. Korea urges Russia to send rocket parts swiftly
41 X-48 Blended Wing Body Research Aircraft Makes 100th Test Flight
42 NASA's Space Launch System Using Futuristic Technology to Build the Next Generation of Rockets
43 Europe, U.S. talk space program link
44 Get some bed rest--all 21 days of it
45 Plans for manned space missions advance
46 BaBar Experiment Confirms Time Asymmetry
47 CERN collider to become the world's fastest stopwatch?
48 Swiss watches tick to Chinese heartbeat
49 A Clock that Will Last Forever
50 Spacetime: A Smoother Brew Than We Knew
51 Martian And Terran History Finding a common denominator
52 Mars Longevity Champ Switching Computers
53 Israel's Iron Dome plays growing role in Gaza conflict
54 Lockheed Martin Continues To Supporting US Air Defense, Missile Warning and Space Defense Missions
55 US, Israel wrap up major joint missile drill
56 Rafael upgrades Iron Dome amid new barrage
57 Turkey discusses Patriot deployment with NATO
58 Qatar, UAE request $7.6bn in missile defense: US
59 Israel 'success' in new missile defense test
60 Russia's space forces launch missile shield rocket
61 Patriot, SM-2 engage ballistic and cruise missile targets in sophisticated test scenario
62 U.S. Air Force Awards Lockheed Martin Initial Contract for Next Set of Missile Warning Satellites
63 Biggest anti-missile drill for Israel, U.S
64 US, Israeli troops start major joint missile drill
65 Jacobs supports Patriot Excalibur system
66 Russia prepares a response to US missile defense plans
67 New Israeli anti-missile system gets ready
68 How many Russian Earth observation satellites will be in orbit by 2015?
69 What Goes Down Must Come Back Up
70 Astrium's GRAIN service shows US corn yields are lower than expected
71 Surveying Earth's interior with atomic clocks
72 Storms, Ozone, Vegetation and More: NASA-NOAA Suomi NPP Satellite Returns First Year of Data
73 Lockheed Martin Expands Range Of Cloud Computing Services for UK Government
74 Titan is also a green powerhouse
75 Cray supercomputer named world's fastest
76 Megaupload boss aims to lie low
77 ORNL Debuts Titan Supercomputer
78 U.S. unveils new supercomputer
79 50-year-old computer restored in Britain
80 Google opens window to 'where Internet lives'
81 Lockheed Martin Completes Critical Environmental Test on GPS III Pathfinder
82 Mobile GPS Tracking capability on JCB ruggedized mobile phones
83 Nokia buys 3D mapping firm in location services push
84 South Korea's rocket launch likely to take place Nov. 29
85 China launches third environment monitoring satellite
86 Study Suggests Aging Apes May Experience Mid-Life Crises
87 Chimps and orangutans may experience midlife crises, say scientists
88 Apes and the midlife crisis: Anybody would think they're human?
89 Scientists Discover An Exoplanet So Massive They're Not Even Sure It's A Planet
90 'Super-Jupiter' Discovery Dwarfs Solar System's Largest Planet
91 Alien Worlds: Exoplanets in Pictures
92 Study Suggests Aging Apes May Experience Mid-Life Crises
93 Apes and the midlife crisis: Anybody would think they're human?.?.?
94 Scientists Discover An Exoplanet So Massive They're Not Even Sure It's A Planet
95 'Super-Jupiter' Discovery Dwarfs Solar System's Largest Planet
96 Alien Worlds: Exoplanets in Pictures
97 Mars Mystery: Has Curiosity Rover Made Big Discovery?
98 Mars Rover 'Curiosity' Team Reportedly Will Reveal Major Discovery In December
99 Russia to join European Mars missions
100 Planck spots hot gas bridging galaxy clusters
101 Disbelievers of Global Warming Cannot Dispute This
102 'Chasing Ice' film composer J. Ralph sees climate change up close
103 What Climate Change Will Mean for the California Desert
104 Bluefin Fishing Quota Will Rise Only Slightly
105 Iowa scientists warn of need for climate change action
106 Iowa Climate Statement Says Drought Consistent With Climate Change
107 Galaxy Might Be Most Distant Seen Object
108 Owls' ability to fly in acoustic stealth provides clues to mitigating conventional aircraft noise
109 N/A
110 At Age 11, This Girl Named the Curiosity Rover
111 Astronauts could survive Mars radiation, Curiosity finds
112 Ball Aerospace Selected by NASA for TEMPO Air Pollution Mission
113 Group petitions to protect Alaska lake seals
114 New H.I.V. Cases Falling in Some Poor Nations, But Treatment Still Lags
115 AIDS testing for (almost) everyone? Absolutely.
116 Positive Outlook on Aging Helps Seniors Heal
117 FDA approves first-of-a-kind seasonal flu vaccine
118 DIA travelers subjected to secondhand smoke, CDC study says
119 One-in-20 Middle and High School Students Uses Steroids, Says New Study
120 More teens using muscle enhancing products
121 Toned teens: Most teen boys a and girls a trying to build muscles
122 FDA approves pump built by Framingham company for patients awaiting heart transplant
123 What do Americans drink more of: soda or alcohol?
124 The Not-So-Hidden Calories From Alcohol
125 Online medical records may not improve efficiency
126 Online Patient Access to Records May Boost Visits
127 E. Coli Infection No Threat to the Heart
128 No increased risk of CVD a decade after E coli outbreak
129 Largest OB-GYN organization urges over-the-counter birth control
130 HEALTHBEAT: Doctors group backs selling the pill over the counter but that's not likely soon
131 Consumer group posts annual report on toy safety
132 Nose cell transplants allow paralyzed dogs to walk again
133 Study: Happiness May Lead to Wealth
134 Happiness may bring you more money, study says
135 Happy teenagers earn more as adults
136 Administration Defines Benefits That Must Be Offered Under the Health Law
137 Let the free market control health insurance
138 States Get a Say in Health Law
139 Keeping It Healthy for the Holidays!
140 Don't be a turkey: Tips to avoid being stuffed at Thanksgiving
141 Health Buzz: No Job? You May Be At Higher Risk of Heart Attack
142 Sequencing supports novel coronavirus's tie to bat strains
143 Kelly Preston Sees Clues in Son Jett Travolta's Death