File Title
1 Midlife crisis strikes chimps, orangs too
2 Greenland ice melt accelerating
3 Water saving may lead to big stink
4 Greenhouse gases hit record high
5 Quantum cryptography done on standard broadband fibre
6 Ed Davey announces 'four core tariff' plan
7 New coronavirus: May be 'bat bug'
8 China and DR Congo reach communications satellite deal
9 Petroglyph thieves grab and deface California carvings
10 Two-ton Witch computer gets a reboot
11 Are these animals too 'ugly' to be saved?
12 Denmark's ash disease dieback toll poses warning to UK
13 Solar storm as desert plan to power Europe falters
14 UK's 'last typewriter' produced
15 Gaza crisis: Israel to end attacks, says Egypt's Mursi
16 Obama at Asean summit as sea row rumbles
17 HP: 'Autonomy misled on finances'
18 Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks face Operation Elveden charges
19 Syria conflict: UK recognises opposition, says William Hague
20 Occupy Sandy: From protest group to storm recovery
21 Solzhenitsyn's One Day: The book that shook the USSR
22 Cypriots seek recompense over British 'torture'
23 Syria Islamist fighters in Aleppo reject new opposition
24 India woman arrested over Facebook post in 'shock'
25 Nintendo warns against Wii U update being interrupted
26 What makes us intelligent?
27 CEO Guru: Dreams and ambitions
28 Wireless recharging: Pulling the plug on electric cars
29 DR Congo M23 rebels enter Goma city
30 Chocolate and Nobel Prizes--your theories
31 'Hollywood Holocaust' apology published by paper
32 What does war sound like now?
33 4G tests reveal patchy urban coverage
34 UK's rural broadband project gets EU approval
35 Legal row over 4Chan founder Moots nickname
36 ICANN net address endings to face government objections
37 When will UK rural areas get fast-speed fibre internet?
38 Micropayments: Would you pay 20p to read an article?
39 Further big drop in new HIV infections among children
40 Apple SVP Dan Riccio sells $11M in company stock, gives some proceeds to charity
41 Apple's iMessage and FaceTime suffer another significant outage
42 eBay launches new store for Apple certified refurbished products
43 iTunes Match down as Apple's iCloud issues continue
44 AC/DC library now available on Apple's iTunes Store
45 Intel CEO Paul Otellini to retire in May
46 President Obama calls Apple CEO Tim Cook to discuss 'fiscal cliff'
47 Investors advised to buy Apple stock after 'insanely insane' selloff
48 AuthenTec sells encryption business, suggesting Apple's interest lies in fingerprint sensors
49 Windows 8 sales fall short of Microsoft's internal projections
50 Apple purchase of Color Labs verified in bizarre lawsuit
51 ITC to review decision that cleared Apple of infringing Samsung patents
52 Apple stock rebounds 7.21% after hitting half-year low
53 Briefly: Online Apple Store showing 2-week ship times for iPhone 5, Black Friday sale announced
54 HTC head denies rumored details of Apple licensing deal
55 Apple's journaling system for iOS makes geotagging a system-wide feature
56 Nokia's dedicated 'Here' maps app hits the iOS App Store
57 Apple television predicted to headline three core product launches in 2013
58 Australian Tax Office hits Apple with bill for $28.5 million in back taxes
59 Terranova: At these prices, Apple stock is a once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunity
60 Apple 'iTV' likely not imminent
61 Jonathan Ive discusses Apple's Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh in 1997 (with video)
62 Beleaguered Dell's profit plummets 47%
63 Samsung goes after HTC deal in bid to undercut Apple
64 Apple won't deny Google Maps app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
65 Apple and Google talk arbitration over standard-essential patents
66 JFK worker busted in $1.9 million Apple iPad mini theft
67 Jason Schwarz: Apple's institutional slingshot; a rational explanation of irrational stock action
68 California family looks to community to help recover stolen iPad that gave little girl a voice
69 New patent infringement case filed against Apple over iCloud
70 Apple's next-gen OS X 10.9 will be named 'Lynx,' source says
71 Analyst: Apple roaring back with new iPhone, iPads
72 Computer Shopper reviews Apple's new Mac mini: 'Impressive, impressively compact, wrapped in Apple's excellent OS'
73 Girl Scout will get iPad, voice back; fundraiser rallies community
74 Jean-Louis Gassee: Apple can finish what Microsoft's Sinofsky started
75 Obama discusses 'fiscal cliff' with Apple CEO Tim Cook, Warren Buffett, Jamie Dimon
76 Insights into Steve Jobs' design process revealed; spent 5 years working with Philippe Starck on super yacht 'Venus'
77 Apple's iMessage and FaceTime suffer another significant outage Sunday
78 Apple stock up in pre-market trading; levels to watch
79 Apple suppliers to enjoy particularly strong Q113 as next-gen iPad and iPhone models ramp, sources say
80 All signs point to iPhone 5S release date in spring of 2013, iPhone 6 in autumn
81 Apple's redesigned iMacs not delayed until 2013, still on track for November-December
82 Apple's OS X 10.9 early builds include Siri and Maps integration
83 Apple's iTunes Match down as Apple's iCloud problems continue
84 Tim Bajarin: Why Apple's iPad mini is a disruptive technology
85 Intel CEO Paul Otellini to retire in May
86 AC/DC finally arrives on iTunes Store
87 Apple stock surges
88 Apple: Here's why the stock will go on an epic run
89 How the SEC almost shut down Wall Street
90 AuthenTec's sale of encryption unit hints Apple's interest lies in NFC and fingerprint readers
91 Apple's App Store has now seen more than 1 million approved apps since launch
92 Apple shares rocket as stock seen undervalued
93 Oprah tweets 'love' of Microsoft's Surface from her Apple iPad
94 Apple rally: Third biggest jump since financial crisis
95 Windows Phone 8 sufferers complain of random reboots, failure to fetch
96 Grinch: Android flaw skips December
97 Foxconn Brazil expansion: Hon Hai buys 350 more acres in Brazil
98 Strategy Analytics: iPad to dominate tablet downloads through at least the next 5 years
99 TechCrunch's Siegler reviews Microsoft Surface RT: 'It's time for a drop test--right into the garbage can'
100 Design guru Nielsen: Windows 8 a 'misguided' product; UI 'smothers usability'
101 Apple retail reduces stress of shopping on Black Friday
102 Beleaguered HP takes $8.8 billion writedown on Autonomy; forecasts profit miss on slumping Windows PC sales
103 The unsung, intrinsic Apple advantage over Android
104 HTC claims to be 'very, very happy' with Apple settlement, slams media estimates
105 Samsung granted U.S. ITC review of loss to Apple in patent case
106 Apple, Tesla completely embarrass Microsoft whose employees should be livid, ashamed or both