File Title
1 Eruption fears rise at 'Mount Doom'
2 Aussie blue whales call Antarctica home
3 New mark for oldest, furthest galaxy
4 SpaceX CEO Elon Musk: 'Europe's rocket has no chance'
5 Solar storm as desert plan to power Europe falters
6 Nomadd: Cleaning solar power's dirty side
7 Nose cell transplant enables paralysed dogs to walk
8 Richard III dig: Results expected in January
9 UK bird population down by 44m since 1966, report finds
10 Scottish dig unearths '10,000-year-old home' at Echline
11 Defense firms seek broader agenda
12 London's future skyline in doubt
13 London's post-Olympics plan
14 Australian drunk survives attempt to ride crocodile
15 GOCE gravity mapper surfs atmosphere
16 US President Obama hails Burma's 'remarkable journey'
17 Gaza crisis: Deaths soar amid fresh Israeli strikes
18 France UMP vote: Fillon and Cope both claim victory
19 Anni Dewani murder: South African Xolile Mngeni guilty
20 Syria crisis: Refugee children 'face winter risks'
21 The shock of the (male) nude
22 Marijuana legalisation in the US: Five burning questions
23 Does chocolate make you clever?
24 Pupils hiding talents from bullies, survey suggests
25 India arrests over Facebook post criticising Mumbai shutdown
26 Fugitive McAfee blogs on the run from Belize police
27 Formula for success--steering wheel
28 Brazil's Bruno Fernandes tried for ex-lover's murder
29 AC/DC release recordings on iTunes
30 Charitable mobile network The People's Operator launches
31 Android flaw blocks December dates
32 Help wanted on O2 porn piracy cases
33 Anonymous hacker group attacks Israeli websites
34 Cisco to buy US cloud computing firm Meraki for $1.2bn
35 Wii U: Expert viewpoints on Nintendo's games console launch
36 Viewpoint: Small firms prove to be weak link to hackers
37 Colombian Farc rebels announce Christmas ceasefire
38 Phone patents: An absurd battle
39 Possession, Jinn and Britain's backstreet exorcists
40 Joe Brolly: failed transplant a 'miserable' end to 'amazing' experience
41 BBC sex abuse scandal: Can you get sued over a tweet?
42 Earth's carbon mostly in its core
43 Math reveals perfectly cozy penguin huddles
44 New satellite would be space-based gas station
45 Google fined $22.5 million for Safari tracking
46 Crew in good spirits after Soyuz landing
47 Is Apple slipping?
48 Israel's assault on Palestinian militants in Gaza takes rising toll on civilians
49 Broadwell said to be devastated by Petraeus scandal
50 Lull in Gaza rocket fire, Israel keeps up strikes
51 Rep. Allen West challenger declares victory--again--after missed certification deadline
52 Obama: Israel has "right to defend itself"
53 Durbin: GOP holding Susan Rice to different standard
54 Multiple sclerosis study uses nanoparticles to stop immune system from attacking
55 FDA says peanut company tied to salmonella outbreak knowingly shipped tainted products
56 Premature birth rates could fall with five proven steps, report finds
57 Baby's death spurs recall of 220,000 infant travel beds
58 5-Hour Energy CEO stands by product's safety
59 Outrage grows after death of woman denied life-saving abortion
60 FedEx, UPS probed over online pharmacies' packages
61 Caffeinated Cracker Jacks concerns consumer group
62 US adults drink about as many calories from alcohol as they do from sugary drinks
63 New Species Sit on Museum Shelves for 21 Years
64 Darker Waters Mean More Jellyfish in Norway
65 Christmas Trees Wither Under Midwest Drought
66 Meat, Cooked Foods Needed for Early Human Brain
67 Top 10 Black Friday Tech Deals
68 Why Pot Makes Some People Psychotic
69 Muscle Building Common Among Teens
70 Why US Oil Dominance Won't Lower Gas Prices
71 How Droughts Can Cause Power Outages
72 Plentiful US Oil Won't Kill Renewable Energy
73 New Technologies Drive Oil Boom in U.S.
74 Denver UFOs Likely Insects, Says Cinematographer
75 Breakthrough Nanoparticle Halts Multiple Sclerosis in Mice, Offers Hope for Other Immune-Related Diseases
76 Skin Cells Reveal DNA's Genetic Mosaic
77 Leap Forward in Brain-Controlled Computer Cursors: New Algorithm Greatly Improves Speed and Accuracy
78 New Model Reveals How Huddling Penguins Share Heat Fairly
79 Flame Retardants Used in Foam Upholstered Furniture and Other Products Linked to Neurodevelopmental Delays in Children
80 Himalayan Glaciers Will Shrink by Almost 10 Percent, Even If Temperatures Hold Steady
81 Medical Vital-Sign Monitoring Reduced to the Size of a Postage Stamp
82 At Least One-Third of Marine Species Remain Undescribed
83 Tenth of Quirky Creature's Active Genes Are Foreign: Believed to 'Ingest' DNA from Other Simple Organisms
84 Wax-Filled Nanotech Yarn Behaves Like Powerful, Super-Strong Muscle
85 This Is Your Brain On Freestyle Rap: Study Reveals Characteristic Brain Patterns of Lyrical Improvisation
86 How Insects Domesticate Bacteria to Live Symbiotically: Symbiotic Microbes' Origin Discovered After Man Impales Hand On Branch
87 Brazilian Mediums Shed Light On Brain Activity During a Trance State
88 Likely Basis of Birth Defect Causing Premature Skull Closure in Infants Identified
89 New Bulimia Treatment Developed
90 Virtual Reality Could Spot Real-World Cognitive Impairments
91 Optogenetics Illuminates Pathways of Motivation Through Brain
92 Technique Produces Bandgap to Advance Graphene Electronics
93 Measuring 'the Cloud: 'Performance Could Be Better
94 Largest Resolution Immersive Visualization Facility
95 What's Behind the Success of the Soccer 'Knuckleball'
96 Visualizing Floating Cereal Patterns to Understand Nanotechnology Processes
97 Call to Modernize Antiquated Climate Negotiations
98 Indirect Effects of Climate Change Could Alter Landscapes
99 GOCE's Second Mission Improving Gravity Map
100 Probing the Mystery of the Venus Fly Trap's Botanical Bite
101 Mercury Poisoning Ruled out as Cause of Tycho Brahe's Death
102 Genetics Point to Serious Pregnancy Complication, Pre-Eclampsia
103 New Regulator of the Blood Coagulation Cascade Discovered
104 Health Reform Could Provide More Than a Million Women in the U.S. With Access to Potentially Life Saving Tests for Breast and Cervical Cancer
105 DNA Packaging Discovery Reveals Principles by Which CRC Mutations May Cause Cancer
106 Anxiety Linked to Chest Pain in Children
107 Potential New Technique for Anticancer Radiotherapy Could Provide Alternative to Brachytherapy
108 Planning Meals Help People With Diabetes Enjoy the Holidays
109 Is the Detection of Early Markers of Epstein Barr Virus of Diagnostic Value?
110 Fear of the Dentist Is Passed On to Children by Their Parents
111 Study Shows Different Approach After Progression in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients
112 Overwhelming Public Support for Whistleblowers
113 Women in Congress Outperform Men On Some Measures
114 A New Way of Looking at Prader-Willi Syndrome
115 Fire the Coach? Not So Fast, Says New Study
116 Into the Magnetic Resonance Scanner With a Cuddly Toy
117 Women Eager to Negotiate Salaries, When Given the Opportunity
118 Daycare Linked to Being Overweight
119 Children Who Swim Start Smarter, Study Suggests
120 Homophobia in Sport: Sporting Identity, Authoritarian Aggression, and Social Dominance
121 When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get...more Relief from a Placebo?
122 Plant Derivative, Tanshinones, Protects Against Sepsis, Study Suggests
123 Dietary Glucose Affects the Levels of a Powerful Oncogene in Mice
124 Location, Location, Location: Membrane 'Residence' Gives Proteases Novel Abilities
125 Video-Article Shows How to Purify Magnetic Bacteria
126 Carbon Nanotubes May Protect DNA from Oxidation
127 Conserving Biodiversity and Sustaining Livelihoods Are Essential Components for Achieving Climate Change Mitigation Goals in Long Run
128 First Standard for Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide
129 Plants' Exposure to Light Influences Organic Weed Control Methods
130 Streams Show Signs of Degradation at Earliest Stages of Urban Development
131 Saving Salmon from Deadly Sea Lice
132 Science of the Search for Richard III
133 Uncommon Features of Einstein's Brain Might Explain His Remarkable Cognitive Abilities
134 America's Ancient Hurricane Belt and the U.S.-Canada Equator
135 Scientists Improve Dating of Early Human Settlement
136 Preserving Van Gogh's Priceless Masterpieces
137 Snap the Stars to See Your Photo On ESA Portal
138 Searching for Elusive Dark Matter Material
139 NASA Innovator of Year Hunts for Extraterrestrial Amino Acids
140 Robotic Explorers May Usher in Lunar 'Water Rush'
141 NASA Rover Providing New Weather and Radiation Data About Mars
142 Development of Novel Conduction Control Technique for Graphene
143 Artist's Inspiration: How Robot Soccer Led to a Mathematician's Mirror That Reflects Your True Face
144 Pushing Boundaries of Electron Microscopy to Unlock the Potential of Graphene
145 How 'Black Swans' and 'Perfect Storms' Become Lame Excuses for Bad Risk Management
146 Tapping Into Carbon Dioxide Storage Potential of Mine Waste
147 Technology Only a Tool in Search for Solutions to Poverty
148 Using Skills Gleaned from Video Games, High School and College Students Outmatch Medical Residents in Surgical Simulations
149 Physicists Skirt Thermal Vibration, Transfer Optical Signal Via Mechanical Oscillator
150 Titan--World's Most Powerful Supercomputer--Is Also a Green Powerhouse
151 Scientists Discover Ways to Optimize Light Sources for Vision: Tuning Lighting Devices Could Save Billions