File Title
1 Robotic explorers may usher in lunar 'water rush'
2 Fujifilm will introduce a 1TB optical disc in 2015
3 Qeexo screentouch experience puts knuckles and nails to work (w/ video)
4 Hubble traps galactic fireflies
5 Confining supersymmetry: LHCb presents evidence of rare B decay
6 Computer model shows strong magnetic fields may alter alignment of black hole accretion disks and plasma jets
7 Is dark energy static or dynamic?
8 Study suggests humans are slowly but surely losing intellectual and emotional abilities
9 Scientists use quasars to probe dark energy over 10 billion years in the past
10 Astronomers find 'homeless' planet wandering through space
11 Candidate for most distant object in the Universe yet observed
12 New brain gene gives us edge over apes, study suggests
13 A new chapter of solar energy conversion and storage?
14 Surprising competition found in high-temperature superconductors
15 Climate change: drought benchmark is flawed, study says
16 Himalayan glaciers will shrink even if temperatures hold steady, study says
17 Kepler wraps prime mission, begins extension
18 Students may rely on calculators to bypass a more holistic understanding of mathematics, researcher says
19 Interstellar dust and the sun
20 Wax-filled nanotech yarn behaves like powerful, super-strong muscle (w/ video)
21 Uncommon features of Einstein's brain might explain his remarkable cognitive abilities
22 Cray supercomputer named world's fastest
23 New metamaterial lens focuses radio waves: Device could improve satellite and molecular imaging
24 UK telecoms regulator studies possibility of 5G
25 'Do Not Track' privacy effort at crossroads
26 Mathematicians develop a new 'third way' to improve airplane boarding
27 Anthropologist finds large differences in gait of early human ancestors
28 Archaeologists identify spear tips used in hunting a half-million years ago
29 The curious shape of a supernova remnant in a star-forming cloud
30 US urges safety technologies be made standard (Update 2)
31 Nano insights could lead to improved nuclear reactors: Researchers examine self-healing abilities of some materials
32 Development of novel conduction control technique for graphene
33 New coating technique finds application in next-generation lithium battery anodes
34 Nanoparticles: A greater danger to the environment than previously thought
35 Controlling heat flow through a nanostructure
36 Research pushes the boundaries of electron microscopy to unlock the potential of graphene
37 Optical microscopes lend a hand to graphene research
38 Study suggests carbon nanotubes may protect DNA from oxidation
39 Novel process to detect proteins could simplify kidney disease detection
40 Key property of graphene sustained over wide ranges of density and energy
41 Paper-and-scissors technique rocks the nano world
42 Nanometer-scale diamond tips improve nano-manufacturing
43 Scientists 'clone' carbon nanotubes to unlock their potential
44 Innovative medical textiles eliminates bacteria
45 Antenna-on-a-chip rips the light fantastic
46 What's behind the success of the soccer 'Knuckleball'
47 Mixing processes could increase the impact of biofuel spills on aquatic environments
48 Exploring middle ground of solids and liquids
49 Probing the mystery of the Venus fly trap's botanical bite
50 Creating a coating of water-repellent microscopic particles to keep ice off airplanes
51 Visualizing floating cereal patterns to understand nanotechnology processes
52 Important progress for spintronics: A spin amplifier to be used in room temperature
53 LLNL scientists assist in building detector to search for elusive dark matter material
54 Physicists skirt thermal vibration, transfer optical signal via mechanical oscillator
55 Mathematician makes breakthrough in understanding of turbulence
56 Researchers entangle a single electron spin to a single photon in a quantum dot
57 Physicists create tractor beam for microscopic particles
58 Discovery of anomalous softening phenomenon and shear bands suppression effect in metallic glass
59 Call to modernize antiquated climate negotiations
60 Europe juggles ambitions, constraints in talks on space
61 Middle schoolers to explore sky with robotic telescopes
62 Research comes home to roost: six years later, Revelle returns
63 New research could improve sustainability and cost effectiveness of wastewater treatment
64 Melt water on Mars could sustain life
65 Hunting for high life: What lives in Earth's stratosphere?
66 NASA innovator hunts for extraterrestrial amino acids
67 Crescent moon sets stage for brilliant Leonids meteor shower
68 GOCE's second mission improving gravity map
69 How does groundwater pumping affect streamflow?
70 Robots are marching into homes
71 Review: Mini could become Apple's most popular iPad
72 TV, movie features on new Wii U delayed until Dec. (Update)
73 Review: Nintendo Wii U blows up dual-screen gaming
74 Nintendo seeks to shake up gaming again with Wii U (Update)
75 Larger version of Kindle Fire tablet unleashed
76 Samsung introduces advanced memory storage solution for slim smartphones and tablets
77 Review: Nexus 10 tablet showcases Google media play
78 Researchers take another step towards mind controlled robots
79 Lawyer sues Microsoft over Surface tablet storage (Update)
80 Titan is also a green powerhouse
81 Fund-seeking PengPod wants to inspire Truly Linux tablet movement
82 New Google smartphone--Nexus 4--sells out
83 Buzz building for debut of Wii U videogame console
84 Jawbone "Up" fitness wristbands get in shape
85 Israel facing 'millions' of cyber-attacks over Gaza
86 Google's Android is eating Apple's lunch
87 Pinball wizard puts Facebook users on Yellow Brick Road
88 China's home-grown plane rises to the challenge
89 Hackers down hundreds of Israeli sites over Gaza
90 Aging nuke plants add to Europe's economic woes (Update)
91 Solar vehicles in Chile race across world's driest desert
92 Do you trust the government with your computer?
93 SHARP could slash nuclear reactor design costs
94 US adds eBay to accused firms in 'poaching' probe (Update)
95 Judge approves FTC's $22.5M fine of Google (Update)
96 Artificial ion channels created using DNA origami
97 A new phase in cellular communication
98 Dartmouth research pursues problematic polymers
99 New ink formulated to print living human tissue
100 Advancing the use of DNA in nanotechnology with new technique that dissolves DNA in organic solvents
101 Cell membrane studies helping to tackle antibiotic resistance
102 Next-generation device enabling improved smartphone battery life and high definition in televisions
103 New injectable gels toughen up after entering the body
104 Quick, high-volume test offers fast track in search for Alzheimer's drugs
105 Researchers discover key link in a deadly staph bacteria
106 GW Research chosen as 'paper of the week' for blood coagulation discovery
107 Gold nanoparticle catalyst that learns from enzyme in nature
108 Ingredient in diarrhea medicine leads to sustainable new farm fertilizer
109 Boosting the sensitivity of airport security screening
110 Preserving van Gogh's priceless masterpieces
111 Researcher: The clocks are ticking and the climate is changing
112 DNA tests show Lonesome George may not have been last of his species
113 30,000-year-old DNA preserved in poo a window into the past
114 Location, location, location: Membrane 'residence' gives proteases novel abilities
115 Scientists study how the endangered Baird's tapir and farmers in Nicaragua can co-exist
116 New whale shark study used metabolomics to help understand shark and ray health
117 Hard to fish areas of the seabed may act as refuges for endangered skate
118 Streetlight policies could cast a shadow over wildlife
119 Strategies to control crazy ants taking shape for researchers
120 Tests set for experimental drug for laminitis
121 Hong Kong customs seize over a ton of smuggled ivory
122 Light-and-sound attacks used against Rome's starlings
123 Calm cattle have a dark side
124 Scientists show protein-making machinery can switch gears with a small structural change process
125 DNA 'ingesting': A tenth of quirky creature's active genes are foreign
126 Study identifies four family cultures in America
127 Anthropologist suggests Mediterranean islands inhabited much earlier than thought
128 US job recovery: Half way there
129 New model reveals how huddling penguins share heat fairly
130 Basketball teams offer insights into building strategic networks
131 Level up: Study reveals keys to gamer loyalty
132 Aspiration, assets can lead youth down path to college
133 Study investigates conflict prevention warnings
134 How 'black swans' and 'perfect storms' become lame excuses for bad risk management
135 'It's not like CSI': The science of the search for Richard III
136 Study: Cellphone bans associated with fewer urban accidents
137 Scientists improve dating of early human settlement
138 Mercury poisoning ruled out as cause of Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe's death
139 Family commitment blended with strong religion dampens civic participation, researcher finds
140 New study gives insight into subtle genomic differences among our own cells
141 New algorithm greatly improves speed and accuracy of thought-controlled computer cursor
142 Optogenetics illuminates pathways of motivation through brain, study shows
143 Research discovers likely basis of birth defect causing premature skull closure in infants
144 Daycare has many benefits for children, but researchers find mysterious link with overweight
145 Researchers find that listening abilities depend on rhythms in the brain
146 Study shows people capable of reading and solving math equations subconsciously
147 Doctors communicate with man assumed to be in vegetative state using fMRI
148 Researchers report potential new treatment to stop Alzheimer's disease
149 Discovery of ways to optimize light sources for vision could lead to billions of dollars in energy savings
150 Neuroscientists suggest perception of harmonicity, not beating underlies perception of dissonance
151 Brazilian mediums shed light on brain activity during a trance state
152 Gene distinguishes early birds from night owls and helps predict time of death
153 Meditation produces enduring changes in emotional processing in the brain, study shows
154 Neurons made from stem cells drive brain activity after transplantation in laboratory model
155 Wandering minds associated with aging cells
156 Neural circuit in the songbird brain that encodes representation of learned vocal sounds located
157 Hepatitis C treatment's side effects can now be studied in the lab
158 DNA packaging discovery reveals principles by which CRC mutations may cause cancer
159 Study finds anxiety linked to chest pain in children
160 Parkinson's disease protein causes disease spread and neuron death in healthy animals
161 Exercise benefits found for pregnancies with high blood pressure
162 Study offers clues to cause of kids' brain tumors
163 Rare genetic mutation triples Alzheimer's risk
164 Meditation expertise changes experience of pain
165 Research breakthrough could halt melanoma metastasis
166 Rare human parasite found in US horse for the first time, researchers report
167 Arthritis study reveals why gender bias is all in the genes