File Title
1 'Island of Blue Dolphins' Cave Possibly Found
2 Archaeologists Return to Uncover Ancient Karkemish
3 Pharaonic princess's tomb found near Cairo, Egypt (Update)
4 Medieval copper smelter find is Norway's oldest
5 Excavations Uncover Common Life in Ancient Petra
6 Seventh century eclipse marked the end of temple site
7 Anglo-Saxon hall found in Kent is 'tip of the iceberg'
8 Ancient Scribe Penned Manuscripts Linking Dead Sea Scrolls with Manuscripts Found at Masada in Israel
9 Archeologists Examine One of the Oldest Hoards Found in Europe
10 Bishop's seal found in field on display at museum
11 Tomb of Ancient Egyptian Princess Discovered in Unusual Spot
12 Small lethal tools have big implications for early modern human complexity
13 Should we keep the Vikings' stolen goods?
14 Help save the cultural heritage of Afghanistan
15 Iceman was Central Europe native, new research finds
16 Climate Change Strongly Linked to Maya Collapse, Say Researchers
17 Supervolcano Rained Acid on Both Poles--But Wasn't So Bad After All?
18 Archaeologists explore site on Syria-Turkey border (Update)
19 Archaeologists discover Thracian golden jewelry
20 Israeli archaeologists ponder possible whodunit
21 'Palaeo-porn': we've got it all wrong
22 Piece of Surf City history emerges after Sandy
23 Archaeologists discover human burials that signal the final phase of Pre-Hispanic period
24 10th Century B.C.E. Egyptian Scarab, Ritual Baths Unearthed in Jerusalem Excavation
25 Researching the remains of the Spanish Civil War in Alicante
26 Stone houses came to light at Koutroulou Magoula
27 Were Roman slaves hungry?
28 Hittites ahead of their time in dam building
29 Desecrated Ancient Temple Sheds Light on Early Power Struggles at Tel Beth-Shemesh
30 Unusual find saved just in time
31 Some Hard Questions May Be the Wrong Questions--or Not
32 Construction Site Offers Fleeting Glimpse of the Civil War Past
33 Ancient site contrasts Syrian clash
34 Ancient Roman Giant Found--Oldest Complete Skeleton With Gigantism
35 Mayan Bones Reveal Painful End
36 Unearthing a Civil War time capsule
37 Is the Harappan civilisation 2000 years older?
38 Ancient Temple Dating Back to 1100 BC Found in Israel
39 Stone-Tipped Spears Used Much Earlier Than Thought, Say Researchers
40 Digging up scandalous nuns' past
41 Saving the ruins of Herculaneum
42 Archaeologists unearth 3,000-year-old pre-Buddhist era cemetery in Pakistan's Swat region
43 City announces discovery of S.S. City of Medicine Hat remains
44 500-year-old remains of 3 males unearthed in remote Alaska
45 An ancient city (1200-100 BC) comes to light at Krousona
46 Elite Maya residencies occupied by both living and dead
47 Scythian warriors show genetic blending between Europeans and Asians
48 Scientists improve dating of early human settlement
49 British Museum exhibit Gebelein Man died 'violent death'
50 Is the toilet seat really the dirtiest place in the home?
51 Gaza crisis: Israeli air strikes hit Hamas HQ
52 Egypt bus crash kills 50 children near Manfalut
53 Bal Thackeray, Hindu leader and Shiv Sena founder, dies
54 Fears for Australia missing girl after crocodile attack
55 Calais after Sangatte: The migrants 'worth less than cattle'
56 India textbook says meat-eaters lie and commit sex crimes
57 Alan Gross sues US over detention in Cuba
58 David Petraeus: Benghazi attack 'was terror strike'
59 'Breakthrough' meningitis B vaccine set to receive UK licence
60 French Alps shooting: Prosecutor still baffled by motive for al-Hilli murders
61 Savita Halappanavar: Vigils held in Dublin and Galway
62 Gaza a dangerous crisis for turbulent Middle East
63 Will we ever...have safe cigarettes?
64 Uncovering the hidden bodies in Saudi art
65 New Technologies Drive Oil Boom in U.S.
66 Mayan Doomsday 'Safe Zone' Shut Down
67 Earth's Carbon Mostly in Its Core
68 Math Reveals Perfectly Cozy Penguin Huddles
69 Probable Higgs Boson Particle Just Plain 'Vanilla'
70 Sandy's Destruction Revealed in Aerial Scans
71 Taking a New Perspective, Researchers Develop New Locating Tech
72 How Siblings Influence Your Health
73 'Odd Little Creature' Skips Sex and Eats DNA
74 World's Largest Land Crabs Tracked With GPS
75 Satellites Track Post-Sandy Pollutants
76 Science You Can Eat: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Food
77 Reclaiming Poisoned Land With Manure
78 Hawks Locked Up As Galapagos Rats Poisoned
79 Will Hostess Join These 10 Beloved Brands Gone Forever?
80 Banning Cellphones in Cars Only Helps in Cities
81 Strong Earthquake Strikes Russia's Kuril Islands
82 Going Green: The Most Plantlike Animals
83 4G iPad mini: Which Carrier Has Best Deal?
84 Walruses Forced Ashore as Arctic Ice Disappears
85 Mystery of Memory: Why It's Not Perfect
86 Tycho Brahe Died from Pee, Not Poison
87 New Touch Screen Tech 'Listens' to Your Taps
88 Love Black Friday? You're Not Alone
89 Why Mental Disorders Persist in Humans
90 Nuclear One-Two Punch Could Knock Out Dangerous Asteroid
91 Step Taken Toward Ebola Vaccine
92 Can Energy Drinks Cause Miscarriages?
93 Relaxing Is Stressful for Some
94 Russia's Stealth Fighter Could Match U.S. Jets, Analyst Says
95 Russian Roulette--An Excerpt From the Wired E-Book John McAfee's Last Stand
96 Hints of Life in Deepest Scientific Marine Samples Ever Collected
97 Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can't Protect Us Anymore
98 Why Pro Gamers Don't Play Call of Duty
99 How Medieval Arms Race Led to Swords Capable of Killing 'Tin Can' Knights
100 Increasing Heat Prompts Elevated Alert Status at New Zealand's Ruapehu
101 10 Things Parents Should Know About Nintendo's Wii U
102 The New York Times Is Wrong: Strong Passwords Can't Save Us
103 So You Want in on the Music Biz? Fred Wilson Has 4 Things to Tell You
104 iRobot Hand Survives Brutal Stress Test From a Baseball Bat
105 What Google Should Do With the Nexus Q (Hint: Give It Google TV)
106 Microsoft Offers Guide to Adapting Your Site for IE 10
107 Donkey Kong vs. the World: Nintendo Bets Big on Wii U
108 Urine The Money
109 Spark Socket Connects Your Regular Old Light Bulbs to the Internet
110 Another Day, Another $678 Million Stealth Jet Wrecked
111 Asexual, All-Female Animal's Survival Trick: DNA Hijacking
112 Whose Cloud Stores Your Health Data?