File Title
1 Drought 'overestimated by faulty index'
2 Genome study goes the whole hog
3 Lost in space world discovered
4 Astronomer Tycho Brahe 'not poisoned,' says expert
5 Unmanned aircraft project leads push to civilian drones
6 BP to get record US criminal fine over Deepwater disaster
7 David Attenborough's life lessons
8 Three Israelis killed by Gaza rocket as violence escalates
9 China confirms leadership change
10 France to push for arming Syria's opposition coalition
11 Petraeus scandal: Broadwell and Kelley's access revoked
12 Who, What, Why: Who first called it a 'fiscal cliff'?
13 Jose Mujica: The world's 'poorest' president
14 Breakfast, lunch and dinner: Have we always eaten them?
15 Expert appointed over Savita Halappanavar death
16 How Palestinian and Israeli firepower compare
17 Dave Lee Travis arrested on suspicion of sexual offences
18 Eurozone falls back into recession
19 Israel and Hamas wage Twitter war over Gaza conflict
20 NASA to encrypt data after its latest laptop loss
21 Online shopping technology faces OFT focus
22 YouView faces legal challenge to the use of its brand
23 Sittingbourne firm finds solution to recycling TVs
24 India 2G telecom auction falls short of target
25 Software pioneer John McAfee denies murder in Belize
26 For Sale: Cheap access to corporate computers
27 Moderate drinking in pregnancy 'harms IQ'
28 Ebola outbreak in Uganda kills two
29 Birmingham QE staff 'adapt to skills of the Taliban'
30 Will mobile sensors revolutionise healthcare?
31 Surface tablet is most popular Windows 8 device
32 FBI agent in Petraeus scandal was hero, twice
33 Email privacy: What Petraeus needed to know
34 Pinterest separates personal, business accounts
35 Scientists debate a license to smoke cigarettes
36 Petraeus to testify behind closed doors on Benghazi Friday
37 FBI agent linked to Petraeus scandal identified as Frederick Humphries
38 Romney: Obama won by giving "gifts" to voter blocs
39 Shania Twain stops traffic, kicks off Vegas stint on horseback
40 Obama: Attacks on Susan Rice "outrageous"
41 Secessionist leader: Texas should separate from Marxist states
42 Pelosi to stay on as Minority Leader
43 FDA investigating 13 deaths tied to 5-hour Energy
44 Hormone oxytocin may keep men monogamous, study suggests
45 Parents slam Irish abortion laws after woman dies
46 Meditation may reduce risk of dying from heart attack, strokes
47 Women who have migraines more likely to have non-dangerous brain lesions
48 87-year-old Illinois doctor charges $5 per visit
49 Pharmacy head pleads Fifth at meningitis outbreak hearing
50 371 million people have diabetes globally, about half undiagnosed
51 FDA chief asks House for more power to police pharmacies
52 Earthquake Shakes Southern Mexico
53 Carved Marriage Proposal Found at Quarantine Station
54 Reference: Masada: Fortress of the Zealots
55 Right Light Keeps Van Gogh's Flowers Fresh
56 Skunk Scares Off Cougar in Camera Trap Photo
57 NASA's Prolific Planet-Hunting Mission Goes Into Overtime
58 Restorative Flood in Grand Canyon Starts Sunday Night
59 Hurricane Sandy Smashes Ocean Wave Records
60 Worm Regeneration May Lend A Hand in Human Healing
61 Brain Waves Transformed into Music
62 Light Drinking While Pregnant Could Lower Baby's IQ
63 Bonobos Catch Yawns from Friends
64 Oldest Panda Fossils Found in Surprising Place
65 Does 'Edible Deodorant' Pass the Smell Test?
66 Who's Your Daddy? For Great White Shark, Maybe It's Mako
67 Wanna Watch Lemurs? Head to North Carolina
68 Alien Planets With Extra Suns Can Have Strange Orbits
69 Strong Earthquake Strikes in Chile
70 Curiosity Rover's Chemistry Lab Takes 1st First Taste of Mars Soil
71 The Unconscious Brain Can Do Math, Read
72 Traffic Makes Grasshoppers Sing Higher, Louder
73 Robo-Fish Attracts Living Kin with Tail Wave
74 New Count Reveals One of Rarest US Birds
75 Homeland Security to Test Social Media as Disease-Tracking Tool
76 When Does 'Old Age' Start? When You Stop Shopping
77 Millipede's 750 Wiggling Legs Snag World Record
78 Bright Tablets Help Bad Eyes Read Faster
79 Petraeus Mystery: What Is an 'Unpaid Social Liaison'?
80 Expedition to Count Endangered Chinese Porpoises
81 Some Fungal Meningitis Patients Slowly Recovering
82 Oxytocin Keeps Attached Men Away from Other Women
83 Relax, Girl: Boyfriend's 'Love Hormone' Wards Off Your Rivals
84 Fish Are Easy Pickin's Just Outside Protected Areas
85 US Preterm Birth Rate Reaches Decade Low
86 7 Gadgets to Keep Your Child Safe & Healthy
87 Are Entrepreneurs Healthier Than Other Workers?
88 Reference: Archaeopteryx: The Transitional Fossil
89 Cyborg Guinea Pig's Inner Ear Becomes a Battery
90 Astrophile: Lonely planet roams with stellar outcasts
91 Lost in Space: A Starless Planet Floats Alone
92 Oldest panda relative may have been Spanish
93 Russia restores comms with space station after roadworks cut cable
94 Links Restored to Russian Satellites As Cable Fixed
95 Cray bumps IBM from Top500 supercomputer top spot
96 Cray's Titan Supercomputer Displaces IBM's Sequoia as World's Fastest
97 Galapagos Bombarded with Poison in Effort to Rid an Island of Rats
98 World's LEGGIEST BLONDE is super-rare millipede living in SF
99 Gadzooks, Another Invisibility Cloak! So Why Is This One 'Perfect'?
100 Humans Are Getting Dumber And Dumber, Says Stanford Researcher Gerald Crabtree
101 S. Fla. Boaters Warned To Slow Down For Migrating Manatees
102 BOSS Bang boffins: DARK ENERGY spreading across the Universe
103 Quasars Help Shed Light on Dark Energy Mystery
104 NASA's Kepler Mission Extends Hunt For Earthlike Planets To 2016
105 Walrus coming to shore more in Alaska (+VIDEO)
106 Early Human Ancestors Ate Grass
107 Ancient hominid had an unusual diet
108 NASA: Antarctic sea ice grows--but the climate's still changing
109 Poles apart: satellites reveal why Antarctic sea ice grows as Arctic melts
110 Higgs boson continues to be maddeningly well-behaved
111 Higgs: New ATLAS And CMS Results
112 What will physicists learn this week in Kyoto?
113 New Higgs Results Bring Relief--and Disappointment
114 New Large Hadron Collider data may thin out theories in particle physics
115 Large Hadron Collider Data May Cast Doubt On 'Supersymmetry,' CERN Physicists Say
116 Exoplanet name book seeks to raise money for space exploration
117 Alzheimer's risk gene points to role of inflammation
118 Alzheimer's Tied to Mutation Harming Immune Response
119 5-Hour Energy Drinks Cited in 13 Deaths
120 Caffeinated Drink Cited in Reports of 13 Deaths
121 CDC: Breast cancer mortality higher in black women
122 Breast Cancer Study: Strong Social Ties Improve Chance Of Survival
123 Commish says FDA needs to oversee compounders but spars with House over how
124 A Compounding Fracture at the FDA
125 Hospital Pharmacists Want Better Oversight of Drug Compounders
126 Scores isolated as new outbreak of Ebola fever kills 3 in district near the Ugandan capital
127 Hormone may help protect monogamous relationships
128 Relax, girl: Boyfriend's 'love hormone' wards off your rivals
129 Light Drinking While Pregnant Could Lower Baby's IQ
130 New Infection, Not Relapse, Brings Back Lyme Symptoms, Study Says
131 Repeat Lyme Is Reinfection, Not Relapse
132 Family Planning Is A Human Right, Says U.N.
133 Family planning must be development priority, says UNFPA report
134 Genome reveals pigs' history, and promise for medical research
135 Researchers Report on Findings from Pig Genome
136 Carl Icahn gives $200 million to NY medical school
137 Pepsi's Fat-Fighting Soda: Too Good to Be True?
138 High-Fiber Pepsi: The Choice of a New, Weird Generation
139 Pepsi's New Fat Blocking Soda Unleashed On Japanese Consumers
140 California mom gives birth to triplets weighing more than 20 pounds
141 The smokers' end game
142 Ohio House Committee Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood
143 Revenge of Planned Parenthood
144 Meditation Might Cut Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke in Blacks
145 Meditation Benefits Heart in Blacks
146 Banned PCBs Tied to Lower Fertility
147 Health coalition seeks $1 cigarette tax increase