File Title
1 Particle change a major find by CERN scientists
2 Grasshoppers boost bass in search for love
3 'Toxic sea' led to Devonian extinction
4 Great whites 'not evolved from megashark'
5 'Rogue planet' spotted 100 light-years away
6 Urban grasshoppers change their tune for females
7 Tory MP apologises for appearing to encourage rival in Corby by-election
8 Australia solar eclipse delights thousands
9 DNA sequencing of MRSA used to stop outbreak
10 'Perfect' Archduke Joseph diamond sells for $21m
11 US high security bio lab faces uncertain future
12 Ugandans evicted to make way for oil refinery
13 Living in: Melbourne
14 Israeli air strike kills Hamas military chief Jabari
15 European workers stage austerity protests
16 Woman dies after abortion request 'refused' at Galway hospital
17 Pakistan agrees Afghan Taliban releases in Islamabad talks
18 Neda Soltani: 'The media mix-up that ruined my life'
19 Petraeus affair: Why the cult of the American general?
20 Uganda to pass anti-gay law as 'Christmas gift'
21 'Book Mountain' lets Netherlands readers explore pyramid of paper
22 Toyota to recall 2.7 million cars worldwide
23 Manchester United reduces debt to 359.7m pounds
24 China party congress wraps up ahead of leadership unveiling
25 Skype tackles hack vulnerability that put accounts at risk
26 Google Fiber offers super-fast broadband to Kansas City
27 Enigma coding machine beats auction estimate in London
28 Blackberry introduces free wi-fi calls on BBM chat tool
29 Spike in government surveillance of Google
30 Nokia to offer free maps app and service for rival handsets
31 Sharp shares jump on Intel investment report
32 Cisco profit jumps 18% amid higher sales and cost cuts
33 Belize seeks software pioneer John McAfee over murder
34 Motorola unveils a computer that straps onto your head
35 'Fine distracted mobile users'
36 Call for global crackdown on fake medicines
37 Should you need a licence to smoke?
38 Alien orphan: Rogue planet found floating without star
39 Email privacy: What you need to know
40 Curiosity rover takes first taste of Martian soil
41 Google Fiber 1 gigabit Internet launches in Kansas City
42 Google says government surveillance is on the rise
43 San Diego panda cub gets name: "Little Gift"
44 Endangered mountain gorillas making come back
45 Microsoft releases IE 10 browser for Windows 7
46 Chimp and human gut bacteria nearly identical
47 Facebook tests new comment, ranking structure
48 Study claims humans are becoming less intelligent
49 Sources: Paula Broadwell warned Gen. Allen against "seductress" Jill Kelley
50 States petition to secede from union
51 Jill Kelley's private life displays two sides
52 Rick Perry dismisses Texas secession talk
53 Ryan, "tired of talking presidential politics," returns to Congress
54 GOP debate on social issues likely to emerge
55 FDA chief asks House for more power to police pharmacies
56 UN calls contraception access a "universal human right"
57 Husband: Ireland hospital denied Savita Halappanavar life saving abortion because it is a "Catholic country"
58 Vegetative patient able to "tell" doctors he's not in pain
59 Researcher urges prevention in genital injuries
60 N/A
61 Brain injury and pesticide exposure combo may triple Parkinson's risk
62 Feds tried to close New England Compounding Center a decade before fungal meningitis outbreak
63 World Health Organization warns of "spreading" yellow fever outbreak in Darfur
64 CSHL-led team discovers new way in which plants control flower production
65 Gas Leaks Off Coast
66 Erosion has a point--and an edge, NYU researchers find
67 Catch and release
68 Researchers unlock ancient Maya secrets with modern soil science
69 Devotes, a project to investigate marine biodiversity and the environment of European seas
70 Scientists unravel the mystery of marine methane oxidation
71 'Raising the african voice' on climate change
72 Issues Associated with "Least Toxic Pesticides" Applied as a "Last Resort"
73 Study offers new tool for incorporating water impacts into policy decisions
74 Second most common infection in the US proving harder to treat with current antibiotics
75 Naive fish: easy targets for spear fishers
76 A sip of resveratrol and a full p53: Ingredients for a successful cell death
77 CU-NOAA study shows summer climate change, mostly warming
78 Matching brands: Why do consumers prefer Tostitos salsa with Tostitos tortilla chips?
79 Novice or expert: How do consumers increase their knowledge about products?
80 Plants and soils could exacerbate climate change as global climate warms
81 Baiting Mosquitoes with Knowledge and Proven Insecticides
82 Farm injury risks increase with age
83 Study finds high exposure to food-borne toxins
84 Scientists question the designation of some emerging diseases
85 Pacific fishing zones--lifeline for overfished tuna?
86 Preserve the services of mangroves--Earth's invaluable coastal forests, experts urge
87 Climate change increases stress, need for restoration on grazed public lands
88 Ingredient in diarrhea medicine leads to sustainable new farm fertilizer
89 Researchers find linkages between climate change and political, human impacts among ancient Maya
90 The collapse of Classic Maya civilization linked to drought
91 Extreme weather preceded collapse of Maya civilization
92 Mongolia and the Altai Mountains: Origins of genetic blending between Europeans and Asians
93 Desecrated Ancient Temple Sheds Light on Early Power Struggles at Tel Beth-Shemesh
94 Carbon dioxide--our salvation from a future ice age?
95 Sustainable land-use concept for South America
96 Super lorries would benefit Britain
97 Climate-related emissions from feedyards monitored in AgriLife Research study
98 New Study Shows Effects of Climate Conditions on Bark Beetle Outbreaks
99 Climate change threatens giant pandas' bamboo buffet--and survival
100 Why Antarctic sea ice cover has increased under the effects of climate change
101 Cultural dimensions of climate change are underestimated, overlooked and misunderstood
102 Warming Temperatures Will Change Greenland's Face
103 State of Nuevo Leon first to benefit from improved nationwide air quality information system
104 Uranium exposure linked to increased lupus rate
105 Roots of deadly 2010 India flood identified; findings could improve warnings
106 GEOLOGY speeding top science to online platform
107 Melting Glaciers Raise Sea Level
108 Changing Climate, Not Tourism, Seems to Be Driving Decline in Chinstrap-Penguin Populations
109 Scientists report injectable formulation of malaria parasites achieve controlled infection
110 In a world of chronic pain, individual treatment possible, Yale research shows
111 Metals versus microbes: The biocidal effect of metalloacid-coated surfaces
112 Bacterial DNA sequence used to map an infection outbreak
113 Autism treatment is more than skin deep
114 Childhood abuse leads to poor adult health
115 It pays to cooperate
116 Watching the developing brain, scientists glean clues on neurological disorder
117 Fast food menus still pack a lot of calories, Temple-led study finds
118 The leggiest animal on Earth lives in the outskirts of Silicon Valley
119 Pancreas stem cell discovery may lead to new diabetes treatments
120 'Missing link' discovered in the defense mechanism of the tuberculosis pathogen
121 Triclosan in cosmetics and personal care products can increase allergy risk
122 New brain gene gives us edge over apes, study suggests
123 A risk gene for cannabis psychosis
124 Study investigates headshaking in horses
125 Could poor sleep contribute to symptoms of schizophrenia?
126 Rare parasitic fungi could have anti-flammatory benefits
127 Tolerance to malaria by means of iron control
128 Study shows veterans are becoming more segregated in the US
129 Survey of ER docs and pediatricians highlights need for training, tools to manage kids' concussions
130 Obesity epidemic threatens health of all social groups equally
131 Open access initiative reveals drug hits for deadly neglected tropical diseases
132 Policy considerations pose options for leaders to reduce costly disparities in diabetes
133 A safer porn policy for employers
134 Principal plays surprising role in why new teachers quit
135 Underemployment persists since recession, with youngest workers hardest hit
136 Trying to save money? Ask for crisp new bills at the bank
137 Frustrated FATshionistas: How do plus-sized consumers mobilize to demand better clothing options?
138 Product choice: When are consumers most satisfied?
139 Do consumers evaluate cell phones differently if the warranty is expressed in years or days?
140 Sociology, Economics Researchers Receive Grant to Study Development Across the Human Lifespan
141 'Dirty money' affects spending habits, new study finds
142 Pig genome offers insights into the feistiest of farm animals
143 Governing economic growth in the cloud
144 In financial ecosystems, big banks trample economic habitats and spread fiscal disease
145 Want better employees? Get somebody else to rate their personalities, suggests new study.
146 USC scientists 'clone' carbon nanotubes to unlock their potential for use in electronics
147 Choreographing light
148 Hormone combination effective and safe for treating obesity in mice
149 Powering lasers through heat
150 Injectable sponge delivers drugs, cells, and structure
151 Sun Emits a Mid-level Flare
152 Lost in space: Rogue planet spotted?
153 Astronomers find 'homeless' planet wandering through space
154 Nanokey opens tumors to attack
155 Preserving van Gogh's priceless masterpieces
156 Boosting the sensitivity of airport security screening
157 Nanometer-scale diamond tips improve nano-manufacturing
158 Life and death in a star-forming cloud
159 Traumatic brain injury patients, supercomputer simulations studied to improve helmets
160 Persistence or extinction: Through a mathematical lens
161 Researchers have made the production of batteries cheaper and safer
162 Hinode to Support Ground-based Eclipse Observations
163 New dating of sea-level records reveals rapid response between ice volume and polar temperature
164 Finally! The pig genome is mapped
165 Pig gene discovery could help combat animal and human disease
166 What lies beneath? New survey technique offers detailed picture of our changing landscape
167 Preschoolers' Counting Abilities Relate to Future Math Performance, MU Researcher Says
168 Examining transition from student to teacher
169 Children's headaches rarely indicate a need for eyeglasses
170 Childhood obesity more likely to affect children in poorer neighborhoods
171 The Aftermath of Calculator Use in College Classrooms
172 Nurse practitioners: The right prescription to ease doctor shortage
173 California improves its ranking on March of Dimes Annual Preterm Birth Report Card
174 What if the nanoworld slides
175 Schizophrenia genetic networks identified; Connection to autism found
176 Statement on the handling of risk situations by scientists
177 Enhancing breast cancer detection
178 PCBs, other pollutants may play role in pregnancy delay
179 Timing of first menstrual cycle may be predictor of cardiovascular disease risk in women
180 Diabetic patients have higher prevalence of hearing impairment
181 BPA shown to disrupt thyroid function in pregnant animals and offspring
182 Pig genomes provide massive amount of genomic data for human health
183 Antibody-coated stents: indication of disadvantages
184 Babies born to stressed mothers more likely to be bullied at school
185 Smoking affects allergy-relevant stem cells
186 Kicking the Habit--New Research Examines The Barriers To Quitting Smoking For Smokers With Asthma
187 UC Research Explores Relationship-Building Program For Male Same-Sex Couples
188 Queen's research gives fresh hope to couples with 'unexplained infertility'
189 How safe are our roads for Bradley and the nation's cyclists?
190 Brain waves make waves
191 Divorce costs thousands of women health insurance coverage every year
192 Experts report 1 of 2 remaining types of polio virus may be eliminated in Pakistan
193 A smoker's license: Too radical for tobacco control?
194 Once the conflict is over, solidarity in alliances goes out of the window
195 Advocacy for planned home birth not in patients' best interest
196 Juvenile justice reforms should incorporate science of adolescent development
197 Western media coverage of female genital surgeries in Africa called 'hyperbolic' and 'one sided'
198 Mobile phone services help smokers quit
199 Hormone affects distance men keep from unknown women they find attractive
200 Study Demonstrates that Earlier End of Life Care Discussions are Linked to Less Aggressive Care in Final Days of Life
201 The Road to Language Learning Is Iconic
202 First-of-its-kind program improves outcomes for seniors admitted for trauma
203 Exposure to light at night may cause depression, learning issues
204 Hebrew University researchers show how we can do math problems unconsciously
205 University of Cincinnati Research Examines Why Some People Are Afraid To Relax
206 Driving drones can be a drag
207 Television: Chronicle of a death foretold?
208 Surveying Earth's interior with atomic clocks
209 At least 6 major earthquakes on the Alhama de Murcia fault in the last 300,000 years
210 BOSS Quasars Unveil a New Era in the Expansion History of the Universe
211 Games may help train analysts to overcome bias
212 Computer memory could increase fivefold from advances in self-assembling polymers
213 Can the addition of radiolabeled treatments improve outcomes in advanced metastatic disease?
214 How online video stream quality affects viewer behavior
215 Bug repellent for supercomputers proves effective