File Title
1 Dream symbols could help psychotherapy
2 Scratch your back, I'll scratch mine
3 Jellyfish-inspired tentacles capture cancer
4 First map of 'adolescent' universe
5 Quasars illustrate dark energy's roller coaster ride
6 Thousands gather for Australia solar eclipse
7 Major flamingo breeding event begins on Lake Natron
8 Does big money equal better science?
9 Cheers! How drones are helping the wine industry
10 David Petraeus CIA scandal engulfs US Gen. John Allen
11 Abu Qatada released from prison
12 Vegetative patient Scott Routley says 'I'm not in pain'
13 Greece secures short-term finance
14 Five photos that sparked body image debates
15 Viewpoint: What dangers may lie ahead for libellous tweeters
16 James Buchanan Duke: Father of the modern cigarette
17 US election: Unhappy Americans ask to secede from US
18 Email trail helped FBI crack Petraeus case
19 Omnishambles named word of the year by Oxford English Dictionary
20 Steven Sinofsky: Windows division head leaves Microsoft
21 Popular physics theory running out of hiding places
22 Do we only use 10% of our brains?
23 Why stressed out CEOs are bad for business
24 Arafat's tomb sealed off in preparation for exhumation
25 Ditch the asteroid mission, Mr. President
26 Google's music position 'doesn't make sense' says BPI
27 'Calm down' genes treat epilepsy in rats
28 Gardeners and florist 'UK's happiest workers'
29 The NHS's very own drug sniffer dog
30 Monflanquin affair: French 'guru' jailed for swindling family
31 UN 'failed Sri Lanka civilians,' says internal probe
32 Why are medical dramas so popular?
33 Halo 4 sales top $220 million in first day
34 Superstorm Sandy shook U.S. like an earthquake
35 Total solar eclipse today is last until 2015
36 McAfee anti-virus software founder has "dark aspects to character," tech reporter says
37 Kodak reaches deal to borrow $793 million
38 California set to auction off pollution permits
39 Controversial Windows boss Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft
40 Video catches scammers peddling picture frames as iPads
41 Samsung Galaxy Camera available on AT&T Nov. 16
42 Sandy volunteers connect with victims using Amazon, Airbnb, Crowdmap
43 Y chromosome an "evolutionary marvel"
44 States petition to secede from union
45 Details of Petraeus affair emerge as scandal engulfs Gen. John Allen
46 Who is Jill Kelley?
47 Holly Solomon, pregnant Arizona wife, runs over husband for not voting in presidential election, police say
48 U.S. Afghan commander link to Petraeus scandal?
49 Romney earned zero votes in some urban precincts
50 Gingrich: GOP needs to be "inclusive"
51 After Romney loss, some on right bash Electoral College
52 Long Islanders: Now two weeks of power woes
53 Susan Rice likely Hillary Clinton replacement
54 Online DNA mapping helps siblings find each other
55 Fla. woman Megan Kimbrough, allegedly set on fire by husband, dies of infection
56 Zumba Prostitution Scandal: Alexis Wright, alleged prostitute, accused of taking nude photos of herself with son, court documents say
57 Cannibal Cop: Intended victim of accused NYPD officer Gilberto Valle is terrified, lawyer says
58 Brooklyn "gas guzzler" caught cutting in line, faces felony for trying to beat the system, say cops
59 Khandi Busby Was Legally Insane When She Threw Her Kids off Dallas-Area Bridge, Says Judge
60 Documentarian Ken Burns calls subpoena in Central Park Jogger case a "fishing expedition"
61 Kevin Clash, Elmo puppeteer, accused of inappropriate relationship with 16-year-old boy
62 Fasting may not be necessary before cholesterol test
63 Pre-gaming may lead heavier drinking, blackouts
64 FDA finds contamination, insects and flying bird at Ameridose
65 Household income tied to risk for peanut allergies
66 Los Angeles City Council backs "Meatless Mondays"
67 Should people be allowed to devocalize their pets?
68 Smoking in cars a problem among parents, study finds
69 Endangered Mountain Gorilla Population Grows Slightly
70 Ancient Temple with Marks of Conflict Uncovered Near Jerusalem
71 How Nasty Emails Led FBI to Petraeus Sex Scandal
72 Total Solar Eclipse Today is Last Until 2015
73 Busting a Move May Lift Teen Girls' Mental Health
74 Autism Linked to Fever or Flu in Pregnancy
75 Study Reveals Earthquake Dangers in Spain
76 Rare Particle Find May Cast Doubt on Popular Physics Theory
77 Amish Birth Center Offers Clues to Lowering US C-Section Rate
78 Pets Should Be Monitored for Infectious Disease, Researchers Say
79 Poison Mushroom Soup Kills 2 Elderly Women
80 Sandy Shook US Like an Earthquake
81 Reference: Spring: Season of New Beginnings
82 Why Men Like Petraeus Risk It All to Cheat
83 'Contagious Itching' More Common Among Neurotics
84 Kilimanjaro Ice Field Shrinks and Splits
85 Global Warming Cause Felt by Satellites and Space Junk
86 'World's Fastest Supercomputer' Crowned in US
87 US Veterans Increasingly Segregated from Civilians
88 Guys, Your Y Chromosome Is an Evolutionary Marvel
89 Self-Healing 'Skin' Has a Sense of Touch
90 Legalized Pot: Smoke It or Eat It?
91 Are Humans Becoming Less Intelligent?
92 Many smoke with kids in car
93 Robots enable scar-free hysterectomies for some women
94 Adult onset allergies on the rise
95 Climate change increases Antarctic sea ice cover
96 Anti-smoking pictures are effective
97 Pedometers help boost physical activity
98 Global deal agreed to fight tobacco smuggling
99 N/A
100 Snap judgments during speed dating
101 Meditation changes emotion in brain
102 Scientists discover ways to optimise light sources for humans
103 Why people perform better after receiving a compliment
104 Early stress may sensitise girls' brains for later anxiety
105 Heart disease costs are increasing
106 Flu, fever in pregnancy tied to autism risk
107 Emotional disconnection disorder threatens marriages
108 It's not just what you eat, but when you eat it
109 Acetaminophen ups risk for asthma
110 Wada calls for wider effort to tackle sports doping
111 Outdoor workers risk melanoma
112 Humans losing emotional abilities
113 Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease on the rise
114 World Aids Day celebrated by disabled