File Title
1 Clever beetles cheat heat with dung balls
2 Scientists probe manuka's secret weapon
3 Scientists unearth 'ostrich' dinosaurs
4 Rarest dog: Ethiopian wolves are genetically vulnerable
5 Fukushima fish still contaminated from nuclear accident
6 Honey-bees found to have bite that stuns
7 'Oldest Mayan tomb' found in Guatemala's Retalhuleu
8 How will oil affect Madagascar's environmental riches?
9 Dublin's chilly tradition
10 Apple's fashionable seduction
11 US economic growth up sharply in third quarter
12 Silvio Berlusconi sentenced to four years for tax fraud
13 China condemns NY Times Wen Jiabao wealth story 'smear'
14 A Soviet missile base in Germany that spy planes never saw
15 Who, what, why: What's it like to be a prisoner of the Vatican?
16 25 October 2012, 17:52 ET
17 Apple profits miss expectations on slower iPad sales
18 British oil executive shot dead in Belgium
19 Trainee teachers to face tougher entry tests
20 Boarding pass barcodes 'can be read by smartphones'
21 Apple publishes statement over iPad design row
22 Viewpoint: Why disruption is good for business
23 Afghanistan mosque suicide bomb attack kills at least 41
24 Antarctica runway melting: Search for new landing strip
25 New York nanny suspected of killing two children
26 Microsoft reverses adult game ban on Windows 8
27 Wi-fi enrolled in US presidential campaigns
28 'Faecal transplant' clue to treating gut bug
29 Screening test for stuttering 'closer'
30 Isle of Man dentists offer relief in Uganda project
31 Weapons accused Christopher Tappin to enter guilty plea
32 New Windows, old arguments and spectacular mutations
33 Sweden's only coral reef at risk of dying
34 Climate change threatens marine environment in the Baltic Sea
35 Fossil study helps pinpoint extinction risks for ocean animals
36 Grandmas made humans live longer
37 Nineteen Species of Fern Named for Lady Gaga
38 Training Your Robot the PaR-PaR Way
39 Helping North America's marine protected areas adapt to a changing climate
40 Local wildlife is important in human diets
41 Did bacteria spark evolution of multicellular life?
42 Gaps in border controls are related to alien insect invasions in Europe
43 Archer fish hunt insects with water jet 6 times stronger than their muscular power
44 Satellite images tell tales of changing biodiversity
45 Researchers Create Potatoes with Higher Levels of Carotenoids
46 Buffalo milk mozzarella or buffaloed consumers? New test can provide the answer
47 100 million-year-old coelacanth discovered in Texas is new fish species from Cretaceous
48 Living power cables discovered
49 Studies: Pigs Look Healthy But Test Positive for Flu at Fairs; Flu Transmission Seen Between Pigs and Humans
50 Plants provide accurate low-cost alternative for diagnosis of West Nile Virus
51 Traditional fisheries management approach jeopardizes marine ecosystems worldwide
52 Peer review option proposed for biodiversity data
53 Using planarian flatworms to understand organ regeneration
54 Triclosan needs to be monitored
55 Small organisms could dramatically impact world's climate
56 Individual gene differences can be tested in zebrafish
57 Minimizing Mining Damage with Manure
58 Complete mitochondrial genome sequences of ancient New Zealanders
59 Want the Shortest Path to the Good Life? Try Cynicism
60 New Stanford analysis provides fuller picture of human expansion from Africa
61 Did the changing climate shrink Europe's ancient hippos?
62 Combination of Gulf oil and dispersant spell potential trouble for gut microbes
63 Biologists record increasing amounts of plastic litter in the Arctic deep sea
64 Migratory birds' ticks can spread viral haemorrhagic fever
65 Making transport a driver for development in Africa
66 Oxygen's ups and downs in the early atmosphere and ocean
67 Opposite Behaviors? Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks, Antarctic Grows
68 Feeling hot, hot, hot
69 Speed limits on cargo ships could reduce their pollutants by more than half
70 Large-scale production of biofuels made from algae poses sustainability concerns
71 2012 Antarctic Ozone Hole Second Smallest in 20 Years
72 Climate change may alter amphibian evolution
73 Small Marine Organisms' Big Changes Could Affect World Climate
74 Efforts to mitigate climate change must target energy efficiency
75 Sleep-deprived bees have difficulty relearning
76 Sensory neurons identified as critical to sense of touch
77 C'est difficile
78 Temple-Penn team identifies gatekeeper protein, new details on cell's power source
79 Scientists create first mouse model of typhoid fever
80 New opportunity for rapid treatment of malaria
81 DNA's double stranded stretch
82 New Bio-Adhesive Polymer Demonstrated in JoVE
83 Omega-3 Intake Heightens Working Memory in Healthy Young Adults
84 New Anti-Tumor Cell Therapy Strategies Are More Effective
85 Exercise boosts satisfaction with life, researchers find
86 New genes discovered for adult BMI levels
87 Academia should fulfill social contract by supporting bioscience startups, case study says
88 Scientists deepen genetic understanding of MS
89 Sharing space: Proximity breeds collaboration
90 A clearer picture of how assassin bugs evolved
91 Watching the cogwheels of the biological clock in living cells
92 Researchers decipher the mecanism of membrane fission
93 A Viagra follow-up? Drug used to treat glaucoma actually grows human hair
94 Scientists Step Up Hunt for Bacterial Genes Tied to Lyme Disease
95 Hermit crabs socialize to evict their neighbors
96 A new take on the Midas touch--changing the color of gold
97 Researchers ID potential patient population who may benefit from novel anti-platelet treatment
98 Risk factors in hospital readmissions among general surgery patients identified in study
99 When negative political ads work
100 FFR-guided PCI shows cost-effectiveness when compared to medical therapy for stable CAD
101 Study confirms benefits of transcatheter aortic valve replacement over 3 years
102 'Adoption activity days' can help children find new families
103 University of Toronto study demonstrates impact of adversity on early life development
104 Safety glass--cut to any shape
105 Integrated diabetes management program provides rapid improvements in patient care
106 Early Intervention Improves Social Skills and Brain Activity in Preschoolers with Autism, Study Finds
107 Cost-effective titanium forming
108 Glass: characterizing with precision and efficiency
109 Experts call for increased neonatal inclusion in pediatric drug trials
110 Penn-Temple team discovers gatekeeper for maintaining health of cell energy source
111 Anesthesia drugs really do put us to sleep
112 UC Davis researchers develop new drug delivery system for bladder cancer using nanoparticles
113 A black widow's Tango Mortale in gamma-ray light
114 Antibiotics that only partly block protein machinery allow germs to poison themselves
115 After-effects of Saturn's super storm shine on
116 Why astronauts experience low blood pressure after returning to Earth from space
117 A 'nanoscale landscape' controls flow of surface electrons on a topological insulator
118 Monster galaxy may have been stirred up by black-hole mischief
119 NASA Spacecraft Sees Huge Burp at Saturn After Large Storm
120 Measuring molecules with the naked eye
121 Magnetic brain stimulation treats depression independent of sleep effect
122 Flycatchers' genomes explain how 1 species became 2
123 Lucy and Selam's species climbed trees
124 Canadian researchers discover fossils of first feathered dinosaurs from North America
125 Fishing for answers off Fukushima
126 Genetic tradeoff: Harmful genes are widespread in yeast but hold hidden benefits
127 Male competition over females
128 An animal model of typhoid fever could lead to better vaccines
129 US NAS and Royal Society Issue Statement on Earthquake Case in Italy
130 Far from random, evolution follows a predictable genetic pattern, Princeton researchers find
131 Size Does Matter In Sexual Selection, At Least Among Beetles
132 College education and moderate alcohol intake linked to lower COPD risk
133 Critical care ultrasound training can improve physician trainee knowledge and skills
134 24-hour ICU in-house staff intensivist improves mortality and decreases length of stay
135 Excessive ICU noise may harm patients
136 Improving Medical Research Education across Europe
137 Next-generation vaccines--eliminating the use of needles
138 Engaging parents leads to better treatments for children with adhd
139 Summer babies less likely to be CEOs: UBC research
140 Herbal and dietary supplements can adversely affect prescribed drugs says extensive review
141 Video game with biofeedback teaches children to curb their anger
142 Study shows whites twice as likely as blacks to get CPR from bystanders
143 The Biggest Loser a big turnoff
144 'NHS should replace traditional autopsies with non-invasive alternative'
145 Military safety is blowing in the wind
146 Tiny travelers from deep space could assist in healing Fukushima's nuclear scar
147 Mathematics and the Ocean: Movement, Mixing and Climate Modeling
148 The hidden burden of bovine Tuberculosis
149 Goodness, gracious, great balls of lightning
150 Over the Last 8 Billion Years, Beautiful Rotating Disk Galaxies Like Our Own Milky Way Gradually Formed from Earlier Chaotic Systems
151 Rewards programs: When do consumers compare experience over value?
152 Formula unlocks secrets of cauliflower's geometry
153 Neutron experiments give unprecedented look at quantum oscillations
154 Voice prostheses can help patients regain their lost voice
155 Like a Noisy Political Campaign, "Grassroots" Neurons Wire and Fire Together for Dominance in the Brain
156 Footwear forensics
157 BMJ and Daily Telegraph's fake hip exposes failing European device regulation
158 Lonely older adults face more health risks
159 New Genomics Study Shows Ancestry Could Help Solve Disease Riddles
160 High-risk carotid artery plaque formation is increased in older COPD patients
161 Salk study finds diabetes raises levels of proteins linked to Alzheimer's features
162 Microfluidic Breakthroughs Offer New Options for Ease and Accuracy in Extraction of Rare Cells or Separating Blood
163 Mayo Clinic researchers develop new tools to better treat ADHD patients in early stages
164 Moffitt Cancer Center Researchers Find Genetic Predictors of Fatigue for Prostate Cancer Patients Receiving Androgen Deprivation Therapy
165 Streetcar tracks blamed in one-third of Toronto bike accidents
166 Feinstein Institute researchers discover that bean used in Chinese food could protect against sepsis
167 Anesthesia type affects outcomes of bilateral knee replacement surgery
168 Drug shows promise in animal model of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's with dementia
169 Scientists seek state-based national wildlife conservation network
170 Experts call for wildlife conservation network
171 The Generation X report
172 Penn Medicine researchers map strategy for 'choosing wisely' on low-value health care services
173 Study shows New Jersey's decal for young drivers reduced crashes
174 American Journal of Preventive Medicine--New Jersey's Teen Driver Decals Linked with Fewer Crashes
175 Leading European experts call for more rigorous scientific evidence for healthcare interventions
176 Low adoption by large hospital ICUs of catheter-associated urinary tract infection precautions
177 Is declining medical imaging use driving up hospital stays and medical costs?
178 MSU scholar says medical recommendations should go beyond race
179 New WalMart stores put large retailers out of business, mom-and-pop stores less affected
180 Social media can help auto manufacturers find vehicle defects, researchers say
181 Advanced cancer patients overoptimistic about chemotherapy's ability to cure, study finds
182 Prescription for palliative care: 4 points to improve discussions about dying
183 Survival of the affordable care act assessed in new commentaries
184 Now the mobile phone goes emotional
185 Study reveals genetic causes of a male infertility disorder
186 When she says, 'It's not you, it's me,' it really might be you, UCLA study suggests
187 Resveratrol falls short in health benefits
188 Study reveals rate at which key genetic deletions contribute to male infertility
189 Protein regulation linked to intellectual disability
190 Traumatic consequences long after fall of the Berlin Wall
191 Genes, depression and life satisfaction
192 Gene that's usually bad news loses its punch if you live to your 90s, Mayo study finds
193 Autism early intervention found to normalize brain activity in children as young as 18 months
194 84 million stars and counting
195 A 84-million star color-magnitude diagram of the Milky Way bulge
196 Astronomers report that dark matter 'halos' may contain stars, disprove other theories
197 Earth's magnetosphere behaves like a sieve
198 Revealing a mini-supermassive black hole
199 Galaxy halos are produced by orphan stars, findings indicate
200 For the Milky Way, it's snack time
201 New Study Brings a Doubted Exoplanet 'Back from the Dead'
202 Study Reveals Impact of Public DNS Services; Researchers Develop Tool to Help
203 Robots in the Home: Will Older Adults Roll Out the Welcome Mat?
204 Media and content digitization benefits consumers, but revenues lag behind
205 Nanotechnology helps scientists keep silver shiny
206 Scientists build 'nanobowls' to protect catalysts needed for better biofuel production
207 Scientists demonstrate high-efficiency quantum dot solar cells
208 Scientists use molecular layers to study nanoscale heat transfer
209 Next-generation antireflection coatings could improve solar photovoltaic cell efficiency