File Title
1 CO2 less of a drag on orbiting space junk
2 Pandas face bamboo shortage threat
3 Dream symbols could help psychotherapy
4 Popular physics theory running out of hiding places
5 Invisibility cloaking in 'perfect' demonstration
6 Invisibility cloaks: Will we ever really have them?
7 Syria crisis: Israeli tanks 'hit Syrian units' in Golan
8 Jill Kelley named as FBI link in David Petraeus case
9 Ex-BBC Mark Thompson starts as New York Times boss
10 Abu Qatada wins appeal against deportation
11 Viewpoint: His [Adolph Hitler's] dark charisma
12 Hurricane Sandy: Cuba struggles to help those hit
13 First liver cancer 'chemo-bath' in the UK
14 The foiled Nigerian kidnap plot
15 Domino's Pizza worker wearing poppy is sent home
16 Intruder breaks in and steals Tower of London keys
17 Is world peace possible?
18 Australia PM Julia Gillard announces child abuse probe
19 A 'fishing' trip to East China Sea disputed islands
20 Blackberry 10 to be launched in January, RIM announces
21 Blizzard sued over account security aids
22 Cyber thieves profit via the mobile in your pocket
23 Lung cancer in women 'to soar' by 2040
24 Skype preview for Windows Phone 8 now in-store
25 Petraeus resignation: Just sex scandal or serious security concern?
26 Woman targeted by Petraeus' then-lover wants privacy
27 Feds joining search for cause of Indy blast
28 The scientific truth about climate change
29 CIA director's downfall rooted in jealousy
30 Axelrod optimistic about a deal on the "fiscal cliff"
31 Obama honors veterans, promises benefits
32 Airlines' reported pilot shortage real or trumped up?
33 Dad's daily photos chart 21 years of son's life
34 Fiscal cliff: Compromise falling into place?
35 Who is Paula Broadwell?
36 Ken Burns film takes on Central Park jogger convictions
37 Grover Norquist: Obama's goal is to raise energy taxes on middle class
38 Cryptozoology: The hunt for "hidden" animals
39 Sally Field: How her pluck won her role in "Lincoln"
40 Ben Stein: The GOP will come back
41 Taking the pulse of Nate Silver's numbers
42 The cost of a nation of incarceration
43 Jack Black: Fear is the rocket sauce
44 Plagiarism: Stopping word thieves
45 Fat-blocking Pepsi to hit store shelves in Japan
46 Flu, fever during pregnancy linked to autism risk: Reason for concern?
47 British Medical Journal says Roche's Tamiflu won't stop flu
48 Recent China Earthquakes May Be Aftershocks of 1976 Quake
49 Would You Stand Up to a Sexual Harasser? Think Again
50 OCD Patients Fret More Over Moral Dilemmas
51 The Science Behind Our Strange, Spooky Dreams
52 Pandas' Bamboo Food May Be Lost to Climate Change
53 Is dark energy static or dynamic?
54 Genome sequencing of Burkitt Lymphoma reveals unique mutation
55 Study discovers a new live vaccine approach for SARS and novel coronaviruses
56 Study suggests humans are slowly but surely losing intellectual and emotional abilities
57 Anthropologist finds large differences in gait of early human ancestors
58 Researchers unravel the mystery of marine methane oxidation
59 Researchers document new species of carnivorous sponge (w/ Video)
60 Surveying Earth's interior with atomic clocks
61 First noiseless single photon amplifier
62 RIM to unveil new BlackBerry phones on Jan. 30. (Update)
63 Conductance measurements on graphene nanoribbons tell researchers how molecular wires can be optimised
64 Hubble spots a colorful lenticular galaxy
65 India unveils new version of 'world's cheapest tablet' (Update)
66 Bluetooth-enabled bicycle has automatic gearbox
67 Toyota tests cars that communicate with each other (Update)
68 Researchers discover a new type of toxic protein, reveal its 3-D structure
69 CERN collider to become the world's fastest stopwatch?
70 Interstellar dust and the sun
71 Making a better invisibility cloak
72 Intel's Next Unit of Computing models prepare for landing
73 Why Antarctic sea ice cover has increased under the effects of climate change
74 How to 'supercharge' atoms with X-ray laser
75 Touch-sensitive plastic skin heals itself
76 Flexible and transparent supercapacitor: For energy-storage devices, thin is in (w/ Video)
77 NASA's cure for a common phobia
78 Research explores hidden benefits of intensive rainfall in East Africa
79 Scientists detect carbon dioxide accumulation at the edge of space (Update)
80 Neural circuit in the songbird brain that encodes representation of learned vocal sounds located
81 Researchers synthesize protein critical to red blood cell production
82 Using rust and water to store solar energy as hydrogen
83 Techniques for the manipulation of matter at the nano scale: New insights on 3-D printing
84 Advances in the understanding of how carbon nanotubes move charges created by light
85 3-D stress analysis simulator for ultra-small silicon devices revealed
86 Pull with caution: A DNA strand should be driven gently through a nanopore
87 What if the nanoworld slides: A new study to better understand how friction works
88 Butterfly wings inspire new high-tech surfaces
89 New tests of nanostructured material could lead to better armor
90 Stem cells + nanofibers = Promising nerve research
91 A computational approach to predicting the structure of nano-alloy catalysts revealed
92 New study reveals challenge facing designers of future computer chips
93 Researchers explore nickel's love-hate relationship with battery electrodes
94 Inverse fingerprints on paper: Visualization of latent fingermarks by nanotechnology
95 Bringing measuring accuracy to radical treatment
96 Atomic-resolution images provide fresh insights into a mysterious state found in superconducting materials
97 Physicists theorize entangled quantum batteries could be almost perfect
98 Investigating the Big Bang particle
99 A new way of making glass
100 Superconductivity-like electron pair formation in molecules discovered
101 Millimeter-wave oscillation by ferromagnetic nanocontact device
102 Clear as...paper? Scientists 'see' through solid layers
103 More scientific research of 'fracking' urged in Pennsylvania
104 At least six major earthquakes on the Alhama de Murcia fault in the last 300,000 years
105 Researchers find undersea gas leaks off Israel's coast
106 EU ready to suspend CO2 air travel tax for a year
107 Intelligent Earth: Researchers explain how post-tilt planet finds its way back
108 Crocodile eggs measure river health: New land management tool using Aboriginal knowledge
109 Researchers unlock ancient Maya secrets with modern soil science
110 Industry's most powerful server graphics card, exceeding one TFLOPS of peak double precision performance, introduced
111 LEXI the robot improves safety for explosives handlers
112 Review: Nexus 10 tablet is a solid choice for the price
113 Samsung produces new high-performance enterprise SSDs for data centers
114 Microsoft, Apple tablets have most profit margins
115 Odour-eliminating pants are hot seller in Japan
116 Researchers examines the true state of artificial intelligence
117 New software to help organizations build smarter products
118 Fault under Japan nuclear plant 'may be active'
119 Japan's gadget failures: The futures that never happened
120 Researchers create gel that displays spontaneous motion (w/ Video)
121 Stealing nature's photosynthetic secrets
122 Colorful wall hangings can contain toxic substances
123 Chemistry researchers create self-tying knotted molecules in the lab
124 Understanding antibiotic resistance using crystallography and computation
125 Chemist develops spray to detect poison oak's toxic oil
126 Could insulin-loaded nasal gel mean the end of injections for diabetics?
127 Nanocrystals and nickel catalyst substantially improve light-based hydrogen production
128 Sweet new approach discovered to help produce metal casting parts, reduce toxicity
129 New, improved mouse model of human Alzheimer's may enable drug discovery
130 Improving lithium battery performance
131 Blocking iodide transport by inhibiting the sodium iodide symporter
132 Environmentally friendly chemistry important for manufacturing pharmaceuticals
133 Nobel laureate: Ethics debate unstilled by stemcell success
134 Viruses are capable of outmanoeuvring the ability of bacteria to commit 'suicide,' new research shows
135 S. Asian vultures stable after near-extinction, study finds
136 Call for global monitoring of infectious diseases in dogs and cats
137 New study shows effects of climate conditions on bark beetle outbreaks
138 European fish stocks to be counted
139 Bluefin tuna quotas up for renewal
140 Study finds new way in which plants control flower production
141 Scientists discover new method of gene identification
142 China surveys Yangtze dolphin as extinction looms
143 Fisheries nations set to discuss bluefin tuna
144 Texas cotton getting a genetic 'tune-up'
145 Ash disease 'cannot be eradicated': UK minister
146 Scientists discover possible building blocks of ancient genetic systems
147 Desecrated ancient temple sheds light on early power struggles at Tel Beth-Shemesh
148 Persistence or extinction: Through a mathematical lens
149 Partisanship shapes beliefs about political and non-political issues
150 Mongolia and the Altai Mountains: Origins of genetic blending between Europeans and Asians
151 Telework delivers increases in productivity and wellbeing
152 Aussie kids 'can kick excessive internet use'
153 US colleges look to foreign students
154 US computer graphics scientist wins Kyoto Prize
155 Broome dinosaur footprints detail substrate deformation unique on Earth
156 New statistical method offers automatic mitotic cell detection for cancer diagnosis
157 When identity is tied to former employer, unemployed report higher well-being
158 Language may contribute to Indigenous disadvantage
159 3Qs: How Obama won, and the road ahead
160 Shoplifting is costing us billions
161 New cause of thyroid hormone deficiency discovered
162 Gene sequencing project identifies abnormal gene that launches rare childhood leukemia
163 Study justifies L-DOPA therapy for Angelman syndrome
164 Scientists discover key process that allows colon cancer to metastasize
165 Genetic link between pancreatitis and alcohol consumption
166 British medical journal slams Roche on Tamiflu (Update)
167 Expert: Time to break the beta blocker habit?
168 It's not just what you eat, but when you eat it
169 New form of brain plasticity: Research shows how social isolation disrupts myelin production
170 Schizophrenia genetic networks identified: Connection to autism found
171 Young brain develops activity peaks while it is still growing
172 Compound in grapes, red wine could be key to fighting prostate cancer
173 Early stress may sensitize girls' brains for later anxiety
174 Discovery shows medications can treat inflammation without increasing risk for infection
175 Gene variations linked to lung cancer susceptibility in Asian women
176 A better brain implant: Slim electrode cozies up to single neurons
177 Mutations in genes that modify DNA packaging result in Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy
178 Detection, analysis of 'cell dust' may allow diagnosis, monitoring of brain cancer
179 Scientists uncover a new pathway that regulates information processing in the brain
180 Study identifies how zebrafish regrow their brains
181 Sugar boosts self-control, study says
182 Activating the 'mind's eye': Scientists teach blind to read, recognize objects with sounds (w/ Video)
183 Off the grid: Environmental novelty changes hippocampal firing patterns
184 Extra chromosome 21 removed from Down syndrome cell line
185 Researchers suggest some emerging infectious diseases may have been around a long time
186 Study ties obesity-related gene to weaker memory