File Title
1 Florida Election Update: Obama Declared Winner Despite Earlier November 20 Projections
2 Florida finally catches up with country, completes election
3 Florida Election Results: Delay Is No Accident
4 Florida Election Results: Obama Wins Sunshine State
5 Barack Obama adds Florida to White House victory
6 Judy Garland's Wizard of Oz dress fetches $480,000
7 The mystery of Christopher Columbus's legacy
8 BBC needs 'radical overhaul,' says Lord Patten
9 Gmail probe led FBI to CIA chief David Petraeus's affair
10 Israel fires warning shots 'after Syria mortar strike'
11 Burma earthquake: At least 12 feared dead
12 Syria opposition: 'New coalition agreed' at Qatar talks
13 A Point of View: Why the rich look down on the poor
14 10 cameos that lit up the US election campaign
15 Viewpoint: What Chinese women really need
16 Indianapolis explosion destroys home
17 Denmark to abolish tax on high-fat foods
18 Apple and HTC settle patent disputes
19 Afghan attack kills newborn baby and mother
20 Why Romney never saw it coming
21 Obama wins Florida; Final electoral vote count 332 to 206
22 The scientific truth about climate change
23 EU: We were hacked at web security conference
24 Why men marry their moms
25 FEMA housing moving into place for Sandy victims
26 Daniel Day-Lewis' "Lincoln" voice historically accurate?
27 Note To Self: An Iraq War vet advises his 21-year-old self, on the eve of war
28 Total Eclipse of the Sun
29 The Van Allen Probes
30 UNH Space Scientists to Develop State-of-the-Art Radiation Detector
31 New radiation treatment significantly increases survival rate
32 UNH scientists provide window on space radiation hazards
33 Testing Mars and Moon soil for sheltering astronauts from radiation
34 Up and Running: Just Hours After Launch, RBSP Takes First Science Steps
35 Japanese restrict atomic exposure testing
36 New circuits work in high radiation levels
37 Lawrence Livermore research identifies precise measurement of radiation damage
38 Commonly used painkillers may protect against skin cancer
39 Japan firm unveils radiation-gauging smartphone
40 Experts write on the risks of low-level radiation
41 China plans manned space launch in 2013: state media
42 Tiangong 1 Parked And Waiting As Shenzhou 10 Mission Prep Continues
43 China makes progress in spaceflight research
44 Vostochny and Angara mark two major milestones for Russian space sector
45 Europe spotlights space weather hazards
46 NASA's SAMPEX Mission: A Space Weather Warrior
47 STEREO Reaches New Milestone At Its Sixth Anniversary
48 Russian space chiefs shaken by graft probe
49 Russia tries easier scheme of launching spaceships
50 Russian space science: microsatellites, distant planets, space plasma and cosmic ray studies
51 Sputnik is 55: what are prospects of Russian space research?
52 Russian Space research in 2012
53 Huddersfield physicist join global partners inBig Bang particle search
54 Scientists: Think Big Chill, not Big Bang
55 Old Star, New Trick
56 Cosmic Mirages Confirm Accelerated Cosmic Expansion
57 Apocalypse and salvation strategy
58 A New Technique to Protect Astronauts from Space Radiation
59 Astronomers develop new method to determine neutron star mass
60 Cosmic GDP Crashes 97% As Star Formation Slumps
61 A Nearby Stellar Cradle
62 Study: Star formation peaked, in decline
63 Solar system's birth record revised
64 Fermi Measures Cosmic 'Fog' Produced by Ancient Starlight
65 Stars Ancient and Modern?
66 Hubble Spots a Colorful Lenticular Galaxy
67 Hubble Sees an Unexpected Population of Young-Looking Stars
68 Hubble Goes to the eXtreme to Assemble Farthest-Ever View of the Universe
69 Hubble Sees NGC 7090--An actively star-forming galaxy
70 Hubble Watching Ancient Orbs
71 Nearby six-planet system could be life friendly
72 Cosmic sprinklers explained in active planetary nebula
73 Planet-hunt data released to public
74 New Study Brings a Doubted Exoplanet 'Back from the Dead'
75 New small satellite will study super-Earths for ESA
76 Most Planetary Systems are 'Flatter than Pancakes'
77 Glitch could end NASA planet search
78 Distant planet found circling with 4 stars
79 Nearby Super-Earth Likely a Diamond Planet
80 New Australian telescope set to find 700,000 galaxies
81 Discovery of a Giant Gap in the Disk of a Sun-like Star May Indicate Multiple Planets
82 Obama Win Keeps NASA's Space Plans on Course
83 Plans for manned space missions advance
84 'First' Pakistan astronaut wants to make peace in space
85 Next steps into the final frontier
86 CSA: Canada finds its space in space
87 Clarkson Professor Co-writes Book Promoting Space Exploration
88 Melting in the Andes: Goodbye glaciers
89 Virginia earthquake wins by a landslide
90 Early humans tooled up
91 Education: Africa's counting house
92 Lab-made droplets roll themselves
93 Proteins made to order
94 Courage for sound science wins John Maddox prize
95 Plagiarism exposed in Romanian grant applications
96 Why math is like the honey badger
97 Wrens teach their eggs to sing
98 Climate change action and more drilling likely in Obama's second term
99 Drought hastened Maya decline
100 Corals under attack summon friendly fish
101 Malaria vaccine gives disappointing results
102 Fungus that controls zombie-ants has own fungal stalker
103 New carnivorous harp sponge discovered in deep sea
104 UK unveils plan to fight deadly ash disease
105 European research projects plagued by financial errors
106 Science aid
107 European research projects plagued by financial errors