File Title
1 Surprise! Apple has more enterprise savvy than Microsoft
2 China to launch next manned spaceship in 2013
3 Mars rover: Wide and in the open
4 James Bond's On Her Majesty's Secret Service
5 Ash dieback: What will be rising from the ashes?
6 Why Delhi has again become a gas chamber
7 Iraq cancels $4.2bn Russian arms deal over 'corruption'
8 CIA director David Petraeus resigns over affair
9 BBC Newsnight: Entwistle says 'wrong' to air film
10 Pakistan 'to pay cash to poor to send kids to school'
11 Computer expert Sciarpelletti guilty in Pope leak case
12 Stories of love and loss in a desert war grave
13 Tweets of the week: Election special
14 US Supreme Court to hearing voting rights challenge
15 Ethiopia's 'cupcake divide' in Addis Ababa
16 'World's first toilet theme park' opens in South Korea
17 Six Tibetans set themselves on fire in two days--activists
18 The Obama pic that made social media history
19 Justin Welby: Those who bet on me should donate winnings
20 Viewpoint: Hoping for change, and coming up short
21 Obama demands tax rises for rich over fiscal cliff
22 The power of science friction
23 Turkish soldiers killed in helicopter crash
24 Dad builds video baby monitor
25 Syria: Deraa bombings 'kill soldiers'
26 EU budget talks for 2013 collapse
27 Porthmadog's Princess steam loco departs Ffestiniog rail line
28 Helen Fielding begins Edge of Reason follow-up
29 Pope to join celebs, presidents with Twitter feed
30 Woman pays $200 for "iPad" that turns out to be mirror
31 Instagram users tag 250,000 Election Day photos
32 Strange, meat-eating sea sponge found in deep ocean
33 iPad Mini LTE will ship by early next week, report says
34 Hatsune Miku: The world's fakest pop star
35 Petraeus: How will he be remembered?
36 Adviser: Romney "shellshocked" by loss
37 Tarra and Bella: Elephant loses man's best friend
38 11 days without power, Sandy victims want answers
39 Mexican agents charged with trying to kill two CIA officers
40 Vatican convicts computer tech in leaks scandal
41 Victims to testify in Afghan massacre hearing
42 Timeline: How Benghazi attack, probe unfolded
43 U.N. leader: Sandy a lesson in climate change
44 Norway mass murderer Breivik complains of prison's bendy pens
45 Syria's Assad: "We do not have a civil war"
46 Father and son brought together by Sandy close-call
47 FEMA camps house struggling Sandy survivors in N.J.
48 CIA Director Petraeus quits after extramarital affair
49 SEAL describes Bin Laden's final moments
50 Presidential election decided, but Florida left behind
51 Petraeus' admirable career comes to a shocking end
52 Sandy: Tempers heated among New Yorkers still in the cold
53 Husband held in killing of Iraqi-American woman
54 Toy trucks honor boy killed by zoo's wild dogs
55 N.J. moves Sandy evacuees from tent shelters
56 Victims testify about details of Afghan massacre
57 Racial slurs yelled at Ole Miss Obama protest
58 S.F. health care to cover sex reassignment surgery
59 7Up with antioxidants to be discontinued amid health claims lawsuit
60 Gargling lemonade boosts self-control, study shows
61 Malaria vaccine for infants disappoints in study
62 iPhones, Droids may be better than BlackBerries for people with nickel allergies
63 Super-Earth Discovered in Star's Habitable Zone
64 Possible Earth-like planet could hold water; scientists cautious
65 China to launch manned spaceship in June
66 NASA & ESA successfully test 'interplanetary Internet' connection
67 Interplanetary Internet: Small Step for Lego Robot, Giant Leap for Space Exploration
68 Climate Catastrophe Nearer, Al Gore Gives Us About 90 More Years
69 Warmer still: Extreme climate predictions appear most accurate, report says
70 A New Tweak for Global Warming Predictions
71 Bulgarian archaeologists discover 2,400-year-old golden treasure
72 Curiosity Rover Team Shifts Back To Earth Time After Using Martian Sols
73 Hopes linger for Mars methane
74 Crocodile faces are more sensitive than human fingertips
75 The Last Drop? Climate Change May Raise Coffee Prices, Lower Quality
76 Caffeinated Seas Found off U.S. Pacific Northwest
77 NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building Prepared for Multiple Rockets
78 3D-Printed Rockets Help Propel NASA's Space Launch System
79 NASA Plans for 3-D Printing Rocket Engine Parts Could Boost Larger Manufacturing Trend
80 Chemical warfare on the reef
81 Coral Recruits Goby Bodyguards Against Seaweed Assassins
82 Letters: Superstorm Sandy, energy policy and climate change
83 Researchers discover skull fossil of new dinosaur as big and bad as the T-Rex
84 Sauroniops Pachytholus: T. Rex-Like Dinosaur Species Named For 'Lord Of The Rings' Villain
85 Good turtle nesting season cause for celebration
86 Sandy's surge disturbed baby sea turtle boom
87 American Internet Pioneer Wins Kyoto Prize
88 Why the Maya Fell: Climate Change, Conflict--And a Trip to the Beach?
89 OPINION: Welcome to the Arctic--check your assumptions at the door
90 NASA Renames Radiation Belt Mission to Honor Pioneering Scientist
91 Good Night, Exoplanet: Baby Name Book to Raise Science Funds
92 Why SEALs Paid the Price for 'Medal of Honor' Game Consulting
93 Identical Twins Are Genetically Different, Research Suggests
94 Unexplained Infant Deaths: Researchers Pore Over Cases for Clues to Prevention
95 Software Converts Your Speech into Chinese
96 Satellite Radar Could Predict Deadliest Eruptions
97 Peanut Allergies More Common in Kids from Wealthy Families
98 Why El Nino May Say 'Adios' to 2012
99 Caffeine May Perk Up Your View of the World
100 Advance in Assistive Technology from Class Project
101 New Robot Testing Terrorist Bomb Recipes
102 NASA Probes Exploring Earth's Radiation Belts Get New Name
103 How a Real-Life Astrophysicist Found Superman's Planet Krypton: The Inside Story
104 Space Station Astronaut Drives Robot on Earth via 'Interplanetary Internet'
105 Meet the Southwicks: Doomsday Preppers Reveal They're Crazy & Brilliant
106 Apple tech can illuminate 'invisible' touch controls, displays
107 ARM-based Macs seen as 'inevitable,' but Apple unlikely to switch anytime soon
108 European Union expected to accept Apple's e-book settlement
109 Macs running Apple's unannounced OS X 10.9 appear online
110 Review: Apple's iPad mini
111 Apple GPU vendor Imagination buys MIPS, ARM licenses patents
112 Microsoft rumored to release 7-inch 'Xbox Surface' gaming tablet
113 Apple looks to add Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1, Google's Jelly Bean OS to lawsuit
114 Apple loses VirnetX patent trial, ordered to pay $368M
115 Pixar dedicates main campus building to late CEO Steve Jobs
116 Foxconn chairman says company is falling short of demand for Apple's iPhone 5
117 Apple may have invested $2 billion to aid struggling display maker Sharp
118 Free Microsoft Office app for iPhone, iPad to be released in early 2013
119 Rumor: Samsung expecting to lose a portion of orders for future Apple chips
120 Apple's Eddy Cue joins Ferrari board of directors
121 Monthly single-issue DC comics come to Apple's iBookstore
122 T-Mobile widens 4G HSPA+ network in direct bid for iPhone customers
123 Latest Apple Store app update brings Passbook and Siri support
124 Apple examining headphones that can double as loudspeakers
125 Future Apple iPhones, iPads may have internal fans
126 Samsung Galaxy S. III topped Apple's iPhone 4S in Q3 2012 sales
127 iPhone 5 capacity improving, Apple forecast to sell 46.5M phones in Dec. quarter
128 Rumor: iPhone assembler Foxconn plans to build manufacturing plants in US
129 Apple suppliers' sales surge 29% thanks to product lineup overhaul
130 Parallels Desktop 8 update enhances support for Windows 8
131 AT&T to offer iPhone 5 FaceTime over cellular without a shared data plan
132 Apple requires Lightning accessory makers to meet supplier code of conduct
133 Apple's next major market for iOS may be automotive
134 Adobe adds Retina display support to Photoshop Lightroom 4
135 iPad mini LTE models set to ship in five days
136 Apple working with enterprise partners to enhance Bonjour, Apple TV
137 iPhone 5 supply catching up with demand at US Apple Stores
138 British Airways planning to add support for Apple's Passbook
139 Apple's Fusion Drive cuts Mac startup time in half, triples read/write speeds
140 iPhone deal with China Mobile predicted to add $45 to Apple's stock price
141 Judge to review Samsung's allegations of jury misconduct in loss to Apple
142 iPhone 5 reportedly suffers from quick scrolling issue
143 AT&T to be first U.S. carrier to subsidize Apple's iPad
144 New patent suit targets automatic screen orientation tech in iOS
145 VirnetX sues Apple again after winning $368M patent trial verdict
146 What should Apple be doing with ARM--and it's not Macs
147 RUMOR: Apple prepping next-gen 'iPad mini 2' with 2,048 x 1,536 Retina display
148 An iPad mini epiphany
149 Experience Retina display-like images on non-Retina display Macs
150 Parallels Desktop 8 updated with expanded support for Windows 8
151 Review: Apple's iPad (4th gen.) is faster, stronger, better
152 AT&T Wireless to support Apple's FaceTime on all tiered data plans, not just Mobile Share plans
153 U.S. stocks fall to lowest level since August; Apple extends plunge to 23% off all-time September high
154 Lightning accessory, other Made for iPhone makers must comply with Apple's supplier responsibility code
155 Analyst: Apple suppliers see 29% sales surge; reiterates $1,111 price target
156 Apple patent reveals dual-mode headphones/speaker system
157 Pixelmator 2.1.3 released with CMYK support, soft-proofing, and more
158 Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular pre-order shipments arrive November 21
159 BTIG: Apple iPhone 5 supply coming into balance
160 Fantastical for iPhone imminent
161 JC Penney shares sink on $203 million loss
162 Microsoft Surface Touch Cover splits within days, exposing wire; early users complain
163 PC Magazine reviews Apple iPad (4th gen.): A very rare 5 star product; a slam dunk Editors' Choice
164 Apple iPad (4th Generation, Wi-Fi) [Review]
165 Ultimate Mac: Building the Final Cut Pro X dream machine
166 Apple set to pass Libor as second most popular note underlying
167 Tim Bajarin: Apple iPad mini could cause PC sales to fall off a cliff
168 Apple donates $2.5 million to American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief
169 It's not Apple, it's the 'fiscal cliff,' stupid
170 Microsoft's big hidden Windows 8 feature: Built-in advertising
171 Sharp: Foxconn talks could continue beyond March deadline
172 Attention shoppers: Why Apple's iPad mini may be the retail world's new best friend
173 Judge Lucy Koh to consider whether foreman in Apple v. Samsung concealed info
174 A charming story about Steve Jobs being a regular guy
175 OS XI: Top 10 most-wanted features for the next generation of Apple's OS X