File Title
1 Fairy wrens show importance of Mum's word
2 Hunting for the real 'Planet X'
3 New optical nose zeroes in on explosives
4 Owen Paterson: Ash dieback will not be eradicated
5 Space spending to be increased by 60m pounds a year
6 'Super-Earth' exoplanet spotted 42 light-years away
7 Space ticks the boxes for UK plc
8 Ireland's outlying islands
9 UK to end financial aid to India by 2015
10 Burma train crash and fire kills 25
11 Bin Laden unit Seal Team Six punished over video game
12 Anders Behring Breivik's prison conditions 'inhumane'
13 Syria National Council to decide on unity leadership
14 10 ways you know the US election is over
15 Drew Linzer: The stats man who predicted Obama's win
16 Edgar Feuchtwanger: A Jewish childhood on Hitler's street
17 Beating the recruitment machines
18 Viewpoint: Republicans at a crossroads
19 'Fine wine' hoard highlights China's problem with fakes
20 Barack Obama closes in on Florida vote victory
21 Russia sacks armed forces chief amid corruption scandal
22 Obama to address looming fiscal cliff
23 Ferran Adria: Bullipedia takes chef from bites to bytes
24 Astronaut uses space internet to control robot on Earth
25 Microsoft demos instant English-Chinese translation
26 US army builds its own 3D printer
27 US finance agency probes data blunder
28 Government online data ignored by 'armchair auditors'
29 Hormones in menstrual cycle 'affect asthma'
30 Patient treatment preferences 'often misdiagnosed'
31 Royal Marine stress training for Cardiff hospital staff
32 Yahoo tests touch-friendly homepage redesign
33 Iceman mummy finds his closest relatives
34 Curiosity team switches back to Earth time
35 SEC left stocks data vulnerable to hackers: Report
36 Priceline to acquire Kayak in $1.8 billion deal
37 Twitter mistakenly resets passwords of some users
38 James Bond's love affair with the Aston Martin DB5
39 Bizarre tentacled snakes born at National Zoo
40 Sandy's storm surge hit baby sea turtle boom
41 NASA may unveil new manned missions to the moon
42 Alien horned dinosaur discovered
43 Super-Earth alien planet may be habitable for life
44 Adviser: Romney "shellshocked" by loss
45 7 Navy SEALs disciplined for role with video game
46 Brooke Burke-Charvet announces thyroid cancer diagnosis: Is it common?
47 Obama wipes away tears while speaking to staff
48 Election protest at Ole Miss. had racial overtones, prompts "unity" vigil in response
49 Election behind him, Obama to talk "fiscal cliff"
50 Biden: Dems would compromise on "fiscal cliff"
51 Big GOP donors see small return on investment
52 Private manned Mars mission gets first sponsors
53 Jared Lee Loughner gets 7 life sentences for Tucson shooting rampage
54 Can Wall St. mend its rift with President Obama?
55 Iranian jet shoots at U.S. drone over Persian Gulf
56 FEMA sending mobile homes for Sandy's homeless
57 Shena Hardin, Cleveland woman caught on tape driving on sidewalk, must wear "idiot" sign
58 Iowa teens say adoptive parents kept them in basement, fed them under locked door
59 Marijuana decriminalized in five Mich. cities, but police still plan to make arrests
60 Alexis Wright, Zumba instructor accused of prostitution had Hallmark-style moments with son, friends say
61 Advice: Don't fall asleep in a cornfield that's being harvested, like a man did in Montana
62 Alicia Moore Update: Body found in trunk is missing teen, police say
63 Whitney Heichel Barista Murder: Wife of suspected killer Jonathan Holt files for divorce
64 Daniel Sheehan arrested in alleged Home Depot bomb extortion plot on Long Island
65 Four missing girls found in Colo. home with two men
66 Parents use melatonin to get kids to sleep: Is it safe?
67 Breast-feeding baby doll raises eyebrows, support
68 Ameridose, tied to pharmacy in meningitis outbreak, lays off staff
69 San Francisco plans to provide transgender surgeries
70 Nesquik Chocolate Powder recalled for salmonella
71 7Up maker sued over antioxidant claims
72 People most likely to die of heart problems in winter, regardless of climate
73 N/A
74 Statin-takers less likely to die from cancer, study finds
75 Conjoined twin girls successfully separated in Philly
76 Mass. Board of Pharmacy director fired for not investigating July complaint of meningitis-linked firm
77 2 New Emperor Penguin Colonies Spied in Antarctica
78 Mysterious Origin of Nebula's Strange Jets Revealed
79 James Bond in Space: How the World's Favorite Spy Has Followed US Spaceflight
80 Is Every Single Elephant a Village-Wrecking Booze Hound?
81 Men Alcoholics Can Hear the Words But Not the Emotions
82 Internet Searches Reveal Time of Peak Allergy Suffering
83 Americans' Biggest Money Mistakes
84 Study: Pollen Counts To More Than Double By 2040
85 The 5 Reasons We Still Love James Bond
86 Iceman Mummy Finds His Closest Relatives
87 'Super-Earth' Alien Planet May Be Habitable for Life
88 Curiosity Mars Rover Team Switches Back to Earth Time
89 NASA May Unveil New Manned Moon Missions Soon
90 300-Year-Old Manual Reveals Early Attempts to Teach Deaf to Speak
91 Weird-Looking, Meat-Eating Sponge Found In Deep Sea
92 Fish 'Bodyguards' Protect Coral from Seaweed Attack
93 Obama Win Keeps NASA on Course--Toward an Asteroid
94 Star Formation Sputtering Out Across the Universe
95 Possible Dark Matter Signal Spotted
96 College Hookups Haven't Replaced Relationships
97 Ancient Murder Mystery? Stone Age Bodies Discovered in Well
98 US Science Funding: 4 More Years of the Same?
99 How City Birds Adapt to Fight off Cats
100 Deadly Ebola & Lassa Viruses May Be More Common Than Thought
101 Killer Drought Thwarted Maya Comeback
102 Camera Ball Gives a Peek into the Danger Zone
103 Sea Level Rise Accelerating For US East Coast
104 Reference: Giganotosaurus: Facts about the Giant Southern Lizard
105 Undersea Gas Leaks Discovered Off Israel's Coast
106 Worse than Sex Parasite: Sex Parasite with Virus
107 Navy Robots to Replace Mine-Clearing Dolphins
108 Comet Breaks Apart Before Astronomers' Eyes
109 Jet-Size Pterosaurs Took Off from Prehistoric Runways
110 Split-Personality Galaxy Is Part Spiral, Part Elliptical
111 8 Bizarre Tentacled Snakes Born at National Zoo
112 Snow Records Fall During Wednesday's Nor'easter
113 New Marijuana Laws Will Be a Public Health Experiment, Experts Say
114 'Powerships' May Replace South Korea's Offline Nuclear Reactors
115 Can a Fit Video Game Avatar Make You Healthier?
116 Surprising 'Mini' Supermassive Black Hole Found in Unlikely Home
117 2-Ton 'Alien' Horned Dinosaur Discovered
118 Left vs. Right: Can We Ever Get Along?
119 Crocodile Jaws More Sensitive Than Human Fingertips
120 First Polynesians Arrived in Tonga 2,800 Years Ago