File Title
1 Coral yields precise Polynesian arrival date
2 Elastic Earth tips poles back into place
3 'Twisted light' data-boosting idea sparks heated debate
4 'Super-Earth' exoplanet spotted 42 light-years away
5 Climate change threat to Arabica coffee crops
6 Crocs have super-sensitive jaws
7 DNA project aims to count Scots redheads
8 The real Spider-Man: Stickiness goes to the next level
9 Smart, social energy: Can software change our energy habits?
10 Venezuela's Andean playground
11 Robots replace costly US Navy mine-clearance dolphins
12 Barack Obama heads to White House as fiscal cliff looms
13 Viewpoint: How Obama secures his legacy
14 China congress: Hu Jintao opens party meeting on leadership change
15 Red Cross says it 'can't cope' with Syria emergency
16 Afghanistan bomb attacks 'kill 18'
17 New storm hits New York and New Jersey after Sandy
18 Wi-fi, dual-flush loos and eight more Australian inventions
19 Puerto Rico wants to become the 51st state of the US
20 Noor Inayat Khan: The Indian princess who spied for Britain
21 Guatemala earthquake kills dozens in mountain villages
22 US anti-Islam filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula jailed
23 New Mastercard has LCD screen and keyboard
24 French diplomatic service is the world's best, UK says
25 Linkin Park fan killed at concert in Cape Town
26 Intimate politics: Can anything stay private in a campaign?
27 David Cameron testing app to aid government decisions
28 Millions in UK 'lack basic online skills'
29 Robots in the classroom help autistic children learn
30 Argentine capital Buenos Aires hit by major power cut
31 Samsung's Galaxy S3 beats Apple's iPhone in Q3 sales
32 One test may 'find many cancers'
33 Concerns over consultant who delivered PM's daughter
34 'I chewed off half my tongue': Why pain is a necessity
35 Insect-eating sundew plant heals wounds
36 Woman describes how hospital treatment caused hallucinations
37 Samsung Galaxy S. III claims top spot in smartphones worldwide
38 Judge nixes bid to stop Dish's ad-skipping VCR
39 DC Comics bets big on tablets
40 Anthony Weiner returns to Twitter
41 Complex tool discovery argues for early human smarts
42 Pixar names main building after Steve Jobs
43 NASA to demolish spacecraft for science
44 Facebook launches real-time visualization of 2012 U.S. election voters
45 Salty six foods a major source of sodium, says American Heart Association
46 Presidential election decided, but Florida left behind
47 Obama win: What it means for your tax bill
48 After Romney loss, GOP soul searching begins
49 Election confirms deep ideological divide
50 Sandy coverage may cause PTSD in anxious children
51 Report: EU mulls ban of allergen found in Chanel No. 5
52 Man's positive pregnancy test leads to cancer diagnosis with Reddit's help
53 L.A. county porn shoots must use condoms
54 FDA approves Xeljanz for rheumatoid arthritis
55 Medical marijuana law passes in Massachusetts
56 Study details essential role of trust in agricultural biotech partnerships
57 Could chloroplast breakthrough unlock key to controlling fruit ripening in crops?
58 Plants recognise pathogenic and beneficial microorganisms
59 USDA Patents Method to Reduce Ammonia Emissions
60 Mountain meadows dwindling in the Pacific Northwest
61 Smallholder farmers need improved stake in Nile's development
62 World's rarest whale seen for the first time
63 Warming temperatures cause aquatic animals to shrink the most
64 Taking the 'pulse' of volcanoes using satellite images
65 Carbon buried in the soil rises again
66 Indian monsoon failure more frequent with warming
67 Scientists Identify Insect-repelling Compounds in Jatropha
68 2001-2002 drought helped propel mountain pine beetle epidemic, says CU study
69 Drought in 2001-2002 Fueled Rocky Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreak
70 Stirred Not Mixed: How Seawater Turbulence Affects Marine Food Webs
71 The Phosphorus Index: Changes afoot
72 Strange diet for methane consuming microorganisms
73 Why fish talk
74 New study suggests that Arabica coffee could be extinct in the wild within 70 years
75 Synthetic biofilter wins through to the top 'Sweet Sixteen' in Boston
76 Development of measures to prevent wine indispositions
77 Sharks: bad creatures or bad image?
78 Gene find turns soldier beetle defense into biotech opportunity
79 Despite their thick skins, alligators and crocodiles are surprisingly touchy
80 Coral files reveal time of first Polynesian settlements
81 Small lethal tools have big implications for early modern human complexity
82 Asia's newest megacity offers model for urban growth as populations swell worldwide
83 After long-ago mass extinction, global warming hindered species' recovery
84 UMass Amherst climate modeler identifies trigger for Earth's last big freeze
85 Superstorm animation
86 Earth on Acid: The Present & Future of Global Acidification
87 What Paleotempestology Tells Scientists about Today's Tempests
88 Geologist calls for advances in restoration sedimentology
89 Drifting word clouds may change perceptions of climate science
90 Dealing with power outages more efficiently
91 Protected areas in East Africa may not be conserving iconic plants
92 New method could help communities plan for climate risk
93 Capturing carbon with clever trapdoors
94 Chernobyl cleanup workers had significantly increased risk of leukemia
95 Carbon dioxide--our salvation from a future ice age?
96 New assessment reveals value of second embryo biopsy for women of advanced maternal age
97 New portable device enables RNA detection from ultra-small sample in only 20 minutes
98 Caffeine improves recognition of positive words
99 What's your ideal weight? Answer depends on what you see
100 Anti-fat bias may be equally prevalent in general public and medical community
101 Scientific progress could be casualty in public health vs. privacy debate over newborn blood samples
102 Researchers develop non-invasive technique for predicting patients' response to chemotherapy
103 Patients with aberrations in two genes respond better to drugs blocking a well-known cancer pathway
104 City birds adapt to their new predators
105 Ultrasensitive photon hunter
106 Recent studies bring fossils and genes together to piece together evolutionary history
107 Bone marrow stem cells do not improve short-term recovery after heart attack
108 Tactile croc jaws more sensitive than human fingertips
109 Meet Xenoceratops: Canada's newest horned dinosaur
110 Cells from skin create model of blinding eye disease
111 Pull with caution
112 Common ground on the common good: Study finds Republicans and Democrats can agree on some moral issues
113 Georgia Tech Study Grades Presidents on the Economy
114 Disaster defense: Balancing costs and benefits
115 Heart disease map of England highlights growing social inequality in older ages
116 Cardiac bypass surgery superior to non-surgical procedure for adults with diabetes and heart disease
117 Less-experienced physicians more costly than more-experienced physicians
118 Study: New tool helps doctors predict heart attack patients at risk for repeat hospitalization
119 Build your own home theater for full-blast entertainment with 'Virtual Sound Ball'
120 Waste management--good marketing
121 Etiologic diagnosis of nonsyndromic genetic hearing loss in adult vs. pediatric populations
122 Study supports move toward common math standards
123 We're more passive than we predict when sexually harassed, new study shows
124 Supercomputing for a superproblem: A computational journey into pure mathematics
125 Long Shifts Lead to Nurse Burnout and Dissatisfied Patients
126 Living Abroad Can Bring Professional Success--If You Do It Right
127 Positive results from Phase 1/2 stem cell trial reported
128 Sweet News for Specialty Stores: You Don't Need to Lower Prices to Compete, Study Shows
129 'Smoke-free' laws lead to fewer hospitalizations and deaths
130 Setting national goals to bolster patient safety with electronic health records
131 Harvard's Wyss Institute models a human disease in an organ-on-a-chip
132 Study reveals declining influence of high impact factor journals
133 In the digital age, managers can't ignore #angrycustomers
134 Hebrew SeniorLife study finds no link between calcium intake and coronary artery calcification
135 New strategy for fingerprint visualization developed at Hebrew University
136 A new computational method for timing the tree of life
137 Pressure switch inside the head
138 Head-to-head trial of 2 diabetes drugs yields mixed results
139 Guideline: Steroid pills effective for treating facial paralysis in Bell's palsy
140 Teaching the blind to read and recognize objects with sounds
141 Looking for the anti-Alzheimer's molecule--A new approach to treating a devastating disease
142 Quantum kisses change the color of nothing
143 Sweet diesel! Discovery resurrects process to convert sugar directly to diesel
144 Persistent sync for neurons
145 Quantum 'kisses 'change the color of space
146 How Butterfly Wings Can Inspire New High-Tech Surfaces
147 NJIT professor promotes building material of millennium: Autoclave aerated concrete
148 Stem cells + nanofibers = Promising nerve research
149 Penn Research Reveals New Aspect of Platelet Behavior in Heart Attacks: Clots Can Sense Blood Flow
150 Ben-Gurion University develops side-illuminated ultra-efficient solar cell designs
151 Environmentally friendly chemistry important for manufacturing pharmaceuticals
152 What if the nanoworld slides
153 Hydro-fracking: Fact vs. fiction
154 Field geologists (finally) going digital
155 2011 Virginia quake triggered landslides at extraordinary distances
156 Saber-toothed cats and bear dogs: How they made cohabitation work
157 Clever cockatoo with skilled craftmanship
158 Historic coral collapse on Great Barrier Reef
159 Anthropocene Continues to Spark Scientific Debate
160 Rethinking reading
161 Church-going teens go further with school
162 Study: Education levels in Asian American neighborhoods affect residents' health
163 Music in our ears: The science of timbre
164 Privacy vs. protection
165 Computational Medicine Begins to Enhance the Way Doctors Detect and Treat Disease
166 Learning a New Sense
167 Physical activity and gain in life expectancy--quantified
168 Virtual Reality Could Help People Lose Weight, Fight Prejudice, Says MU Researcher
169 Whole genome sequencing of de novo balanced rearrangements in prenatal diagnosis
170 Cell damage caused by personal lubricants does not increase HIV risk
171 Loss of essential blood cell gene leads to anemia
172 Spread of human melanoma cells in mice correlates with clinical outcomes in patients
173 Acute care model improves surgical care quality, lowers costs for 2 procedures
174 Aspirin effective in preventing clots following joint replacement surgery
175 Cedars-Sinai research: Preclinical muscular dystrophy data shows promise
176 Sugar and Spice and Everything Not So Nice
177 Interventions needed to promote healthy behaviors among perinatally HIV-infected youth
178 Rethinking body mass index for assessing cancer risk
179 The brain of OCD sufferers is more active when faced with a moral dilemma
180 Cambridge software improves quality of sound for hearing aid users
181 Feel-good hormone helps to jog the memory
182 Making Memories: Drexel Researchers Explore the Anatomy of Recollection
183 Inpatient brain injury education increases bike helmet use, study finds
184 Are 'hookups' replacing romantic relationships on college campuses?
185 An Indirect Connection to a Bank is as Effective as a Direct Connection
186 Assessing the cost of the Affordable Care Act and expanding Medicaid
187 Penn Medicine contest maps 1,400 lifesaving AEDs via crowdsourcing contest fueled by smart phones
188 Overcrowding in prisons negatively affects health
189 Loser-pays-all rule in criminal cases could work for wealthy defendants
190 Superbug MRSA Identified in U.S. Wastewater Treatment Plants
191 Healthcare ethics consultants share lessons learned
192 Strong tobacco control policies in Brazil credited for more than 400,000 lives saved
193 Anti-tobacco policies responsible for Brazil's big success in reducing smoking rates
194 Financial incentives may improve hospital mortality rates, says study
195 Cleanup of Most Challenging U.S. Contaminated Groundwater Sites Unlikely for Many Decades
196 New insight into why haste makes waste
197 More plus-size models could change women's obsession with thin bodies
198 The right pace of neural development protects against autism and intellectual disability
199 Dream symbols could help in psychotherapy
200 Learning who's the top dog: Study reveals how the brain stores information about social rank
201 Going with Your Gut
202 Driven by friendship
203 Read my lips--it's easier when they're your own
204 Super-rare, super-luminous supernovae are likely explosion of universe's earliest stars
205 NASA'S Fermi Measures Cosmic 'Fog' Produced by Ancient Starlight
206 Asteroid Belts of Just the Right Size are Friendly to Life
207 Solar system's birth record revised
208 New habitable zone super-Earth found in exosolar system
209 When parasites catch viruses
210 A firm molecular handshake needed for hearing and balance
211 Activating the 'mind's eye'--sounds, instead of eyesight can be alternative vision