File Title
1 Brain fragments when you 'go under'
2 Why dogs find some toys boring
3 Saliva reduces pain of DNA collection
4 Cockatoo shows tool-making skills
5 UK water resources 'left to weather's mercy'
6 Call for wind turbine rules to protect bats and birds
7 Ash dieback: Government faces possible legal action
8 Jersey minister says low energy costs 'lead to waste'
9 Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov fired by Putin
10 Neil Heywood: Briton killed in China 'had spy links'
11 David Cameron: Safe passage for Syria's Assad acceptable
12 Greeks strike against austerity
13 Mourning the vanishing Greece of my childhood
14 Alzheimer's detected decades before symptoms
15 'Freak' fireworks: Apology after display in Oxgangs Brae goes wrong
16 Why is it so hard to give good directions?
17 Standard & Poor's misled investors--Australian court
18 The challenges of change at the top
19 Elite classic video games remake seeking backers
20 Google's market share 'dips below 90%' in UK
21 US email voting scheme dubbed 'risky'
22 Imagination challenges ARM with Mips takeover
23 'Confusing' government websites face revamp in bid to save 1.8bn pounds
24 Smartphone app inquiry launched in Australia
25 Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 shoot it out
26 Cafe creatives: The hubs tempting Dubai entrepreneurs
27 Why was an Indian man held for sending a tweet?
28 Mobile phones call out for fresh water
29 Foes now friends: US stealth pilot and the Serb who shot him down
30 Rat in theatre leads to 40 ops cancelled at King's Mill
31 Bell's palsy: Your stories of living with half a smile
32 Anosmia: Norfolk clinic helps those without a sense of smell
33 Britain's oldest man marks 110th birthday
34 A new computational method for timing the tree of life
35 Researchers explore nickel's love-hate relationship with battery electrodes
36 X-ray 'prism' explores chemical changes at the molecular scale
37 Research finds children living at high altitude at higher risk of mental development delays
38 Researchers detect the brightest flare ever observed in our galaxy's black hole
39 A step toward stronger polymers: Counting loops that weaken materials could help researchers eliminate structural flaws
40 2011 Virginia quake triggered landslides at extraordinary distances
41 2011 Virginia quake triggered landslides at extraordinary distances
42 Scientists reveal how soil and stone mixture determine Congo tree mix
43 A simpler path to a catalyst
44 Key to survival of forest giants revealed
45 Microsoft, Apple tablets have most profit margins
46 Laser the size of a virus particle operates at room temperature, defies the diffraction limit of light
47 New, high-resolution global ocean circulation models identify trigger for Earth's last big freeze
48 NASA radar images asteroid 2007 PA8
49 Flexible learning system allows humans to keep up with linguistic change, researchers find
50 Hypergravity helping aircraft fly further
51 AMD rolls out 6300 server chips for higher performance / watt
52 Research discovers how brain activity changes when anesthesia induces unconsciousness
53 Self-fertilizing worms lose thousands of active genes in reproduction process
54 World's rarest whale seen for the first time
55 Microsoft to add Kinect Fusion to Kinect for Windows SDK
56 Researchers discover how mole rat wards off cancer
57 Cockatoo 'can make its own tools' (w/ Video)
58 New DNA vaccine technology poised to deliver safe and cost-effective disease protection
59 Apple suit vs. Google over patent rates dismissed
60 Electron microscopes with a twist
61 Indian monsoon failure more frequent with warming
62 IDC: Apple 3Q share of tablets drops to 50% (Update)
63 Superbug MRSA identified in US wastewater treatment plants
64 Study: Carbon buried in the soil rises again
65 Inverse fingerprints on paper: Visualization of latent fingermarks by nanotechnology
66 New two-dimensional semiconductor has ideal band gap for solar harvesting
67 Researchers seek to improve drug delivery with hydrogels
68 Nanosilver from clothing can pose major environmental problems
69 Researchers boost silicon-based batteries
70 Fireflies give Korean team bright idea for LED lighting
71 Nanoparticles improve lithium battery electrodes
72 New discovery shows promise in future speed of synthesizing high-demand nanomaterials
73 New nano trap protects environment
74 Researchers observe, control, and optimize the growth of individual carbon nanotubes
75 Titania nanotubes go commercial: Potential use in fuel cells, solar panels
76 First all-carbon solar cell
77 Researchers create new microparticles that self-assemble like atoms into molecules
78 Folding funnels key to biomimicry
79 How do floating water bridges defy gravity?
80 Crystals for efficient refrigeration
81 Physicists use Kinect to control holographic tweezers (w/ Video)
82 Precision measurements using top quarks at CMS
83 World record for the entanglement of twisted light quanta
84 Answer to energy transfer debate could impact areas from photovoltaics to quantum information
85 Giving fluorescence microscopy new power to study cellular transport
86 'One real mystery of quantum mechanics': Physicists devise new experiment
87 Using laser beams, scientists generate quantum matter with novel, crystal-like properties
88 Taming mavericks: Researchers use synthetic magnetism to control light
89 Of noise and neurons: Sensory coding, representation and short-term memory
90 Pond skating insects reveal water-walking secrets
91 Good news for coast: Nor'easter to weaken
92 Earth on acid: The present and future of global acidification
93 Spectacular 360-degree 3-D panorama from Apollo 16
94 Firestation: Preparing to study lightning
95 Total solar eclipse in Australia, Nov. 14
96 Night-time view of Aurora
97 US urges Laos to address mega dam concerns
98 The Phosphorus Index: Changes afoot
99 Linking taxes to environmental benefits makes fees more palatable to consumers
100 Review: iPad Mini both delights and disappoints
101 Apple sells 3 million iPads in new launch (Update)
102 Always-on Android voice-controlled Ubi starts pre-orders
103 Apple iPad mini makes low key debut (Update 2)
104 Review: Galaxy Note II for big-screen enthusiasts
105 Review: Surface mostly bridges work-play divide
106 Samsung sells 3 mn Galaxy Note II smartphones since debut
107 Review: Microsoft's Surface tablet no iPad, but better than other rivals
108 Smart as a bird: Flying robot avoids obstacles
109 Next-generation 5mm hybrid hard disk drive launched
110 Off to the Future with a new Soccer Robot
111 Google unveils large tablet, revamped Nexus lineup
112 Beam me to my meeting!
113 High-tech tools tackle wind farm performance
114 Meeting the future demand for high-quality, high-capacity Internet
115 Fuel economy at all-time high, researchers find
116 How Google sees the race: Search data sheds light on likely voters
117 Scientists team up with Google to deliver data to land managers
118 Multi-band, portable sensor to provide clear imagery to warfighters
119 Hertz to recycle all its tires
120 Imec reports customized lenslet array for KLA-Tencor's advanced e-beam tool
121 Australian university joins Stanford's open-source online platform
122 Megaupload boss aims to lie low
123 Build your own home theater for full-blast entertainment with 'Virtual Sound Ball'
124 New technology to help speed analysis, improve diagnosis of illness
125 Researchers make strides toward selective oxidation catalysts
126 Temporary storage for electrons: Natural method of producing hydrogen
127 New technique enables high-sensitivity view of cellular functions
128 Researchers find three unique cell-to-cell bonds
129 Researchers discover how tiny sugars regulate stem cells
130 'Ordered' catalyst boosts fuel cell output at lower cost
131 Cellular landscaping: Predicting how, and how fast, cells will change
132 Impurity atoms impart remarkable control over water-splitting reactions on insulator surfaces
133 High-quality products from rubber residues
134 Biofuel breakthrough: Quick cook method turns algae into oil (w/ Video)
135 New inhibitors of elusive enzymes promise to be valuable scientific tools
136 Inspiration from Mother Nature leads to improved wood
137 Anthrax kills 30 hippos in S. Africa's Kruger park
138 How bacteria talk to each other and our cells
139 The genetics of molecular evolution
140 Most animal relocations unjustified or poorly designed, research finds
141 UK: Call for national guidelines to protect birds and bats from turbines
142 Shortage of plant disease experts threatens tree and crop health, report finds
143 Warming temperatures cause aquatic animals to shrink the most
144 2001-2002 drought helped propel mountain pine beetle epidemic, study finds
145 Computers 'taught' to ID regulating gene sequences
146 Supercomputing for a superproblem: A computational journey into pure mathematics
147 Mammoth skeleton found near Paris
148 Earliest known finned tetrapod found from the Lower Devonian of China
149 New species of Sinamia discovered
150 Researchers analyze presidential candidates' body language
151 Word choices on political issues reveal ways of thinking
152 Sweet news for specialty stores: You don't need to lower prices to compete, study shows
153 Comedian's political humor affects potential voter's attitudes about candidates
154 California leads nation in exonerations of wrongfully convicted
155 Study supports move toward common math standards
156 We're more passive than we predict when sexually harassed, new study shows
157 Loser-pays-all rule in criminal cases could work for wealthy defendants
158 Millionaire migration following tax hikes a myth, study finds
159 A future in sitcoms after the election? Presidential debates may be funnier than popular sitcoms
160 Temple researchers show targeted cancer drug may stunt heart's ability to repair itself
161 Fewer than 25% of Americans walk for more than ten continuous minutes in a week, study finds
162 Smokers leave a history of their addiction in DNA
163 Study: Stem cells from strangers can repair hearts
164 Researchers identify unexpected bottleneck in the spread of herpes simplex virus
165 First gene therapy study in human salivary gland shows promise
166 Researchers find earliest known signs of Alzheimer's in people with genetic mutation that causes inherited form
167 Healthy living adds 14 years to your life
168 New drug may help those who can't take statins
169 Therapy with bone marrow-derived stem cells does not improve short-term recovery after heart attack
170 Higher anxiety associated with poorer functioning in children with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome
171 PTSD linked to smaller brain area regulating fear response
172 The knowing nose: Chemosignals communicate human emotions
173 Children's preexisting symptoms influence their reactions to disaster coverage on TV
174 Physical exercise improves gait speed, muscle strength, fitness in patients with Parkinson's disease
175 First gene therapy to go on sale in Europe in 2013
176 High fever and evidence of a virus? Caution, it still may be Kawasaki disease
177 Some heart patients may respond differently to anti-platelet drugs
178 New research suggests standardized booster seat laws could save lives of children
179 Learning a new sense: Scientists observe as humans learn to sense like a rat, with 'whiskers'
180 Psychics fail tests of their abilities in academic setting
181 Cannabis use mimics cognitive weakness that can lead to schizophrenia
182 Brain may 'see' more than the eyes, study indicates