File Title
1 Feral cats work around dingo's lifestyle
2 Boozy birds pay the price for flying high
3 Curiosity draws a blank on Martian methane
4 Ash dieback: Government faces possible legal action
5 Laos approves Xayaburi 'mega' dam on Mekong
6 South Korea shuts nuclear reactors over unapproved parts
7 When wild beasts roamed the UK
8 US set for final campaigning day
9 Several killed in central Syria suicide bombing
10 Bahrain bomb blasts kill two foreign workers
11 Japan and blood types: Does it determine personality?
12 Puerto Rico prepares for historic poll
13 Heartbeat 'could power pacemaker'
14 Apple paid only 2% corporation tax outside US
15 India state beats drums to stop public urination
16 Pakistan acid attack parents 'feared dishonour'
17 League of Legends rewards well-behaved players
18 Hackivists set up Guy Fawkes protest
19 US set for final campaigning day
20 Saudi border guards killed in ambush near Yemen
21 Biafra protests: Nigeria police in mass arrests
22 Formula for Success--Tyres
23 Storm Sandy: NY transport disruption to continue
24 Somalia to get first female foreign minister
25 Coca-Cola 'targeted' by China in hack ahead of acquisition attempt
26 Royal British Legion first with Thunderclap social media tool
27 Ladies first: Inside the first women-only game jam
28 Human rights activists taught online tactics
29 Mobile phones call out for fresh water
30 Organ donation: Jewish, Muslim presumed consent worries
31 Sharon Osbourne has double mastectomy over cancer fears
32 Liverpool Care Pathway: Relatives 'must be informed'
33 Artist illuminates science's deep-sea discoveries
34 Apple website reveals unlocked iPhone 5 price
35 Extreme voting: How astronauts cast ballots from space
36 After Sandy, California also worries about extreme storms
37 Quantum mystery of light revealed in new study
38 Apple paid only 1.9% tax on earnings outside U.S.
39 IDC: Android on 75% of smartphones
40 Pew: Social media as a political tool on the rise
41 Curiosity rover finds no methane on Mars
42 Obama has electoral vote advantage
43 Taking the pulse of Nate Silver's numbers
44 NYC Mayor Bloomberg says up to 40,000 may need relocation
45 Trouble signs in Iowa for Romney?
46 Obama camp exudes confidence in home stretch
47 An exasperating interview with Senate leaders
48 Ryan says Obama's policies threaten 'Judeo-Christian' values
49 NYC Marathon runners help with relief efforts
50 Cold weather latest woe for Sandy victims
51 Storm surge barriers: A lesson U.S. needs to learn from Europe?
52 Hypothermia a serious risk in Sandy's wake
53 Artist Illuminates Science's Deep-Sea Discoveries
54 5 Odd Effects of Sandy's Power Outage
55 Small Earthquake Strikes New Jersey
56 Quantum Mystery of Light Revealed by New Experiment
57 Why Mars Life Hunt Targets Methane
58 Launch of Air Force Secret Space Plane Delayed Again
59 Curiosity Rover Finds No Methane on Mars--Yet
60 Future Mars Missions: Can Humans Trump Robots?
61 Hurricane Sandy May Affect Election Outcome
62 Employers Divided on Dealing With Sandy-Stricken Workers
63 Bubbles of Trouble for Tumors
64 New Company Creates Freedom for the Visually Impaired Researcher
65 The Nastiest, Strangest Presidential Elections in US History
66 What's Wrong With Online Voting?
67 How to Catch Hurricane Sandy Scammers
68 New Storm Brewing Could Threaten Sandy-Damaged Beaches
69 5 Reasons Your Vote Will Be Irrational
70 Got Any Spare Charge? Enterprising NYC Bicyclist Does
71 Telecommuting Gets People Back to Work Post-Sandy
72 Alien Life May Require Rare 'Just-Right' Asteroid Belts
73 Southwest Volcano Threat Overlooked
74 Strong Earthquake Shakes Philippines
75 Inflatable Plug Could Have Stopped NYC Subway Flooding
76 Candidate Killed by Hurricane Could Still Win Election
77 Cyberbullying Not Just a Problem for Kids
78 Fall Back: The Science of Daylight Saving Time
79 Techie Volunteers Get New Yorkers Online After Sandy
80 Voting From Space: NASA Astronauts Can Beam Down Ballot From ISS
81 Hi, we're overhead! Get a text message from NASA when the International Space Station flies over your house
82 It's Global Warming, Stupid
83 Storm Shows America as One Nation, Without Enough Insurance
84 Curiosity Self-Portrait: Mars Rover Stitches Together Spectacular New 'Selfie' (PHOTO)
85 Felix Baumgartner: Mars is a waste of your tax dollars
86 Water world: Photos of the animals in the flooded New York Aquarium
87 Mountain Meadows Dwindling In The Pacific Northwest
88 Mass. Rep holds climate change meeting after Sandy
89 Idaho scientist seeks to launch aerial Bigfoot search with blimp
90 Doctors Dismiss Study That Says Chelation Helps Heart Patients
91 Much-Debated Treatment for Heart Disease Shows Slight Benefit in Clinical Trial
92 Controversial Alternative Heart Treatment Shows Hint of Benefit
93 Surgery seems best for heart disease in diabetics
94 For Diabetics, Bypasses Gain
95 FREEDOM Lends Strong Support To CABG For Diabetics With Multivessel Disease
96 Florida Early Voting Fiasco: Voters Wait For Hours At Polls As Rick Scott Refuses To Budge
97 George Lucas Will Donate Disney $4 Billion To Education
98 Pittsburgh Zoo: Boy Dies After Falling Into Exhibit With African Painted Dogs
99 Charlie Crist: Rick Scott's Refusal To Extend Florida Early Voting Is 'Indefensible'
100 Health Buzz: Pacemaker Powered By Heartbeat, Not Batteries
101 The nearer the bar, the greater the chances of risky drinking
102 High Blood Pressure a Danger for People as Young as 40
103 Eating meat may raise breast cancer risk in whites
104 The neglected cancer
105 AHA: Aspirin Misses Mark in Recurrent VTE
106 ASPIRE: Aspirin good option for extended treatment of VTE
107 NYU hospital that evacuated during Sandy to reopen
108 Sandy's urgent reminder to California
109 The Midnight Evacuation of NYU Medical Center
110 BioMarin's GALNS meets primary endpoint in trial
111 Why Even Healthy People Should Watch Their Salt Intake
112 FDA backs Pradaxa safety as docs lament lack of antidote
113 AHA: No Excess Bleeding Risk with Dabigatran