File Title
1 Ash dieback: 'Wash after visiting woods' plea
2 Leaving our mark: Fossils of the future
3 Gene therapy: Glybera approved by European Commission
4 US election: Obama and Romney deadlocked for final push
5 Bishop Tawadros new pope of Egypt's Coptic Christians
6 Syria opposition groups hold crucial Qatar meeting
7 Kenya policeman killed, 10 injured in church attack
8 India's Congress holds mass rally to defend reforms
9 A Point Of View: Is China more legitimate than the West?
10 Is Berlin the safest city to be a cyclist?
11 Why the French love chocolate bears
12 Israeli firm's new medical marijuana
13 Barack Obama's presidency: Why hope shrivelled
14 Two killed as US police helicopter crashes in Atlanta
15 British soldier killed in Cyprus 'nightclub fight'
16 Brooks told Cameron she 'cried twice' during his speech
17 Three inches of snow falls in the west of England
18 Turkey's art house film-makers hope for further success
19 Storm Sandy: Power and petrol shortages dog recovery
20 IDC: Android on 75% of smartphones
21 Pew: Social media as a political tool on the rise
22 Fear of math can cause real pain
23 Dwyane Wade takes heat for N.Y. traffic tweet in wake of Sandy
24 FTC releases facial recognition tech guidelines
25 Inside Romney camp, tension and optimism as Election Day looms
26 Lights in lower Manhattan, misery in outer regions
27 NYC mayor: Gas shortages could go on a few days
28 Ala. utilities: Our crews not turned away from N.J.
29 New jobs report, same spin
30 Obama fires up Wisconsin rally, says he's purveyor of "real change"
31 Wegmans recalls packaged salad amid E. coli cases
32 Meningitis outbreak nears 400 infected as lawmakers push for tougher regulation
33 Movember spotlights men's health through mustaches
34 Alien Life May Require Rare 'Just-Right' Asteroid Belts
35 Asteroid belts could show us where intelligent life is hiding in the galaxy
36 Curiosity Sniffs The Martian Atmosphere But Finds No Sign Of Life
37 No methane, but evidence for a far thicker Martian atmosphere
38 Astronomers measure cosmic 'fog,' estimate space between stars
39 Missing gamma rays were abducted by light from the first stars
40 Weather on Steroids Is Global Warming, Stupid: Paul Barrett
41 You Can't Fix a Hurricane With Climate Policy
42 The Oldest Town in Europe--Dating to 4,700 BC--Is Discovered in Bulgaria
43 Europe's 'Oldest Town' Identified Near Provadia In Eastern Bulgaria
44 Pradaxa (Dabigatran) Bleeding Rates No Higher Than Warfarin, Says FDA
45 AHA: No Excess Bleeding Risk with Dabigatran
46 Stem Cell Therapy Reversed Chemo-Linked Infertility in Male Monkeys
47 Mitt Romney's Stem Cell Position May Put Research Funding At Risk
48 The nearer the bar, the greater the chances of risky drinking
49 Autism Programs Work Best When Started Early
50 Drug to fix faulty DNA gets go-ahead in landmark move that may alter medicine forever
51 Gene-Therapy Approval Marks Major Milestone
52 Alemtuzumab MS Data Still Look Good in
53 Suspect in hepatitis C outbreak portrayed as traveling addict
54 Exeter Hospital ordered to release patient records in hepatitis C probe
55 Hospitals sue government over private Medicare audits
56 Fighting the RAC
57 High Blood Pressure Can Damage at Early Age
58 Oral Blood Thinner Xarelto Gets FDA Approval For Wider Uses
59 FDA expands use of Xarelto to treat, reduce recurrence of blood clots
60 These carrots could make you sick
61 Planned Parenthood PAC Airs Radio Ad for Obama
62 Texas to keep Planned Parenthood in health program--for now
63 Blue Bell woman raises money, awareness in fight against lung cancer
64 York County No. 1 for finding West Nile virus in mosquitoes
65 Functional Chinese knock-off of Apple's Lightning cable disassembled
66 Sales of Google's Nexus 7 tablet approach 1 million per month
67 Apple removes prostitution services from Siri results in China
68 Amazon pulls anti-iPad mini ad with incorrect claim about stereo speakers
69 Apple preparing first beta of OS X 10.8.3
70 Apple tells court it would pay no more than $1 per iPhone to license Motorola patents
71 Apple to open up to 35 new retail stores in 2013
72 Apple sinking more money into R&D as spending rose $1B in 2012
73 OS X Mountain Lion confirmed to support Fusion Drive on legacy Macs
74 iTunes now accepting Red Cross donations for Superstorm Sandy aid
75 Apple continues work on iDevice security with movement-based theft detection
76 UK court orders Apple to rewrite website statement saying Samsung didn't copy the iPad
77 iPad mini teardown finds Samsung LCD, design cues taken from iPhone 5
78 Bob Mansfield agreed to 2-year deal at Apple because of Scott Forstall's ouster--report
79 Jony Ive expected to replace iOS, OS X textures with clean edges & flat surfaces
80 Apple releases iOS 6.0.1 to fix screen, camera flash and Exchange issues
81 Apple begins testing iOS 6.1 with new Map Kit framework for third-party apps
82 Apple expected to sell up to 1.5M iPad minis over launch weekend
83 Apple's Phil Schiller to be questioned by Samsung in post-trial deposition
84 Apple rolls out OS X updates for Safari, iPhoto and Aperture
85 Sales of iPad mini and 4th-gen iPad begin in New Zealand
86 iPad mini is Windows 8 hardware makers' worst nightmare, analyst says
87 FTC staff recommends suing Google via antitrust law over FRAND patent abuse
88 iPad mini's A5 chip confirmed to be built on Samsung's 32nm process
89 iPad mini preorders go live in Thailand, units ship in two weeks
90 No internal design changes found in 4th-gen iPad teardown
91 Microsoft said to be testing its own smartphone design
92 Apple's 'broadest and deepest iPad launch ever' hits 34 countries
93 iPhone 5 constraints remain at AT&T, Verizon, inventory improving at Sprint
94 Apple publishes statement in UK paper saying Samsung didn't copy iPad
95 Apple has reportedly lost ownership of 'iPhone' trademark in Mexico
96 Physicians excited about lab coat pocket-ability of Apple's iPad mini
97 Survey cites brand loyalty in iPad mini buyers; 75% keeping their existing iPad, too
98 A6X chip in Apple's new iPad has quad-core PowerVR SGX 554 GPU
99 Apple brings $19 Lightning to Micro USB adapter to U.S. stores
100 Test puts iPad mini and 4th-gen iPad screens under microscope
101 Apple expected to ship 850K iPad minis in first week of sales
102 iPad mini unboxing: super slim, very light
103 'Drop test' finds iPad mini is more rugged than Nexus 7, 3rd-gen iPad
104 Apple posts new notice saying Samsung didn't copy iPad on UK website
105 Tim Cook's recipe for Apple Crumble
106 Free: bring back the one feature from old Macs you can't find in today's new Macs
107 Apple seeds developers with iOS 6.1 beta 1 with Map Kit framework for third-party apps
108 Piper Jaffray: Apple may sell as many as 1.5 million iPad mini units in first weekend
109 FTC staff said to formally recommend antitrust lawsuit against Google over FRAND abuse
110 Apple's iTunes Store now accepting Red Cross donations for Hurricane Sandy aid
111 Apple loses right to iPhone brand name in Mexico
112 Security researcher labels nearly 300,000 Google Play Android apps as 'high-risk'
113 Crowds greet Apple's iPad mini in Asia as Wi-Fi-only model launches
114 Attention yellow journalists: Wi-Fi-only iPad minis launch today, 4G LTE models later this month, that is why lines are 'shorter' today
115 Apple stock gives another negative signal
116 Why Jony Ive shouldn't kill off Apple's skeuomorphic interfaces
117 Apple's reformed 'apology' to uncool Samsung appears in UK newspapers
118 Apple's minimalist Sir Jonathan Ive assumes Steve Jobs's role setting design vision
119 How Jony Ive will make checking the weather on your iPhone a religious experience
120 AT&T, Verizon still see iPhone 5 supply constraints, Sprint's inventory improves
121 Near record turnout for Apple's iPad mini in New York City
122 74% of organizations have no plans to deploy Windows 8
123 Apple's new Mac mini offers an attractive bang for the buck
124 Apple's new iPad mini sold out in New York City stores
125 Apple, Microsoft v. Google's Motorola Mobility trials raise concerns over courtroom secrecy
126 Rochdale said to seek capital lifeline after AAPL trading error
127 IDC: Google's Android hits 75% smartphone market share worldwide
128 Apple stock continues swoon
129 Benchmarks: Apple iPad 4's A6X beats all comers in GPU performance
130 Doctors excited over Apple's iPad mini; fits easily into lab coat pocket
131 iPad 4 graphics upgrade a serious horsepower increase; Apple's A6X is one massive processing machine
132 One major clue that Apple is expecting a blowout next quarter
133 Next week's Apple-Google FRAND trial may be canceled on Monday morning
134 Steven P. Jobs Trust now making money off Motorola Mobility Android phones
135 Apple debuts first television ad for iPad mini (with video)
136 How many iPad minis will Apple sell in its first weekend?
137 Drop test shows Apple's iPad mini more rugged than Google's Nexus 7 (with video)
138 First-ever iPad mini installed into car's dashboard (with video)
139 I have seen the future of the iPad and it is mini
140 VentureBeat reviews new iPod touch and iPod nano: Apple remains king of portable media players
141 Say farewell: Apple's 'Skeuomorphism Hall of Shame'
142 Amazon's anti-Apple iPad mini ad backfires; ad pulled after fact-check flop
143 Skeuomorphism is (finally) dead: So what is Apple's next design move?
144 Jim Cramer recommends Apple--a strong buy