File Title
1 Mysterious bear figurines baffle archaeologists
2 Egypt's 'collapsing' pyramids
3 A Swedish Stonehenge? Stone Age Tomb May Predate English Site
4 Penn Museum unwraps mystery of mummy conservation
5 Archaeologists work to uncover shipwreck remains in Portimao
6 Japanese Lake provides new benchmark for Radiocarbon dates
7 History of Hattusa's excavation on display
8 Was Grandmothering a Key to Human Evolution?
9 Nazi buddha from space might be fake
10 Rare findings dating back to the 6th millennium B. C. have been dug out in Masis hill
11 Artifact of Chimu culture found in Machu Picchu
12 Izmir presents mosaic city of western region
13 Complete Mitochondrial Genome Sequences of Ancient New Zealanders
14 Historic shipwreck discovered at the Channel Islands
15 New Stanford analysis provides fuller picture of human expansion from Africa
16 The DNA of Aztec conquest
17 Are bodies of 10,000 lost warriors from Battle of Hastings buried in this field?
18 2,000 Years of history: Paris in 3D
19 Skeleton at Llanbedrgoch, Anglesey, sheds light on Viking Age
20 Bali's 'largest' ancient Hindu temple unearthed
21 Archaeologists find burnt stucco floor related to astronomical event 1,350 years ago
22 Possible Key Human Ancestor was Both Upright Walker and Tree Climber
23 Bronze Age Golden Cup Unearthed in Italy
24 Most Ancient Pottery Prehistoric Figurine of the Iberian Peninsula Found in Begues
25 Penis-Shaped Bone & Lover's Bust Among Trove of Roman Art
26 Guatemala excavates early Mayan ruler's tomb
27 Oldest Spanish human figurine found
28 Two men find 19th-century shipwreck in lake near Oswego
29 Caesar, the Orchid Chief
30 Looters strip Bulgaria of ancient treasures
31 Largest neolithic ruins in China studied
32 Northumberland coast's ancient secrets to be saved from sea with lottery grant
33 Easter Island Statues Could Have 'Walked'
34 Skeleton in Richard III hunt may be friary founder
35 Archaeologists enter royal tomb in Palenque
36 Above Scotland with an aerial archaeologist
37 Human expansion from Africa comes into focus
38 Tsunamis in the Alps?
39 World War II Carrier Pigeon With Coded Message Found In England
40 Buried with a stake through a heart: the medieval 'vampire' burial
41 Egyptian Deity Pendant, Herodian Structure Fragment Found in Jerusalem Dig
42 New study investigates fate of the criminal corpse
43 Saxon find in Lyminge has historians partying like it's 599
44 Neolithic monument unearthed in Cornwall
45 'Island of Blue Dolphins' Cave Possibly Found
46 Celtic history: Injured soldiers learn new skills on warrior dig
47 Ninth century AD antiquities found by archaeologists in Jharkhand
48 Preliminary Self-Portrait of Curiosity by Rover's Arm Camera
49 Gazprom to Launch Two Satellites by Yearend
50 A Next-Generation X-Ray Telescope Ready to Fly
51 NASA's Uncanny Amazing Webb Mirrors
52 Las Cumbres Observatory gains first light for entire 1-meter node at CTIO
53 Spaceflight Completes Secondary Payload System Preliminary Design Review With Hardware Fabrication Underway
54 Asteroid Belts at Just the Right Place are Friendly to Life
55 Curious About Life: Interview with Jennifer Stern
56 Curious About Life: Interview with Felipe Gomez
57 Curious About Life: Interview with Jen Eigenbrode
58 Early-Earth cells modeled to show how first life forms might have packaged RNA
59 Curious About Life: Interview with Michael Meyer
60 Curious About Life: Interview with Pan Conrad
61 Curious About Life: Interview with David Grinspoon
62 Research cruise testing EGNOS satnav for ships
63 Two SOPS accepts command and control of newest GPS satellite
64 China launches another satellite for independent navigation system
65 Surrey Satellite Technology US Secures Contract for Space GPS Receivers
66 DeLorme Releases XMap 8.0 with Enhanced GIS, GPS Connectivity and Data Collection Tools
67 Super-rare, super-luminous supernovae are likely explosion of universe's earliest stars
68 Stars Ancient and Modern?
69 Fire burn and cauldron bubble
70 Dark clouds, young stars, and a dash of Hollywood
71 Galactic Thief: "I Would Have Gotten Away With It, If It Weren't for Those Meddling Astronomers"
72 Monster galaxy may have been stirred up by black-hole mischief
73 A black widow's Tango Mortale in gamma-ray light
74 Galaxies: some assembly required
75 NASA's Spitzer Sees Light of Lonesome Stars
76 Quasar May Be Embedded in Unusually Dusty Galaxy
77 Split-Personality Elliptical Galaxy Holds a Hidden Spiral
78 Hubble Sees Galaxy in a spin
79 Radioactive decay of titanium powers supernova remnant
80 Space Station's Orbit Raised to Avoid Space Junk
81 Russian Briz-M booster falls apart in orbit
82 Record space junk cloud could threaten ISS: report
83 Nereidum Montes helps unlock Mars' glacial past
84 Valles Marineris--the largest canyon in the Solar System
85 Ice-clad beauty on the 'Silver Island' of Mars
86 Hadley Crater--closing in on the Martian interior
87 Globalstar Birds To Launch On Soyuz Next February
88 Ariane 5s are readied in parallel for Arianespace's next heavy-lift flights
89 NASA's SAMPEX Mission: A Space Weather Warrior
90 STEREO Reaches New Milestone At Its Sixth Anniversary
91 NASA Study Using Cluster Reveals New Insights Into Solar Wind
92 SwRI to build miniature solar observatory for manned suborbital flight
93 Heliophysics Nugget: Gradient Sun
94 Earth sunblock only needed if planet warms easily
95 Bristol scientists perform new experiment to solve the 'one real mystery' of quantum mechanics
96 Neutron experiments give unprecedented look at quantum oscillations
97 Applied physics as art
98 Extending Einstein's theory beyond light speed
99 The Nobel Prize in Physics 2012: Particle control in a quantum world
100 Zynga builds new version of social game 'CityVille'
101 Virtual reality 'beaming' technology transforms human-animal interaction
102 Zynga bets on mobile and gambling games
103 BSkyB re-elects James Murdoch to board as profits dip
104 Crew Prepares for Spacewalk After Progress Docks
105 Giant tracking station readies for operation
106 Student teams fly their theses in weightlessness
107 Cassini Halloween Treat: Titan Glows in the Dark
108 Saturn's giant storm reveals the planet's churning atmosphere
109 Giant impact scenario may explain the unusual moons of Saturn
110 The sound in Saturn's rings: RUB-Physicists explain nonlinear dust acoustic waves in dusty plasmas
111 What's Baking on Titan?
112 A Long and Winding Road: Cassini Celebrates 15 Years
113 Navigating the Seas of Titan
114 Titan Shows Surprising Seasonal Changes
115 Dust's Warming Counters Half of its Cooling Effect
116 NASA's GPM Observatory Completes First Dry Run
117 Jelly-like atmospheric particles resist chemical aging
118 Dawn Sees "Young" Surface on Giant Asteroid
119 Dawn On Route To Ceres
120 Protoplanet Vesta: Forever young?
121 Whizzing Asteroid Turns Rocket Scientists' Heads
122 Lost asteroid rediscovered with a little help from ESA
123 First Evidence of Dynamo Generation in an Asteroid
124 Asteroid fragments could hint at the origin of the solar system
125 Physicists confirm first planet discovered in a quadruple star system
126 Planet-hunt data released to public
127 Non-NATO Sweden, Finland agree to monitor Iceland's airspace
128 Flying rescue robot can avoid obstacles
129 Powered exoskeleton helps paralyzed walk
130 Distant super-luminous supernovae found
131 Continuing Work With Scoops at 'Rocknest'
132 Curiosity's Tastes of Martian Soil Offer Insights on Mineral Composition
133 Curiosity on Mars sits on rocks similar to those found in marshes in Mexico
134 Assessing Drop-Off to Mars Rover's Observation Tray