File Title
1 Study identifies pancreatic cancer genes
2 Protein diet shortens fly's life
3 Satellite finds ozone hole still shrinking
4 'Ash dieback' fungus Chalara fraxinea in UK countryside
5 Archer fish spitting mystery solved, scientists say
6 Experts' joy at birth of first Farne Island twin seals
7 Three-person IVF trial 'success'
8 Cambridge University's 'space scream' phone experiment
9 Exmoor Zoo uses riot shields against aggressive cranes
10 Analysis: The battle over brock
11 American mink: Anglesey project to stop colonisation
12 The new neighbourhoods of Washington DC
13 Barack Obama to cast vote early in Chicago
14 Jimmy Savile: Number of victims reach 300, police say
15 Tom Cruise sues for $50m over Suri headlines
16 Early voting: Is the election already decided?
17 Cuba missile crisis: When nuclear war seemed inevitable
18 Tunisia Jews: A tiny community hanging on--and cooking
19 Give social networks fake details, advises Whitehall web security official
20 'Lost' Beethoven hymn unearthed
21 Indian rickshaw-puller's baby Damini 'out of danger'
22 Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has plans for more hardware
23 Syria rebels 'advance in Aleppo'
24 Brain training moves from battlefield to boardroom
25 The bleeding edge of self-healing skin-like materials
26 Syria army 'to observe ceasefire' over Eid al-Adha
27 Burma Rakhine clashes death toll at 56--state officials
28 Carphone Warehouse leaks LG's Google Nexus 4 phone
29 Blind Great Dane turns on her guide dog companion
30 Colombia sees emerald rush after roadworks hit vein
31 Web host for SumoTorrent site 'liable for damages'
32 Anger management video game monitors child's heart rate
33 Tube sites are 'changing porn,' says UK regulator
34 Windows 8 and the Surface tablets: The experts weigh in
35 Windows 8: Make-or-break moment for Microsoft CEO
36 Facebook's final Instagram tab: $715 million in cash, stock
37 Oldest known voice, music recording restored
38 Huge combo storm may pummel East Coast next week
39 Samsung Galaxy Note II goes on sale in the U.S.
40 New fern species named after Lady Gaga
41 The 25 most common passwords of 2012
42 Streaks on Mars may be caused by flowing water
43 Puppies learn to catch yawns as they grow
44 Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for president
45 Congressman's son resigns after voter fraud video
46 Donald Trump $5M offer to president falls flat, joke to many
47 Poll: Gender gaps all but gone in White House race
48 Haley Barbour: Mourdock's rape remark "kinda crazy"
49 Ryan: "I just don't understand" bayonet remark
50 Ted Danson talks CSI role and possible "Cheers" reunion
51 Donald Trump's "big" announcement is not so big
52 Obama slams Mourdock rape
53 Obama campaign ad hits Romney on abortion
54 Aspirin may be big help against some colon cancer, major study shows
55 Meningitis-linked firm skirted reprimand in '04
56 Inside the family firm linked to meningitis outbreak
57 Fungal meningitis outbreak claims 24th victim
58 Overweight pets a growing epidemic
59 Embryos made with genes from 1 man, 2 women
60 LaPook: Extra doc fees result of system "where meter is running"
61 Woman charged more on medical bill for asking "too many questions": Fair?
62 Can you overdose on caffeinated drinks?
63 Volunteers cross item off 9/11 victim's "bucket list"
64 U.S. military poised for rescue in Benghazi
65 How Latinos could sway presidential vote in Colo.
66 Before death, Amb. Stevens warned of "violent" Libya landscape
67 Candidates on student debt, higher education costs
68 Presidential vacations: How does Obama compare?
69 Will the Election Outcome Really Impact the Economy?
70 Microwave Missile Test Targets Electronics, Not People
71 Why You Shouldn't Kiss Pigs at the County Fair
72 Caffeine Levels in Energy Drinks May Be Higher Than Advertised
73 Man Tries to Save Rhinos with Toenail Clippings
74 China Eyes New Rockets for Space Station, Moon Missions
75 Buddha Statue: Possibly Fake, Still From Space
76 'Space Buddha' Statue May Be a Fake
77 Salton Sea Volcano Mystery Solved
78 Death-Defying Trick: Cells Return From the Brink of Death
79 Spoofed Boarding Passes Could Put Terrorists on Planes
80 Mystery Glow of Dark Matter Halos Fueled by Extragalactic Stars
81 Antarctic Ozone Hole 2nd Smallest in 20 Years
82 Fearful Kids More Likely to Hold Conservative Political Views as Adults
83 Navy Will Get Lasers in 2 Years, Admiral Says
84 Antarctic Ice Rift Growing, Satellite Images Show
85 African Kids Reach for the Stars With Help of US Astronomer
86 78 Million Americans No Longer Need Vitamin D...Maybe
87 One Woman's Postpartum Depression Was Caused by a Tumor
88 For Tune-Carrying Sand Dunes, the Key Lies in the Grains
89 Ghost Hunters Sound Credible with a Little 'Science'
90 Flowing Water on Mars May Cause Seasonal Streaks: Study
91 Japan Wants Space Plane or Capsule by 2022
92 Hawaii's Kilauea & Mauna Loa Volcanoes Linked
93 Manned Mars Missions Could Threaten Red Planet Life
94 Mars Methane Mystery: Curiosity Rover May Find New Clues
95 Shark Falls from Sky Onto Golf Course?
96 Scammers Set to Cash In on iPad Mini
97 Climate Scientist Sues Over Jerry Sandusky Comparison
98 Chin Implant Augments Man's Testicles, Self-Esteem
99 Could Genetic Diseases Be Cured in the Womb?
100 Women Should Receive Whooping Cough Vaccine During Each Pregnancy
101 Plastic Trash Invades Arctic Seafloor
102 Reference: Carthage: Ancient Phoenician City-State
103 Almond Oil in Pregnancy Linked to Premature Birth
104 Why Don't We Drink Milk from Animals Other Than Cows?
105 How Energy Drinks May Affect Kids' Hearts
106 Why Waiting to Start Kindergarten Might Be a Good Idea
107 Earth's Magnetic Field Made Quick Flip- Flop
108 Why the Climate Silence in the Presidential Debates?
109 Baby Beluga Whale Is...a Girl!
110 'Headless' Ladybug Identified as New Species
111 Fossil Record Shows Species Need to Spread Out to Survive
112 James Bond's MI6 Fails Cybersecurity in 'Skyfall'
113 Strong Earthquake Strikes Costa Rica
114 Record space junk cloud could threaten ISS: report
115 Boeing Proposes Gas Clouds to Remove Space Debris
116 Focus on space debris: Envisat
117 New crew docks with ISS: Russia
118 S. Korea readies third bid to join global space club
119 Astrium presents results of its study into automatic landing near the Moon's south pole
120 European mission to search for moon water
121 Proof at last: Moon was created in giant smashup
122 Massive planetary collision may have zapped key elements from moon
123 Giant smashup created the Moon, say scientists
124 University of Tennessee study confirms solar wind as source for moon water
125 Solar wind particles likely source of water locked inside lunar soils
126 Moon water could have solar source: study
127 Rover designed to drill for moon ice
128 ISS Crew Gets Ready for New Expedition 33 Trio
129 Astronomers report dark matter 'halos' may contain stars, disprove other theories
130 Dark Matter Filament Studied in 3D for the First Time
131 Berkeley Lab Sensors Enable First Light for the Dark Energy Camera
132 World's most powerful digital camera opens eye, records first images in hunt for dark energy
133 The mystery of dark matter may be near to being deciphered
134 Gamma rays from galactic center could be evidence of dark matter
135 84 Million Stars and Counting
136 Milky Way's black hole getting ready for snack
137 TMT will take discoveries of stars orbiting the Milky Way's monster black hole to the next level
138 NASA's Chandra Shows Milky Way is Surrounded by Halo of Hot Gas
139 The Milky Way now has a twin or two
140 Seeds of Massive Black Holes Found at the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy
141 Milky Way struck 100 million years ago, still rings like a bell
142 Galaxies: some assembly required
143 Split-Personality Elliptical Galaxy Holds a Hidden Spiral
144 Hubble Sees Galaxy in a spin
145 Radioactive decay of titanium powers supernova remnant
146 Jupiter: Turmoil from Below, Battering from Above
147 China makes progress in spaceflight research
148 China to launch 11 meteorological satellites by 2020
149 Orbital Awarded Contract by USAF For EAGLE Spacecraft Platform
150 Kennedy Supporting Effort to Develop Satellite Servicing Capabilities
151 Las Cumbres Observatory gains first light for entire 1-meter node at CTIO
152 World's Most Advanced Mirror for Giant Telescope Completed
153 INTEGRAL celebrates a decade of discoveries
154 Boeing, AFRL Sodium Guide Star Laser Enhancing Space Situational Awareness
155 Giant Erector Set Supports Webb Telescope Test Component
156 NASA's Spitzer Sees Light of Lonesome Stars
157 2012 Antarctic Ozone Hole Second Smallest in 20 Years
158 Discovering the Ozone Hole
159 UN hails 25-year ozone treaty for preventing disaster
160 Industry Showcases Climate-Friendly Alternatives to Super-Greenhouse HFCs
161 NASA Study Using Cluster Reveals New Insights Into Solar Wind
162 Revealing a Mini-Supermassive Black Hole
163 NASA's NuSTAR Spots Flare From Milky Way's Black Hole
164 Giant black holes lurking in survey data
165 NASA's Swift Satellite Discovers a New Black Hole in our Galaxy
166 Black hole surprise in ancient star cluster
167 Simulations Uncover 'Flashy' Secrets of Merging Black Holes
168 A 84-million star color-magnitude diagram of the Milky Way bulge
169 Monitoring Io's Insane Volcanic Activity from the Comfort of Earth
170 Quasar May Be Embedded in Unusually Dusty Galaxy
171 Trimble Adds Boom Height Control to its Field-IQ Crop Input Control System
172 New INRIX Traffic App for Android Provides Relief from Soaring Gas Prices
173 Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy to Develop Mobile Application for Parks
174 Runzheimer International Launches 2012 Total Employee Mobility Survey
175 GreenRoad Announces World's First Smartphone Fleet Driver Performance Management Service
176 Surrey Satellite Technology US Secures Contract for Space GPS Receivers
177 DeLorme Releases XMap 8.0 with Enhanced GIS, GPS Connectivity and Data Collection Tools
178 50-year-old computer restored in Britain
179 Google opens window to 'where Internet lives'
180 An operating system in the cloud
181 Space daredevil Baumgartner is 'officially retired'
182 Baumgartner feat boosts hopes for imperilled astronauts
183 Sonic boom rocks southwest England
184 Rapid changes in the Earth's core: The magnetic field and gravity from a satellite perspective
185 TerraSAR-X images Bonneville salt flats