File Title
1 Lost relative of Gondwanan relic found
2 Study unravels Tasmania's historic languages
3 Climate change 'may shrink fish'
4 Lunar phobic bats dodge the moonlight
5 Warning over shortage of engineering graduates
6 New blood 'booster' tested in UK-led clinical trials
7 DNA rape sample procedures 'not adequate'
8 Will driverless cars mean computer crashes?
9 Controlling Curiosity: How do you drive a Mars rover?
10 Khost suicide bomb: NATO troops among dead in Afghan blast
11 South Africa shootings: Marikana mine inquiry begins
12 UN warns over impact of rapidly aging populations
13 Chavez rival Henrique Capriles holds big election rally
14 One in 10 workers has taken time off for depression
15 Voter ID laws: Will new rules keep voters from the polls?
16 Five things you need to know about the US election
17 10 monster traffic jams from around the world
18 Historian Eric Hobsbawm dies, aged 95
19 Man freed after getting his head stuck in bin in Aberdeen
20 Top Gear 'breached guidelines' on disability
21 California bans teenage gay conversion therapy
22 US Osprey military aircraft begin Okinawa base move
23 Iran's rial hits an all-time-low against the US dollar
24 The drive to make giving more effective
25 Somali and African Union troops enter Kismayo
26 Eurozone unemployment at fresh high
27 Games industry tax relief plans under consultation
28 Android phone 'wipeout' security flaw exposed
29 Gmail access restored inside Iran
30 Shorter .uk internet domain proposed by Nominet
31 Apple faces scrutiny over product warranties
32 'Pink dollar' app launched in Hong Kong
33 Japan introduces piracy penalties for illegal downloads
34 Hong Kong ferry passenger search after Lamma collision
35 Live music red tape lifted for small venues
36 Young workers: 'Never forget your dreams'
37 Newton Stacey deaths: Dead father 'stabbed children'
38 Ikea 'regrets' removal of women from Saudi catalogue
39 Justin Lee Collins 'blackmailed' by lover
40 Do hospitals cater for patients with special diets?
41 The fiery rivalry of Caribbean hot sauce
42 Greece predicts deeper 2012 recession
43 Watch: Predator-plant catapults bugs into "mouth"
44 White House says it thwarted cyberattack
45 Oracle to launch cloud service to rival Amazon
46 Proposed space boat could explore Saturn's moon
47 Fighting climate change with asteroid dust
48 As Apple takes heat, Google rolls out new Map features
49 Back-to-back near-misses on space station
50 NYC Lawyer: Ahmadinejad's cameraman seeks U.S. asylum
51 California bans "gay cure" therapy
52 Arnold Schwarzenegger: Success and secrets
53 Massachusetts lab tech arrested for alleged improper handling of drug tests
54 Apple pulls "gay cure" iPhone app
55 Which Alumni Earn the Most?
56 Sea Creatures in a Warming World: Winners and Losers
57 Should Men Be in Charge in the Bedroom?
58 Mars Water Mystery: NASA Rover's Ancient Streambed Discovery Is the Latest Clue
59 Scientists Want to Print Lasers onto Nearly Everything
60 Hot Flashes in 11-Year-Old Linked to Herbal Medicine
61 Summer Holding On in California: Record Heat Expected
62 Giant Salamanders Strolled Onto Land Using Long Limbs
63 Mouth of Giant Black Hole Measured for First Time
64 Mars Rover Finds Ancient Streambed Where Water Once Flowed
65 Source of Monster Black Hole's Energy Jet Identified
66 Mars Rover Curiosity Photo Reveals Crescent Moon Phobos
67 Best Photo of Pluto from Earth Snapped by Hawaii Telescope
68 Jupiter's Big Moon Ganymede Mapped by Amateur Astronomer
69 Sun's Shock Waves May Have Staggered Solar System's Planet Formation
70 Bringing Pieces of Mars to Earth: How NASA Will Do It
71 How Memory Load Leaves Us 'Blind' to New Visual Information
72 High-Arctic Heat Tops 1,800-Year High, Says Study; Modern Spike Outmatches Naturally Driven 'Medieval Warm Period'
73 Novel Pathogen Epidemic Identified in Sub-Saharan Africa: Spread of Human Invasive Non-Typhoidal Salmonella Tracked
74 Climate Change Could Cripple Southwestern U.S. Forests: Trees Face Rising Drought Stress and Mortality as Climate Warms
75 White Shark Diets Show Surprising Variability, Vary With Age and Among Individuals
76 Chocolate Makes Snails Smarter
77 Hummingbirds Make Flying Backward Look Easy
78 Saturn's Moon Titan Shows Surprising Seasonal Changes
79 Loop the Loop, DNA Style: One Or Two-Way Transcription Depends On Gene Loops
80 Bioengineers Introduce 'Bi-Fi'--The Biological 'Internet'
81 Predatory Bacterial Crowdsourcing: Scientists ID Simple Formula That Allows Bacteria to Engulf Food in Waves
82 Dioxin Causes Disease and Reproductive Problems Across Generations, Study Finds
83 No Relief for Relief Workers: Humanitarian Aid Work Raises Risk of Depression and Anxiety
84 Association Between Common Heartburn Drugs and Risk of Pneumonia Questioned
85 Macrophage Accumulation of Triglycerides Yields Insights Into Atherosclerosis
86 Baby Communication Gives Clues to Autism
87 PET Predicts Early Response to Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer Patients
88 Chaos Theory and a Little Physics Predict the Outcome at the Roulette Table
89 Quantum Physics: First Images of Landau Levels Revealed
90 Chemical Memory of Seawater: Scientists Examine Biomolecules Dissolved in the Ocean and Read Them Like a History Book
91 Nano-Hillocks: Of Mountains and Craters
92 Hubble Portrays a Dusty Spiral Galaxy
93 Evolutionary Analysis Improves Ability to Predict the Spread of Flu
94 A Laser as Mini-Scissors: Genetic Activity in the Entire Genome of Multicellular Fungi Analysed at a Stroke
95 Nothing to Sneeze At: Scientists Find Cheating Ragweed Behaves Better With Its Kin
96 Fish Getting Smaller as the Oceans Warm
97 Time Bomb: Military Ordnance in Gulf of Mexico Poses Threat to Shipping, Says Expert
98 Low Birth Weight May Increase Risk for Cardiovascular Disease, Kidney Disease and Diabetes
99 Camels to Help Fight Alzheimer's? New Class of Antibody from Camelids That Can Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier
100 Dance Dance Revolution Makes a Difference in Kids' Physical Activity Levels
101 Engineering the Immune System to Fight Melanoma
102 As Flu Season Approaches, Why Do College Students Ignore the H1N1 Vaccine?
103 Preoperative Needle Breast Biopsies Can Lead to Improved Treatment Outcomes
104 Public Health Messages Can Influence Infectious Disease Stigmas
105 New Findings Highlight the Challenges of Managing Blood Clotting in Cancer Patients
106 Phase III Data in Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma Reported
107 New Findings On Optimal Duration of Trastuzumab Therapy for Women With HER2+ Early Breast Cancer
108 Evidence-Based Guidelines to Help Physicians Manage Patients With Acute Low Back Pain
109 Home-Based Stroke Therapy Improves Outcomes, Eliminates Wait Times, Saves Money, Study Suggests
110 Many Emergency Programs Get Failing Grade When It Comes to Stroke Training, Canadian Research Suggests
111 Screening for Post-Stroke Depression Inadequate and Inconsistent, Study Finds
112 Study Points to Potential for Improvement in the Care, Quality of Life of Epilepsy Patients
113 How Sexual Power Can Be Disempowering
114 Newspaper Sales Suffer Due to Lack of Stimulating Content, Study Finds
115 Social Bullying Prevalent in Children's Television
116 Physical Activity Interventions for Children Have 'Little Impact,' Study Suggests
117 Learning to Overcome Fear Is Difficult for Teens
118 Meeting Pigs' Phosphorous Requirements With Fermented Soybean Meal
119 An Old Insect Pest Reemerges in Organic Orchards
120 Songs in the Key of Sea
121 Exposure to Herbicide May Increase Risk of Rare Disorder
122 MRSA Research Identifies New Class of Anti-Bacterial Drugs, Shows How 'Superbug' DNA May Help Scientists Predict Transmission Routes
123 Trapping Weevils and Saving Monarchs
124 Yearlong MAGIC Climate Study Launches: Climate Instruments Mounted Aboard the Horizon Spirit Container Ship Begin Taking Data
125 New 'Green List' Shows Species On Path to Conservation Success
126 Fall Calls Bats to Hibernate, Scientists to Study Them
127 Tadpole Shrimp a New Pest of Rice in the Midsouthern United States
128 Ancient Stinging Nettles Reveal Bronze Age Trade Connections
129 La Bastida Unearths 4,200-Year-Old Fortification, Unique in Continental Europe
130 How Tradition and Tribal Courts Can End War
131 New Clues About Ancient Water Cycles Shed Light On U.S. Deserts
132 Nature's Misfits: Reclassifying Protists Helps Answer How Many Species Remain Undiscovered
133 Mars Rover Opportunity Working at 'Matijevic Hill'
134 Sun Unleashes a Wide, but Benign, Coronal Mass Ejection
135 Venus Transit Movie Shows Perspective in Viewing Our Solar System
136 Technology Designed for Use by Astronauts Works to Save Trapped Miners
137 Learning to Live On Mars: Fatigue Management Program for Controlling Space-Age Jetlag
138 Nanoparticles Glow Through Thick Layer of Tissue
139 Probing the Mysteries of Cracks and Stresses
140 Electrons Confined Inside Nano-Pyramids
141 Catalysis: Optimizing Water Splitting
142 Bioengineers Design Rapid Diagnostic Tests Inspired by Nature
143 'Green Brain' Project to Create an Autonomous Flying Robot With a Honey Bee Brain
144 Computerized Osteoporosis Detection
145 New Method Monitors Semiconductor Etching as It Happens--With Light
146 Taking Mathematics to Heart
147 New Material, Graphene, May Soon Replace Silicon for Technology Industry, Experts Say