File Title
1 HIV 'made' new deadly Salmonella--study
2 North Sea cod: Is it true there are only 100 left?
3 Seven of the week's best reads
4 US military death toll in Afghanistan reaches 2,000
5 Deadly Kenya grenade attack hits children in church
6 Russia budget for 2018 Fifa World Cup nearly doubles
7 George Michael cancels Australian concerts
8 Batumi's casinos: The Las Vegas of the Black Sea?
9 A Point Of View: Mouthing off
10 Japan typhoon Jelawat lifts car into air in Okinawa
11 Bangladesh rampage over Facebook Koran image
12 Iran's Fars agency sorry for running the Onion spoof story
13 Son defends China's Bo Xilai as 'devoted and upright'
14 Turkish ruling party model for Muslim states--Erdogan
15 Libyans hand over hundreds of weapons to army
16 Jimmy Savile accused of sexual abuse
17 Minecraft creator attacks Microsoft's Windows 8 plan
18 Apple's Tim Cook "extremely sorry" about Maps app
19 Facebook's "like" may land Filipinos in jail
20 Watch: People acting irrationally to an iPhone 5
21 Burn victim identified by DNA in maggots
22 Intel previews Windows 8 tablets powered by Atom Z2760 chip
23 Christie: Debate will turn race "upside-down"
24 Texting: Can we pull the plug on our obsession?
25 Ryan: Gun owners should fear an Obama re-election
26 Obama: Congress "standing in the way" of housing recovery
27 Voter registration problems widening in Florida
28 Doctors grow ear on woman's arm for reconstructive surgery
29 How Is a Kindle Like a Cuttlefish
30 Reducing acrylamide levels in french fries
31 Preserving large females could prevent overfishing of Atlantic cod
32 Date palm juice: A potential new 'green' anti-corrosion agent for aerospace industry
33 As Population, Interest in Outdoor Recreation Grow, More Pressure Likely for Northern Forests
34 MBARI researchers discover what vampire squids eat (it's not what you think)
35 Canadian science and technology is healthy and growing, says expert panel
36 New research in Science shows it's not too late for troubled fisheries
37 Now in Science: It's not too late for troubled fisheries
38 UCSB scientists capture clues to sustainability of fish populations
39 Semi-dwarf trees may enable a green revolution for some forest crops
40 Sandia probability maps help sniff out food contamination
41 Napiergrass: A Potential Biofuel Crop for the Sunny Southeast
42 New Fish Species Offers Literal Take on 'Hooking Up'
43 Landsat Satellites Find the 'Sweet Spot' for Crops
44 Study: Exposure to herbicide may increase risk of rare disorder
45 White shark diets vary with age and among individuals
46 Ancient stinging nettles reveal Bronze Age trade connections
47 Venice Lagoon research indicates rapid climate change in coastal regions
48 URI scientists: Marine plants can flee to avoid predators
49 Songs in the key of sea
50 An Old Pest Reemerges in Organic Orchards
51 Tadpole Shrimp a New Rice Pest in the Midsouth
52 Fish getting smaller as the oceans warm: UBC research
53 Climate change could cripple southwestern forests
54 King Richard III search in new phase after 'discovery has potential to rewrite history'
55 Roman military camp dating back to conquest of Gaul throws light on part of world history
56 Challengers to Clovis-age impact theory missed key protocols, new study finds
57 Crews uncover massive Roman mosaic in southern Turkey
58 Chicago Demotic Dictionary refines knowledge of influential language
59 Major changes needed to protect species and ecosystems
60 Ancient tooth may provide evidence of early human dentistry
61 Humans were already recycling 13,000 years ago
62 La Bastida unearths 4,200-year-old fortification, unique in continental Europe
63 Cutting-Edge Technology Makes NASA's Hurricane Mission a Reality
64 Salt marsh carbon may play role in slowing climate warming, study shows
65 WSU study finds dioxin causes disease and reproductive problems across generations
66 Hurricane Irene Polluted Catskills Watershed
67 Extreme climate change linked to early animal evolution
68 Uranium-contaminated site yields wealth of information on microbes 10 feet under
69 Experts call on Congress to create first US Weather Commission
70 New clues about ancient water cycles shed light on US deserts, says Texas A&M-led study
71 'Carmaheaven': Closure of 405 in 2011 improved air quality up to 83%
72 Making headway on beta-blockers and sleep
73 Eating cherries lowers risk of gout attacks by 35%
74 Local funding leads to big things in parrot genomics
75 Big science: Local funding supports open-access sequencing of the Puerto Rican Parrot genome
76 TGen and Scottsdale Healthcare report first study of clonal evolution in Maxillary Sinus Carcinoma
77 Loop the loop, DNA style
78 Penn Immunologists Find a Molecule That Puts the Brakes on Inflammation
79 Nanoparticles Glow Through Thick Layer of Tissue
80 UC Davis researchers find multiple similarities between cancer cells and induced pluripotent stem cells
81 Time bomb: Military ordnance in Gulf poses threat to shipping, says Texas A&M proffesor
82 IUCN adopts new 'Green List' to show species on the path to conservation success
83 Notre Dame researchers part of team that discovered potentially dangerous new malaria mosquito
84 Researchers discover key mechanism for controlling the body's inflammatory response
85 New pathogen epidemic identified in sub-Saharan Africa
86 Researchers discover gene that causes deafness
87 Scientists find missing link between players in the epigenetic code
88 Touch-sensitive tentacles catapult prey into carnivorous plant traps
89 Antipsychotic drugmakers target marketing dollars at DC Medicaid psychiatrists
90 Ready for Your Close-Up?
91 Retiring During Economic Booms Could Cause Financial Hardships for Retirees, MU Researcher Finds
92 African-American youth exposed to more alcohol advertising than youth in general
93 Cogmed Working Memory Training: Does it actually work? The debate continues...
94 New study identifies large gaps in lifetime earnings of specialist and primary-care physicians
95 The true costs of cancer in Europe revealed
96 Hospital Observation Units Could Save the Health Care System $3.1 Billion
97 Study points to potential for improvement in the care, quality of life of epilepsy patients
98 Sorafenib does not extend overall survival as third or fourth line therapy in lung cancer
99 Studies show drug combinations effective for melanoma
100 Studies show advances in gastrointestinal cancer treatments
101 Governments failing to address 'global pandemic of untreated cancer pain'
102 Are too few women being offered breast-conserving treatment?
103 Phase III trial shows crizotinib superior to single-agent chemotherapy for ALK-positive lung cancer
104 Myths and misunderstandings hamper efforts to prevent cancer
105 New weapons in the fight against cancer
106 Disappearing act
107 Smooth as silk 'transient electronics' dissolve in body or environment
108 Breakthrough in kitchen furniture production: Biocomposites challenge chipboard
109 Breakthrough for new diabetes treatment
110 ASU scientists bring the heat to refine renewable biofuel production
111 Scaling up polymer blobs
112 Bioengineers at UCSB design rapid diagnostic tests inspired by nature
113 All systems go at the biofactory
114 Probing the mysteries of cracks and stresses
115 New method monitors semiconductor etching as it happens--with light
116 Notre Dame receives $6.1 million NSF grant award to advance Quarknet Program
117 Honey bees fight back against Varroa
118 Nature's misfits: Reclassifying protists helps us understand how many species remain undiscovered
119 New efficiency record for photovoltaic cells--thanks to heterojunction
120 GSA Today: Active Faults More Accessible to Geologists
121 Learning to live on Mars
122 A mysterious seed fern, Lepidopteris, discovered from the Upper Permian of China
123 Who is entitled to social welfare?
124 Autism symptoms could arise from unreliable neural responses
125 Cancer in the movies
126 Study unveils clue to the origin of dyslexia
127 Children in Switzerland are using mobile phones to go online
128 Bergen-Belsen lessons underline vital role that nurses can play in patient feeding
129 Playground peers can predict adult personalities
130 Treating Disease by the Numbers
131 Business plan competitions may be key to job growth
132 Money Key Factor in Driving Med Students From Primary Care Careers
133 Debt and Income Concerns Deter Medical Students from Primary Care Careers
134 Virtual boundaries: How environmental cues affect motivation and task-oriented behavior
135 Glass half full: Double-strength glass may be within reach
136 Study finds improved communication could reduce STDs among black teens
137 Researchers investigate aggression among kindergartners
138 In birds' development, researchers find diversity by the peck
139 After a Two-Year Slowdown, Health Care Spending Grew 4.6 Percent Per Capita in 2011, Says HCCI Report
140 Mathematics and fine art: Digitizing paintings through image processing
141 Computers match humans in understanding art
142 Predatory bacterial crowdsourcing
143 Moffitt Cancer Center Researcher Helps Develop Prostate Cancer Testing, Treatment Guidelines
144 Combination of targeted treatment drugs delays resistance in melanoma patients
145 Lack of sleep leads to insulin resistance in teens
146 New insights on control of pituitary hormone outside of brain has implications for breast cancer
147 Common RNA pathway found in ALS and dementia
148 Blocking key protein could halt age-related decline in immune system, Stanford study finds
149 Project Gives Computers a More Powerful Way to Detect Threats
150 Rutgers-Camden Professor Researching Copyright Law's Impact on User-generated Content in Video Games
151 Constraining world trade is unlikely to help the climate
152 Duke policy provides ethical foundation for managing drug shortages
153 New study shows PTSD symptoms reduced in combat-exposed military via integrative medicine
154 PLOS Medicine editors comment on progress of World Health Report 2012
155 Green IT The Theme of UC Research To Be Presented In Baltimore
156 Human Brains Develop Wiring Slowly, Differing from Chimpanzees, George Washington University Professor Finds
157 Prison rehab tied to parole decisions
158 New Tool for CSI? Geographic Software Maps Distinctive Features inside Bones
159 Incorporating safety into design important for active living and injury prevention
160 New AACAP Practice Parameter on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and gender variant issues
161 New simulation method produces realistic fluid movements
162 Paper: Federal law needed to safeguard 'digital afterlives'
163 Tracking koala disease: New findings from old DNA
164 Artificially intelligent game bots pass the Turing test on Turing's centenary
165 How tribal courts can end war
166 Uptick in cinematic smoking
167 Newspaper sales suffer due to lack of stimulating content
168 Therapy over the phone as effective as face-to-face
169 Research suggests shared genetic link in psychiatric and movement disorders
170 Landmark guidelines for optimal quality care of geriatric surgical patients just released
171 CNIO team discovers the first real indicator of longevity in mammals
172 Researchers examine bias among sports journalists on Twitter
173 Study: One-fifth of spine surgery patients develop PTSD symptoms
174 IU research study finds social bullying prevalent in children's television
175 World Heart Day: New European statistics released on heart disease and stroke
176 When your eyes tell your hands what to think
177 Language and Perception--Insights from Psychological Science
178 Bored? Researchers Shed Light on Why
179 Hubble goes to the eXtreme to assemble the deepest ever view of the Universe
180 The rich colors of a cosmic seagull
181 Buddhist statue, discovered by Nazi expedition, is made of meteorite, new study reveals
182 Sharpest-ever Ground-based Images of Pluto and Charon: Proves a Powerful Tool for Exoplanet Discoveries
183 Asteroid's troughs suggest stunted planet
184 Peering to the Edge of a Black Hole
185 Measuring the universe's 'exit door'
186 World's First Glimpse of Black Hole Launchpad
187 Simulations Uncover 'Flashy' Secrets of Merging Black Holes
188 The Sun Unleashes a Wide, but Benign, CME
189 Next up: Electronics that vanish in the environment or the body
190 Nickelblock: An element's love-hate relationship with battery electrodes
191 Liver Cells, Insulin-Producing Cells, Thymus Tissue Can Be Grown in Lymph Nodes, Pitt/McGowan Team Finds
192 Feature sensitive re-sampling of point set surfaces with Gaussian spheres