File Title
1 Study reveals how spiny mice regrow shed skin
2 Newly found comet promises dazzling display
3 Quake start of Indo-Australia plate split
4 April Sumatra quakes signal Indian ocean plate break-up
5 Hummingbirds' backward flight is efficient
6 Ancient statue discovered by Nazis is made from meteorite
7 'Nemesis' electric car breaks UK land-speed record
8 Underwater volunteer vacations
9 Abbas and Netanyahu to address UN General Assembly
10 Bo Xilai scandal: Doubts raised over Neil Heywood death
11 US economy grows less than thought
12 North Korea's Ryugyong 'Hotel of Doom' pictures released
13 Spain budget imposes further austerity measures
14 Britishisms and the Britishisation of American English
15 Antietam: Re-enacting a bloody 1862 US Civil War battle
16 Herbert Lom, Pink Panther star, dies aged 95
17 The beautiful Brazilian beaches plagued by shark attacks
18 Justin Lee Collins 'pushed girlfriend into traffic'
19 Facebook deleting fake 'likes,' independent data suggests
20 Embraer and SKW Stahl-Metallurgie on going global safely
21 WinSenga: A mobile ear for pregnancy problems
22 Should there be child-free zones on planes and trains?
23 Lost finger turns up in Idaho lake fish
24 German woman held on suspicion of killing five newborns
25 Key swing state of Iowa begins early voting
26 Mexico captures Zetas drug lord Ivan Velazquez Caballero
27 UN: 'More should be done' to prevent bio-terrorism
28 Megaupload spying case brings New Zealand apology
29 Missing children messages go on 404 error pages
30 Angry Birds-maker Rovio pins growth hopes on Bad Piggies
31 OpenDyslexic font gains ground with help of Instapaper
32 Brazilian police detain local Google president
33 Silicon Valley's hottest start-ups vie for attention
34 Sudanese leaders Bashir and Kiir sign oil and trade deals
35 High sleeping pill use 'worrying'
36 The changing NHS
37 Top five strangest meteorites you can buy
38 NASA calls off space station's dodging of junk
39 Report: Apple, Google maps debacle sparked by voice navigation disagreement
40 Italian seismologists could get four years in prison
41 Brightest star explosion ever reveals lonely supernova
42 U.S. military wants space planes, reusable rockets
43 Amazon opposes Apple's false advertising claim in app store suit
44 Leonardo Da Vinci painted earlier version of Mona Lisa, group claims
45 NPD study: More people watch Internet videos on TVs than computers
46 Nintendo zapper hacked to shoot high-powered laser
47 Nazi-acquired Buddha statue came from space
48 Great Barrier Reef is heating up
49 Google's Brazil chief detained in YouTube case
50 Are polls "biased" to boost Obama?
51 Romney tries image makeover, stressing empathy for average Americans
52 Advice overload precedes Romney's debate
53 Johnny Lewis, "Sons of Anarchy" TV show actor, allegedly kills landlady then dies in fall
54 Ocean on Jupiter's moon Europa likely deep underground
55 Syria opposition claims 300 killed in just 1 day; U.N. says 700K may flee nation this year
56 Libyan who captured Qaddafi tortured, killed
57 Netanyahu brings fears of nuclear Iran to U.N.
58 Syria regime tells public in mass-text message that it's "game over" for rebels
59 Mexican cartel capo "El Taliban" captured
60 Assange says Obama exploiting Arab Spring
61 Iranian reporter killed by sniper at scene of blasts targeting Syria military HQ in Damascus
62 U.N. hears call for urgent action to help Mali reclaim northern half of country from al Qaeda
63 Libya gov't tries to woo militias into subordination, but militias still hold all the cards
64 Brown gives warning to staff for "tomahawk chops"
65 Romney: Obama engaged in "character assassination"
66 Judge signals Pa. voter ID law may be blocked
67 Republicans demand answers amid ongoing confusion surrounding Libya attacks
68 What's behind Obama's big lead among women?
69 Ohio moves towards Obama in latest electoral map estimate
70 Madonna endorses Obama, calls him Muslim
71 Romney: Teacher contributions to politicians should be limited
72 Should partisans be in charge of our elections?
73 Todd Akin receives promises of more campaign cash from conservatives
74 Fact-checking Romney's "47%"
75 Jimmy Hoffa: Police to search for body of missing Teamsters boss underneath Mich. driveway
76 Gage Daniel and Chloie Leverette: Two Tenn. kids believed dead in house fire now thought missing
77 Police allegedly shoot and kill 83-year-old woman while responding to her 911 call
78 Two teens charged with first-degree murder in Louisiana mobile home slaying
79 Murder victim sent texts begging for help after being blugeoned with a crow bar
80 Lori Stilley, NJ woman, accused of scamming friends and family by faking cancer
81 79-year-old Fla. Walmart worker, Rose Bruce, disappears
82 Pi Kappa Alpha: University of Tennessee fraternity suspended after 'alcohol enema' incident
83 Audrey Deen Miller, Texas woman, shot husband to protect pet cat, police say
84 Bronx mom's body found in plastic bin, 16-year-old son allegedly admits to killing her
85 SprioSmart app lets phone accurately measure lung capacity
86 Officials urge flu vaccine for unpredictable 2012-2013 season
87 Companies focusing on mid-calorie foods to attract consumers
88 Man's recurring tumors may change cancer care
89 Report: Yosemite workers tested for Hantavirus
90 MDs could sway seniors' thinking on driving: study
91 Medicare wrongly refills restricted meds: report
92 The Preschool Laboratory: Young Children Think Like Scientists
93 Old Traditions Ease Tribes' Modern Warfare
94 Vanishing Electronics: Safer Medical Implants, Less Trash
95 New Drug Approved for Advanced Colon Cancer
96 Sounds of 'Alien Birds' in Space Recorded by NASA Spacecraft
97 Reference: Area 51: Secrets, Yes; Aliens, No
98 Even Healthy Lungs Hold Bacteria Communities
99 Mitt Romney Reveals Space Exploration Plans (But Few Details)
100 Common Cancer Treatments May Create Dangerous Cancer Stem Cells
101 I Can Haz Productivity? Why You Should Look at Cute Animals at Work
102 It's Time for Flu Shots, CDC Says
103 Younger, Happier Mona Lisa: Is It A Da Vinci?
104 China Volcano Shows Signs of Unrest
105 10 Reasons to Do What You Love for a Living
106 Another Double Rainbow Photographed in Wyoming
107 Kelp Forests Wired to Track Climate Change
108 Top 5 Strangest Meteorites You Can Buy
109 Giant Gas Cloud Surrounds Our Milky Way Galaxy
110 How E-Reader Tech Mimics Octopuses
111 New Theory on Why Men Love Breasts
112 Retrovirus Has Long Plagued Koalas, Study Finds
113 Italian Seismologists Could Get Four Years in Prison
114 Self-Driving Cars Get Green Light in California
115 Why Spanking High-School Students Is Dangerous
116 Marijuana Withdrawal Is Real, Study Says
117 How a Sneaky Sundew Hurls Insects Into Its Trap
118 Son's DNA Shows Up in Mom's Brain
119 Why We Get Bored
120 Woman Survives Rare Internal Decapitation
121 Close-Up Photos Make You Look Bad
122 New 3D Printing Project Aims for Gun Blueprint
123 Nazi-Acquired Buddha Statue Came From Space
124 Mighty Mouse Holds Secret for Regrowing Skin
125 Why Politicians Need to Think Like Scientists
126 Reference: Tikal: Capital of Mayan Civilization
127 Slave Ants Rebel Against Oppressors
128 Aporkalypse Not Now: Bacon Shortage Exaggerated, Experts Say